Misplacement Game – CH45

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Arc 2: Luxury Cruise
Chapter 45

The moment Austin’s lips met his, Xu Ziyue hadn’t reacted.

It was only when the point of contact increased, and the force deepened that Xu Ziyue remembered to stick out his tongue and gently lick Austin’s lips.

Before Xu Ziyue could withdraw his tongue, he felt a forceful and a hot tongue tangle with his.

Before this, the only person Xu Ziyue had kissed was Sun Mo but the kiss they had was just a light peck. It was nothing like this one where it was so deep it almost reached his throat!

The moment Xu Ziyue felt his throat licked; both his legs went weak. Numbness travelled up to his head and down to the tip of his toes.

——–All except for that unmentionable part.

Xu Ziyue had his back against Austin so when they kissed, he had his neck twisted back. Taking advantage of a gap in the kiss, he grabbed Austin’s sleeve and turned around. He however was not willing to let his mouth separate from Austin’s.

After turning around and facing Austin, Xu Ziyue felt that he could finally breathe a little.

Unlike Austin’s external demeanour, his kiss was extremely forceful to the point that Xu Ziyue teared up a little.

He was shorter than Austin. When Austin raised his head slightly, Xu Ziyue could only grab his sleeve and tiptoe to reach. As soon as Austin pressed down, Xu Ziyue would be stimulated so much, he was out of breath.

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In the darkness not far from them, the voices of other people were calling for the staff. They on the other hand were holding each other closely doing unspeakable things. This kind of thing was particularly exciting for Xu Ziyue.

When Austin released his hold of Xu Ziyue and sat back into his wheelchair, Xu Ziyue crumbled down onto his knees and leaned on Austin’s tail gasping for air.

Austin raised his hand in the dark and accurately wiped away a trail of saliva from the corner of Xu Ziyue’s mouth with his thumb. He then unhurriedly pulled Xu Ziyue’s arm up to make him lift his upper body and covered his legs again with his blanket.

When everything was settled, the lights turned back on.

The people who could finally see again didn’t notice the situation on Austin and Xu Ziyue’s end. Even if they did, they would’ve just thought that Xu Ziyue had knelt down because it was too dark to see.

Except from Austin who stood close, no one else could see Xu Ziyue’s flushed face and damp eyes.

“Legs gone soft?” Austin loosened his hold of Xu Ziyue’s arm allowing Xu Ziyue to collapse back onto the ground.

Xu Ziyue buried his head in Austin’s blanket and denied with a muffled voice: “No!”

But the tone he used was a little too sweet so it held no persuasiveness at all.

Probably because he felt that his denial wasn’t forceful enough, Xu Ziyue added, “I’m just not very skilled. I won’t be like this after some practice!”

What kind of tongue does Austin have? Why is it so long?! And can reach so deep! This is clearly a gift!

Xu Ziyue couldn’t stop complaining inside and he also couldn’t help but relish it. He would probably have to reincarnate and rebuild himself to be able to have a tongue like Austin’s.

But that kiss…….Even by just recalling it, all the cells in his body became excited.

It felt too good.

Austin decided not to comment on Xu Ziyue’s stubbornness but the matter with practicing……

Austin asked: “Who are you going to practise with?”

Xu Ziyue finally raised his head. He looked at Austin with a rather helpless expression, “Of course with you. Who else could it be?”

The smile on Austin’s face remained the same but the aura around him had warmed up.

Austin said: “Get your stamp.”

Xu Ziyue’s mouth moved. He quietly said: “……..I mean it.”

Austin froze for a moment. He then revealed a kind smile that held gentleness Xu Ziyue had not seen before.

It was true happiness. Even his eyes were curved. Raising his hand to cover his mouth and turning his head to the side, he tried to suppress his smile.

The string in Xu Ziyue’s mind snapped. He once again buried his face back into Austin’s tail, only revealing his bright red ears.

He then silently clamped his legs together……..


When they left the basketball court, it was still quite early.

Austin was in a very good mood. It was obvious just looking at his fingers.

