Misplacement Game – CH51

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Arc 2: Luxury Cruise
Chapter 51

The sister Xu Ziyue named Miss “White Lotus” was called Fang Qi. The moment the situation at the banquet changed, she and her companions immediately turned and ran but before she could run too far, she realised that she and her companions weren’t being chased whereas those who had ran faster than them were being chanced by the sea monsters.

Fang Qi suddenly thought of the NPC that hung around that player.

He had said that they would be safe over the thirty days.

If that was the case…….Fang Qi immediately changed direction and ran the opposite direction from the rest of the group.

“Fang Qi! What are you doing?!”

“Come back Fang Qi!”

“You go ahead! I have something I want to confirm!” The dress she wore at the banquet wasn’t very convenient, so she rolled it up and tied it at her waist to prevent it from getting in her way.

Those so-called companions of Fang Qi couldn’t stop her in time so they could only give up and run away.

Fang Qi had already made all the necessary preparations, but she just wanted to answer this question that was on her mind. When she came face to face with a sea monster, she immediately stopped in place and the sea monster similarly stopped.

This confrontation lasted for only three seconds but to Fang Qi, it felt like a very long time.

The sea monster used its tail to support itself and it then twisted around her in a strange and awkward manner.

Before Fang Qi could have the chance to celebrate, she saw two people appear in her line of sight after that sea monster moved out of the way.

It actually wasn’t very accurate saying that they’re people because Fang Qi saw a tail on a familiar looking NPC.

But……..in addition her surprise at the NPC’s identity, what made Fang Qi even more shocked was that even at a time like this, the player and that NPC were actually kissing!!!


Xu Ziyue pushed himself away from Austin to see what happened but before he could turn his head, he was pushed down onto the nearby table.

It wasn’t very big so with Austin pushing him down like this and holding him down by his shoulder, Xu Ziyue found himself pressed onto the glass tabletop.

This position was tested the limits of Xu Ziyue’s flexibility.

Xu Ziyue felt that his waist was about to snap. He kicked his leg to slide back a little more and tried to sit back up.

But Austin got up and pressed Xu Ziyue down.

“Wait, your tail——-mmm……….”

Before he could finish speaking, Austin had blocked his mouth.

Although Austin would often tease Xu Ziyue, he had never taken the initiative to be more intimate. Kissing Xu Ziyue like this was a first.

In Xu Ziyue’s confused state, many questions appeared in his mind.

What happened at the banquet? What happened to the others? Is it okay for Austin’s tail to be exposed like this? Everyone is going to see this kiss, is that okay? And…..Why is Austin suddenly doing this?

But Xu Ziyue didn’t have the time to sort out his thoughts.

The sensation of his throat being licked made Xu Ziyue both addicted and frightened. The pleasure traversed all through his body, but he also couldn’t help but tremble at the feeling of being touched inside.

When Xu Ziyue was finally able to push Austin away, he shook his head to shake off the dizziness and felt a little lightheaded because of the alcohol. He licked his lips, buried his head in his hands and complained to Austin in an aggrieved tone: “My throat hurts…”

“Drunk?” Austin looked at Xu Ziyue and found his action very amusing.

“No.” Xu Ziyue shook his head and almost fell off from the table.

Fortunately, Austin supported Xu Ziyue in time.

Austin looked to the side at the other person who had ran back —– Fang Qi.

He asked gently: “Seen enough?”

Fang Qi’s entire body trembled. She immediately shook her head and then nodded, “Uh…..You two take your time. I’ll take my leave.”

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Austin nodded and smiled, “Take care.”

Fang Qi fearfully turned around and walked away with steady and firm steps. As soon as she exited the ballroom, she stretched her legs and ran off.

She knew too much. If she was still able to live, then this life of hers was something she had to treasure. For the remaining time on this ship……..she should it as a chance to rest.

On the other side, Xu Ziyue looked around with his hands holding his head and saw that only he and Austin were left.

Austin watched Xu Ziyue slowly sober up and felt that his confused look was utterly amusing.

Just as Austin moved closer, Xu Ziyue’s hand that was holding his head moved down. With five fingers spread out, his entire face was covered ——- Most importantly, his mouth was covered.

“Can’t kiss…….Throat hurts.”

Austin laughed. He pulled Xu Ziyue’s hand off, “Anything else other than the throat?”

Xu Ziyue immediately fell forward and nestled his head on Austin’s shoulder, “…….Head hurts too.”

Just as Austin was about to say something, horrific screaming could be heard outside.

Xu Ziyue raised his head again and frowned, “What’s that sound?”

Austin lifted his hand and pressed Xu Ziyue’s head back onto his shoulder, “Nothing.”

Xu Ziyue giggled, “If a beauty says it’s nothing then it’s nothing.”

Austin: “……….”

Austin sat back in his wheelchair and covered himself with his blanket. He then effortlessly lifted Xu Ziyue and made the latter sit on his tail so that they were sitting face to face.

Xu Ziyue hugged Austin’s neck and stared at him lovestruck as Austin pushed the wheelchair along.

