Misplacement Game – CH75

Arc 3: Humanoid Village
Chapter 75

Although Jin’er definitely wasn’t an ordinary NPC and Xu Ziyue even felt that she is likely one that is on par to the big villainous boss in this world, Jin’er had never brought him any harm.

Not to mention, Xu Ziyue had at one point fancied Jin’er’s face……..

Cough, it was precisely because of these reasons. So, although Xu Ziyue didn’t dare look straight into Jin’er’s eyes, he wasn’t particularly afraid of Jin’er.

And so, Jin’er’s appearance at this moment gave Xu Ziyue a sense of ‘reassurance’. He no longer felt as scared as he was earlier.

However, this sister here had just said ‘cute’ and she even added the word ‘really’ before it.

Xu Ziyue received a large blow from this.

Sure enough, cowardice is something that reduces one’s attractiveness levels when seeking a partner.

He could only take it as a compliment and accept it.

Jin’er’s eyes met with the Xu Ziyue’s doll’s dark expression and her smile slowly faded but her pleased mood couldn’t be concealed.

Jin’er seemed to have thought of something and her expression changed slightly. She looked over at the doors that were all open.

“Do you want to take a look? Your companion who was with you is in there.” Jin’er watched Xu Ziyue slowly support himself up using the stair railing.

When Xu Ziyue heard Jin’er’s words, his entire expression stiffened.

“Look? Me? No, no, no…..It’s okay. Really, really.”

Jin’er sighed and showed a pitiful expression, “But she hasn’t died yet. Maybe there’s still hope?”

Xu Ziyue who was asked this was at loss for words. He struggled for a moment but didn’t know how to answer that question.

“If you’re scared, you can hold my arm. How about I go with you to take a look?”

Xu Ziyue hesitated for a moment. He looked down at the doll in his arms, asking for his help.

“Hmph.” A small voice came from his arms. The doll turned his head and stared down at the ground.

Looks like he’s in a bad mood.

Xu Ziyue: “……” A little confused.

Xu Ziyue who was unable to get a response from the doll could only ask his system for help.

He muttered to himself, “I really won’t get into any trouble…..?”

【It does not exclude a Bad End in the event of the capture target blackening.】

Jin’er reassured him, “Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Xu Ziyue glanced down at the doll in his arms to confirm.

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Has he blackened?

Xu Ziyue held the doll up and checked the doll who stubbornly wouldn’t look at him.

———- Doesn’t seem to have blackened.

He seemed to just be throwing a tantrum…..Xu Ziyue moved the doll closer and gently kissed the doll’s cheek before returning him back to his original location in his arms. He then said to Jin’er, “Then I’ll go take a look.”

Jin’er: “……I don’t really want to accompany you anymore.”

 Of course, Jin’er’s actions showed that she didn’t really mean what she said. In the end she still accompanied Xu Ziyue and they went over to the room together.

Xu Ziyue held a corner of Jin’er’s sleeve and slowly inched past the rooms filled with dolls limbs until they reached the room at the end from which the crying sounds were coming from.

The room were the sound came from was the room filled with doll heads. Xu Ziyue saw Tang Yunyun’s head in this room.

And Tang Yunyun who saw Xu Ziyue was extremely excited.

She twisted her head around nonstop as she tried to get out of the wall but to Xu Ziyue it looked like she was about to twist her neck off.

At this moment, Tang Yunyun couldn’t see her current appearance. To the others however, Tang Yunyun looked completely like a doll.

Her neck, her lifeless eyes, the skin on her face…. Although she looked a bit better than that of a normal person, like everything was brushed up with photoshop, she no longer looked human.

“Xu Ziyue! Xu Ziyue! Please help me! Hurry and help me get out of the wall! I can feel that my hands and feet can move! Hurry and find something to dig me out wuwuwuwu….I don’t want to stay here anymore.” Tang Yuyun cried as she said this, and her expression was of a crying expression, but no tears came out.

But she herself didn’t seem to have noticed it.

Xu Ziyue swallowed nervously and asked, “Are you hungry? Should I….get you something to eat first?”

For a normal person, if they haven’t eaten anything after a day they should be hungry but Tang Yunyun probably was no longer a ‘normal human’.

So, she said, “I’m not hungry. I’m not hungry at all! Hurry and find a way to get me out. I beg you Xu Ziyue. This place is too scary wuwuwuwu………”

Xu Ziyue calmed himself down and turned to look at Jin’er.

Jin’er’s expression was very calm. She seemed to be used to this. When she saw Xu Ziyue look at her, she spoke up, “You see? Isn’t she still alive?”

