Q. Can I post your translations on another website?
A. No, I would really prefer it if you didn’t. If anyone sees my translations being posted on another site like Wattpad, please let me know ><

Q. Can I translate one of your works into my language?
A. Yes, you are wecome to do so and you can even leave me with a link to your translations if you want to. I won’t hold projects for one person so multiple people translating it into the same language is okay. Please remember to credit the author and myself properly. The key word here however is ‘translate’ – if you are going to MTL my translations directly and then post it, my answer is no. If you want to translate it I would like you to translate it properly.

Update 18/11/19 – Please DO NOT retranslate my translations for Global University Entrance Examination and To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie.

Q. I have a series that I would like to be translated. Would you be willing to translate it?
A. I am always open to suggestions so feel free to send me recommendations via contact/comments/chatbox! If they interest me, I may consider translating it but no guarantees. Please bear in mind that I’m a solo translator with a full time job so I also can’t pick up too many projects at once.

Haven’t answered your question? You can ask through contact/comments/chatbox and I’ll try to respond as soon as I can 🙂