Misplacement Game – CH116

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 116

Shen Ci tried to use Xu Ziyue’s train of thought to understand his question, but it was to no avail. After thinking about it a little more, he guessed that Xu Ziyue probably didn’t actually want to ask this in the first place.

“If you want to ask about this sanatorium…..in fact, there were other sanatoriums at the same time and it just happened that this place was seventh in line for construction so it was given that name.”

“Then……where are the other sanatoriums?”

Shen Ci smiled, “Just outside the gate.”

Xu Ziyue: “……..?………!!!”

But you couldn’t escape out that gate?!

Xu Ziyue’s expression was too obvious so even if Shen Ci pretended not to see, it was impossible. He couldn’t help but reveal a helpless look and explain to Xu Ziyue, “If you want to ask about escaping from this sanatorium, you can leave this place if you step through the gates at a certain time.”

After hearing this, Xu Ziyue felt relieved at first. He then realised that something was wrong.

Shen Ci’s words meant that he knew about the players……

Then does Shen Ci know about Xu Ziyue?

At this moment, Shen Ci had opened another door for Xu Ziyue, “This place has books about mental illnesses. Would you like to take a look?”

Xu Ziyue nodded and walked into the room with his head filled with worries.

He randomly picked a book from the shelf and opened it. There were many words he didn’t understand so Xu Ziyue could only put it back.

The thirteenth floor was very quiet. Except for his and Shen Ci’s voices as well as the sound of their footsteps, Xu Ziyue didn’t hear anything else. The rooms here were also very normal. Except for the room with books, every other room was medical related.

Xu Ziyue even at one point wondered if there were any specimens lying around.

It was better than he had imagined.

But when he reached the door with the safety exit sign with the intention to take a look at the floor downstairs, Shen Ci grabbed Xu Ziyue’s wrist.

“You shouldn’t look downstairs.” Shen Xi held Xu Ziyue’s wrist and gently guided him back to the counselling room.

Please read this from kk translates

Xu Ziyue asked, “What’s downstairs?”

“The treatment area.”

The treatment area is downstairs, so upstairs isn’t….

Then the floors below should be the place the players have to face every time they are treated. If he went and took a look, he definitely wouldn’t feel very well afterwards.

After returning to the counselling room, Shen Ci poured two glasses of water for Xu Ziyue and himself and sat down on a beanbag next to a low coffee table.

Xu Ziyue took a sip of water and asked, “I haven’t seen you doctors around even at the cafeteria or the residential area where we sleep. Why? You don’t go out?” The treatment area in this sanatorium should be solely for treating illnesses but Xu Ziyue hadn’t seen any of the white coats outside.

Shen Ci smiled, “It’s not too convenient.” But the details regarding this inconvenience wasn’t clarified.

Xu Ziyue still couldn’t figure him out. He wanted to capture Shen Ci but Shen Ci felt very familiar, so familiar he felt as if he was interacting with Austin. Xu Ziyue wanted to figure this out, but he didn’t know how to go about doing this.

“Then is it convenient for you to get out of the treatment area?” Anyway, he would always find out something if he can interact with him more. Xu Ziyue thought this.

Shen Ci thought for a while, “That doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Xu Ziyue then proceeded to touch his stomach and look at Shen Ci aggrievedly, “I’m hungry……When the nurse called me over, I just woke up and hadn’t eaten.”

Shen Ci had a habit of smiling with his mouth closed. When he smiled, his eyes become especially gentle, and he looked at Xu Ziyue as if he was intoxicated.

Shen Ci said, “But I recall arranging your treatment time to be ten thirty.”

Xu Ziyue tried to correct it with strange reasoning, “Isn’t that just a little after the time a normal person wakes up?” And now after checking so many rooms, it was almost one o’clock in the afternoon. It would be strange if you aren’t hungry.

Shen Ci could only helplessly shake his head and——–

Didn’t follow Xu Ziyue’s wishes to go eat with him in the cafeteria.

Instead, he made a phone call using the phone next to the door. After a while, a nurse came over delivering a hearty lunch.

After delivering the food, the nurse left promptly.

Xu Ziyue looked thoughtfully at the western-style steak and pasta in front of him. As far as he knew, he had been having Chinese all this time apart from when he was on the cruise ship.

Shen Ci didn’t think anything was wrong with it. Afterall, it’s most difficult for one to know one’s own habits.

“You doctors have really nice lunches.” Xu Ziyue didn’t feel comfortable using it, but he could still manage using a knife and fork awkwardly, “But can I use chopsticks?”

Please read this from kk translates

“It seems we don’t have any chopsticks prepared.” Shen Ci took Xu Ziyue’s plate, cut it up for him and gave it back.

Xu Ziyue looked at the steak that had been cut up for him and smiled at Shen Ci, “Love you mwah!”

Shen Ci was taken aback. He pursed his lips and lowered his head to focus on cutting into his steak.

Xu Ziyue ate a breakfast and lunch combined meal that was richer than the food in the cafeteria and felt a lot more comfortable afterwards.

Shen Ci cleaned up the tableware and had a nurse come and take them away.

Xu Ziyue was already lying on the floor unwilling to get up, “If there is a phone I can use to play games with right now, it would be heaven.”

“There are no games, but there are a lot of books.” Shen Ci stood up. His eyes scanned across the shelf and then he picked out some travel books. He walked over to sit down next to Xu Ziyue, kept one for himself and gave Xu Ziyue one, “Look at these.”

Xu Ziyue casually glanced at the book and gradually became engrossed. Eventually, the room was silent. There was only the sound of Xu Ziyue occasionally changing his posture to get comfortable.

There was a soft ‘thump’.

Shen Ci looked over at Xu Ziyue who made the sound. The latter already had his eyes completely closed and because he wasn’t holding onto the book, the book had also closed shut.

Shen Ci smiled and leaned forward with one hand supporting himself. He reached over to reach for Xu Ziyue’s book.

Suddenly, Shen Ci paused.

He gently placed the book back down and reached his hand over to Xu Ziyue’s neck with a frown. Using his finger, he pulled down the collar of Xu Ziyue’s patient gown.

Slightly below his neckline was a hickey that had not completely faded. Shen Ci narrowed his eyes and easily used two fingers to unbutton Xu Ziyue’s clothes.

Faint marks were littered over his body. It could be seen that the marks were slowly beginning to fade.

It was Xu Ziyue’s fifth day at the sanatorium.

But to this day, it hadn’t completely faded. One could only imagine how much force was used.

Shen Ci closed the book he could no longer read and quietly stared at the sleeping Xu Ziyue.

The author has something to say: A small theatre where I dig a pit for myself.

“Luxury Cruise Ship” Austin: Good luck capturing.
Yue Yue: ↑↑↑ Do you still remember?
 Shen Ci:………………┴┴︵╰(‵□′)╯︵┴┴

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