KTCSG – CH95 (Extra)

Chapter 95: Extra – Bloody Fairy Tale (5)

Because of that lie that he said without thinking, for the past two weeks Cheng Zhi Chu had to act like he liked Chrisis a lot and was doing his best to please him, so every minute and every second of it was very painful. He constantly anticipated for the time distortion to happen soon so that he could quickly return to one thousand years in the future and kiss the twin knights.

This kind of torture lasted for two weeks. On a particular morning, Chrisis suddenly brought Cheng Zhi Chu into a study room. He gave Cheng Zhi Chu the magic books that he had requested from his father and asked him to teach him the basics of magic.

Since a long time ago, the human country had forbidden the act of learning or even talking about magic. As a result, magicians became very rare. However, in private aristocrats still hope for the opportunity to learn magic. Afterall, no one could refuse the chance to possess such mysterious power.

But even if they had magic books, if they didn’t receive guidance from a proper magician to help them learn the basics, they would not be able to use magic. The magician responsible for guiding them must also be someone that they trust, or the risk of magic explosion may occur.

For this reason, for many years Chrisis was not able to learn magic. He couldn’t find a magician that was worthy of his trust. Cheng Zhi Chu was the first one.

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t know magic, and he is also not a magician so he wasn’t supposed to be able to help Chrisis. However, with the help of the system, he not only allowed Chrisis to gain magic power, he himself also got it.

【But the magic power can only be used here. When you return to one thousand years in the future, the magic power will disappear.】

The system said: 【Because you originally don’t possess any magic power, this is only temporary.】

Then what about Chrisis? Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. He asked again: Would his magic power disappear after I leave?

【No, he has a large source of magic power. In the future, he would become a very strong magician and would become the lord governing Eternal Sleep City. He would become an undead magician who will posses dark magic no one else could ever possess.】

But from the looks of it, does it mean that I influenced him a thousand years ago to become a magician….?

Cheng Zhi Chu felt very surprised. He suddenly realised: If this was the case, will he recognise me after I return to one thousand years in the future?

【About that, if he hasn’t forgotten about you, he would probably recognise you.】

The system said: 【This is under the premise that you meet him. You have already kissed him here so there is no need for you to go to Eternal Sleep City anymore. You can just go and find the twin knights directly and complete the last kisses to purify all the soul projections.】

【 At that time, you can throw the coin and let the instance collapse. Mr. Mu will also be able to be completely killed off…… 】

Cheng Zhi Chu looked up at the night sky. The starry milky way was a complete contrast to the sky from a thousand years in the future. At that time, several worlds had been completely destroyed by Mr. Mu, leaving the sky with his horrific and terrifying existence.

With the magic books, Cheng Zhi Chu and Chrisis began to study magic. Cheng Zhi Chu’s control of magic wasn’t bad, but it was nothing compared to Chrisis’s magical talent —– For Chrisis, he wasn’t “learning” and was rather “recording down” magic. No matter how complicated it was, he only had to learn it once to master it.

Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but feel envious. This was especially the case because Chrisis could use the astrology magic at will. When you use this kind of magic, a starry effect would appear. It was both magnificent and powerful. It was Cheng Zhi Chu’s favourite magic.

But astrology magic was very difficult, and you need to have good knowledge of astronomy. Cheng Zhi Chu could only give up astrology magic and just watch Chrisis show it off every day.

Chrisis also happened to like using it in front of him. Cheng Zhi Chu was certain that this guy was doing it on purpose but he not only couldn’t get angry, he even had to smile and praise Chrisis.

“How is it?”

The small stars in the air gradually faded away. The handsome young man placed down his magic wand and raised his eyebrows as he looked at Cheng Zhi Chu. Cheng Zhi Chu immediately cooperated and clapped while incessantly praising the young man. However, the young man was indeed very skilful so his praises weren’t very forced.

“You’re praising me too much. This is clearly very simple to do. Only an idiot like you can’t learn it.”

Although he said that, the young man’s lips still revealed an obvious smile. He was clearly in a good mood.

He pinched Cheng Zhi Chu’s cheek and then called someone to bring something in. He personally brought it over and showed it to Cheng Zhi Chu. It was a magic robe. The soft black material emitted small light, resembling stars in the sky.