Instead of the usual heavy and regular taps, his fingers tapped on the armrest of his wheelchair lightly and briskly.

Of course, even if the big boss was happy, it was just as difficult figuring out his thoughts.

For example, at this moment Xu Ziyue followed his instructions and pushed him over to the deck of the cruise ship.

Xu Ziyue had thought that they would continue with completing a few more activities. Afterall, he might be able to find another opportunity to kiss again…….

The people standing at the deck were in groups of twos and threes.

Salty sea breeze blew across his face. Xu Ziyue felt that it was very comfortable.

Austin called a staff over and asked him for two fishing rods and a tub of bait.

Xu Ziyue pushed Austin to a place chosen by the latter before stopping and asking, “You want to fish?”

Austin smiled and nodded: “Yes.”

Xu Ziyue looked down the deck. The height of the deck was about a dozen floors high and a normal fishing line naturally wouldn’t be long enough. Even if a fish actually did bite, Xu Ziyue felt that by the time it was pulled up, the fish would have already escaped.

“It’s not going to be easy here.” Xu Ziyue backed away and stood next to Austin’s wheelchair.

“It’s fine.”

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Xu Ziyue spread his hand and shrugged. Anyway, Austin is from the sea. He’s the man. He has the final say.

The staff worked very quickly. Along with the fishing rods, they even delivered a sun lounge for Xu Ziyue, a small wooden table and complimentary food and drinks.

The service was extremely attentive.

The line on the fishing rod was very long. Naturally, the fishing rod was also very long.

After holding the fishing rod for less than an hour, Xu Ziyue’s hands were sore. Before his death, the most his hands probably did was write. At most, it would be carrying a bookbag or lifting his desk but those were all short-term tasks. Anything that required endurance was too much for Xu Ziyue.

But Austin’s hands were motionless. It remained still like a stone.

Austin noticed Xu Ziyue’s discomfort and directed a staff nearby to hold the fishing rod for Xu Ziyue.

Xu Ziyue: “………” Feeling a little flattered.

But he wouldn’t go over and ask Austin why he was being so nice to him. Afterall, he saw Austin’s smile earlier.

As far as the current situation was concerned, Austin appeared to be completely indifferent to the truth of this world and Xu Ziyue’s task….

Xu Ziyue wasn’t going to court with death by asking.

Of course, there may be moments when his brain may malfunction, and he would court with death…..but he decided to think about it when it happens.

As for now……..He wanted to think about other things.

Xu Ziyue plastered himself against Austin and asked in a small voice: “What if you accidentally catch a sea monster?”

Austin glanced at Xu Ziyue and nodded.

Xu Ziyue looked at Austin with disbelief. He actually nodded?

Austin said: “If they’re extremely hungry, like the old sea monsters who are not capable of parasitising, they would come and take the bait.”

Xu Ziyue asked in advance: “What if you really catch one?”

Austin fell into thought. He then answered: “Make a soup out of it.”

Xu Ziyue was thunderstruck.

He asked tentatively: “Are you just joking around?”

Austin nodded.

Xu Ziyue let out a sigh of relief.

Drinking soup made from a sea monster was impossible for him. Just the thought that they parasitise inside human bodies and eat human flesh to survive………and then boiling them into soup to drink……

Who knows what kind of disease you would get from that?!

Of course, that was not the main point. The main point was that he definitely wouldn’t drink it, and definitely wouldn’t use the sea monster to make soup.

Instead, if you asked him to kill a sea monster like a fish……He hadn’t done it before, but he was willing to give it a try.

But the premise was that the sea monster had no lethality……otherwise he would be afraid of being parasitised.

Austin took in the various changes on Xu Ziyue’s face and deliberately warned with a low voice: “But if it really is made into soup, you must not drink it.”

Xu Ziyue looked at him blankly, “Why?”

Austin raised his hand and pinched Xu Ziyue’s nose. His tone was very indulging, “Because the consequences are serious.”

Xu Ziyue raised his hand and rubbed his nose. That action and tone of Austin’s had taken away all his attention.

This was just too too too…….too much!

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