Misplacement Game – CH135

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Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 135

Xu Ziyue didn’t have the time to pay attention to those monitoring screens. Shen Ci’s presence right before him reminded him that if he wanted to go directly over to the Second Sanatorium, it would be impossible.

This Shen Ci glanced meaningfully at Xu Ziyue’s clothes —– Xu Ziyue even wondered if he had the x-ray vision because he felt like he was standing before him naked.

“That…..I…..” Xu Ziyue raised his hand and gestured, trying to give an explanation, but under the other persons increasingly familiar gaze, he slowly fell silent again. For some reason, Xu Ziyue felt that this Shen Ci reminded him of the one in the Seventh Sanatorium.

 To put it another way, his temperament was similar to that of Austin’s.

This Shen Ci stepped forward and carefully scrutinised Xu Ziyue. He then raised his hand and played with a strand of Xu Ziyue’s hair, “Although I encouraged you to capture the others, you seem to have gone overboard.”

Xu Ziyue as stunned for a moment. This was then followed with surprise. His eyes widened as he looked at the Shen Ci in front of him with disbelief.

The only one who was willing to give themself a ‘green hat’ and say something like this to him could only be……..Austin!

Xu Ziyue looked at this Shen Ci with surprise, “Austin?”

This Shen Ci nodded with a smile. His fingers lowered and touched Xu Ziyue’s cheek. Seeing that Xu Ziyue seemed extremely happy, he asked, “You’re so happy?”

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Xu Ziyue was too excited to pay any attention to Shen Ci’s hand. Afterall, he had grown used to people with Shen Ci’s appearance doing things to him.

Xu Ziyue was so happy he jumped up and threw himself onto Austin, “It’s really Austin!!!”

Fortunately, the boss had considerable arm strength and was able to support Xu Ziyue firmly.

Seeing that Xu Ziyue was still acting like a child, he joked, “Why does it seem like you haven’t grown up?”

Xu Ziyue hugged his neck and said with a grin, “Because it hasn’t been long since I separated from you……Well, it has probably only been a few months.”

Shen Ci said flatly, “I envy you a little.”

That line sounds a bit familiar……..Xu Ziyue however tossed that thought to the back of his mind and continued to cling onto Shen Ci like a koala.

Xu Ziyue asked, “You have so many monitors here….Did you already know that I would be coming here?”

“Yeah.” Shen Ci nodded. He carried Xu Ziyue over to a chair in the centre of the room, “How else did you think you could pass through those corridors?”


Shen Ci explained, “The passages running between the sanatoriums. Even if it’s me, it wouldn’t be easy crossing though…….But I can open the doors for others.”

He was the only one who could control the opening and closing of the doors between the passages but the price of it was too much. He was someone who wouldn’t do something that would cost him unless necessary.

And so he just stood there every day……watching Xu Ziyue, waiting for him to come over.

Of course, if Xu Ziyue hadn’t discovered the underground floor, he would’ve tried to tell him about it.

Fortunately, Xu Ziyue still had an adventurous side to him.

“Wow! You’re amazing!” Xu Ziyue praised exaggeratedly and then changed the course of the conversation: “So you will also let me go?”

“Did you want to skip over what you did before you came over?” Shen Ci smoothly unfastened the buttons on Xu Ziyue’s collar, revealing the hickeys underneath.

Shen Ci raised his brows, “Hmm?”

“Isn’t it because you said…….to do my best….capturing……” Under Shen Ci’s gaze, Xu Ziyue’s voice grew smaller and smaller until it could no longer be heard.

Shen Ci raised his hand and touched Xu Ziyue’s lips. Using his fingers, he gently pried open his mouth and pressed down his tongue to prevent him from speaking any more.

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Shen Ci said pointedly, “You can’t favour one over the other, right?”

He had already used his mouth. One more…….Xu Ziyue tried to console himself that it wouldn’t make a difference.

Of course, during the process of it he discovered that those two are really no different…….cough.

Xu Ziyue’s throat was a little sore. He laid limp in Shen Ci’s arms, not wanting to move at all.

These two people seem to have a special habit. They both like to plant marks on him, and would always specially cover up the previous ones…..Xu Ziyue felt that this form of jealousy was very peculiar.

The relationship between data…..it really couldn’t be understood.

Xu Ziyue asked with a hoarse voice, “Can you only see from the Second Sanatorium to the Seventh Sanatorium here?”

Shen Ci lightly stroked Xu Ziyue’s head, “Yes.”

“Then what does the First Sanatorium look like?” Xu Ziyue was very curious. He really wanted to see what all seven of them were like.

“Don’t know.” Shen Ci answered very simply. “My place here is very restricted. Not allowed to do some things.”

“What is it?”

“Not allowed to let anyone go through the passages.”

Xu Ziyue tilted his head up to look at Shen Ci, “Yet you let me through?”

Shen Ci smiled, “…….My own data has been ‘backed up’, so it doesn’t matter if it is destroyed.”

Xu Ziyue looked disapprovingly at Shen Ci. He then started to search his body with a hint of worry in his voice, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere right now?”

Shen Ci shook his head. He stopped Xu Ziyue’s searching hands, “No.”

Xu Ziyue asked, “Then does that mean that you’re safe for now?”

Shen Ci’s answer wasn’t clear, “Not exactly. My guess is that they probably haven’t found the way to destroy me yet.”

Xu Ziyue was confused.

“What do you mean backing up yourself?” Xu Ziyue thought about it. Could this Austin here already have the special ability to directly access the systems internal data?

“The process is a little complicated. You want to know?”

Xu Ziyue immediately nodded. He was indeed very curious.

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