Misplacement Game – CH130

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 130

Although Shen Ci agreed to wait for Xu Ziyue, it was still inevitable that he didn’t want to part with him so quickly, so Xu Ziyue decided to stay over night at the Fifth Sanatorium.

On this night, Xu Ziyue was embraced tightly by Shen Ci as they slept together in the coffin.

Sleeping in a coffin was a very unusual experience. Except for the gap about a palm size in width at the top to allow for ventilation, he was completely surrounded by the wooden coffin. If it was someone who was claustrophobic, it would definitely be difficult for them to stay in here.

Even for Xu Ziyue who wasn’t, he found it uncomfortable lying in such a narrow space.

The light in the room was turned off and there were no other light sources around so even if the coffin had gaps allowing light to penetrate through, he couldn’t see anything.

He could only feel the presence of the other person by relying on his other senses; the sound of their breathing, the warm heat transmitted over from their body.

Xu Ziyue couldn’t sleep so he laid there with his eyes open, looking up at the coffin lid.

——–Though in fact, he couldn’t see anything.

The smell entering his nose was all Shen Ci’s scent. It made it feel as if he was enveloping him completely.

“Can’t sleep?” Shen Ci buried his face in Xu Ziyue’s soft hair and took in a deep breath, as if he was trying to remember his smell.

Shen Ci’s voice was very close. Combined with this small space, it made people can’t help but replay it in their minds several times.

It had to be said that all the bosses so far had excellent looks and every one of them had a voice that could make ones ears ‘pregnant’.

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Xu Ziyue had a tendency to forget about people’s voices because of their faces and would only pay attention to it in rare cases when they are particularly outstanding. In this current situation where he couldn’t see Shen Ci’s face the slightest bit and with the voice sounding so close to his ear, it allowed him to more deeply appreciate how great Shen Ci’s voice was.

It was just a very ordinary question, but it easily made Xu Ziyue’s heart race.

Xu Ziyue nodded slightly with reddened ears and replied, “Yeah.”

The body embracing him tightly continued to transmit their body temperature over. It wasn’t scorching hot, but it had the ability to make people restless.

By now, it wasn’t just Xu Ziyue’s ears that were red….

Xu Ziyue retreated towards the coffin wall a little. It really was just a tiny bit and it was hardly different from before. He and Shen Ci laid there in the coffin face to face such that each other’s breaths were clearly audible. Shen Ci’s nose was just above Xu Ziyue’s ears and Xu Ziyue was held so firmly; his face was practically buried into Shen Ci’s neck.

Xu Ziyue felt that the air breathed out from his nose could seemingly form a layer of mist on Shen Ci’s neck.

Shen Ci frowned. He had intended on finding a casual topic to chat about with Xu Ziyue but that sensation on his neck made him feel a little strange.

Shen Ci’s fingers trembled as he suppressed those feelings that he couldn’t seem to understand. He then said with a dry voice, “It’s a little strange……”

Xu Ziyue was confused for a moment. He didn’t understand what Shen Ci meant. But when he raised his head slightly to think about it, he was pressed back down by Shen Ci who shouted in a low voice, “Don’t move!”

Xu Ziyue froze. He lowered his voice hesitantly, “Wh……what’s wrong?” Did something horrible happen?

“I feel a little strange……”

 When Xu Ziyue heard Shen Ci, he felt that there was a hint of confusion in his voice.

“What’s strange?” Xu Ziyue even began to wonder whether there was a problem with the system or data.

“Body.” It was also Shen Ci’s first time encountering this situation. His raised his hand and used it to cover most of Xu Ziyue’s face.

In the darkness, Xu Ziyue’s expression became even more confused.

With his face covered, the air breathed out by Xu Ziyue no longer reached Shen Ci’s neck but the feeling of his hot breath on his palm was equally uncomfortable for Shen Ci.

Xu Ziyue was a little annoyed by Shen Ci’s hesitation. He pulled off Shen Ci’s hand from his face and moved to change his position, “Seriously, what is it?”

With Xu Ziyue’s movement, Shen Ci finally found the source of his discomfort. He groaned softly and guided Xu Ziyue’s hand down with a hoarse voice, “Here…….It’s uncomfortable.” If one listened carefully, there was a trace of grievance in his voice.

Xu Ziyue felt something large, “…….!!!” His mind went completely blank. He was so shocked by Shen Ci’s straightforwardness that his mind had stopped working altogether.