“The magic array on it is something that I applied.”

The young man said this and placed the robes on Cheng Zhi Chu: “You put it on.”

“This is…..” Cheng Zhi Chu asked hesitantly, “You are giving it to me?”

Chrisis didn’t deny it: “If you don’t want it, throw it away.”

“Of course I want it.”

Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes brightened, and he happily wore the robe. It was a robe that he could take out from the instance: “Thank you Chrisis. I like it a lot.”

The young man saw that he liked it and his expression unconsciously softened. He hooked up the corner of his lips and said: “How do you plan to thank me?”

“Ah………..” Cheng Zhi Chu was stuck. He realised that he had nothing to give him, “What do you want?”

He pondered inside but he couldn’t guess what the young man wanted. The smile on the young man’s face faded and he snorted coldly. He pinched his jaw and kissed him on the lips.

“Remember this stupid. This is how you should thank me in the future.”


The leisurely time didn’t last very long. Cheng Zhi Chu realised that recently Chrisis has been getting more and more busy, and he no longer had the time to learn magic. He would go a whole day without seeing the other person. The bureaucrats working at the government building also appeared to be rushing about. It looked like they had encountered something tricky.

It was only until the lord of the city summoned for Cheng Zhi Chu and asked him if he knew of any magic that could solve the plague epidemic or food shortage that Cheng Zhi Chu understood that they were facing a sudden attack of natural disasters. It affected the entire continent.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, plagues……They were all ravaging through the continent at an alarming rate. Even Emerald City which is famous for his tranquillity was seriously affected. A large number of migrants flooded into the city causing the sudden outbreak in epidemic. For the past few days, the entire government was working to deal with the problems caused by the refugees.

“I can help produce magic potions for the residents.”

Cheng Zhi Chu could indeed buy medicine from the mall to cure the epidemic, but he couldn’t do anything else that could help with the disasters.

Only he knew that this world was about to meet its end and transform into a terrible hellish world. The residents of Emerald City were also doomed to become the walking dead that would one after another choose to sleep eternally.

His mood became very heavy. The unsuspecting city lord who heard that he could make potions for the residents was pleased. He gave Cheng Zhi Chu this important task and said that he would reward him graciously.

Cheng Zhi Chu naturally refused the reward. After discussing with the lord, he left the building where the bureaucrats worked and left. The moment he went out, dark clouds suddenly rolled over. In an instant, the sky darkened, and the roar of thunder was heard. Rain poured down heavily.

The rain came suddenly and very quickly. A dense curtain of rain fell to the ground making everything before him almost completely white. Almost nothing could be seen ahead of him.

With such a downpour, even magic couldn’t prevent him from getting wet. Cheng Zhi Chu hurried back through the rain and his whole body was soaked.

He changed his clothes and stood in the room drying his hair. He could hear the heavy rain slamming against the window and he couldn’t help but worry about the glass possibly shattering.

【This rain is really coming down.】 The system said. 【If not for the city still existing a thousand years later, I would have suspected that this downpour would cause a flood that would flood the city.】

Don’t jinx it…..Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but say.


That evening, the torrential rain continued. Chrisis who has been busy for the entire day finally came back. There was noticeable exhaustion on his face and he appeared a little frail.

Cheng Zhi Chu had been living with Chrisis these days. Hearing the sounds of his return, he opened his eyes in confusion and helped Chrisis change out of his drenched clothes. Halfway through, he found himself being hugged tightly by the other party.

Chrisis’s body was drenched with cold rain. It was so cold, Cheng Zhi Chu shivered and sobered up. A little overwhelmed, he asked: “What’s wrong?”

“…….I have a very bad feeling.”

The young man holding him remained silent for a long time. He then slowly spoke up: “Despite all the things my father and I do, despite our efforts to protect Emerald City and our efforts to help the refugees……..”

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His voice got quieter and quieter: “But the more I do, the more powerless I feel. Something terrible must be awaiting us. At that time, maybe this entire continent will be annihilated…….”

Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t say anything after hearing those words. He hugged Chrisis back and his heart sank.

He knew that Chrisis’s premonition would come true and he was afraid that it would happen very soon.

