Misplacement Game – CH124

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 124

No matter what he wanted to do, right now pacifying him was most important.

“Don’t worry, let’s analyse the others first……Who is the boss of this world? Or are you all bosses?”

Xu Ziyue though to himself: Could it be possible that he had to collect all seven bosses like Dragon Balls?

“We are all Shen Ci, so of course……we all are.” Shen Ci sat down beside Xu Ziyue and would touch Xu Ziyue from time to time as if confirming that he was by his side, “Are you interested in them?”

Xu Ziyue’s expression froze, “Huh? Why do you say that?” How was he seen through so easily? This is foul play!

“Your eyes told me.” He frowned slightly and a hint of sadness was revealed on his face, “If you want to see them……I won’t stop you and I also can’t stop you.”

Xu Ziyue raised his hand and gently scratched his cheek, “Um…..I actually have something I want to confirm.”

Shen Ci asked, “What is it?”

“I can’t say for certain now, but I just think that I should go and take a look.” Xu Ziyue said, “And why did you say that you can’t stop me?”

Shen Ci didn’t try to hide anything from Xu Ziyue but the way he looked at Xu Ziyue made Xu Ziyue feel uncomfortable. It was as if Xu Ziyue would leave without hesitation if he really said it.

“I cannot leave the Sixth Sanatorium. Unless you come over yourself, I have no way of going out to find you.”

Shen Ci’s gaze made Xu Ziyue feel bad. He felt as if he was a scumbag abandoning his wife and children…..

“Why is that?”

“To the others, once they get through that door below, they are considered to have successfully cleared the world, but you are an exception. Only you can walk through there. I only know about the other six Shen Ci’s because it was information pre-entered into my memory, but I don’t know the specifics.”

Xu Ziyue asked, “And yet you say you want to deal with the other six?”

“I will figure out a way. As long as you don’t leave me, I can find a way.”

Xu Ziyue couldn’t even refute.

But since the underground is an exit for the other players, didn’t that mean that Xiao Ran has a way to escape? But this is underground…….she couldn’t even enter the treatment area.

Xu Ziyue was back to a dead end.

Shen Ci said, “You can leave as long as I’m not paying attention so I can’t bring you back.”

Since you have already said that, how I could I leave…….Xu Ziyue could only say, “You should take a break and don’t say anything about liking me so that I won’t leave.”

“Also, I did say I wanted to go take a look at the others, but I didn’t say that if I went, I wouldn’t come back.” Xu Ziyue squeezed his hands for a few seconds and chose to be frank, “In fact, you are the first target I encountered when I entered the game and you took my first kiss. Have some confidence in yourself, young man!”

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Shen Ci couldn’t help but reveal a smile when he heard this. He hugged Xu Ziyue contently and they both fell back onto the bed, “With you saying that, I am very satisfied.”

No, you’re not.

Xu Ziyue could tell that he was deliberately pretending to be pitiful to make him stay.

“I want to see how this sanatorium is different from the other one. Can I?”

Shen Ci’s feathers were all unruffled now by Xu Ziyue and his request also wasn’t a difficult one.

“Are you going to take a look now? It’s just the right time to have dinner.”

Xu Ziyue nodded in Shen Ci’s arms, “Let’s go!”

Since Xu Ziyue wanted to go, Shen Ci reluctantly let him go and led him out the room.

It only took a dozen seconds to go from the thirteenth floor to the first floor.

Xu Ziyue shook their clasped hands, “Are those in the underground floor…..humans?”

Looking down at Xu Ziyue, Shen Ci paused for a few seconds, “Those are people who have lost their bodies due to various reasons. In order to continue living…….they became like that.”

Xu Ziyue understood the meaning behind those words, “You mean they…..were all voluntary?”

“That’s right. But once they are transformed to a certain extent, they would lose their sense of self.”

The elevator door opened, and Shen Ci walked out while holding Xu Ziyue’s hand. As they walked, he said, “All the players who are fatally wounded will be sent here. The purpose of this place is to keep them alive.”

Xu Ziyue’s brows were all wrinkled because too many things were contradictory. Since it is for them to survive, why couldn’t they escape this place?

But when he reached the door, Xu Ziyue no longer had the ability to think about these things.

The build structures were exactly the same as the Seventh Sanatorium. Even the positions of the flowers and trees were the same.

It was just the sky…..It had already completely darkened.

There was thick, bloody fog outside.

“Is it…..past six o’clock now?” Xu Ziyue tried his best to ask calmly.

“Yeah, it’s past six. But don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

Of course, with a boss next to him nothing will happen!