“……That’s it?” Xu Ziyue looked back at Tang Yunyun, “But she’s already….” Xu Ziyue was afraid of stimulating Tang Yunyun so he didn’t finish his sentence.

“But her consciousness is still there. Look, doesn’t she look better than before? The human body also ages but her body now won’t. This existence is on par to having eternal life.”

“……….” Sister, you’ve just revealed your own identity.

But Jin’er’s identity was indeed just as Yan Shi and the others had suspected. It wasn’t anything that needed more evidence to prove.


Xu Ziyue suddenly felt that he may reach the truth behind this world and the horror game more quickly than Yan Shi and the others, so he asked, “This is your true purpose?”

Though it’s useless for him anyway even if he knew.

“Not really. What I’m doing is similar to acting in god’s stead.”

“Acting in god’s stead…” Xu Ziyue quietly repeated those words.

Tang Yunyun heard their exchange and let out a meaningless panicked shout.

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to! I don’t want to!!! Change me back! Can you hear me?! I want to get out! Xu Ziyue, hurry and get me out!”

Because she was too noisy, the door to the room slammed shut with a bang.

The door had acted on its own and Xu Ziyue didn’t see Jin’er move so it startled him.

Please read this from kk translates

Xu Ziyue however forced himself to finish his questions, “…..Acting in god’s stead, is it what I think it means? In other words, you’re following the instructions of an existence similar to that of “God”?”

Jin’er nodded and admitted, “It’s roughly like that.”

“……..” The corner of Xu Ziyue’s twitched. He revealed a somewhat forced smile, “Then was it you who just closed the door?”

Jin’er smiled back, “It’s him.”

Xu Ziyue: “……” Finding it difficult to breathe.

Xu Ziyue held the doll up again. Because Xu Ziyue had kissed the doll earlier, when he held the doll up this time the doll had both hands covering his face.

Anyway, there are no secrets between dolls, so it was fine for the doll to move in front of Jin’er. Xu Ziyue of course didn’t make any attempt to warn the doll.

Xu Ziyue examined the shy little doll again. Nothing about the doll seemed ‘god-like’.

No matter how he looked at it, he was just a cute item.

Xu Ziyue furrowed his brows and returned the doll back into his arms, “So you guys are pursuing longevity? Ah, that’s not right. It should be eternal life.”

“That’s not it. We originally have eternal life and are just helping humans achieve eternal life as well.”

Xu Ziyue fell silent for a moment, “I’m going to go find a place to sleep.” He walked past the other open rooms and could see the doll limbs inside. He even saw Tang Yunyun’s non-stop struggling limbs.

Although she was completely sucked into the wall in the room with all the right arms, it seems that after entering, her body was distributed across the five rooms.

Xu Ziyue couldn’t understand the principle and logic behind it but Tang Yunyun indeed wasn’t dead. She was still alive, but it was no better than death…

Xu Ziyue reached the stairs and couldn’t help but stop in place.

“What’s wrong?”

“Can I go to the other side to take a look?” All the doors to the rooms on the other end were also open but he had gone to find the doll during the day and wasn’t able to check the rooms with Yan Shi and the others.

“If you want to, I won’t stop you.”

Xu ZIyue walked over to take a look.

But he didn’t expect to see the rooms filled with dolls.

The dolls here were different to the gorgeous and neatly dressed dolls in the Humanoid Museum or the ones in Jin’er’s studio.

These dolls were all incomplete.

Only one room was a little different. All the dolls in that room had their eyes pierced through.

The ones in the other rooms weren’t.

The dolls with pierced eyes were mostly torn and tattered. This latter feature was no different to the dolls in the other rooms.

But how did Yan Shi and the others reach the conclusion that piercing the eyes could kill the dolls?

Book remnants?

Xu Ziyue didn’t know whether to trust in Yan Shi’s words.

But from what he saw in these rooms, the eye piercing method may likely be true.

Jin’er looked at the doll’s in these rooms with some pity, “Because a lot of people don’t know how to cherish, we have a room like this.”

Xu Ziyue looked around but couldn’t understand Jin’er’s words.

“It’s late. You’re not going back to sleep?”

In fact, he had a rather stimulating night so he had wanted to get a good nights sleep but he wasn’t planning on returning to his room.

Xu Ziyue held the doll up and said, “He will take me to a place to stay.”

Jin’er was silent for a moment. She frowned and showed a disappointed look, “……Are you dissatisfied with me?”

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