But for him, he would only have the chance to go back if chaos ensues and time and space were to distort.

Chrisis was very tired. After a simple bath, he fell asleep. Cheng Zhi Chu laid next to him but he couldn’t fall asleep. He stared silently at the ceiling. After a while, the system suddenly called out.

【I have detected time distortion. It’s nearby!】


Cheng Zhi Chu immediately sat up. He pried away the blanket and ran out. Only by getting in the range of the time distortion will the system be able to borrow its power to transfer him to a thousand years in the future.

The heavy rain still had not stopped in the late night but in order to be able to return Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t care much about it.

When he passed through the main gates of the mansion and he looked out at the storm outside, he remembered that he had not yet left the lord with the potions that he had promised. He had also left the magic robe behind in Chrisis’s bedroom.

Even if he knew that the potions wouldn’t provide much help, Cheng Zhi Chu quietly left a few bottles of it in the living room and included instructions to the lord advising him to pour it into the towns main water source.

He then went back to Chrisis’s bedroom and took the magic robe. Just when he was about to put it into the system’s backpack, the lights in the room suddenly lit up and he heard a cold voice behind him.

“Where are you going?”

Cheng Zhi Chu was surprised. He looked back and found himself met with Chrisis’s frosty expression. He looked at him expressionlessly but there was strong anger in his voice.

“You want to leave me, and don’t even plan on saying anything?”


Cheng Zhi Chu opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say that he just wanted to go to the bathroom because his clothes were already drenched by the rain. It was obvious that he had gone out and had only returned to get the magic robe.

“You want to escape? Is it because you couldn’t make the potion to treat the plague?”

The young man saw his flustered look and he said gently: “If this is the case, you don’t have to be afraid. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do it. With me here, no one will reprimand you.”


Cheng Zhi Chu’s forehead sweated. He couldn’t explain himself. He could only activate a teleportation card and teleport a dozen metres away. Holding the magic robe, he ran off. He didn’t have the time to store it in his backpack.

But Chrisis had also learned magic. Seeing that he was still escaping, his eyes turned cold. He grabbed his wand and also teleported over. He chased after Cheng Zhi Chu while calling out to the guards to stop Cheng Zhi Chu.

Cheng Zhi Chu dodged here and there as he ran across the mansion. Following the systems instructions, he finally escaped out from the building and escaped into the dark rainstorm. As he looked for a way out, the rainstorm suddenly stopped and the sky cleared.

“Patter, patter…..”

Droplets of rain fell from Cheng Zhi Chu’s body. He stood in the courtyard in daze and didn’t understand why the rain suddenly stopped.

“Don’t let him escape!”

Chrisis chased after him with a look of anger. The guards surrounded Cheng Zhi Chu. He spoke with a frosty voice: “Don’t think about going anywhere. Just stay by my side.”

At this moment, the card was still cooling down and it couldn’t be used. Cheng Zhi Chu looked warily at the guards slowly approaching him. Just when he was feeling overwhelmed, he noticed the puddle of water on the ground reflect blood-red light.

The dark clouds in the sky gradually dissipated and bright blood-red light shone down. No one knew why the moonlight had suddenly turned a blood-red colour. They all looked up and immediately cried out in horror.

The stars in the night sky disappeared one after another. At some point, even the moon had disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by a blood-red ball. From the centre, it split open. It was as if a huge monster had opened its eyes, revealing its red eyeball.


The rainwater on the ground began to bubble. Under the reflection from the blood-red light, it looked like boiling magma. From within it, a bloody hand suddenly reached out. This was followed by a head and their upper body. It looked like a corpse that had had its skin peeled off.

“What is this thing?!”

The guards were in shock. They aimed the guns and spears in their hands and pinned the skinless monster to the ground. However, more monsters appeared from the water puddles around them and they rushed over at them.

The blood-red eyes in the sky opened one by one and the sky turned brighter. Bathed in the blood-red light, the guards’ movements slowly became stagnant and their skin turned pale. All the expression on their faces disappeared. All that was left was an empty shell. They emotionlessly watched everything happening around them.

