Misplacement Game – CH112

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 112

What could Xu Ziyue do? Xu Ziyue couldn’t do anything!

But this had something to do with his disappointment and anger earlier towards Shen Ci. He acted so much like Austin at the beginning but in the end, he was like this. It was really ——- maddening!

Ah…..But for what reason did he come here for?

Xu Ziyue suddenly returned to his senses.

That’s right, he came here to be treated.

Xu Ziyue dragged the topic back onto its tracks, “Aren’t you treating my illness? How do you plan to treat it?”

“To be honest, this illness isn’t easy to treat, and the final result depends on the patient themselves. It’s up to the patient whether they can get out of it. There are two ways to address the symptoms and it’ll require getting to know you a little better. One of the treatment method….involves psychological counselling and medications.

Xu Ziyue, “Medication?”

Could it be…..something like an injection?

“It’s oral medication.” Shen Ci said, “But I don’t have it here. When you return the nurses will give it to you.”

“Can I not take medicine?” Xu Ziyue firmly expresses that he is not sick!

Shen Ci went out of his way to ask, “Are you…….trying to extend the treatment period?”

“Uh…..” Xu Ziyue paused.

Even after what Xu Ziyue thought was Austin’s side faded from Shen Ci, realistically speaking, Xu Ziyue still needed to capture him. But it seemed that his expectations were too high? He couldn’t help but feel a little down.

Shen Ci’s appearance and body were all first-rate, but Xu Ziyue couldn’t find the enthusiasm at all.

Not to mention, he had said those words before he knew what ‘Love Delusion’ was.

So no matter how he was to behave in the future, Shen Ci would likely regard it as his illness rearing its head.

Let’s imagine:

He says: “Doctor Shen, I like you.”

Shen Ci: “Okay, okay.” Xu Ziyue’s illness is taking effect.

He then says: “Doctor Shen, let’s eat together?”

Shen Ci: “Sorry, no time.” Xu Ziyue’s illness is still taking effect. He even thinks asking him out to eat is a test for him.

Please read this from kk translates

The above is what happens when the person you are pursing just happens to be your own psychiatrist who also happens to know that you’re suffering from ‘Love Delusion’.

Xu Ziyue felt that his future seemed dark.

“It doesn’t matter. I will respect the patient’s wishes.” Shen Ci stood up, “We will stop here today. Do you want to look around? Or should I let the nurse take you back?”

Xu Ziyue shook his head, “I’ll stay here a little longer.” Maybe he could still find out some other information.

The entire room was at most 30 square metres in size. It was more than enough for the two to have a conversation.

And seemingly to allow patients to relax, the room was decorated in colours and styles that made people unconsciously relax.

Seeing that Xu Ziyue was looking around, Shen Ci got up and refilled their glasses with more water.

Xu Ziyue stopped in front of a bookshelf and couldn’t move.

The bookshelf was divided into small grids, some of which are filled with books and some with various decorations and ornaments. What Xu Ziyue didn’t expect to see there was……a figurine.

Xu Ziyue raised his hand and couldn’t help but pick that figurine up.

“Do you like this?” Shen Ci who had teased Xu Ziyue earlier saw Xu Ziyue standing there no longer paying him any attention, so he walked over to Xu Ziyue’s side and began to explain naturally, “This figurine was here since a long time ago.”

A familiar face, familiar clothes and a familiar small coffin.

But compared to the doll, this figurine was much smaller. Its size was only slightly bigger than Xu Ziyue’s palm.

It was getting smaller and smaller.

“Although you like it, the things were here from the beginning.” Shen Ci took back the figurine and placed it back onto the bookshelf, “So I’m sorry but I can’t give it to you.”

Xu Ziyue looked reluctantly at the figurine. He even wanted to see if it would suddenly blink its eyes or something.

But it didn’t.

Shen Ci said, “I’ll take you back.”

Xu Ziyue didn’t react for a while. After seeing that figurine resembling the doll, his mind was a little distracted.

When Shen Ci brought him to the elevator, Xu Ziyue only then realised that something wasn’t right.

He clearly said that he would get a nurse to send him back, but now he’s personally doing it?

