Misplacement Game – CH82

Arc 3: Humanoid Village
Chapter 82

Xu Ziyue looked at the doll that resembled himself sitting on the bed and hardened his heart. He asked, “I really like you, what about you?”

The doll buried his face in Xu Ziyue’s arms and slowly nodded, “Like, Xu Ziyue.”

【Objective completed: Game cleared. You will return to the system space in half an hour.】

Xu Ziyue heard the systems familiar voice.

Xu Ziyue thought of the others who were in the process of turning into dolls, “If I become a doll, would I look like Guan Chengze or Lu Xiuyang?” But since he only had half an hour, he probably wouldn’t have the chance to experience it.

The little doll stretched out his hand to touch Xu Ziyue’s cheek, “I won’t let you be in pain.”

Xu Ziyue rubbed the doll’s small palm and, before he had the chance to say anything, his mind grew cloudy and he passed out on the bed.


When Xu Ziyue woke up again, he saw that he hadn’t returned to the system’s space yet but…His line of sight had become a little strange. He only understood the reason for this when he saw the doll who could now look at him at eye level.

He seemed to have completed the transformation from a human to a doll in less than half an hour.

“Little doll…….?”

Xu Ziyue was embraced by the little doll, the force pushing him back down onto the bed. The bed was now too big for his current size.

“We can now be together forever and ever.” The doll rubbed his head against Xu Ziyue again and again.

Xu Ziyue rubbed the doll’s head and didn’t know what to say so he only kept silent. Before this he had also touched the dolls head but at that time, he used only one or two fingers.

Now there wasn’t a problem for him to use his whole hand.

Xu Ziyue curiously examined his hands and feet and looked over his new body.

Seeing that his body had become one that resembled a doll, Xu Ziyue felt rather strange.

I am now no longer a human.

“By the way, where did my old body go?” Xu Ziyue ran over to the edge of the bed which was, to him, too far up and couldn’t find his body.

The doll answered straightforwardly, “Buried.”

Xu Ziyue felt even stranger…

But since it was already like this, it couldn’t be helped. He should take advantage of the remaining time to hug the little doll a little longer.

Just as the doll was feeling happier…..

He had returned to the system’s space.

Xu Ziyue’s first reaction was to check his body and was soon relieved. He had thought that he would return to the system with his doll appearance.

“Congratulations to the player for successfully clearing the instance “Humanoid Village”.

“A copy of the CG has been saved. You have also been rewarded with a special plot CG.”

Xu Ziyue wasn’t in a hurry to check the reward because right now, the more important matter was…

“Tell me, system. These bosses in your game worlds, are they determined based on their face value? Is that right?!”

As the saying goes, three strikes and you’re out. The first time may be an accident, the second time may be due to luck but if the third time was also like this, something wasn’t right.

The system explained, “All the NPC data including the boss data are randomly generated. It has nothing to do with the system.”

Xu Ziyue stared deadly into the empty void, “Do you think I would believe that?”

The system didn’t speak and just treated it as Xu Ziyue being unreasonable.

Xu Ziyue was very angry, and he even wanted to file a complaint, but he had no way of doing that.

He could only secretly remind himself that he should be more cautious in the next game when he encounters highly attractive people! Just in case they’re also the boss!

——- Xu Ziyue however wasn’t able to consider the option of changing targets even if they turned out to be the boss….

But in the next game, he will definitely be more vigilant around good looking people.

And there was one more thing.

“How did you deal with that matter with the memories in your boss database? What if this problem happens again?” Xu Ziyue felt that if it continued like this, he would really end up with a BE. At that time, those method of deaths that only belonged in the escape game and hadn’t been experienced by Xu Ziyue may become reality for him.

He didn’t want that!

“Regarding this, the internal system is already addressing it.”

Xu Ziyue asked, “When will it be done?”

“It is already being addressed.”

Xu Ziyue, “What is the difference between you and a Taobao seller who says that their stock is available, but the date of delivery is unknown?”

The system answered frankly, “None.”

Please read this from kk translates

Xu Ziyue was angered to the point of almost vomiting blood, but he couldn’t do anything to the system. In the end, he could only hope for the best in the next world.

“What about the special plot CG?” Xu Ziyue thought about it and proposed to take a look at it

The system pulled out the special plot CG into the system space.

It was a picture with a familiar background. It was the room Xu Ziyue had stayed in over the last few days in the basement of the Humanoid Museum. In that room sat a human who looked identical to the doll. He held the face of a doll in one hand and a thin brush in the other as he embellished it to make it resemble him.

His gaze was gentle and loving, as if he was sculpting his lovers face.