“What to do?” Shen Ci let out a heavy gasp in Xu Ziyue’s ear, “What is this?”

Why would you put my hand there if you didn’t know?! Xu Ziyue stared dumbfoundedly in the approximate direction of Shen Ci’s face.

In the darkness, Shen Ci let out a small smile.

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Xu Ziyue asked suspiciously, “You’ve never had it before?”

Shen Ci replied with a confused tone, “A doll’s body is a little different from that of a human.”

Hearing this, Xu Ziyue found the reasoning acceptable.

But wasn’t he a human before he became a doll?

Xu Ziyue continued, “Not even before you became a doll?”

Shen Ci shook his head. Realising that Xu Ziyue couldn’t see him, he added, “Never.”

Xu Ziyue could only reluctantly accept this.

With the doll’s innocence, it was normal if he didn’t know about this. Sure enough, humans were too ‘dirty’ and even this little doll was ‘defiled’.

Xu Ziyue made the move to retract his hand ——– As he did that, his fingertip accidentally touched it again.

Xu Ziyue calmly cleared his throat, “That……..”

“Yue Yue……” That voice had a slight nasal sound as if the speaker was trying to act coquettish. The tone didn’t suit Shen Ci in his current appearance, but it can move the hearts of most people, “I feel uncomfortable.”

The inside of the coffin was silent for about two or three seconds. Xu Ziyue remained lying there stiffy. Shen Ci lowered his voice and continued, “Can you touch me?”

Xu Ziyue could only feel a wave of heat rush through him. Both his face and neck felt like it was burning.

——— Of course, it wasn’t just those places that was hot.

Xu Ziyue could feel his palms sweating from nervousness. He spread it open slightly as it trembled and said stubbornly, “It’s not appropriate.”

Shen Ci’s words were so frank, Xu Ziyue found it rather scary.

Shen Ci said, “But when you touch me, I will feel very good.”

Xu Ziyue’s heart thumped so heavily, it felt like it was about to jump out of his chest. Xu Ziyue could only nod with some fluster, “Stop talking! I’ll help you….”

Xu Ziyue stiffly gave him his ‘assistance’. His actions were a little awkward since he wasn’t familiar with doing it and Shen Ci would from time to time make some strange noises, making Xu Ziyue even more flustered.

Xu Ziyue licked his dry lips. He was so nervous that he stammered, “Y-you, stop making strange noises.”

Shen Ci asked, “I can’t?”

Xu Ziyue who was suddenly asked this didn’t know how to respond.

“It’s not that you can’t.” It’s just that when you do, even I will feel strange….

Shen Ci lowered his head and gently nibbled Xu Ziyue’s earlobe……

Xu Ziyue let out a soft moan. A tingling sensation spread from his ears to the rest of his body.

“You also can’t hold back.” So stop asking him to.

Xu Ziyue felt that he understood Shen Ci’s words but because of Shen Ci’s actions just now, Xu Ziyue quickly clamped his legs together.

Alright then.

He shouldn’t be hypocritical.

Shen Ci licked Xu Ziyue’s ears, “I want to hear it again….That sound just now sounded very good.”

Xu Ziyue: Don’t take this too far!

But with Xu Ziyue unable to refuse him, Shen Ci naturally took it a step further.

The two in the coffin let out a considerable amount of sweat. Shen Ci even applied the techniques he had learned from Xu Ziyue on the latter afterwards.

Of course, it was now impossible to continue sleeping. They could only get up to shower and change before going back to sleep.

And the air in the coffin must also be ventilated a little.

When the two of them laid back down again, another two hours had passed.

Perhaps it was because he was feeling better now, this time Shen Ci’s voice no longer had a trace of sadness. At this very moment, Shen Ci held Xu Ziyue in his arms feeling deeply satisfied.

Xu Ziyue soon fell asleep from exhaustion. Curled up in Shen Ci’s arms, he fell deeply asleep within just a few minutes of closing his eyes.

When he woke up the next day, Xu Ziyue and Shen Ci had breakfast together and he was then brought to the underground floor. When parting, Shen Ci stared at Xu Ziyue with his dark eyes and warned, “You can’t lie to me. I’ll be waiting for you to come back.”

Xu Ziyue looked back at Shen Ci and make a pinky promise, “Then it’s a promise.”

Shen Ci looked at his little finger for a long time before finally sending Xu Ziyue over to the door leading to the Fourth Sanatorium.

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And we all thought the little doll was a pure and innocent….


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