Misplacement Game – CH40

Arc 2: Luxury Cruise
Chapter 40

Xu Ziyue said: “The cruise ship docks once a month to replenish its stock. Humans too.”


Zhang Zhang who heard Xu Ziyue’s words burst out laughing, “Do you already know about the information I wanted to exchange?”

Xu Ziyue looked at Zhang Zhang innocently.

Fortunately, Zhang Zhang’s impression of Xi Ziyue was that he belonged in the simple-minded category that would answer whatever he was asked so he didn’t think much of it.

What’s more, Zhang Zhang didn’t think that there would be any players who would want to help the NPCs. In a world like this, no one would be willing to stay here any longer. Although it was not certain that the next world would be safer, they were always looking for a way to end this.

“That tour guide there drank a little too much yesterday and spilled some information.” Zhang Zhang also didn’t hide anything on his end, “Every month he would bring on board one hundred tourists. Of course, it wasn’t just tourists…….In short, it matches with the information on your end.”

Zhang Zhang glanced at the other players who were still at stalemate with the tour guide, “Do you know what this means?”

Xu Ziyue was led along, “What?”

“The sea monster parasitises inside the human body because humans are their sources of food. Once they’re finished with everyone, it’s all gone. And so, the cruise ship would dock ashore every month to recruit more staff. The salary is very high so many are willing to come and there are also rich tourists who were willing to spend some money for the cruise………Like this, it became a cycle. Of course, it’s not only that. This tour guide is only responsible for gathering one hundred tourists. As for who is responsible for the other aspects, he doesn’t know.”

“In short, this cruise is basically a big farm.”

Xu Ziyue frowned. Although he had basically guessed that this was probably the case, it still left a bad taste in his mouth when he heard it, “Then with so many people dying, wouldn’t they have noticed that something wasn’t right?” If it wasn’t because he knew that he was safe, Xu Ziyue would have felt that this cruise was very, very scary…….Though even now he finds it scary.

But if his safety wasn’t guaranteed, he would have probably found it extremely scary.

“Are you stupid? In this world basically everything revolves around this cruise ship. That’s how it is set up. As for the settings for the world outside of the cruise ship, it is all unknown. In short, everything is forcefully made to seem reasonable. Don’t worry too much about it.” Zhang Zhang even looked at Xu Ziyue helplessly, “Think about the ghost movies. Would you think that because you haven’t seen a ghost before, the existence of the ghost in the movie is unscientific?”

Xu Ziyue who heard this shook his head.

Zhang Zhang nodded, “That’s right.”

Xu Ziyue asked: “Aren’t you quite clear about the tour guides words then? Why are you still surrounding him?”

Zhang Zhang waved his hand, “Hey, isn’t it all because we wanted to see if we can get more out of him?”

It was Xu Ziyue’s first time meeting someone like Zhang Zhang. He clearly looked like someone who didn’t speak much when they first met, like someone with low EQ who would always kill conversations. While others try to get stamps, Zhang Zhang went and read books in the library alone to get some useful information.

But now it seems that this was not the case.

Zhang Zhang had used the information he knew about the Westminster cruise ship to exchange for information about the safer activities. He had also taken note of Xu Ziyue’s words when they met and realised that the tour guide was not an ordinary NPC. Together with some other players, he gathered more and more information which conversely allowed him to reduce the risks when he attempted each activity……..

Now Zhang Zhang seemed to have formed a team and had intercepted the tour guide together.

In short, he was someone who left Xu Ziyue in awe.

But it was also precisely people like this who thought a little more than others and planned things out that made Xu Ziyue a little more wary.

If he didn’t have any intention to harm him that was fine but if he did…….Xu Ziyue felt that he shouldn’t compare his brains with someone like him.

Xu Ziyue remembered another thing that he had pushed aside, “Do you know Wu Wenshan?”

If he didn’t know it wouldn’t make sense because Zhang Zhang had said his name earlier.