Blood and chunks of flesh were scattered throughout the walkway. Austin had pushed Xu Ziyue’s head down onto his shoulder, so the latter saw none of that as they walked through.

When they finally reached Austin’s room, Austin pushed Xu Ziyue’s head away and saw that the latter’s eyes were wide open. He was clearly no longer sleepy.

But Xu Ziyue appeared to still be in daze.

Austin placed his hands under Xu Ziyue’s armpit and effortlessly brought him onto the bed.

He then quietly stared at Xu Ziyue, waiting for him to do something unexpected.

“I want to pee.” Xu Ziyue who was in daze for a long time suddenly said this.

Austin hooked up the corners of his lips, “Then pee.”

Xu Ziyue clamped his legs together and fidgeted, “You need a hand to hold it……”

“What about your hands?”

Xu Ziyue fell back into Austin’s bed, “My hands are tired and I’m exhausted…….It’s about to leak.”

Austin froze. He grabbed Xu Ziyue’s ankle with his expression turning slightly dark, “No.”

Austin dragged Xu Ziyue off the bed and then reluctantly helped Xu Ziyue out in the bathroom……

But as he did that Xu Ziyue got a little mischevious and got some on himself.

Austin took this opportunity to also wash Xu Ziyue up.

All that amusement from earlier was gone by now.

When he finally laid down on the bed, Austin was exhausted.

After messing around in the bathroom for a long time and having a bath, Xu Ziyue had become all soft-boned and lazy. He curved his body, clamped his legs around Austin’s tail and laid right on top of Austin’s body.

Then, with a soft voice that was different from the one earlier in the bathroom where he shouted like a rabid dog “water fight!”, he grabbed the shirt on Austin’s chest and said pitifully, “I’m sleepy.”

Austin sighed. He couldn’t do anything to the drunk Xu Ziyue. Whether it was deliberate provocation or threats, Xu Ziyue couldn’t understand it.

Austin said: “Then sleep.”

Xu Ziyue tried his best to keep his eyes open and continued to stare at Austin.

“Weren’t you sleepy?” Austin tugged at Xu Ziyue’s hair, “Why? Not sleepy anymore?”

Xu Ziyue continued to stare at him and asked innocently, “Will you be in the dream?”

Austin paused before answering, “No.”

When Xu Ziyue heard Austin’s answer, he closed his eyes.

Austin reached over and pried Xu Ziyue’s eyelids open, “What is this? Sleeping so fast since I’m not in it?”

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Xu Ziyue moved Austin’s hand away and looked at him like a child begging for candy. He said in a helpless tone: “I want to hurry and find you in my dream.”

Then Xu Ziyue raised his hand to cover Austin’s eyes, “Hurry and sleep.”

Austin’s eyelashes gently brushed against Xu Ziyue’s palm and he didn’t speak for a while. When Xu Ziyue’s hand slowly slipped off, Austin saw that Xu Ziyue had already fallen asleep.

Drunk people would always easily fall asleep, but they would also easily wake up in the middle of the night.

The crunching sound of hard objects being eaten was both unpleasant to the ear and harsh sounding. Accompanying the sound was also a strong smell of blood.

Xu Ziyue kicked his legs and was in a half-dreaming, half-awake state.

He seemed to hear Austin’s voice, but he also seemed to not hear it.

After that those terrifying elements disappeared.

At this time, the massacre game happening on the cruise ship had reached its climax.

When Zhang Zhang escaped to the tenth floor, he noticed something. Over here at the rooms, the sea monsters didn’t come over.


Early in the morning, the two who slept while embracing each other woke up.

Xu Ziyue actually didn’t remember what happened after he drank and his head throbbed too much for him to want to use his brain.

But seeing that he was able to sleep with Austin, something must have happened. Xu Ziyue adjusted the angle of his neck so that he could admire Austin’s sleeping appearance but that small movement of his woke Austin up.

Xu Ziyue wasn’t able to express how good-looking Austin was when the scene in the bathroom from last night appeared in his mind.

He seemed to have……accidentally…..splashed some of his bodily fluids onto Austin’s tail…..

Xu Ziyue panicked. He felt that his death was imminent. His eyes then came into contact with Austin’s slowly opening eyes…..

“I like you, Austin.”

In any case, he should say something nice.

Xu Ziyue reacted instinctively in attempt to salvage himself. To Xu Ziyue, if he was to say something nice, it meant that he should praise Austin’s appearance but, in a situation like this, it would of course be a confession!

Austin didn’t like Xu Ziyue only liking him because of his appearance. This was something Xu Ziyue figured out after they had exchanged kisses twice with him unable to see Austin’s face both times.

Going out with someone who only likes you because of your face – not everyone could accept something like that.

Xu Ziyue knew this.

But what he didn’t expect was……Austin was also a little confused by sleep.

Austin’s voice was hoarse. With his eyes slightly narrowed, he placed his hand onto Xu Ziyue’s head and subconsciously answered Xu Ziyue’s confession.

He responded slightly incoherently: “Mm…….Me too.”

Xu Ziyue was stunned.

As soon as he finished saying that, Austin’s eyes opened completely.

All the sleepiness from earlier was gone. He was now completely awake.

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