Hi all, it’s KK!

Just a little something before you start reading:

  • I’m a solo translator of Chinese background. The main purpose is to satisfy my craving for BL + practise my Chinese.
  • I am of Chinese background but it is not my main language so please be aware that there will be errors and inconsistencies – especially proverbs/slangs etc ==’
  • PLEASE NOTE: I am usually translating as I am reading the novel so I also don’t know where the novel is going…. SO PLEASE DONT SPOIL! They are also NOT edited so expect errors…..grammar, typos etc
  • No posting schedule is set, I will be updating it randomly For now, I will try to update daily 🙂
  • I am only translating for fun as a fan…if you are the author of the novel and you don’t want me to translate, just shoot me a message and I will happily comply (#plsdontsueme)
  • Feel free to edit tags etc of my projects on novelupdates. Since I’m also reading as I translate I would probably miss things and forget to update it (I’m very forgetful…and lazy haha)
  • Feedback/pointing out typos etc always welcome!
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Happy reading!