Misplacement Game – CH46

Arc 2: Luxury Cruise
Chapter 46

Xu Ziyue and Austin spent the rest of the morning fishing and had their lunch on the deck. The person who delivered the food to them was Austin’s subordinate.

Xu Ziyue as usual didn’t see Austin notify anyone to deliver him their meal.

So, he asked directly while they ate.

Xu Ziyue asked: “Austin, do you have a unique way of communicating? Is that why I can’t hear? Otherwise how did you get them to send the food over?”

Austin smiled and asked: “You want to know?”

Xu Ziyue nodded harder.

Austin said: “Then you have to give me something in exchange.”

Xu Ziyue patted himself down. Empty.

He smiled with embarrassment and then took off the card hanging from his neck: “I just have this……But I have a card in my room and there’s money in there.”

Austin raised an eyebrow, “Do I lack those?”

Xu Ziyue lowered his head, “You don’t lack…….but then I don’t have anything else.”

“You can use other things to exchange. For example, intangible things.”


Austin placed down his fork and leaned back in his wheelchair. He said leisurely, “You tell me how you captured the target last time and I’ll answer your question.”

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Xu Ziyue pouted and said unwillingly: “…….If that’s the case, I think it’s unfair for me.”

“That’s true.” Austin nodded, “Then I’ll tell you one more thing.”

Xu Ziyue shifted closer to Austin and asked happily: “What is it?”

Austin answered: “That person you saw this morning. I’ll tell you who he is.”

It took Xu Ziyue a few seconds to understand Austin’s words.

Austin had mentioned earlier that he should be familiar with the staff delivering the soup to Wu Wenshan.

Xu Ziyue thought about it and stretched out his hand. Using his thumb and index finger, he made a small gesture, “Just add a small, very small question.”

“What question?” Austin asked Xu Ziyue.

“What’s going on with your tail?” Xu Ziyue looked at Austin and said courageously, “I want to hear the truth.”

Austin fell silent. The smile on his face also slowly faded. He looked at Xu Ziyue like he could see through his thoughts. He didn’t let a single change in his expression escape.

Xu Ziyue felt the hair on his back stand up from his staring.

But he still wanted to ask. When the Westminster cruise ship ran into trouble, the owner of the ship should’ve been human. All his subordinates and all the people on the ship had died and now they continued living like humans on the ship with their ghost-like existences. Austin however was the cruise ship’s owner, but he didn’t die when the cruise ship sank and had survived……

Xu Ziyue didn’t know whether Austin’s lower half was normal when the ship sank but it was something he could find out by just asking. Since Austin knew everything that went on in the cruise ship, rather than asking the others, it was better to ask Austin himself. If Austin wasn’t willing to tell him, he would then consider asking around.

There was also the matter of Austin communicating with his subordinates. It was completely unpredictable. It was very likely that Austin would find out less than a second after Xu Ziyue asks and the subordinate would probably only speak if Austin gave them permission.

Of course, those are just Xu Ziyue’s wild speculations. He didn’t know how exactly their method of communication worked.

After Austin considered it, he nodded, “You go first.”

Xu Ziyue eyed Austin suspiciously: “You’re not going to cheat me?”

Austin quietly looked at Xu Ziyue. Xu Ziyue very quickly backed down.

Xu Ziyue talked about everything that had happened at Shangyang High School. Of course, he made sure to stay vague when he talked about anything related to capturing the target. That was after all a private matter and Xu Ziyue was also a little embarrassed. Furthermore, he didn’t actually do anything back then. It was Sun Mo himself who automatically got captured.

He could only sigh. As expected of a novice level instance.

After listening to the whole story, Austin rubbed his brows in discomfort. His heart felt a little strange when he listened to Xu Ziyue talk about those things but that feeling only lasted for a short moment and he soon returned to normal.

Austin didn’t take it to heart.

Austin asked: “So, he was your first romantic partner?”

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Xu Ziyue nodded and was somewhat unhappy, “But when Sun Mo and I confirmed our relationship, I left. I didn’t get the chance to experience a proper romance.” He was no longer able to see such a nice and simple Sun Mo again. Xu Ziyue still felt a little sad when he thought this.

After time passed by, the eventual result was Xu Ziyue seeing the person he liked through a thick rose-coloured filter. Everything about them was good.

“That’s really a pity.” Austin smiled.

His tone was regretful like he was sincerely feeling sympathetic, but his expression didn’t change. It was difficult to read his thoughts.

Xu Ziyue looked at Austin’s face. All the upset feelings from earlier was gone.

The time spent with Sun Mo was too short. Xu Ziyue didn’t have the chance to get a deeper understanding of him before he was separated from Sun Mo. But now, with Austin here, it made up for all his regrets.

All the things lovers could do on a cruise ship had been experienced by Xu Ziyue and Austin. If he overlooked the scary experiences, it was basically a wonderful, memory-filled “honeymoon.”

Xu Ziyue asked: “I’m done talking. Your turn.”

Austin’s eyes looked into the distance as he seemingly recalled the past, “Did you know that just like humans and animals, the sea monsters will also choose a leader? Humans would choose a leader and that is the same for animals. For example, the wolves would have alpha males.”

“The sea monsters do it too.”

Xu Ziyue held his breath and waited for Austin’s follow up.

“And then……..I ate the leader of the sea monsters.” Austin turned and looked at Xu Ziyue who was giving him his full attention, “I’m done.”

Xu Ziyue was shocked for a moment. He looked blankly at Austin, “What? You’re done? That’s it?!”

Compared to what he had said, Austin’s was too short!

But…..the information he got from that was sufficient.

Austin nodded and continued, “As for communicating, we don’t need to open our mouths to do that. Just the use of sound waves that cannot be heard by humans is enough. It comes from the stomach.”

“From the looks of it, I can send out my order to any part of this ship.”

The corner of Xu Ziyue’s lips twitched. He laughed nervously.

Austin smiled, “Does that laugh have a special meaning?”

Xu Ziyue squeezed his lips shut and quickly shook his head.

“I’ll take you to see that acquaintance.” Austin was very blunt. After agreeing to the terms, he had already fulfilled two out of the three conditions. Now, he was going to take Xu Ziyue to fulfil the last condition.

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      After listening to the whole story, Austin rubbed his brows in discomfort. His heart felt a little strange when he listened to Xu Ziyue talk about those things but that feeling only lasted for a short moment and he soon returned to normal.

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