Misplacement Game – CH126

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 126

Those fish tails were made up of two human legs. Xu Ziyue would say this because the legs of the people inside those cylinders had been forcibly tied together – not only their legs but also their feet. The two legs were tied into one bundle and the skin on the inner part of the legs seemed to have been torn off and sewn together to form the shape of a fishtail.

Xu Ziyue believed that this method of forcibly creating a fish tail definitely wasn’t something that Austin would do.

What’s more, Xu Ziyue could tell through Austin’s actions that he didn’t like that identity of his.

He was different from those sea monsters, but he was also different from normal humans.

Not to mention, to do something like that to someone…….It was too cruel.

Xu Ziyue felt that this world probably isn’t going to be easy to clear…….

He turned around to open the door behind him only to see that the door didn’t even have a handle. The door had also opened on its own when he approached it earlier……. Now that he thought about it, he felt that it seemed somewhat premediated.

Xu Ziyue balled up his fists and walked over to the other side whilst doing his best not to get too close to any of the ‘cylinders’.

The underground floor was very quiet. It was so quiet, Xu Ziyue felt as if he was the only one there.

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He fumbled over to the other elevator. It looked like he could now reach the fifth sanatorium.

But this elevator seemed to be in operation at this very moment.

This was indeed a situation he had not encountered before but since other players still needed to receive treatment, it was actually rather normal.

The elevator stopped on the seventh floor. Xu Ziyue waited for a while before pressing the “up” button but the elevator didn’t move.

Perhaps something was delaying it.

But that didn’t matter. He could just go up to the first floor and have a look.

But leaving the treatment area was out of the question. There was no boss around to escort him. If he went out during the day, he would need to deal with the players and if he went out at night, it was the NPCs. Neither were easy to deal with.

Not to mention, his target was upstairs.

He really only wanted to go to the first floor to take a look.

Unfortunately, before he could leave the emergency staircase of the first floor, Xu Ziyue heard sounds of struggling. Xu Ziyue quietly poked his head out and saw a nurse standing by a bed, ignoring a player’s struggles as she waited for the elevator to come back down.

Everyone who has taken an elevator before would know that if someone wanted to go up from the first floor and if someone also wanted to go up from the underground floor, the elevator would go directly down to the underground floor first before going back up to the first floor….Would the people coming down from the seventh floor be sent to the underground floor?

Xu Ziyue wasn’t certain.

But the underground floor was very critical. If only the boss could go to that floor and the elevator went down there but no one got on from that floor, it would be very strange.

Xu Ziyue turned around and quietly went up the stairs.

Since it was currently peak treatment time, he should just quietly climb up to the thirteenth floor like this. Having a look at the first floor was not possible anymore.

Xu Ziyue was afraid that he would be exhausted by the time he reached the sixth floor, so he slowed down his pace and counted the floor slowly. Soon, he reached the thirteenth floor without much effort.

It should be noted though that starting from the second floor, Xu Ziyue could hear sounds coming from the corridors of each floor. These voices however didn’t last very long. Perhaps they were tired, perhaps they couldn’t cry out, or perhaps it was because of other reasons.

Although these voices couldn’t be heard anymore, it still made people unsettled.

Please read this from kk translates

The emotions in those voices were too real, too raw, and the crying affected him deeply.

Those voices however could no longer be heard as soon as Xu Ziyue reached the thirteenth floor.

Xu Ziyue breathed deeply a few times to pump himself up.

The thirteenth floor was too quiet.

Xu Ziyue walked to the innermost room in the corridor. The door was slightly ajar.

Xu Ziyue wondered if he should try knocking first before deciding to just lean closer and peek through the crack.

Completely dark….There were no windows in this room, only a ray of light entering from the door opening. Xu Ziyue raised his hand and gently pushed open the door before habitually reaching out to find a light switch.

With a small ‘click’, the light turned on.

The hanging incandescent light was the only ‘object’ in the room. The four walls were completely painted white and there were no cabinets or tables….only a coffin lying in the centre of the room.

Seeing this, Xu Ziyue naturally thought of the little doll that liked to carry his coffin around with him.

It was just that the size of this coffin wasn’t the size for a doll.

For the little doll, the coffin he carried around was his bed. Although Xu Ziyue had been basically sleeping with the doll in his arms, Xu Ziyue could only associate that coffin with that little doll.

Thinking of the scene from back when he left the doll behind, Xu Ziyue felt guilty.

Ahhh, back then that little doll didn’t know about his departure, and Xu Ziyue had also tricked him into giving him an answer to his confession……..He hadn’t been told the truth at all.

Xu Ziyue took a step back, wanting to escape.

Because if he stayed, Xu Ziyue felt that the little doll may not let him take a look at the other sanatoriums. What’s more, he had also promised Sun Mo…….

But when he recalled the little doll’s appearance when he left back then, Xu Ziyue couldn’t move from his spot.

As he hesitated, the coffin lid moved…..It was slowly pushed aside by a pair of hands from inside the coffin.

A person with a familiar face sat up. He then leaned forward with one hand on the coffin……..And started with examining Xu Ziyue’s face, before slowly moving down and stopping at Xu Ziyue’s retreating foot.

That person with Shen Ci’s appearance continued to stare at that foot. He then asked tensely: “———Are you leaving?”

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