Misplacement Game – CH43

Arc 2: Luxury Cruise
Chapter 43

Xu Ziyue watched on worriedly, but half the waterslide was covered by cylindrical tubes, so Xu Ziyue didn’t know what was happening to Wu Wenshan inside.

Of course, he hated Wu Wenshan’s way of doing things but…….Xu Ziyue also couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. He could only scratch his head and fall into thought.

“Does this tourist require a change of pants?” Asked the NPC staff who stamped Xu Ziyue’s card.

“Huh? Pants?” Xu Ziyue looked down at his pants…..and blushed.

He had been standing there the entire time with the back of his pants wet. The pants he wore was the type that would be of a different colour when wet so it was very obvious.

“I……I’ll go change my pants.” Xu Ziyue couldn’t help but pat his butt and tug at his shirt to try and stretch it further to cover it up.

Earlier, he had fallen onto his butt in Austin’s bathroom causing his pants to get wet but, because he was too flustered and because it had been like that for a while and he had grown used to it, he had completely forgotten about it…….

Xu Ziyue ran over to the elevator, hurried in and plastered his back against the cool inner wall of the elevator.

When he reached the tenth floor and saw that there was no one around, Xu Ziyue lightened his steps and headed for his room. Fortunately, the door to Austin’s room was closed. Xu Ziyue breathed a sigh of relief.

In short, he was a little afraid of Austin……..due to various reasons.

Xu Ziyue changed his pants and decided to return to the thirteenth floor to find Wu Wenshan again.

Otherwise, it would be constantly bothering him.

When Xu Ziyue returned to the waterslide, he couldn’t find Wu Wenshan. He asked the players nearby and they also didn’t see him. When he later asked a staff, he got his answer.

Wu Wenshan had twisted his neck when he went down and choked on some water, so he had been sent to the medical room.

Afterall, this kind of waterslide belonged to the type that required one to go down while sitting……Wu Wenshan’s method was indeed dangerous.

After hearing about this result, Xu Ziyue let the matter pass.

He and Wu Wenshan will no longer have any interactions. As for punishment……Xu Ziyue felt that the biggest punishment for Wu Wenshan was for him to see Xu Ziyue live comfortably.

But even if Xu Ziyue didn’t plan to do anything to Wu Wenshan, it didn’t mean that no one else or nothing else on the ship would let him off.

That day, Xu Ziyue didn’t go and find Austin again. He slept until dawn and was woken by knocking on his door……

Xu Ziyue opened the door sleepily while rubbing his eyes and was met with Austin’s eyes………..He instantly sobered up.

Xu Ziyue stuttered: “Au-au-au……”

Austin nodded, “Austin.”

Xu Ziyue lowered his voice and recovered from his panicked state: “……Austin.”

“Go and wash up. You don’t want to hang out today?”

Xu Ziyue’s mouth opened with surprise. He felt like his head was about to split into two worries. One was that Austin was too dangerous and he couldn’t deal with that so it was better to stay away; the other was that if missed this opportunity to be with someone as gorgeous as Austin, he might not have another chance!

And so, Xu Ziyue’s emotions conquered his reason…….

He obediently cleaned himself up and pushed Austin over to a restaurant to have breakfast.

After being seated at the restaurant, Xu Ziyue finally remembered that this was Austin’s first time coming out here to have breakfast. In the past, Xu Ziyue had always brought it over to Austin’s room….

Austin very easily saw through his thoughts. He beckoned a staff over and explained to Xu Ziyue before the staff arrived: “If I didn’t take the initiative to find you today, I might have to go hungry this morning. Isn’t that right?”

“No, I just……overslept a little.” Xu Ziyue felt a little guilty when he said this. Afterall, he had intentionally stayed up last night to wake up late and had planned to use it as an excuse for forgetting about breakfast.

As long as he wasn’t looking at Austin’s face, Xu Ziyue was basically in a proper rational state, but the moment he sees Austin…….That rationality was completely gone.

Austin smiled and didn’t speak. He gave his order to the staff and, soon, their breakfast was brought over.

The meals on the ship was more Western style. Xu Ziyue had pretty much only been eating bread and milk or pasta and coffee for the past few days. Of course, he didn’t drink the coffee……..Because he wasn’t use to drinking things that were too bitter.

Austin on the other hand often drank it.

Xu Ziyue was a little tired of having pasta and he also wasn’t very hungry, so he ate rather slowly. Both his eyes veered away from Austin’s face as he desperately tried to distract himself.

“Ah, that’s……” Xu Ziyue leaned forward and looked over at a table not far away.

Austin turned around and could tell which table Xu Ziyue was looking at.

“That person should be called…….Wu Wenshan, right?” Austin asked.

Xu Ziyue nodded. He didn’t expect to run into Wu Wenshan again so soon.

But this time, Wu Wenshan looked a little more miserable. There were bandages around his neck and a bluish-purple bruise on his forehead. He was in the middle of twisting up some pasta with his fork.

But there was something that concerned Xu Ziyue.

Wu Wenshan held his fork with his right hand while his left hand would occasionally move to scratch his arm every three or four seconds. Unlike the others, he was wearing long sleeves in this well air-conditioned ship that wasn’t too hot and wasn’t too cold. Xu Ziyue remembered that he was wearing a plaid shirt yesterday with sleeves rolled up to his elbows but today he had his body completely covered up.

On the back of his exposed hand, Xu Ziyue could see that his wrist was red. Even the back of his hand was affected.

Austin glanced over and just smiled nonchalantly.

“Stop staring. Eat your pasta.”

Xu Ziyue withdrew his line of sight with a look of confusion, “What happened? Do you know the reason?” Wu Wenshan was scratching so frequently; he would scratch himself a dozen times per minute. It was clear that he was restraining himself, but he couldn’t stop the itchiness.

“He offended someone on the ship. Don’t worry.”

Xu Ziyue thought about it, “Who did he offend? It doesn’t include you?”

Austin raised an eyebrow, “Of course. His level is nothing. If he offended me…….He wouldn’t be able to live this long.”

Xu Ziyue froze.

“Just kidding.” Austin raised his hand and knocked it on Xu Ziyue’s head.

Xu Ziyue bowed his head and continued to eat but he still couldn’t stop wondering who Wu Wenshan may have offended.

Xu Ziyue quietly muttered: “It can’t be because he offended me…..”

“Not bad, your imagination is very good. But as far as I know, even if he offended you, you can’t do much to him.”

In response to that, Xu Ziyue only wanted to say: So harsh.

After finishing breakfast, Xu Ziyue pushed Austin past Wu Wenshan and caught a glimpse of his arm that was hidden under his clothes.

His arm was densely filled with scales and some that were closer to his cuffs were turned up. Even the part Wu Wenshan couldn’t stop scratching had turned to scales.

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