Heartthrob in a Horror Movie – Ch50

Li Chiyu’s answer made Su Wen curious, and asked, “Why do you think this is a magician?” The magician would not dress as a clown’s face, right?

    Li Chiyu said, “I’ve seen magic before. Magicians wear such clothes, but they don’t have such please use novelupdates for webnovels makeup on their faces.”

    The makeup of this clown was read this at kktranslates terrible.

    Jiang Taozhi interjected: “How do you know this is makeup? I don’t see it at all. I have makeup for years. I suspect this is his original face.”

    She looked at Leling, “Right?”

    Leling is rare The ground hesitated for a minute, “Um.”

    Su Ming felt that Jiang Taozhi’s statement was more horrible, but it cannot be denied that this statement fits the plot of the horror movie.

    He didn’t understand the makeup, and at first glance he thought it was transformed. Now Jiang Taozhi read this at kktranslates said this, the more he looked, the more he felt that it was a real face.

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    The water tank was pulled out and placed in the center of the stage.

    The clown politely gave a gentleman’s ceremony to the auditorium. There was no horror except his face.

    The calmer the more dangerous.

    Su Wen didn’t know please use novelupdates for webnovels what the clown wanted to do, but vaguely guessed that somebody would eventually die or be dead.

    Maybe the performer or the ghost is not necessarily.

    The whole stage is dark, but it can clearly see the things above, including the expression and movement of the clown.

    Su Mian looked around the place.

    It looks like it’s closed here, with the roof visible from above, the surroundings are dark, and only the seats are real.

    He was sitting in the first row, very close to the stage.

    When you are near, you can go to the edge of the stage by taking one step forward.

    If you are an impulsive person, you can rush to the stage and see what is on the stage.

    A woman in the back patted her chest and said, “Come here for a long time, I really watched the show, it scared me to death.”

    She thought that there would be no place for burial.

    Su Wen thought she might be scared to death.

    Li Chiyu knew this form and whispered: “I’ve seen magic. I’ve seen this. It’s called water tank escape.”

    Water tank escape is a very common magic. From the name, you can hear the whole magic form. What, escape is the key.

    A lot of magic can get skills, see if the magician is willing to say, you can find it yourself.

    The water tank escapes this as well.

    However, Li Chiyu never paid attention to the things inside, so he didn’t know what the secret of this tank escape was.

    Su Wen never paid attention to magic, and it was also through Li Chiyu that he understood what it was read this at kktranslates performing.

    Su Mei frowned. “Is this a human or a ghost?”

    His words awoke a few people.

    It is impossible for a magician to enter in person to perform. Generally, assistants or live audiences enter to perform. Basically, assistants and team members perform magic such as water tank escape.

    Jiang Tao thought subconsciously: “It won’t be a ghost …”

    The strange things they encountered from the hotel to the present can be said to be a string, and they have long believed that there are ghosts in this world.

    Now that the performance venue and the strange staff inside make it not so impossible to doubt it?

    Su Mian whispered: “If the magician is a ghost, then the performer may feel like a human.”

    Two spooky ghosts performed for them, it seems completely impossible. .

    In the early hours of this morning, the theater gave him a reminder that it was the word “performance”. He was still guessing at that time, and it was completely clear now.

    Li Chiyu was surprised: “If the performer is a human, isn’t it possible that he was arrested?”

    He was unwilling to let him perform in this place by giving him tens of thousands of wages.

    Jiang Taozhi said, “It’s entirely possible. When we left the hotel, we lost a lot of people. It’s still a problem where those people went.”

    Su Wen didn’t believe those people were dead.

    Because if you die, you can be directly in the hotel, and using the living is obviously more exciting than using the dead.

    A horror movie is defined as horror, and the panic of a living person can easily achieve that result.

    The clown on the stage turned into a black cloth.

    A group of spectators please use novelupdates for webnovels watching the movement silently, watching him block the water tank in their eyes with a black cloth.

    After a few seconds, the read this at kktranslates clown lifted the cloth in his hand.

    The water tank that was blocked just now is exposed again. This time it is different, and a figure appears inside.

    At first glance, everyone recognized it as a woman, her hair spread out, and her entire body was swollen.

    She was floating in the water, and her hands, feet, and body were tied up by chains, and she couldn’t break free.

    The people in the back row were whispering: “Who is this person, is that clown’s assistant?”

    “It’s pretty decent, it’s a bit impossible to break free of this chain, unless it’s already discussed. “

    Assistant, fortunately not for me to perform, if I go in, I can’t escape such a water tank.”

    “Look at this is exciting.”

    The people sitting in the first row can see the people in the water tank. .

    Seeing the face in the water, Su Ming was startled.

    He had met this person, and was the first couple Zhou Qingqing he saw when he went to the hotel to enter the room.

    After seeing Xu Jian alone in the hall the next day, he doubted whether something had happened to the two people, and the answer is now clearly visible.

    It turned out that Zhou Qingqing was cold on the first day.

    Su Ming never knew how Zhou Qingqing disappeared. He only heard screams at that time, and there was no figure when he came out.

    Li Chiyu saw that he didn’t look right, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

    Su Wen said, “I’ve seen this person.”