But Xu Ziyue just turned his head to look at Shen Ci and didn’t make any attempts to ask.

When they arrived at the first floor that was covered with the smell of disinfectants, Shen Ci wanted to send Xu Ziyue out as if he wanted to prevent Xu Ziyue from running around.

Xu Ziyue had no intention to escape but after stepping out with one foot, he suddenly took it back and walked three steps back.

“No, no, no, no.” Xu Ziyue threw out four consecutive no’s. “I can’t leave standing.”

Xu Ziyue looked over at Shen Ci, “Do you have a hospital bed here that you can use to push me out with? And can you ask a nurse to send me out?”

Everyone left lying down and it would be to eye-catching if he was the only one walking out.

Shen Ci looked at Xu Ziyue for a moment and seemed to have understood.

“Okay, I’ll get the nurses to come over.”

Shen Ci asked Xu Ziyue to wait in the lobby and not to run around randomly before returning onto the elevator to go who-knows-where.

While waiting for Shen Ci, Xu Ziyue would naturally listen to his instruction of not ‘running around’. Afterall, those who don’t listen are usually the ones who get into trouble first…..

But not running around would also bring along trouble.

Xu Ziyue stood stiffly in the lobby until he heard the elevator ‘ding’ open.

Xu Ziyue had thought that it was Shen Ci who had returned but when he turned around, he saw that it was Xiao Ran who had just finished her treatment.

It can be said that it is a small world.

Xu Ziyue and Xiao Ran who could only maintain her respiratory function after her treatment, made eye contact.

Please read this from kk translates

Xiao Ran’s eyes widened slightly when she saw Xu Ziyue standing there alone.

As she was pushed out, she tried to crane her neck up as far as she could. She managed to see a man leave another elevator and walk over to Xu Ziyue.

Xiao Ran wanted to hammer her bed and shout out “Good job!” but the cruel reality was that she could only curl her fingers slightly and lift it up by a centimetre before her hand limply fell back onto the bed.

She couldn’t even make a sound.

On the other end, Shen Ci who left the elevator only glanced indifferently at the person being pushed away. He then turned to Xu Ziyue and said, “I’ve already notified them. They will come over straight away…..Ah, that’s right. To make it more realistic, I’ve also asked them to bring along some other things.”

Xu Ziyue looked at Shen Ci with some confusion, “Other things?”

Shen Ci just smiled and said nothing.

A short while later, two nurses pushed a hospital bed as well as a bunch of other items into the first floor of the treatment area.

Hanging from the bed was an IV bag and there were also an oxygen mask and oxygen tank…..

Xu Ziyue’s eyes fell over to Shen Ci: “………”

Shen Ci smiled and pushed Xu Ziyue over to the bed, “Lie down.”

“Somehow it feels like we’re doing a play……” Xu Ziyue sat onto the bed and a nurse passed the oxygen mask over.

Xu Ziyue took the oxygen mask and wore it.


“What about the needle?”

Shen Ci who stood next to Xu Ziyue answered, “Don’t worry, the needle won’t go in.”

The other nurse brought the infusion needle over, picked up Xu Ziyue’s hand and then…..pasted it directly onto the back of Xu Ziyue’s hand.

Xu Ziyue: “………” Yes, very convincing.

Shen Ci raised his hand and brushed the hair away from Xu Ziyue’s forehead. He said softly, “Lie down.”

Xu Ziyue did as he was told and laid down.

It was only after he laid down that Xu Ziyue finally reacted: Why am I listening to Shen Ci so obediently?

But Shen Ci was helping him with his lie. Mnn, he could be considered a benefactor, so he owes him a favour.

Shen Ci said: “Close your eyes.”

Xu Ziyue stared wide eyed at Shen Ci.

Shen Ci laughed, “If you don’t know how to act, just sleep. If you go out like this with your eyes rolling about, you won’t look sick at all.”

Xu Ziyue closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

But he wasn’t pushed out. He couldn’t help but open his eyes lightly again and look at Shen Ci through the small gap between his eyelids.

Shen Ci made him more and more confused.

Sometimes he was like Austin, and sometimes he wasn’t….

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