Misplacement Game – CH52

Arc 2: Luxury Cruise
Chapter 52

【Objective completed: Game cleared. You will return to the system space in half an hour.】

The system that had basically only acted as a decoration suddenly spoke up.

Xu Ziyue was taken aback. Coupled with Austin’s terrible aura, Xu Ziyue didn’t dare say a word.

Austin remained silent for a long time. During this time, he stared at Xu Ziyue while Xu Ziyue avoided his gaze and looked away feeling a little awkward and guilty.

Austin lifted his hand and gently stroked Xu Ziyue’s cheek. His fingers slid down and rested on Xu Ziyue’s neck, “When will you leave?”

Xu Ziyue swallowed nervously. He didn’t dare hide anything from Austin, “Ha-half an hour…….”

The sensation on his neck made Xu Ziyue uncontrollably associate it with some negative thoughts such as having it cut off, having it cut off and having it cut off……..

Fortunately, timely knocks on the door interrupted Austin’s dangerous thoughts.

“I’ll open the door!” Xu Ziyue fumbled out from the bed and ran barefoot to open the door.

Zhang Zhang who saw Xu Ziyue open the door wasn’t surprised.

He didn’t even look into the room and politely only looked at the person before him. He said: “I knew you would be here if you weren’t in your room.”

Xu Ziyue was relieved when he saw Zhang Zhang. He was a little worried before opening the door that he would be killed the instant he opened the door.

For example, the knocker would be someone who had lost half his body and was smacking the door with a fingerless land……..But something like this shouldn’t happen at Austin’s door.

Xu Ziyue’s memory of last night had slowly returned. This included the fact that last night was likely a massacre night.

But with Zhang Zhang standing in front of him without any injuries, it looks like he had managed to survive.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Ziyue actually felt a little conflicted. This remaining half an hour should be spent with Austin but if it wasn’t for Zhang Zhang interrupting and breaking up the tense mood, Xu Ziyue felt that he may have already lost his head.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just came to thank you.” Zhang Zhang said, “I don’t have anything I can give in return so I can only say thank you.”

Xu Ziyue was confused, “Thank you?”

Zhang Zhang sighed. He shook his head and patted Xu Ziyue’s shoulder, “It’s nothing. I’ll be leaving now. I’ll count on you for the next half of the month.”

Xu Ziyue’s mouth twitched. He didn’t know what to say. He probably would no longer be on the ship in half an hour let alone half a month.

But he couldn’t explain, and he can’t explain.

Zhang Zhang left after giving his thanks. Xu Ziyue closed the door and built up his courage before turning to once again face Austin.

But as soon as he saw Austin’s face, Xu Ziyue’s mood fell.

It was all because of this cheap mouth of his……..

Austin wouldn’t let him leave so Xu Ziyue had already prepared himself to stay behind but now that he suddenly had to leave……..It felt very uncomfortable.

He also couldn’t help but think deeper.

Austin’s reluctance to let him go and also his response just now………That must mean that he felt something towards Xu Ziyue but now he was going to leave him…….

Thinking that Austin would be sad, Xu Ziyue felt even more upset.

If Austin showed him a sad and hurt expression, Xu Ziyue probably wouldn’t be able to resist.

Austin sat up and looked at Xu Ziyue with a smile, “Say, if you died here what will happen?”

“Gone….” Xu Ziyue shook his head, “I won’t become a ghost in this world……After I die, I’ll continue onto the next world.”

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Austin waved his hand and Xu Ziyue hurried over.

When Xu Ziyue squatted down by the bed and his ‘dog head’ was rubbed by Austin, he wanted to cry and throw away this face-con illness of his.

“Looks like I can’t do anything…….”

Austin looked at Xu Ziyue who was squatting barefoot beside his bed. The latter had his head hung down allowing Austin to only see his hair whorl. As Austin gently stroked Xu Ziyue’s hair, countless thoughts ran through his mind but in the end he just kept silent.

Time passed slowly. Xu Ziyue felt a little panicked. He raised his head to quietly glance at Austin only to see that Austin was also looking at him.


“What are you apologising for?”

“Because I made you sad………” Xu Ziyue raised his hand tentatively and reached over to hold Austin’s hand. He then gripped onto Austin’s finger……..