Under the dim lighting, the room was filled with dolls and the dolls all stared at the man.

Xu Ziyue fell silent for a moment, “Can I take a look at that? At how the world looks like right now?”

The system asked, “Would you like to check the unlocked game background story?” Note: Game background story can only be checked with the completion of the game world.”

Xu Ziyue nodded, “Yes.”

Humanoid Village was originally a village where villagers make dolls for a living. As generations passed, the craftsmanship of the dolls made in the village became more and more outstanding and more and more refined.

This continued until they realised that once they have reached a certain degree of refinement, the dolls they made had an ability to come to life.

The dolls who could move and think for themselves caused panic and fear amongst the dollmakers. They feared the fruits of their hard work and decided to bury them.

The dolls who cherished and loved their masters since the moment they were born didn’t know how to resist, allowing the dollmakers to destroy them and attempt to turn them back into real, non-moveable, non-speaking dolls.

The dolls hated that ugly appearance, but everything was forced onto them by their master so they could only accept it.

This continued until the dollmakers learnt of the actual way to kill the dolls —– By piercing their eyes. With this, they will truly die.

In other words, from the very beginning the dollmakers didn’t wish for the dolls to be ‘alive’.

It was just that there was one dollmaker who was different. He pursued the beauty of immortality rather than the short but beautiful years humans have during their lifetime.

And it was something dolls could achieve. With just careful maintenance, dolls could remain in their most perfect state for many years to come.

While the others killed any of their dolls that came alive after they were made, this dollmaker made piles upon piles of dolls that could come alive and kept them in his place of residence to accompany him.

He taught the other dolls how to take care of themselves and how to replace their body parts. Even if it was something they couldn’t do themselves, the dolls could help each other.

Eventually, the young dollmaker grew into a young man; an age he felt was the best age for him.

He wanted to make himself into a doll, and he wanted the village to go on like this.

He again made a lot of dolls. Those dolls looked exactly like the people in the village. The single-minded young dollmaker even made youthful versions of the older people in the village.

With this, no one in the village would die.

Please read this from kk translates

Later, the villagers saw that their skin was slowly changing into something similar to that of dolls, but the inside was still human flesh and blood. They could feel the sensation of being eaten inside but they didn’t dare say anything because they thought it was their punishment for creating the dolls.

Unable to bear with this torture, they chose to put an end to their lives in their homes. As for those who were able to endure through it, just as they thought they were going to die, they saw that they were in a dolls body the moment they woke up again. Suddenly, they had become their most feared and most loved existence.

They were trapped inside the Humanoid Museum unable to leave unless there was someone who didn’t fear them and is willing to take them away.

There were no longer any sounds in the Humanoid Village. All that was left there the dolls in the Humanoid Village waiting for the arrival of people.

The young dollmaker was finally able to turn him into a doll. He picked up his ‘bed’ and searched for a room to sleep in forever.

Under the systems arrangement, waves upon waves of players came and went with each escape game. Some chose to take a doll while others who were frightened by the doll’s eyes opted not to.

But even if some were taken away, with the games arrangement, owners would eventually become suspicious of the dolls and pierce their eyes….It was almost no different to what they themselves did at the beginning.

“Then Jin’er……”

“An NPC that is set to enact revenge and is of course also an important NPC in the escape game.”

Xu Ziyue shook his head. He decided not to dwell on this.

After the projection finished playing the out the background story to the Humanoid Village, it flashed and changed into another scene.

The little doll…or more precisely, the man who was once a young dollmaker, was holding another doll the same size as him as he wandered around the empty village.

The entire village was silent and the grey, overcast sky remained unchanged.

The clothes that extended past his feet had become covered in dirt, but he still did everything he could to protect the doll in his arms.

He wandered here and there over and over again and would always stop at the entrance of the village, waiting for a bus to once again drop people off.

If someone came from here, then they should also leave from here. Would they come back here like they did the first time?

The little doll stubbornly looked out the entrance of the village. Dragging along his dirty clothes while holding tightly onto the other clean and tidy doll, he repeated the same actions over and over again walking from one side of the village entrance over to the other side.

“Yue Yue……”

Like it was spoken right next to his ear, the doll’s soft voice sounded again and again, making Xu Ziyue’s eyes slowly turn red.

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KK has something to say:
The end of this arc!

Ahhh poor Mo Mo. Our MC is too scummy for giving him hope and then letting him down (I get it, he’s playing a love capture game but still……feeling sad for Mo Mo.)

I have to be honest I couldn’t see Mo Mo as the ML in this arc. Couldn’t help but see him as a child 🙈

Now we move onto arc 4. Let’s see what our MC with questionable morals will encounter next~

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