Zhang Zhang naturally nodded, “Of course. He was the one who told me about you.”

Xu Ziyue felt his heart tighten, “About me?”

Zhang Zhang patted Xu Ziyue’s shoulder, “Don’t be so nervous. Isn’t it just earning an NPC’s love to make things easier? It’s just in order to survive. I fully understand your actions.” Zhang Zhang then withdrew his hand and touched his own face, “If I looked like you, I would have also done it. Haa……. Unfortunately, no NPC will fall for a nerd like me.”

Zhang Zhang words and actions clearly told Xu Ziyue that he wasn’t against what he did. He even spoke as if it had nothing to do with him

Though this matter really did have nothing to do with him

But after experiencing that incident with Wu Wenshan, Xu Ziyue could faintly guess what Wu Wenshan’s thoughts were probably like.

It was probably filled with jealousy.

Hearing Zhang Zhang’s words, Xu Ziyue once again realised that you really can’t judge a book by its cover.

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Zhang Zhang saw Xu Ziyue fall into thought and clapped his hands in front of him, “Relax. Something is bound to happen to someone like Wu Wenshan. Even if it’s not today, it will happen tomorrow.”

Xu ZIyue was shocked. He quickly denied: “I’m not wishing for anything to happen to him.”

Zhang Zhang pushed up his glasses and pouted, “It doesn’t matter if you have or haven’t, I was just saying it casually. Anyway, only you know what you’re really thinking.”

Xu Ziyue was indeed very angry when he found out about Wu Wenshan going to Austin to say those things. While he was angry, he had also thought about many things. Among those thoughts, it included the thought that someone like Wu Wenshan would sooner or later go to hell but after clearing it up and after seeing that Austin didn’t appear too concerned, Xu Ziyue thought about it again. Having his plans foiled was probably the best form of punishment for Wu Wenshan.

As for things like teaching him a lesson, Xu Ziyue naturally wouldn’t do it. Of course, if he ran into Wu Wenshan again, he definitely wouldn’t treat him nicely and definitely wouldn’t idiotically share information with him anymore.

In short, it was best that the two of them remain as strangers.

But Zhang Zhang’s words still made Xu Ziyue feel a little guilty. Afterall, his dark thoughts were revealed.

Because he didn’t want to be a bad person, he thought that it was best to just be a stranger with Wu Wenshan but deep down he still felt that he was letting Wu Wenshan off too easily…….so he would occasionally wonder if anyone would punish him.

Xu Ziyue rubbed his nose. Because of his guilty conscience, he couldn’t continue going along with Zhang Zhang’s words.

Zhang Zhang also didn’t say much to Xu Ziyue afterwards. He didn’t seem to mind Xu Ziyue watching from the sidelines. He walked over to the tour guide and the other players and asked politely: “Tour guide, we really have no intention to make it difficult for you. You just need to tell us some more things about this cruise ship. We will let you go as soon as you have done that.”

The tour guide looked at Zhang Zhang quietly. He glanced at Xu Ziyue through the corner of his eyes and then shook his head, “I don’t know. Now matter how many times you try asking, I don’t know.”

Zhang Zhang scratched his head in annoyance. He paced back and forth anxiously several times. As he did this, the other players and the tour guide didn’t speak.

In the end, Zhang Zhang could only wave his hand helplessly, “Forget it. Let him go.”

The other players looked at each other. Although they didn’t quite understand what happened, they followed Zhang Zhang’s instructions.

The tour guide soon disappeared.

Xu Ziyue moved closer and asked: “Why did you let him go?” He had asked it out of pure curiosity. It wasn’t an easy feat finding the tour guide so why were they letting him go so easily…..?

“What else could I do? Continue making him stay?” Zhang Zhang shook his head, “He won’t talk. Even if we pry open his mouth, he won’t talk.”

Xu Ziyue nodded. He once again had a better impression of Zhang Zhang.

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