Chapter 3

Level 259 [OP]
I am really upset right now [Black face] [Black face]

Level 260:
What’s wrong?

Level 261:
Speak up and we can help you

Level 262:
Aiya OP, did someone bully you? [Clench fist]

Level 263 [OP]:
Thank you everyone. Let me tell you.

Because I slept a little earlier yesterday, I didn’t sleep well and was in a confused and half-awake/half-asleep state.

Level 264 [OP]:
I don’t know if you have experienced it before. It’s when your eyes can’t open but all the other senses are fine.

Level 265 [Reply to Level 264]
Sleep paralysis!

Level 268:
Raises hand. You can’t wake up even if you wanted to! It’s so unbearable!

Level 270 [OP]:
And then I felt something soft touch my face

Level 271 [OP]:
Fuck your mom….

Level 272 [OP]:
I was instantly half awakened from my stupor but I didn’t dare open my eyes. I would rather pretend that this is a dream instead of the possibility of seeing something that I shouldn’t be seeing.

But reality is always the truth [Helpless]. After the feeling disappeared, I heard the sound of the door opening. I secretly peeked and saw someone’s bare back. Because of the light from the emergency exit lights, it looked a little pale green.

Level 276:
HAHAHAHA Pale green

Level 278:
Green—–Green hat? (KKnotes: AKA cheating)

Level 283:
The one who said green hat, take it back!

Level 284 [OP]:
Why did he have to take advantage of this Laozi on his way to the bathroom [Black face]

Level 285:
I don’t understand, can someone explain.

Level 286 [Reply to Level 285]:
Secretly kissed OP!

Level 287 [Reply to 286]
Ohh. Understood understood. Thanks!

Level 290 [OP]:
Afterwards, I purposely turned over and used the blanket to cover my head and prevent myself from his lecherous hands.

Sure enough, Laozi’s ingenuity worked. He just tucked me in and didn’t do anything else.

Level 291:
Fucking tucked you in. That childhood friend warmed my heart!

Level 292:
What a warmhearted gong. I think everyone just fell for him!

Level 295 [OP]:
My heart jumped. I used everything that I had read about controlling my micro-expressions to even stop my eyelids from moving. Finally, I relaxed when I heard him getting back into his bed. My muscles almost cramped from the strain.

Pretending to be asleep is very difficult. It’s very hard finding someone who is good a pretending to be asleep, so I should be getting an Oscar for it [Black face]

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Level 297:

Level 299:
Pretending to sleep really is hard. Patting OP’s head.

Level 300 [OP]:
Later, I couldn’t sleep [Black face]

With two dark circles, I laid in bed until dawn [Scowl] [Scowl]

Level 301:
HAHAHAHA OP is very cute!

Level 302:
OP used to be in the literary department right [Laugh] [Laugh]

Level 303 [Reply from OP to Level 302]:
I’m a genuine science student thank you.

Level 304 [OP]:
I can’t do it. So sleepy. I have to quickly make up for it and make the most of noon since he wouldn’t dare make trouble.

Level 310 [OP]:
I’m done [Black face]

Level 311 [OP]:
Tonight, in order not to go with him, I went out of my way to talk to two sisters for a while and returned a little later.

When I returned, I didn’t see him and casually asked my roommate about it. He said he went to do his laundry.

Of course, I didn’t think too much into it. He usually loved cleanliness and his sock washing frequency was higher than ours.

Level 312:
Catching OP’s live broadcast!

Level 313:
Caught the live broadcast!

Level 315 [OP]:
When he came back he didn’t say anything to me and took out the clothes to dry. I glanced at it briefly. Fuck that thing looks familiar. Looking at it more closely, you mom, that is Laozi’s underwear!!!

Level 316:
Little gong is so virtuous!

Level 317:

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Level 318:
That person must be thinking this. You’re mine so what’s the big deal about washing your ‘clothes’? [Snicker] [Snicker]

Level 320 [OP]:
I was not prepared to be hit by something so outrageous

Level 321 [OP]:
How can I let something so private be washed by another man! [Crazy] [Crazy]

Laozi was instantly petrified. He even shamelessly asked me to help him take out the clothing line, I…….

