Misplacement Game – CH101

Arc 4: Castle Escape
Chapter 101

Xu Ziyue expressed silence towards Gu Ze’s decision to still vote for him.

The next moment, someone appeared in front of the sofa Xu Ziyue and Gu Ze were using.

The male makeup artist stood in front of Xu Ziyue and Gu Ze. The makeup artist who had just come out of the cellar and was about to go upstairs stopped by the stairs and watched on.

“What is it……?” Xu Ziyue looked warily at the smiling male makeup assistant and started to try and figure out what he might be planning to do.

“Nothing much.” The male makeup assistant sat on the sofa nearby and then supported his chin as he looked at Xu Ziyue and Gu Ze, “Just amazed at your relationship.”

His relationship with Gu Ze?

Is it strange?

If they only took into consideration the NPC and player identity, the relationship is indeed strange but would an NPC know that they are an NPC and that players are players?

Xu Ziyue shuddered.

He stood up and took Gu Ze’s hand, “Let’s go up.” If wasn’t as if there was no one else here. If they were seen together with the male makeup assistant, they would probably be suspected.

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Gu Ze was obediently led by Xu Ziyue. Together they bypassed the makeup artist and went upstairs.

In the end, they were forced back into their room.

But the moment the male makeup assistant took the initiative to walk over to Xu Ziyue was seen by the others. You should know that ever since the photographer was voted out, the male makeup artists no longer took the initiative to talk to anyone and the others had also concluded inside that he must be the murderer.

Back in the room, Xu Ziyue breathed a sigh of relief.

Gu Ze sat down casually beside the bed, “Why are you so nervous?”

“Isn’t it because I’m afraid of him also following us upstairs? If he did, the others would wonder if he has anything to say to us in private, and then they would start wondering if we are also N…if we are accomplices or something,” Xu Ziyue plopped down next to Gu Ze, “Afterall, five days had passed and in the remaining five days……how could this game end? It’s also still a question if the game could end. If the N….uh, murderer eliminates everyone else, does the game end earlier? Or conversely, if the others voted out all the murderers, the game could end.” Xu Ziyue muttered and then looked at Gu Ze.

“The game will not end.”

Xu Ziyue: “Huh?”

“Twenty people. It corresponds to ten days.” Gu Ze rubbed Xu Ziyue’s cheek, “You are one who appeared by mistake.”

So only one of the twenty people can live? If that was the case, the survival rate of this game was just too low.

Xu Ziyue himself was also an unexpected player. Xu Ziyue could guess the general reason behind It but he didn’t know whether he or Gu Ze would end up being voted out in the future.

Afterall, from the results of the votes, it seemed that someone had targeted Gu Ze.

Xu Ziyue felt that the situation might not be great if this continued.

But Gu Ze didn’t seem worried so Xu Ziyue could only swallow down the questions and doubts he had.

That night, the one who was eliminated was the butler.

And on the morning of the sixth day, the one who was voted out was unsurprisingly the male makeup assistant.

With the exception of one vote abstained, one voted for Xu Ziyue.

Even the hidden NPCs made no attempt to change their votes.

In other words, it might be necessart for them to eliminate fellow NPCs. Of the remaining eleven people and with the exception of Xu Ziyue, there were now five NPCs and five players.

It was now a one to one ratio, but this included an NPC that had probably eliminated more than one player.

Xu Ziyue felt that everything was too complicated. Because of sudden information overload, for a moment he couldn’t figure out what to do.

After the voting today, the makeup artist expressed her discoveries.

“I tried abstaining today but the voice on the phone said that abstaining is not allowed.” The makeup artist looked at everyone present, “Then after questioning the voice on the phone, she said that was a special case. I however can’t think of anyone who could always be a special case. That final abstained could probably play a key role at the end!”

“Wait a minute, so you mean that among us there is someone who had already received the ‘key’ to clearing the came since day one?” The manager couldn’t help but ask with anxiousness.

When she was done, she finally realised that she had used the words “clear”……..But since an escape room is also a game, it should be fine saying it………The manager thought with a guilty conscience.

Xu Ziyue paid careful attention to everyone’s faces. Staff A and the NPC’s didn’t display any reaction to the manager’s words.

It was unknown if they didn’t know or just didn’t care or if they had heard it and was thinking about it inside.

As for the issue with abstaining, this was his first time hearing about it.

