Misplacement Game – CH73

Arc 3: Humanoid Village
Chapter 73

Xu Ziyue didn’t see the others when he returned to the hotel with the doll.

As he walked through the second floor, he glanced at the rooms on the other side that they hadn’t checked yesterday but he wasn’t able to find Yan Shi and the others.

For some reason, Xu Ziyue shivered. He quickly returned to his room.

Because the doll didn’t want to say where Guan Chengze is, Xu Ziyue found it difficult to continue asking. What more, how could he bear asking with the doll looking so aggrieved?

In short, Xu Ziyue couldn’t do it.

So he moved on to asking about other things.

Xu Ziyue filled a tub with warm water, stripped the doll down and then helped wipe the doll’s body, “He was standing by the bed yesterday. Was it because he wanted to steal you?”

The doll nodded and then looked up. Standing in the tub, he looked at Xu Ziyue with a pair of bright eyes, “I myself, returned.”

Xu Ziyue was first touched by the doll’s pitiful upward gaze and soon afterwards he understood the meaning behind the doll’s words. He couldn’t help but feel upset again.

“So, you mean he stole you and you managed to escape?! Last night was actually the second time?!!”

The doll nodded affirmatively and then raised his hands that were covered in water droplets, “Wipe.”

“Okay. Wipe, wipe!”

When he was done with happily wiping the doll’s body down, Xu Ziyue returned to his senses. No, no, no. His feelings were too easily manipulated.

This——It’s all because of beauty!

But what could he do? It was something he couldn’t help but fall for.

Xu Ziyue noted Guan Chengze on his blacklist and then wrapped the doll tightly with his own clothes before getting ready to go downstairs.

This time he ran into the other three who had just come out of the room next door.

When they saw Xu Ziyue again holding the doll in his arms, they were surprised.

“Did you find Guan Chengze?”

Xu Ziyue shook his head and answered ‘honestly’: “No, but he threw my doll away and I found him again at the Humanoid Museum. What about you guys? Have you finished checking the rooms on the second floor?”

Yan Shi nodded but he didn’t tell Xu Ziyue what they had found.

Xu Ziyue also didn’t mind. Anyway, the others didn’t seem to believe his words earlier.

Hu Beijia changed the subject, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to find Jin’er.” Xu Ziyue pointed at the doll in his arms, “His clothes are dirty. Going to see if Jin’er has any.”

Hu Beijia and the others exchanged a look and suggested, “Then let’s go together.”

Xu Ziyue didn’t understand what they are trying to do but right now Xu Ziyue didn’t have the energy to pay them any attention. Whether they wanted to come along or separate, it was up to them.

As they went downstairs, Xu Ziyue emphasised to them that he wanted a room to himself.

Yan Shi didn’t have any objections. To be more precise, they had probably guessed that Xu Ziyue would say this.

Xu Ziyue knocked on the door to the studio on the first floor. Jin’er immediately smiled when she saw Xu Ziyue but when she saw the doll in his arms, her smile slowly faded.

Please read this from kk translates

Jin’er asked Xu Ziyue stiffly, “What’s the matter?”

I wanted to ask if you have any clothes he can wear?” Xu Ziyue lifted his doll, “His clothes got dirty.”

Jin’er reluctantly glanced at the doll and moved aside to let them in.

Xu Ziyue followed her in the room and Yan Shi and the others similarly followed them in.

While Jin’er was taking out doll clothes from a closet, Yan Shi and the others looked around the room.

They then saw a doll that looked just like Jin’er sitting on the workbench.

Hu Beijia reached over wanting to pick it up but didn’t expect Jin’er who had her back towards them to suddenly turn around and stare at Hu Beijia.

Hu Beijia’s outstretched arm froze. The corners of her lips twitched, and she showed a stiff smile, “I just felt that she’s pretty……”

Jin’er turned around and walked over. She picked up the doll and said coldly, “Don’t touch things you shouldn’t touch.”

Hu Beijia withdrew her hand and only let out a small sound of acknowledgement.

Xu Ziyue watched this happen from the side and didn’t say anything the entire time. It was also because of this that Jin’er was a little angry at Xu Ziyue.

She pushed a small rack with four tiers over to Xu Ziyue, “You can pick.”

The rack was filled with all kinds of small clothing that hung from it from small hangers.

—-There were both male and female attires.

Xu Ziyue couldn’t help but extend a sinful hand towards a Lolita-style dress…….

“Slap…..” A faint slap could be heard from Xu Ziyue’s arms.

Xu Ziyue cleared his throat and coughed a few times to cover up the sound. He moved his hand to the side and reached for a blue outfit.

“Then……this one.” This was something similar to the doll’s original outfit, an ancient gown.

Jin’er picked up the hanger with it and unhappily tossed it into Xu Ziyue’s arms.

Xu Ziyue reluctantly glanced back at the rest of the clothes before leaving with the doll and his new clothes. Yan Shi and the others on the other hand seemed even more reluctant to leave.

Xu Ziyue looked back at Jin’er’s doll that was in her arms, gave it a small smile before walking away.

When he returned to his room, Xu Ziyue helped the doll change. Halfway through it, someone knocked on his door.

“There’s only one outer layer left. Quickly put it on yourself.” Xu Ziyue patted the doll’s head lightly and turned to open the door.

At the door, Yan Shi held a doll that resembled him with a poor expression.

