Bloody Carnival
Chapter 95: Ghost Story

922 shuffled the cards and turned to Qin Jiu.

Just as he was about to speak, the system spoke up again:

【A Guaranteed Pass card was drawn. This means that the examinee possesses unrivalled skills and enviable luck. The Guaranteed Pass card allows the examinee to clear the examination without taking the remaining exams.】

Hearing this, the other examinees were extremely envious. They all started discussing the card.

“That luck is amazing! A Guaranteed Pass!”

“I thought that card only existed in legends. I have never seen it before.”

“I saw it!”


“Really! During my first exam – it was probably an international exam because there were lots of foreign examinees – a Russian woman drew one.”

“And then?”

“And then? Of course, she used it immediately. After clearing the examination, she went home.”

“Home………How nice.”

Sounds of quiet discussions from their end travelled over.

The crow sitting atop of a sculpture raised its head. Its bead eyes looked around in a proud and determined manner.

Everything that happens inside the system is recorded. This naturally includes the drawing rate and usage of Guaranteed Pass cards. According its most trusted data and its analysis of it, there was only one result ——–

After all the exams it had conducted globally, a total of 116 examinees had drawn the Guaranteed Pass card. Every one of those cases had used the card soon after it was drawn. The average time it took was 5 seconds.

During those 5 seconds, they either jumped with joy, screamed or went crazy.

In other words, the instant usage rate of this ace card was 100%

Who could refuse such a temptation?

No one could!

The crow tilted its head and asked while looking down from above:

【Examinee You Huo, you can now use this extremely valuable Guaranteed Pass card.】

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You Huo however just answered with one word: “No.”

Crow: “???”

“Whether or not I use it is up to me, right?” You Huo asked 154.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. It’s up to you.” 154 said, “You can choose to use it anytime as long as the rules allow it.”

You Huo stuffed the card into his pocket.

154 covered his mouth and said to 922: “I think it might die from anger.”


“The system.”

922 glanced at the crow and had the urge to laugh but he used all his life’s worth of willpower to restrain himself. He then turned around and saw Miss 021 secretly pinching her own hand. Looks like she was also having a hard time holding it in.

922 said to Qin Jiu: “Boss, draw a card.”

Things like luck is a very strange thing. The good would usually come with the good, while the bad would usually come with the bad.

You Huo had just drawn a Guaranteed Pass card and Qin Jiu followed with an Exemption card.

The additional information written on the card was very impactful:

>Two people, two exams

>Examinees who have drawn the Exemption card can be exempted from a corresponding number of exams. The scores for the exempted exams will be the average scores. You are a very lucky child. Exemption cards are very rare and double exemption cards are even rarer. They are practically half a Guaranteed Pass card. Do you have a precious partner? Do you have a close friend? You can share this luck with them.

The crow which had been sitting on the sculpture suddenly came alive again.

Two people! Two exams!

To people who had just started the examination, this card would probably be just an exam exemption card but for the examinees in this exam, it held a completely different meaning.

The people here had already taken three exams. According to the existing examination structure, they only had two exams left.

If this Exempt card was used, it was no different from a Guaranteed Pass card.

And it even guaranteed two to pass.

So, what does this mean?

It meant that those people can finally get lost——–

You Huo would once again be removed.

And Qin Jiu would return to his invigilator role.

The crow opened its mouth—–

But in the end Qin Jiu did something even more impactful.

He exchanged a look with You Huo and turned around and gave the card away.

In a deck, there was only one guaranteed pass card. The young couple who was finally able to be reunited would naturally be unwilling to separate.

But this Exemption card was different.

Qin Jiu gave the card to Zhou Qi and Jiang Yuan and said jokingly: “Your wedding gift. From me and that——–”

He pointed back with his thumb: “——that guy there that’s pretending that this has nothing to do with him.”

Zhou Qi looked over. You Huo was standing not far away waiting. The moment their eyes met, she was stunned, and she slowly gave him a polite nod.

He wasn’t very friendly or talkative.

But she knew that that person there is a good person.

The one before her is the same.

“This card is definitely something very valuable.” Zhou Qi shook her head: “You should use it yourself. This is what you deserve. We really can’t accept it. In any case, we only have two exams left. We will work hard until the end.”

“We can’t use it. Even if we keep it, it’ll be a waste.”

Zhou Qi didn’t understand: “Why?”

Because their official matters weren’t over. Their private matters too.

Because of both these reasons, it wasn’t time for them to leave.

“Haven’t had enough fun.” Qin Jiu said to Zhou Qi.

He tucked the card into Jiang Yuan’s chest pocket and patted the other party’s shoulder: “We’re leaving.”


Everyone else got onto the carriages one after another.

Only then 922 pulled Qin Jiu aside: “Boss, just a second.”

He specially picked a spot away from the carriages and stopped next to a sculpture: “It’s like this…….We just received a violation notice. It was a very strange.”

Qin Jiu raised an eyebrow. He didn’t look surprised.

922 internally wondered if it was really true.

“How was it strange? Tell me.”

“The notice was blank. There wasn’t anything on it but when 154 checked the violation details, we got some additional information.”

Qin Jiu nodded to indicate for him to continue.

922: “Uh……The violator was you and the violation… was a little vague. One moment it said system security threat and another moment it said———

“Said what?”