Austin smiled, “It’s okay. I will find a way.”

If this is a game, then he will stop the game from functioning properly. As for the toy that would soon escape, he will find a way to get it back.

Austin touched Xu Ziyue’s cheek and spoke gently but those words he uttered made Xu Ziyue tremble.

“You will leave me temporarily. During this time, do you best to capture your targets. Perhaps in another world……we will meet again. I don’t want to wait too long.”

Xu Ziyue opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything.

Was he letting him capture other people so that they could quickly meet again? Why was he so certain that they would meet again? Perhaps it had something to do with the boss’s confidence and overwhelming aura but why was Austin fine with wearing a green hat in order to be with him?

This kind of love……wasn’t it too selfless?!

Xu Ziyue looked at Austin incredulously.

“Although I don’t know what you’re thinking, I’m certain you’re thinking the wrong thing.” Austin flicked Xu Ziyue’s forehead.

Since he knew about the truth of the world and the only thing he found interesting was going to leave, he couldn’t continue living as he had been before this……

Xu Ziyue was part of the reason, but he wasn’t the only reason.

Xi Ziyue held his forehead and before he was even able to let out a groan, he had returned to the so-called system space.

The system said: “Congratulations to the player for successfully clearing the instance “Luxury Cruise””.

“A copy of the CG has been saved. You have also been rewarded with a special plot CG.”

Xu Ziyue had yet to adapt to this sudden change.

He scratched his head and was still in daze.

It took him a while to accept that he was really no longer on the cruise ship. He could no longer smell the the sea.

“I won’t see Austin anymore?”

“Every game has unique areas and repeated areas. This is the same for NPCs. When extracting game data, games that have already been cleared will not be included in the player’s game library.”

Xu Ziyue didn’t understand the first half, but he understood the latter.

Xu Ziyue was originally planning on calming himself down in the system space for a while before entering the next world, but the system was too quiet. Too quiet to the point that it was almost a little scary….

“The special plot CG you mentioned…..”Xu Ziyue remembered Sun Mo’s bloody picture. He hadn’t voiced his doubts yet but the system thought Xu Ziyue wanted to see the CG, so it immediately pulled it up.

It was a picture of a very miserable and battered person but despite that, the noble aura he gave off couldn’t be concealed.

The man in the CG was indeed Austin. He had a pair of legs like everyone and the owner of these legs was kneeling in a strange place cutting off flesh from the wall with a dagger…….and putting it in his mouth.

Austin’s body was covered in mucus, blood and chunks of flesh and there were many half-melted bodies beside him with parts of their bodies missing.

It looked like they were food that had been half-digested inside a monster’s gut…

Austin had previously revealed to Xu Ziyue that he ate a sea monster’s flesh….

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“So, what happened here?” Xu Ziyue could only ask the system for answers.

“Would you like to check the unlocked game background story?” Note: Game background story can only be checked with the completion of the game world.”


In fact, it wasn’t very complicated.

The cause of everything was simply the sea monster’s attempt at migrating. As they migrated, they smelt the scent of food, so the large group of sea monsters rammed into the Westminster cruise ship, causing it to break and capsize.

The leader leading the sea monsters was very large. Together with the ship wreckages, it swallowed the humans that had fallen. The other “food” that was left was shared amongst the other sea monsters.

Sea monsters didn’t need to chew as their stomach would digest the food for them but at this moment, Austin appeared.

He was swallowed by the sea monster and, accompanied with excruciating pain, his legs were melted off.

Fortunately,…………something changed.

He replaced the previous leader and became the new leader of the sea monsters. At the same time, a ghost cruise ship appeared above them.

As for what happened afterwards, Xu Ziyue didn’t even have to think to know…….

And so, Austin was also a human but after “rebirth” he no longer belonged in any of the two groups.

He wasn’t a sea monster; he wasn’t a ghost and he also wasn’t human.

That was why he didn’t plan to meddle with their affairs and just stayed in his room reading. This continued until Xu Ziyue appeared.

When Xu Ziyue digested all the information, he felt a little uncomfortable.

And the absolute silence in the system space made him feel even more uncomfortable.

The system asked: “Do you wish to start the next game?”

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