Misplacement Game – CH129

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 129

Xu Ziyue looked at Shen Ci’s eyes which had suddenly lit up after gradually darkening earlier and for moment couldn’t answer him.

Those tear-stained eyelashes fluttered lightly, and small tear drops lightly flicked off with each blink.

“How do I get it?”

Shen Ci asked again.

His voice was very soft but fortunately the place where he and Xu Ziyue were at at this moment was also very quiet. It was so quiet that even if the voice was soft, Xu Ziyue could hear the faint tremor in his words.

“I’m…….trying to figure it out.” Xu Ziyue actually didn’t dare meet Shen Ci’s eyes. Those eyes looking at him were too solemn, too serious. But what he said was true, and he felt that the should look at his eyes to express his sincerity.

But even if Xu Ziyue knew that what he said wasn’t a lie, when looking at Shen Ci he couldn’t help but feel guilty.

“There are too many variables right now. Before anything is confirmed, I can’t make any promises. It’s just that my instincts tell me that there is a possibility and it may be the only opportunity.”

Shen Ci lowered his eyes and quietly took a deep breath. As if expressing his uneasiness, his long and curled eyelashes trembled slightly, casting a faint shadow under his eyes.

Shen Ci no longer looked at Xu Ziyue with eyes that made his heart squeeze. He lowered his eyes and looked at a point on the ground for a moment before asking, “You wanted to persuade me using your intuition?”

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Hearing Shen Ci’s question, Xu Ziyue realised that he may have said something wrong again. But……he really had just said what he had on his mind. However, in a situation like this, it indeed can seem unconvincing.

On the contrary, it could even provoke the person before him even more.

“I……..” Xu Ziyue uttered a single word but couldn’t find the words to complete his sentence.

Shen Ci didn’t look at him. This time, it was Xu Ziyue looking at Shen Ci instead.

He didn’t miss the slightest change in expression on Shen Ci’s face. Although this face was something he had only seen a few times in this world, he could still see hints of the little doll though those subtle changes. Seeing Shen Ci like this, he could even picture the little doll hanging his head, upset.

“If you don’t believe in me……Of course, I also feel that I don’t have much credibility, but if you, if you really……” With the words that he may regret saying at the tip of his tongue, Xu Ziyue hesitated a little. However, when met with an expression like that before him, he really couldn’t help but be wavered.

Not to mention, the person making this expression was just too good-looking……The little doll version of Shen Ci was actually somewhat similar to the Sun Mo version, but the little doll had a knack to make people feel distressed. Xu Ziyue could only attribute it to him being too vulnerable.

He would make use of his fragile side too much and he wouldn’t feel ashamed of it at all. He stood before Xu Ziyue, completely exposing himself, making others can’t help but feel bad for him.

“If you really don’t believe me……I-I can stay. Really! You can lock me up and stop me from seeing anyone else. But it’s just that on the other end, I have promised the others some things, so I still need to sort that out….” Xu Ziyue’s voice gradually grew smaller and smaller. It wasn’t because Shen Ci reacted but because Xu Ziyue thought of the Sun Mo version of Shen Ci in the Sixth Sanatorium.

He felt that it was very unlikely for that one to let him go without a complaint.

If he really went back to the Sixth Sanatorium to persuade him…..He was afraid that he probably wouldn’t let him go and the one over here on this end also wouldn’t trust him enough to let him go back to the Sixth Sanatorium.

And so, this was really a problem with no answer. There was absolutely no way for him to satisfy both ends.

Not to mention, now that Xu Ziyue remembered him, he felt that……he also couldn’t completely let go of Sun Mo.

Xu Ziyue felt that it would be great if he knew how to shadow clone himself and leave one of himself on each end…..


Xu Ziyue was stunned.

Was this ‘alright’ what he thought he meant? But if that was the case, what should he do about Sun Mo?

Xu Ziyue’s heart and mind was in turmoil again. He even wanted to slap his own mouth a few times…

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“Yue Yue….” Shen Ci raised his hands and pulled Xu Ziyue into his embrace, in the process interrupting Xu Ziyue’s panicked thoughts, “I want to trust in you one more time.” He arched his back and buried his face against Xu Ziyue’s shoulder, taking in Xu Ziyue’s scent such that it felt like he had Xu Ziyue in his possession.

“You can go get the data. I’ll be here……” Shen Ci’s eyes slowly reddened. He recalled the time he had waited for him back at the Humanoid Village. Was it one year? Two years? Or ten years? A century?

He could no longer remember.

He then later found out that those people coming here were only there because the world is a game and he also learnt that as long as they cleared the game, they wouldn’t come back another time.

And so, he resolutely took his first step out of the village.

Every place he went, he would always run into other ‘players’.

He seemed to have left the village in his game world but he found himself in another game world……He stayed there and waited for a long, long time —- until he no longer had the patience to wait any longer before moving on. This went on again and again.

This continued until a voice told him to stay here. Only then would he be able to find that person he had been looking for this entire time.

As such, he stayed.

He didn’t care about the game, and he didn’t care about his identity, let alone the truth of the world.

But if the world was fake, and if the rules here do not allow it…….He would then have to care.

“I’ll be here…..waiting for you.” Shen Ci finished with much difficulty. But if he continued waiting…….until Xu Ziyue turned old or even died, would he still retain these memories? And continue on eternally in this game like this?

He didn’t want that.

Shen Ci didn’t want to look at Xu Ziyue’s eyes because he would be able to understand the emotions inside.

Xu Ziyue said that he was willing to stay. Although it wasn’t a complete lie, he could tell that he was reluctant.

He didn’t want Yue Yue to do something reluctantly……

Not at all.

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