922 scratched his head. He suddenly poked 154’s waist.

154 jumped forward like he had received an electric shock. He found himself standing in front of Qin Jiu.

922: “154 will give you the details!”

154: “………….”

Fuck your mum.

922 and Miss 021 both took a step back at the same time to give him the centre position.

154 maintained a deadpanned expression and said slowly: “It said that you and an examinee had developed an……. relationship.”

“What relationship?” Qin Jiu wasn’t angry: “I couldn’t catch it through your mumbling.”

154 rolled his eyes. He mustered up his courage: “An improper relationship.”

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When he was done, he quickly added: “But this only appeared momentarily and then it disappeared. I checked again just now and the violation section is empty again. Maybe there was a problem with the system. Afterall…….it’s way of thinking can be a little biased.”

As he spoke, he turned to look at 922 and 021 before looking back at Qin Jiu: “We all think it was probably just a mistake.”

Qin Jiu let out an “oh”.

When 154 was about to continue, Qin Jiu suddenly said: “It’s not really a mistake.”

154: “?”

When he realised the meaning of his words two seconds later, he closed his mouth again.

Everyone was silent.

922 was dumbfounded. 021’s pretty eyes were wide with shock.

“So, what did you want to say?” Qin Jiu didn’t pay attention to the wellbeing of the three people’s hearts and said to 154: “Continue.”

Continue my ass.

154 thought this.

His mouth opened and closed several times before he was able to force out: “I originally wanted to say………Boss you won’t be able to return to the rest stop for the time being. You will need to come with us back to the invigilator’s district to go through the violation clearance procedure and remove the incorrect record but………”

“If it wasn’t a mistake, then there’s no need for it to be removed.” 021 helped him finish his words, “Must be punished according to the rules.”

When the system issued this rule, it followed the principle of maintaining one’s privacy. Only the invigilator was to be punished and they would be punished relatively secretly —— Apart from 154, 922 and 021, the other invigilators wouldn’t know about it.

As for the examinee, as a default the system wouldn’t reveal or follow up on it unless the examinee themselves insisted.

And so, 021 didn’t ask but her curiosity was at its peak.

She secretly glanced at Qin Jiu but saw that he didn’t have any intention to name the examinee. He just nodded: “Alright. Let’s go back first then.”

As a woman who is rather sensitive to one’s thoughts, she could tell that his act of avoidance was his way of respecting and protecting the other party.

This surprised her.

She had always believed that Qin Jiu was a frivolous man. People like this would often act recklessly and unrestrainedly.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t do that.

021 even surprisingly understood the examinee a little.

Putting aside prejudices, this kind of person with both confidence and rationality was indeed………something quite attractive.

021 patted her head and silently wore her sunglasses.

922 scratched his head while hesitating to speak. For a moment, he looked like a big monkey.

After holding it back for a long time, he eventually reached his limit.

“This isn’t fair!” 922 exclaimed.

“What’s not fair?” Qin Jiu glanced at him.

“Boss, it’s not like you don’t know. The unlucky one in this situation is always the invigilator.” 922 didn’t like his boss getting the short end of the stick and muttered: “There are also plenty of people in the invigilator’s place. Why did you have to go and fall for an examinee?”

“What’s more, it has only been a few days. Is that examinee an celestial beauty or something for you to be attracted……..”

922 didn’t dare say this to Qin Jiu. He could only slow down his pace to fall in line with 154 and 021 who were behind them to complain.

Just as the three of them were about to keep up with Qin Jiu, they suddenly heard rustling sounds behind them.

021’s shoulder was patted.

She turned her head and saw that it was You Huo.

“Didn’t you get on the carriage???”

Qin Jiu who was walking ahead heard the sound and looked back.

You Huo lifted his chin and used it to point at him: “Saw that someone was missing and got off.”

922 was a little worried about his boss’s reputation: “When did you come? Did you hear us talking?”

You Huo retracted his gaze and glanced at him: “About half.”

“Regardless of how much you heard, don’t tell——–” Halfway through his words, 922 suddenly realised that You Huo who was normally too lazy to even speak probably wouldn’t go around gossiping so he relaxed, “Forget it…….Anyway, boss will need to go back with us to the invigilator’s district and if nothing else happens he will go to the rest stop afterwards. You should get on the carriage first.”

There was still a large blood stain on his shirt. 021 couldn’t stand the sight of it so she also pushed her sunglasses up and said: “The carriage is about to leave. Hurry and go.”

In the distance, dark carriages carrying examinees started to set off. One after another, they left the examination centre.

You Huo looked over for a moment before turning back.

“I’ll go this way.” He said this and started walking.

With his tall height and long legs, he soon walked a distance from them.

The three invigilators watched his back stunned for a few seconds and hurried over.

021 said: “Why are you going with us? We’re going to the invigilator’s district.”

You Huo stopped and turned around. His voice was calm and indifferent: “Only one party gets punished for improper relationship?”

“Yeah! Isn’t it unfair?”

922 subconsciously replied.

The next moment, this little fool stepped onto his brakes: “Fuck.”

The three invigilators suddenly understood what he meant.

922 and 154 stood there like they had just been struck by lightning. Miss 021’s sunglasses fell to the ground. She looked like she was ready to ascend to heaven any moment.

Let me tell you a ghost story.

 A celestial beauty has descended.

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