Chapter 5: Mutual glare

When those rude and provocative words were spoken, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly froze and the room instantly went quiet. The rest of the students looked on fearing that a big war was about to break out.

Qin Xu blinked coldly, placed one hand onto the edge of the table and leaned closer while looking down at Jiang Yang from above, “Your box is obstructing the path is it not?”

Being stared down by those deep and dark eyes of his, you couldn’t help but feel pressured.

Jiang Yang subconsciously leaned backwards and wanted to maintain his distance from him but, just as he started to move, he realised that it would make it seem like he is afraid of him so he kept still and did not retreat. Instead, he stiffened his neck and even leaned closer towards him. The two glared at each other fiercely and both had no intention of backing down. It was as if the first to look away would lose.

Yet at this time, the clueless Huang Shao had just returned from the bathroom and was skipping into the classroom while holding onto his water bottle. Looking over, he saw this scene and didn’t notice the tense and nervous atmosphere in the classroom. He jokingly asked: “Hey, what are you guys playing? Do you need to kiss if you lose? That’s a pretty good punishment~~”

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He finished that statement with several tilde waves while wriggling his eyebrows and even exclaimed that he wanted to join in. The other students wanted to give him a word of advice but the flighty youngster had already rushed over and ruined the atmosphere.

The student who sat next to Jiang Yang on the other side of the aisle also had just returned and cautiously moved in to move his own box out of the way. He even tried to placate the situation: “My bad. My box is a little on the larger side so I’ll move it to the back of the classroom.”

With the bulky box moved away, the obstructed path instantly cleared up and Qin Xu no longer had a reason to continue wasting his time with Jiang Yang. Under the watchful eyes of the onlooking students, he coldly glanced at Jiang Yang. With a long stride, he easily stepped over Jiang Yang’s box, headed to the bin at the back of the classroom to throw away his trash before turning back and once again casually stepping over the box on his way back to his seat.

Xie Zhe who was watching the event unfold was chatting with a female classmate sitting in the front seats. Walking over, he patted his shoulder and asked teasingly: “Xu brother, you’re so cool even while throwing away garbage~”

Qin Xu shook him off and replied coldly: “Shut up, I want to sleep.”

He then sprawled across his desk and proceeded to ignore the others.

Xie Zhe didn’t mind this. From Qin Xu’s dull tone he could tell that he no longer was in a bad mood due to waking up early and only wanted to catch up on his sleep. In such a situation, even if he asked a few more questions, Qin Xu would not get angry.

“You are so strange. It’s more convenient going through the back door yet you felt the need to go through the front. Were you deliberately trying to start a fight with Jiang Yang?”

“Xu brother, what on earth did you do last night? Played games all night?”

Just as Xie Zhe thought he wouldn’t get a reply, Qin Xu coldly replied, “Something absurd.”

Xie Zhe heard this but was confused. Is Xu brother cursing in his sleep?

Qin Xu was in a bad mood. He felt like he was played around by someone and the more he thought about it, the more annoyed he became. He also thought that he was a complete idiot to lose sleep over that incident last night. Eventually, he threw the matter aside and decided to focus on catching up on his sleep.

After the morning class and the morning exercises, Qin Xu was able to recover his spirits and began to make the most of his time to complete his homework. Unfortunately, despite his mood getting better, it was like God had something else in store for him and the ink in his pen suddenly ran out. Frustrated, he shook his pen a few times causing a few ink splots to stain his shirt. This only irritating him even more.

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Qin Wu threw away the pen and looked for his other one only to find that the other one was in an even worse state and had no ink at all. With school just starting, Qin Xu had not yet entered his learning state and was very poorly prepared for class.  Helpless, he could only resign and turn around to borrow a pen from Xie Zhe but he realised that that guy had just left for the schools convenience store and would without a doubt start flirting with girls along the way so he would not be back so soon.

Qin Xu turned around and looked towards the male classmate who sat across the aisle from him. Just as he turned his head back, he inadvertently met Jiang Yang’s gaze. Jiang Yang stood at the back of the classroom and was heading towards his direction. Behind him was the iron door to the classroom. With the door half open, the sunlight peeking through surrounded him and made him look quite dazzling. Qin Xu couldn’t help but squint his eyes as he looked at him.

Jiang Yang seemingly didn’t expect to see him suddenly turn around and froze for a moment when their gazes met.

Qin Xu naturally didn’t think that he was looking for him and consequently didn’t think much about it. He only glanced at him briefly before reaching out to the table next to him, “Zeng Yu, can you…”

Not far away, as if he was suddenly stimulated, Jiang Yang suddenly walked over and placed a pen onto Qin Xu’s desk while saying coldly: “Lending it to you, no need to return it.”

Qin Xu was stunned. He looked up at him with a look of confusion.

This was a normal response. It wasn’t that long ago when the two glaring at each other but now the other party is suddenly taking the initiative and lending him a pen? Moreover, how did he know that he needed a pen? Could he be watching him the whole time?

Qin Xu: “Why are you lending me a pen?”

Jiang Yang looked down at him with a look of impatience and clearly didn’t look like someone who was enthusiastically helping out a classmate in need. Rather, it looked more like he was threatening him for money. Thinking this, Qin Xu felt that the situation was so ridiculous that he felt a slight urge to laugh.

“Aren’t you in need of one?” Jiang Yang threw down the pen and retracted his hand. He crossed his arms across his chest and said arrogantly, “Use it or lose it, I don’t care.”

For Jiang Yang to suddenly run over, it was obviously because it was the system’s task for him to lend Qin Xu a pen. If he failed this task then he would receive a punishment. Isn’t that non-stop nagging earlier enough of a punishment?! What could be worse than that?

Qin Xu raised his eyebrows, “Not needing to return it, does that mean that you giving the pen to me?”

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Jiang Yang originally didn’t want to lend him the pen and obviously didn’t want a pen that was used by him. Just as he wanted to nod in response, the system in his mind sent a reminder: “It’s called lending a pen. If you lend something, you must receive it back otherwise borrowing something next time would be even more difficult.”

To even use popular human sayings, this system is quite knowledgeable. The veins in Jiang Yang’s forehead throbbed and he was a little annoyed but he quickly changed his words and said rudely: “Who said that I’m giving it to you? Of course you have to return it.”

Qin Xu stared at him with a look of confusion, as if he was looking at a rare animal. That gaze of his caused the hair on Jiang Yang’s back to stand and he roughly added: “What are you fucking looking at!”

Qin Xu, however, laughed suddenly and his handsome face became even more charming. Of course, this had no effect for Jiang Yang.

“Nothing. I’ll return it after using it, thanks.”

He waved the pen in his hands and was in a pretty good mood. Jiang Yang who was able to successfully complete the task also breathed a sigh of relief and headed back to his seat.

The student sitting in front of Zeng Yu watched this strange scene and quickly turned to ask Zeng Yu: “Those two, did they reconcile?”

Zeng Yu was also confused, “I don’t think so, they were arguing earlier today…..”

“It’s just an argument, it doesn’t mean that they’ve cut off all ties. Jiang Yang sits so far away yet he still came all the way here to give him a pen!” The girl who interjected was not in the same class as them in first year and had only heard that the two had some sort of disagreement through word of mouth. Seeing the scene earlier, she felt that it was probably the usual petty fights boys usually get into and that they would soon reconcile again.

However, Zeng Yu had been in the same class as them since first year and was very clear about the situation.  If that was considered as a small argument then what happened between them was a huge fight, enough for them to hate each other for over a semester.

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I swear Huang Shao’s existence is just to help those two stubborn boys get together HAHA

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