And there was also the possibility of the final abstained vote affecting the final results…..

One of the staff asked the question Xu Ziyue was thinking, “Why would the abstained vote affect the final possibility of survival?”

Staff A was the one who answered. He explained, “If we call the day we first entered this place as the first day, on the first night an artist was eliminated, and then during the second day the cleaner was voted to be eliminated and on the second night another artist was eliminated by the murderer Based on this, after one person is voted out on the morning of the tenth day, the total eliminated would be two times eight and if you add the one eliminated by the murderer on the first and tenth day, it’s a total of eighteen people. There are twenty-one of us in total. In the worse case scenario, we would be here for ten days and we should leave on the eleventh day at the same time we entered the game. This basically means that on the tenth night, there would again be someone who is eliminated and on the morning of the eleventh day, there would be two remaining.”

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Staff A looked at the others who seemed to be deep in thought and slightly hooked up his lips, “Of course, this is on the premise that those murderers are still alive. If there are no murderers left, then that’s another story. In a situation where there are only two, wouldn’t they naturally vote for each other?”

The manager’s face changed, “So that means…..no one will survive?

“Of course, if one is willing to sacrifice themselves and they vote for themself, it’ll be a different story.” Staff A shrugged and said casually.

Most people here would not be willing to vote for themselves and then be selfless enough to sacrifice themselves to help others.

So, they knew what Staff A had said was impossible.

Staff C asked, “If that’s the case then abstaining from voting is actually useless?”

“You can’t say that it’s useless”. An artist shook his head, “What if there’s a day where more than one dies?”

Xu Ziyue’s eyelid twitched.

Staff C looked over, “You mean in one night….or when there’s a tie in the votes?”

Indeed, if that was the case…….They could turn a completely hopeless situation around into one where one of them would be able to escape. Everyone naturally hoped that this person would be themselves so there would always be people who would try to……eliminate two people in one go during voting.

But Xu Ziyue wanted to tell them that their analysis was wrong!

Because Xu Ziyue was an extra person something like abstaining from voting shouldn’t exist as an option for the others.

In other words, on the last day or the tenth night as Staff A had said, the final person remaining must be the murderer and it is a murderer that cannot abstain from voting.

Xu Ziyue looked fiercely at Gu Ze. If not for him, Gu Ze would probably be the one surviving at the end…..If he could abstain, he could survive but if he couldn’t, he would be eliminated.

But now, there was an additional Xu Ziyue.

Gu Ze could vote for Xu Ziyue and he could then survive this game.

Xu Ziyue could only feel his heart race faster before finally falling silent.

In any case, these are all his guesses and may not be right. He however still wanted to see what the final outcome could be like.

But in the end, he was also with Gu Ze just so he could clear the game. Although Gu Ze had set this game up, it was understandable if Gu Ze had approached him with the purpose of clearing his own game.

Xu Ziyue didn’t feel too upset.

……Alright, he actually did feel a little uncomfortable!

Xu Ziyue became a little unhappy.

The others were now discussing about the conditions for one to be able to abstain.

But even if someone knew, they wouldn’t be able to say it. What’s more, it was also possible that it wasn’t a method that worked.

In the end, their conversation went back to the next round of voting.

But if two were really eliminated…..it would just leave two people remaining on the tenth day, forcing the end of the game (and both their deaths) to come a day earlier.

This didn’t have anything to do with Xu Ziyue.

But the further into the game, it was indeed more dangerous for Xu Ziyue.

Since everyone knew that Xu Ziyue’s vote was casted by Gu Ze, in a situation where there are not many of them left, they just needed to do the same as Gu Ze and vote for Xu Ziyue to ensure that they can survive another day.

But Xu Ziyue won’t really be eliminated. As such, the situation will definitely become chaotic later on.

Xu Ziyue however really wanted to know what Gu Ze’s thoughts were.

Did he really use him so that he could clear the game, or was he speaking the truth last time?

No matter how you look at it, it seemed impossible for the two of them to get out of this escape room together.

Moreover, Xu Ziyue really couldn’t imagine Gu Ze eliminating another person.

Gu Ze’s eyes in fact looked very pure, completely unlike the others here which seemed to be covered by a layer of haze, making them unable to see the truth.

At the very least, Xu Ziyue felt that every time Gu Ze looked at him, the anxiousness and persistence in those eyes were real.

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