Level 322:
Feeling distressed for OP but still want to laugh HAHAHAHAHA!

Level 323 [OP]:
This was way too embarrassing, but I was also too embarrassed to ask and could only obediently give him the clothing line. I didn’t dare look at his face.

Level 325:
The little childhood friend’s attack this time is amazing! A man with skills [Smirk] [Smirk]

Level 326:
I’m fucking very angry!

He actually can be obsessed to this extent. If it was before this, then I could accept it but no matter how I think about this, his actions were too extreme.

Level 327:
[Smirk] [Smirk]

Level 330 [OP]:
He wouldn’t try to find an opportunity to tie me down and force me to get together with him right?!

I feel so tormented [Black face] [Black face]

Level 331:
Harden your heart

Level 332:
A dirty minded man! But I like it [Covers mouth laughing]

Level 333 [OP]:
It was a lesson that I learnt after shedding blood and tears —– From now on, I will wash the clothes the moment I change out of it [Pitiful.jpg]

In fact, I baidu’ed for a while and couldn’t find anything about this phase of his (KKnotes: baidu’ed = googled)

It was all about men and women relationships…..


Level 335:
OP don’t panic. In the future there will be information! [Snicker]

Level 337 [OP]:
But something even more outrageous just fucking happened about three minutes ago.

Level 338:
Eagerly watching [Smirk]

Level 338:
Live broadcast!

Level 340 [OP]:
He poured water onto his bed. That’s right, although it’s not clear whether or not it was intentional, a full glass of water wetted a large patch of his mattress. It was to the extent that no one would be able to sleep on it.

He is so dirty! [Vomit blood] [Vomit blood]

Level 341:
Must’ve been deliberate! His heart is so black!

Level 342:
I feel like little childhood friend is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Level 343:
What nonsense is upstairs spouting? He’s clearly a black-bellied gong! [Snicker] [Snicker]

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Level 344:
For some reason it’s already decided that the childhood friend is the gong and OP is the shou?

Level 345 [Reply to Level 344]:
This classmate, I suggest you go back and read the subject of this post [Smile] [Smile]

Level 346 [Reply to level 345]:
I know but it’s still not confirmed. Can’t it be double gong? [Smirk]

Level 347:
Fuck why didn’t I think of this?! HAHAHAHA good job!

Level 350 [OP]:
……I am straight, thank you.

Level 351:
Straight [Smirk]

Level 353 [OP]:
As his closest brother, although I really fucking didn’t want to squeeze into one bed with him, he pointed me out.

Level 354:
HAHAHA Pointed you out. Little childhood friend has a really black heart!

Level 355 [OP]:
I am now hiding in the bathroom. [Smile] [Smile]. I don’t know how to face him when I get out.

Level 356:
OP don’t worry, top him!

Level 357:
HAHAHA cute OP hiding in the bathroom. Can’t believe you actually thought of that!

Level 360 [OP]:
Tonight is destined to be a very tiring and long night. If he dares to make a move or do something bad, Laozi will pinch him to death.

Level 361:
[Snicker] [Snicker]

Level 386:
Pinch him to death HAHAHAHA

Level 372 [OP]:
Fuck. Can I not take off my clothes (▼皿▼#)

Level 373:
This is so fucking stimulating.

Level 376 [OP]:
I will be back tomorrow. Can’t let him see.

Level 377:
HAHAHAHA OP goodnight!

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KK has something to say:
A proud shou is so cute~
Loving the proud shouxteasing gong dynamic ❤

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  1. acascia 10th July 2019 / 7:58 am

    Thanks for the chapter ^_^

    The only way to save OP chrisanthemum is by counterattacking.
    If you can’t take the straight road, then take the curved one!
    OP you need to top your childhood friend!
    Love is a give and take. And you need to give ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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