GUEE – CH103

Bloody Carnival
Chapter 103: Eight Gangsters

Although he only did it to tease him, the hint in that question of his was very clear.

If he really wanted to avoid that topic, he could just deny it.

But You Huo didn’t speak.

The hand holding the door handle tightened momentarily before loosening. Under Qin Jiu’s gaze, he remained silent. It was as if he was silently acknowledging that there was an unspeakable secret.

This kind of silence also carried a subtle sense of taboo.

Qin Jiu felt as if he was scratched by the tip of a claw. It slowly and gently moved up and down using its sharpest point.

It didn’t hurt, but it made his heart itch.

The confinement room effect was starting. Their surroundings gradually darkened and the outlines of the objects in the room became difficult to discern.

In the darkening surrounding, You Huo looked back at Qin Jiu.

The next second, Qin Jiu kissed him.

He pressed You Huo against the door.

Just as Chu Yue had said, as someone who is in the system, the system’s influence and control was much stronger. Too many of his memories had been sealed shut and even now he couldn’t remember.

But every time they came into contact like this, it made him feel as if his heart was overflowing.

It was because there were too many emotions pouring out……

But he didn’t know where these emotions came from.

Every kiss between them was like this. It would start off very rough and then gradually calm down.

Qin Jiu lightly kissed You Huo’s lips and then the corners of his lips: “I wasn’t joking.”

If they weren’t his family, he definitely wouldn’t have said that second half.

You Huo looked at him and slowly caught his breath: “I have the ability to discern.”

Even at a time like this, his tone continued to carry a hint of a sneer.

The room was getting darker. He could no longer make out his expression.

But just from his voice, it was clear that he was doing his best to keep calm.

“If we don’t go out now, we won’t be able to find the door.” You Huo’s hand that he had clasped onto moved a little to remind him.

Qin Jiu let out a sound of acknowledgement, but it sounded like his mind wasn’t on it.

He used his other hand to hold the side of You Huo’s neck and used his thumb to press down onto his chin.

You Huo raised his head slightly, the thin line from his chin down to his neck stretching further. Qin Jiu bowed his head and gently kissed the jut in his throat.

You Huo’s eyelashes trembled. Qin Jiu then raised his head and said: “Let’s go, Big Invigilator.”

Big Invigilator wants to beat him up.


Yu Wen floated down from the second floor with Chu Yue and the others and saw his brother and that boyfriend of his sitting on the sofa.

You Huo was browsing through his phone while Qin Jiu held a long thin book casually turning over the page.

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Old Yu’s corpse like body was sprawled across a seat. He had fallen asleep after taking a few pills and there was an extra glass of water in front of him. It was probably left there by You Huo and Qin Jiu.

Yu Wen slowed down and looked at them very carefully. He noticed that the two of them didn’t act very intimately.

Back when he secretly dated, even if it was just the teacher saying a joke, he and his girlfriend would mutually glance at each other and they would look at each other for a while across the heavy study desks and stacks of books.

When entering and leaving the classroom, he would deliberately go to the other side to lightly tap his finger on her desk before walking away.

In short, he would grasp at every opportunity and use every trick possible.

Even if there aren’t opportunities, he would create opportunities.

But the two on the sofa were completely different.

As for what Qin Jiu was like, he didn’t know.

But his brother was still cold and indifferent as usual. With his eyes lowered, he gave off an “Outsiders should scram as far away as possible. Don’t bother me.” kind of vibe.

Yu Wen pouted.

He used to be very curious about what his brother’s girlfriend would be like.

But now…….

The demon lord was still a demon lord

He suddenly felt that, it actually wasn’t a big deal.

Wasn’t it just…..

His brother finding another demon lord as a boyfriend?!

Yu Wen almost slipped off the last step as he concluded with this cheerful outlook.

“How was it?” Qin Jiu looked up from his book.

Chu Yue waved her hand, “There’s nothing on the second and third floors. Did you check the children’s room?”

She asked Yu Wen.

“Yes, there’s nothing there. I even went through all the drawers.” Yu Wen said and sat down on the other side of You Huo. He tried to ask as naturally as possible: “Brother, you… was it for you two?”

You Huo was bent over as he flipped through an album. Hearing Yu Wen’s words, his action stopped, and he stared at Yu Wen for a long time.

“Wh-why are you looking at me?” Yu Wen asked.

“You’ve recovered now?” You Huo asked.

Yu Wen scratched his head, “Haa, what century is it now. My ability to accept things has always been good. I just needed time to digest. Anyway……haa, it’s fine if you’re happy.”


Chu Yue who was standing a little further away laughed, “I didn’t expect Invigilator A to have a younger brother like this. Pretty cute.”

Yu Wen’s face turned into a tomato.

If he knew that the “cute” Chu Yue said really meant “little fool”, he probably wouldn’t be so red.

“It’s also not in the living room or the basement.” You Huo said.

“Did you check the confinement room?” Yang Shu murmured from the side, “Probably no one would dare enter that place?”

“……..We checked. It’s not there.” You Huo didn’t look up nor did his expression change.

Wu Li and Shu Xue walked over from the other side of the first floor and shook their heads, “There’s nothing on our end too.”