Chrisis also felt a strange power taking control of him and he could sense that the source was the blood-red light coming from the sky. His expression changed and he immediately grabbed Cheng Zhi Chu’s wrist. He pulled him into the building: “Let’s go!”

The blood-red light had no effect on Cheng Zhi Chu but it made him feel extremely uncomfortable. He didn’t think that he would witness with his own eyes Emerald City becoming cursed and the residents turning into the living dead. Their eyes were hollow, and they wandered aimlessly around in the courtyard.

They ran into the building to avoid the moonlight. Chrisis then released his hold of Cheng Zhi Chu’s hand and looked very serious.

“That has a curse-like power and it contains strong malice. We mustn’t go out. Let’s wait until dawn, I hope all the residents are sleeping and didn’t go outside…..”


“Boom thud!”

Loud noise could be heard outside. It sounded like a building collapsing. This was then followed by peoples screams and the roar of monsters.

Chrisis’s expression changed dramatically. He immediately grabbed the umbrella nearby and added a layer of light-absorbing magic before rushing out. Cheng Zhi Chu immediately followed behind him.

“Don’t come out. It’s dangerous, go back!”

Chrisis didn’t expect Cheng Zhi Chu to follow him. He immediately looked back to yell at him and he quickly moved the umbrella over him.

Cheng Zhi Chu quickly pushed the umbrella back. He said: “Don’t worry about me. I am immune to this light. You should be the one going back!”

“I can’t go back. My father must be saving the residents right now. I can’t let him be in danger and not do anything myself.”

Chrisis tried to remain calm but he was still a young man after all. He couldn’t help but look nervous. Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t continue persuading him and just went to find the city lord with him.

On the streets, they saw that many of the residents had become immortal, but they had also lost their emotions. They had turned into a group of emotionless undead. A few of them were running around in panic as dark creatures chased after them

Chrisis used his magic to continuously kill the monsters but they continued to appear in waves and could not be completely eliminated.

In desperation, he could only take Cheng Zhi Chu around the monsters but at this moment there was another sudden change. The ground suddenly shook and cracked open, revealing a large crevice. The crevice spread along quickly, reaching the location where Chrisis stood.

【There is time distortion in the crevice. I can transfer you away!】

The system said this quickly and advised Cheng Zhi Chu not to panic.

Cheng Zhi Chu calmed himself down. He saw the cracks spreading towards Chrisis’s location. Chrisis wasn’t Cheng Zhi Chu. If he fell, he would definitely die. Cheng Zhi Chu quickly became alarmed and pushed Chrisis aside to prevent him from falling in. His body then fell backwards, and he was about to fall into the crevice.

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【I’ll transfer you now!】

The system said this and Cheng Zhi Chu’s body flashed. His figure disappeared from the street.


From beginning to end, Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t find the chance to store the robe into his backpack. Because of inertia, the black robe hanging from his shoulder flew off and it fell onto Chrisis, blocking his line of sight.

Chrisis held the umbrella and quickly pried off the magic robe only to see that there was no one in front of him. He looked in the other direction but he couldn’t find Cheng Zhi Chu.

Before his line of sight was obstructed, he had clearly seen Cheng Zhi Chu about to fall into the crevice.


The umbrella fell to the ground. All the blood on Chrisi’s face faded. He fell to his knees next to the crevice and used astrology magic, but he couldn’t see anything.


After a few seconds, the ground stopped shaking. Everything became silent. He sat stunned next to the crevice while holding onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s robe. He opened his mouth and his eyes turned red. He looked like he was about to shed tears, but it quickly stopped.

The evil and ominous blood-red light eroded away at his heart forming a black hole. All the sorrow, anger, fear and pain had disappeared, leaving behind nothing. His expression was like a calm lake. He had lost all signs of life in him.

All his emotions were gone.

A single drop of tear rolled down his cheek.

Chrisis raised his pale finger to wipe away this teardrop. His knuckle was stained with the water.

He held his hand up and looked at it for a long time, until the wet stain dried up. He then placed his hand back down. There was no feeling of heartache.

Even though his heart had been completely torn apart.


The pair of knights followed behind Chrisis and they entered Eternal Sleep City.

All the damage and chaos left behind from the disaster a thousand years ago had been completely restored and the city retained its beautiful appearance. It however no longer had signs of life.