Wouldn’t it seem too scary in that case?

But Shen Ci was completely unaware of these thoughts of his. He calmly led Xu Ziyue towards the cafeteria.

There was only one place to eat here but it could make more than just ordinary patient meals or staff meals.

What made it even more difficult for Xu Ziyue to accept was that those bluish-white skinned nurses were the ones who delivered the food over to them.

Xu Ziyue clutched his stomach and felt a little weak, “Ugh…..I have a stomach-ache. I don’t think I can eat.”

Shen Ci looked at those nurses and then back at Xu Ziyue. He finally realised that something was wrong.

“Sorry, I forgot….You’re not used to them.”

Sun Mo was someone who used to be dead and had come into contact with more dead people…….So the things here in this world was nothing to him.

“But…..” Shen Ci stood up, held Xu Ziyue’s hand and moved it over to the left side, “That place is the large intestine. Here is your stomach.”

Xu Ziyue, “………” He didn’t know what to say.

Xu Ziyue could only finish part of the food for dinner, a large part.

Because Shen Ci later asked the nurses to leave, Xu Ziyue was able to enjoy the food more. Afterall, the food here was very good.

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With Shen Ci around, Xu Ziyue wasn’t afraid of anything. He even dragged him over and stood at the gate for a while as a sturdy monster stood on the side, completely afraid to approach them.

Xu Ziyue stood at the gate and asked, “Can you really go out from here?”

“Players can but I….I will stay in this world. As for you, I don’t know.”

Xu Ziyue was a little eager to try.

Shen Ci asked, “Do you want to try?”

Xu Ziyue certainly did. Afterall, he hadn’t cleared this world so he wouldn’t be leaving even if he went through.

But it would be too unrealisable to go on an ‘expedition’ after only meeting today….Xu Ziyue still had some conscience.

“Will you try tomorrow? Stay with me for a night first?”

“I didn’t plan to go tonight.” Xu Ziyue glanced at the gates that almost blatantly ‘seduced’ him to walk through and then turned to promise Shen Ci, “I will definitely stay with you today! And I will stay with you for a long time after that!”

As for the last statement of Shen Ci….Cough, of course he can only stay in Shen Ci’s place to rest.

Xu Ziyue followed Shen Ci, successfully ignoring the grotesque and rotting monsters nearby.

“By the way, are there any stores or supermarkets outside here? Oh yes, I remember there is one in the sanatorium. I think your room is to monotonous. Some decorations should be better, but I don’t have money….But that’s okay. You’re the big boss here so you should have money, right? It’s good if you do. But I haven’t been inside so it might be hard finding everything there……”

Xu Ziyue chattered as he followed Shen Ci all the way back to the thirteenth floor. He spoke until he was tired and could no longer find anything to talk about.

Shen Ci couldn’t get used to the patient gown Xu Ziyue wore —- Although the gowns here were the same, he didn’t like it because it was from the Seventh.

He made Xu Ziyue take a shower and found a change of clothes for Xu Ziyue to change into.

As for underwear……there weren’t any new ones.

Shen Ci crouched before the drawers deep in thought.

Although these were all clean, it was inevitable that he may mind….but he also didn’t have anything else.


Should he take his, take his or take his?

Xu Ziyue finished washing, turned off the water and then looked through the clothes Shen Ci had stuffed into his arms earlier.

A shirt and a pair of baggy pants that just went over his knees.

It was a set of clothes that was extraordinarily normal.

But there was no underwear?

Xu Ziyue flipped through it again and even shook them, but nothing could be found.

He put on the shirt and stuck his head out the door with his lower half still bare. As soon as he looked out, he saw Shen Ci crouched down in front of the drawers looking back at him.

Met with Shen Ci’s slightly red face, Xu Ziyue’s mind was a little messy, “That……there are no underwear….”

Although the heating was on, it shouldn’t be warm to that extent? But the current look of Shen Ci overlapped with Xu Ziyue’s impression of Sun Mo.

Shen Ci turned his head and randomly grabbed one before walking over to Xu Ziyue.

Xu Ziyue raised his eyes and looked at Shen Ci’s forehead.

Why was he sweating?

Was it really hot?

Shen Ci looked away and used the other hand to cough into his fist lightly, “There are no new ones…..This is one I have worn….but it has been washed. I will let someone buy a new one tomorrow. If you mind it…..you can just not wear one for now.”

Xu Ziyue took in the sweat on Shen Ci’s forehead and then at the underwear.

Hm…….deep thoughts.

To wear or not to wear.

Xu Ziyue’s heart pointed.

But this reaction of his……is kind of cute.

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