Xu Ziyue looked at Yan Shi’s arms with some surprise…..It was clearly incomplete this morning…It was finished so quickly?

Hu Beijia said: “Just saw this on his bed when we got back.”

Xu Ziyue looked over at Lu Xiuyang who was standing behind the two of them with his hands in his pockets. His expression was calm. In short, Xu Ziyue couldn’t make out Lu Xiuyang’s thoughts.

“Now that Tang Yunyun is gone, Guan Chengze has disappeared, and Li Xiuyang and I have received dolls, only you and Hu Beijia are left. What are you two going to do?”

Xu Ziyue said, “Everything will turn out for the best….You guys didn’t find anything on the other side today?”

Yan Shi didn’t immediately answer Xu Ziyue and instead asked, “Where’s your doll?”

“In the room.”

Yan Shi heard this and approached Xu Ziyue’s room. For a moment, Xu Ziyue panicked. He was worried that the doll may still be getting dressed….if he hadn’t dressed yet……

Then Xu Ziyue saw the doll sitting there with the robe half hanging from one of his arms. He had completely stopped moving.

Yan Shi didn’t notice anything wrong and just threw his doll onto the other bed.

“Then come out and talk.”

Xu Ziyue cautiously followed Yan Shi out and quickly glanced at the doll when he turned around to close the door.

The doll raised his eyes, his long eyelashes sweeping up and down like a small fan and looked over at Xu Ziyue. He raised his hands slightly as if wanting to come along, but he then lowered it back down and remained sitting there motionlessly.

Xu Ziyue’s heart was tickled by the doll’s action. As he stood in the corridor talking to Yan Shi and the others, his heart was filled with bliss.

Please read this from kk translates

“Those dolls may be able to pass on messages, naturally yours too, so some things cannot be said in front of them.”

“So, what did you want to talk about?”

“We found remnants of a book that seemed to mention the forbidden craft of killing a doll.” Yan Shi looked up and stared straight at Xu ZIyue, “You should know that Jin’er is a doll.”

“…..I thought we didn’t have evidence?”

“The gravestone that matched with Jin’er and the doll that resembles Jin’er are evidence. What’s more, many things in worlds like this don’t need an explanation.”

“Okay, then what about the method of killing a doll?”

Hu Beijia said: “The eyes. The eyes of the dolls are where their souls are. As long as you can pierce their eyes, they will truly die.”

“Then you prepare to….?”

“Jin’er is the one who makes our dolls. No matter what, we have to deal with her first.”

Xu Ziyue fell silent. He pondered for a while and said, “I will not participate in this matter.”

Yan Shi looked at Xu Ziyue perplexedly, “Why?!”

Hu Beijia also furrowed her brows, “You don’t have a doll now but maybe the day after tomorrow or even tomorrow, you’ll receive a doll that resembles you. You will regret your decision then.”

Xu Ziyue shrugged and revealed a nonchalant look, “Anyway, I don’t have one now. I don’t want to play with death.”

Lu Xiuyang snorted, “There’s no point persuading. He’s probably too scared and is getting back pain just standing here. He’ll regret it when he gets a doll.”

Yan Shi looked back at Lu Xiuyang, internally expressing some dissatisfaction. He then continued to calmly persuade Xu Ziyue, “I don’t know what the worlds were like for you before this one but if you run into a problem and don’t go and solve it, you are just waiting for tragedy to happen. If we can avoid provoking anything from happening by just staying idle, we would be more than happy to do that but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Here, we need to find a way to clear the game and the challenge right now is Jin’er. If we don’t do anything, we would be dead before we could even realise it. At the very least, we can still find a way to live like this.”

Xu Ziyue managed to get some information from Yan Shi’s words.

As it turned out, their constant attempts of searching and exploring that seemed to be an attempt to seek death in Xu Ziyue’s eyes was their attempt to find a way to clear the game. If they didn’t look for it, it was likely that they would be unable to escape this world.

Xu Ziyue pursed his lips and took a step back, “I still don’t want to. I’ll bear any consequences that may arise myself.” Jin’er is very strange but the temperaments of Yan Shi and the others weren’t any better. Xu Ziyue didn’t want to be biased and help one party out and, what’s more, he also didn’t feel that he can be of any help to either party.

Yan Shi took a deep breath and nodded, “Alright. If you don’t want to do it, we will. But……You will need to lure Jin’er over. Didn’t she say that she had a doll she wanted to give you? You can accept the doll and give it to us.”

Xu Ziyue looked at Yan Shi with some surprise.

Hu Beijia took the initiative to explain, “It wasn’t hard to guess. She probably wants to give you her doll.”

Xu Ziyue frowned. He was a little angry.

“I don’t want to repeat myself, but it seems that you’re not listening to me at all. I, Xu Ziyue, will not participate! In this matter!”

“You!” Lu Xiuyang rushed over with the intention to hit him but was stopped by Yan Shi.

Yan Shi held Lu Xiuyang and pushed him behind him before saying coldly, “If you’re really going to act like this then we can only assume that you know another way of clearing this instance.”

Hu Beijia added, “And you’re deliberately hiding it from us.”

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    Lil Mo Doll looked at XZY with a pair of bright eyes, “I myself, returned!”
    – Lil Mo Doll so cute while looking so proud

    “Lil Mo Doll raised his hands slightly as if wanting to come along”
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