All the flowers that appeared to be in full bloom were carved from gems. The birds sitting on the branches had no internal organs, flesh or blood. They only had a body made of feathers and its cries were controlled by magic.

The pedestrians walking on the streets were all dark creatures. When the lords’ carriage descended from the sky, they all lowered their heads and waited respectfully for their lord to pass.

The carriage drove down the old city street and the door opened quietly. The young and beautiful lord personally carried the mirror spirit off the carriage. His black robe that hung from his body fluttered behind him while reflecting small beads of light. It looked like stars in the sky.

He took the mirror spirit into a spacious bedroom and gently placed his body onto the bed. Complex magic arrays were engraved onto the floor and walls and magic flowed through them like water eventually gathering in the centre.

“I need to use a large amount of souls to heal him. Also flesh and blood.”

Chrisis emotionlessly looked at the twin knights at the door: “You are strong. You’re suitable sources of flesh and blood for him. From today onwards, the two of you should feed him your blood on a regular basis.”

“Understood, Lord Chrisis.”

The twin knights bowed their heads and responded.


The twin knights both have their own names. The older brother is called An and the younger brother is called Kai. This was their name before they were turned into a dark monster. In addition to their name, their memories from the time when they were human were also forgotten leaving them with broken fragments.

When they first became a dark monster, they were still very weak. They were taken in by Kashir their vampire leader and had been serving him until now.

An and Kai were indifferent and cold. Apart from their tasks, they rarely interacted with others. Because of their strength, others also didn’t dare approach them. No one was able to tell them apart. This included Kashir.

Since returning to Eternal Sleep City, An and Kai, in order to complete their task, would remain by the mirror spirits side day and night. They followed Chrisis’s instructions and would feed him their blood.

When they removed their helmets, they revealed their identical, handsome appearances. With dark hair, blue eyes, and sharp and cold features, they resembled the paladins described in folk poetry. Unfortunately, paladins no longer existed and only dark knights like them roamed the continent.

On this day, An removed his metal gloves and cut his wrist. He lifted the mirror spirits jaw and fed him the blood from his wrist. He fed him a lot, much more than the minimum requirements set by Chrisis.

Kai couldn’t understand. Although they have been faithfully completing their tasks, they would never do anything more than what they needed to. Whatever they are asked to do, they would do only it —- Even if feeding others their blood can cause them to weaken. He couldn’t understand why An was doing so much.


Kai walked over and held down his older brother’s hand to stop him: “I can feel your energy weakening. Don’t hurt your energy source.”

“I know.”

An gently raised his hand. The remnants of blood left on the mirror spirits lips made him look rather seductive. His eyes lingered on him for a while before turning to look at his brother.

He nodded at Kai: “I’ll be careful.”

“Your attitude towards him is a little strange.” Kai looked at the face that was identical to his. He said, “You care about him. Why?”

“I hope that he wakes up soon.” An answered in a quiet voice. He lowered his eyes and waited for the wound to heal up before putting his gloves back on.


“I don’t know.”

Hearing Kai’s question, An answered honestly. He revealed a rare look of confusion in his cold eyes.

Ever since the time he embraced the mirror spirit, he has been feeling a strange sensation inside.

That hug seemed to have awakened something inside him but he didn’t know what it was. Perhaps it was a memory, or perhaps it was some kind of emotion…….

Perhaps it was because of this that he wished for the mirror spirit to wake up soon. That way, he can clear up the doubts inside him.

He looked at the pale face of the figure lying in the bed. It was quiet and gentle, as if he had only fallen asleep. He suddenly thought of the legend surrounding Eternal Sleep City.

Although it was ridiculous using Chrisis as the protagonist of the story, when replaced with the mirror spirit, he felt that it was unexpectedly suitable. Like the princess in the story, she waited for her prince to wake her up with a kiss…….

Thinking this, An couldn’t help but lean forward. He looked at the mirror spirit more intently.

When he returned from his thoughts, he found himself kissing the mirror spirits lips.

He was shocked and he quickly got up. Kai who stood next to him revealed a look of surprise.

At this moment, the mirror spirit lying in bed had quietly opened his eyes.

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