“Top, bottom, inside and out. We have checked almost everything.” Shu Xue said, “The mailbox was also checked. There’s nothing.”

Chu Yue clicked her tongue: “Looks like we can’t stay here.”

“Do you mean…..that it’s in someone else’s house?” Shu Xue was a little worried, “How should we check? Should I go through them one by one?”

She described herself as if she was some kind of service that breaks through firewalls.

But Chu Yue just shook her head, “No need. Do you realise how tired you got after doing it a few times? Since it’s a joint exam and the results from the first stage will become the basis for the second stage, they should be connected. I have experience with this. Once we reach the second stage, we will be naturally be able to see the other people and the other houses. Didn’t the question mention it already? This is a coastal town.”

“Then we’ll finish this stage first.” Chu Yue reached this conclusion and looked in the distance: “Sali and Shirley, right? Did your mum tell you that we will be staying here for a few days? Can we leave early?”

Not far away, two heads appeared from inside a small room. They looked over at this scary aunty.

That room wasn’t very big. It was a study room. Inside the room was two children study desks; one pink and one blue. It came as a pair.

Qin Jiu glanced towards the basement: “When did these two brats go to the study?”

“Didn’t pay attention.” You Huo also looked over.

When they came up from the basement the two siblings were still standing by the stairs.

They had at some unknown point in time quietly changed places.

Sali stared at the people in the living room and hesitated for a moment before coming out.

He held a piece of paper in one hand and was holding his sisters’ hand with the other.

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“Mum didn’t say but you can’t leave.” Sali’s childish voice was very sharp, like those of a little girl. It was almost the same as Shirley’s voice.

He shook the paper in his hand and said, “Mum and Dad left a question for us. We have a question every day but……..we don’t know the answer. You must help us.”

“Sure, let’s take a look at the question.”

Sali placed the paper on the coffee table and placed a marker next to it.

Everyone was stunned.

It was just a blank piece of paper. There was not a single word on it, let alone a title.

“Every night at 8pm is Sali and Shirley’s thinking time.” Sali looked at the clock on the wall.

This basically meant that at 8 o’clock at night the question will appear on the paper.

Having taken part in a series of participation styled exams, it felt rather strange suddenly returning to answering questions on paper.

You Huo asked Sali: “What time is it now?”

“It is time to arrange a room for the guest.” Sali answered stubbornly, “Guests with no rooms will not sleep well at night.”

Shirley echoed, “It’s terrible not sleeping well. Shirley is most afraid of waking up in the middle of the night.”

“Then what are you going to do with the eight of us?”

Sali raised his head and looked upstairs.

The attic was their playroom.

There were two rooms on the second floor. The one on the left was the one the two siblings used and was furnished with a bunk bed and thick fluffy carpet underneath to prevent injuries if they fell.

To the right was their parent’s bedroom. It had one large bed and is currently not in use.

On the first floor was the guest room and the study room.

The confinement room in the basement still had some residual effects left so for now it can’t be used.

This meant that only two rooms could be used and, of the two, the guest room is very small.

Sali found himself faced with an unprecedented problem.

“Let’s do this. You guys can take the bedroom and guest room.” Qin Jiu turned to the four women, “Bear with it for now and try not to be separated.”

“What about you guys?” Chu Yue asked.

“The sofa can be used.”

“The sofa can’t be used.” Sali said with his chin raised, “Guests must stay in their rooms. Mum said——”

You Huo could no longer stand listening to his threats. He reached over and pinched his mouth shut.

Sali: “…….”

“Alright then. It’s fine if we can’t use the sofa. We can just squeeze in with these two brats.” Qin Jiu said

Everyone except for You Huo and Chu Yue was shocked.

The two brats Sali and Shirley were even more shocked.

You Huo saw that Sali was having difficulty holding himself back so he released his hand to give him a chance to speak.

The little brat shouted shrilly: “Where are you sleeping?!”

Qin Jiu patted his head: “In your room. Don’t worry, we won’t take your beds. The floor is fine.”

Yu Wen swallowed nervously.

Sleeping in the same room as the two brats. That was on par to living together with Hunter A from the Physics exam, sleeping with the black widow from the Foreign Language exam in your arms or sharing a bed with the Duke from the History exam.

What kind of arrangement is that?!

But before anyone could raise their objections, the two brats had already exploded.

Sali immediately refused: “No! You can’t stay with us!”

“Why? There’s lots of space on the ground.”

“No means no.” Sali stubbornly refused.

His expression had turned strange for a moment. It wasn’t just from dissatisfaction.

“They want to steal our room.” He complained to Shirley.

Just as everyone was wondering why he suddenly complained to his sister, they noticed Shirley who was staring at Qin Jiu suddenly frown and open her mouth.

“Is she going to cry?”

Yu Wen exclaimed in alarm.

Everyone then recalled the reminder from the exam notice. It had said that they must not make Shirley cry.

Everyone hurriedly tried to salvage the situation but unfortunately no one knew how to coax a child, especially a child like this that was neither human nor a ghost.

The little girl stared at Qin Jiu and let out the beginning of a cry.

You Huo placed down his phone and used his free hands to tickle her thick waist.

Shirley: “…….”

Shirley wants to eat him.

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