    He mentioned the previous thing again.

    Jiang peach suddenly remembered one thing, said: “? I’m not shine out before the carpet this week yet, fold the carpet the next day disappeared, and she will disappear about”

    Sue Benjamin will associate these two things together, Discovery is indeed possible.

    That fold must be meaningful. The folds disappeared after Zhou Qingqing disappeared on the first day, perhaps because someone had been taken away.

    Li Chiyu asked: “She should be dead now?”


    Mei nodded and said, “Well, dead.” Zhou Qingqing’s face had not been so swollen, she looked soaked in water for a long time Appearance of edema.

    Under the dark lights, Zhou Qingqing looks very scary in the water.

    Su Ming looked back at the others read this at kktranslates and wanted to find out where Xu Jian was, but it was too dark and turned back.

    The clown on the stage seemed to be performing a mime, dancing to the water tank, and even knocking on the wooden boards from time to time.

    He then slammed the water tank heavily.

    The body that had been floating in the water tank suddenly opened its eyes and looked straight in the direction of the auditorium.

    Rao was surprised by Su Wen.

    Zhou Qingqing’s eyes opened at the moment was scary, and no matter which seat it was, it looked as if it was looking at itself, and the sound of exhaustion kept coming and going.


    Chiyu muttered, ” Frighten me!” Zhou Qingqing opened her eyes and stagnated for more than ten seconds, then struggling violently . She wanted to break the iron chain and wanted to float up.

    No one in the audience dares to say this.

    Su Wen observed that the more struggling Zhou Qingqing was, the tighter the iron chain tied to her, and the please use novelupdates for webnovels suffocation in the water, the expression on her face became a thriller.

    She opened her mouth uncontrollably, and water poured into her mouth.

    Li Chiyu looked intently: “Why hasn’t she escaped yet? Is the corpse inadequate?”

    Su Mian: “…”

    Jiang Taozhi said, “It must be impossible to escape, this clown is watching a show at first sight “The

    clown has been moving around the water tank, and every time he hits the water tank, Zhou Qingqing finally floats down a little distance.

    Her eyes were already very wide, her eyes were about to protrude, her whole body was tightened by the iron chain, and a piece of meat was exposed in the gap.

    Then, someone said without fear of death: “It’s boring, I thought I could escape.”

    Still others echoed his words.

    Su Wen really thinks that the cannon fodder is really cannon fodder, and the protagonist cannot say such words unless he wants to be scolded by the movie audience.

    As time passed by, every minute.

    Zhou Qingqing stopped after the last struggle.

    Just when everyone thought she had no interest, Zhou Qingqing’s body twitched suddenly, and the chain suddenly tightened.

    Zhou Qingqing was shattered.

    Su Min’s heartbeat almost missed a beat and saw blood dripping from the water tank. Zhou Qingqing’s body read this at kktranslates fragments floated in the water and some sank into the water.

    The black hair left the body and fluttered softly like seaweed.

    Li Chiyu stammered: “What’s the situation?” He

    died when he died.

    Everyone breathed thicker for a while and couldn’t say a word. They could only cover their mouths and grit their teeth, and their eyes were full of panic.


    Wen slowed down, “I really didn’t expect such a result.” He thought that the biggest possibility was that Zhou Qingqing drowned directly in the water tank, and he did not expect the latter one.

    The clown smiled at the water tank.

    The curtain on the stage was covered again, covering the water tank, and then the clown took off his top hat.

    Li Chiyu murmured: “Is it so close to a hat-trick?”

    Su Wen only knew that there was a hat-trick in football, but he didn’t know it was in magic.

    He asked, “What is the hat trick?”

    Li Chiyu has seen a lot of magic, and he explained: “I do n’t know if you have seen magic, because magicians often change things out of hats, such as pigeons and roses. What? “

    The magic is simple. The most he has seen is pulling the rabbit out of the magician’s hat.

    Su Wen suddenly realized: “So it is.” He thought how complicated it was.

    Li Chiyu frowned, and said, “I don’t know what he wants to get out of it, it doesn’t feel very good.”

    Su Mu thought of it, of course, was bad, the first please use novelupdates for webnovels magic Zhou Qingqing continued to become that look This time, it will only be more troublesome and will not be easier.

    Jiang Taozhi said: “Although his hat is so big, I always think he will be a man …”

    The clown on the stage was already showing his bowler hat to the audience, empty and empty.

    Then he raised his bowler hat and reached into his hand.

    Li Chiyu said, “Hurry up, he wants to

    pull the contents out.” Su Wen, who had been watching the movie, felt only a pull coming, and his body seemed to be leaving the seat.

    He froze, and looked at the clown again, and found that he kept staring at himself.

    The pulling force was getting stronger and stronger, and a cool air behind Su Wen climbed up, completely unable to save himself.

    The people around were all moving in the stands and couldn’t notice him.

    However, the next moment, he was pressed to the seat with both hands, and the clown’s hand was directly ejected from the bowler hat.

    The coolness behind was replaced by a new one, but Su Ming stretched his eyes.

    The pull suddenly disappeared, Su Ming leaned on the back of the chair, and drew a hand over his shoulder, and he saw Shen Su on one side.

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