Chapter 45: Sudden Marriage

The sports festival was still in full blast.

When Jiang Yang walked towards his seat, he bumped into his class teacher. The other person probably came over to find the other students. When he saw Jiang Yang, he waved and said: “Jiang Yang, some of the kids slipped back to the classroom. Can you help me get them back down here?”

Jiang Yang nodded his head, walked into the teaching building and then………and then there wasn’t any and then.

As soon as he entered the classroom, he saw several people, including Qin Xu, crowding around playing games.  He hesitated for less than two seconds and simply joined in.

At this moment, the game they were playing happened to have a promotion going on; the rewards were abundant, and they had a higher chance of triggering hidden missions. Because of this, many of the classmates were playing with excitement.

However, one of the tasks was too much and you could only complete it if you got married.

Huang Shao complained angrily: “Are there any humanity left in this game?! This is clearly discrimination against single dogs! Don’t stop me, I’m going to send a complaint to their customer services team. Call 12315!

The others not only did not stop him but also excitedly cheered for him. Naturally, the customer services team responded to his complaint very politely and very helplessly.

“Sir….are you joking?”

Huang Shao said seriously: “Of course not! This game is insulting the dignity of us single nobles! Why can couples play and I can’t play?! They already have girlfriends and they still get special treatment?! This is clearly discrimination!”

“…….Hello, we understand your position but unfortunately this is not within our scope. I would suggest that you call the complaints hotline to send in your complaint. Do you still have any other questions? If not, I wish you a happy life.”

Shuang Shao angrily responded: “I am not happy at all!”

Customer service: “………”

After he complained in attempt to protect the dignity of singles, they naturally continued to play the game. Such an important task, why should they not complete it? They must complete it!

And so…….

Jiang Yang and Qin Xu looked at each other with tacit understanding,



With two words, a sacred marriage contract was set and this gave the other boys in the classroom something to joke about.

Huang Shao applauded: “Let’s congratulate this newlywed couple!

“Hundred years of happiness!”

“Together forever!”

“Have children soon!”


Everyone sent them their warm blessings and some even started to hum the wedding march. The students at the back who couldn’t think of any other idioms to say laughed at the phrase “Have children soon.” The group of teenagers excitedly joked around while roaring with laughter.

However, they weren’t able to laugh for too long before an eerie voice was heard behind them.

The class teacher smiled: “What’s so funny?”

Although the class teacher is smiling, blue veins very obviously throbbed on his forehead. He had asked several students to come up and get the others but they all disappeared one by one and hid there to secretly play games. You’re very happy? I’ll let you be unhappy now!

“Phones confiscated!”

In an instant, the class teacher had an armful of phones from a large variety of brands. It was enough for him to open up a stand to sell them.

The boys who were playing very enthusiastically cried out tearlessly and looked extremely pitiful. They could only hang their heads and follow the class teacher back out of the building. Later, they even needed to write a reflection essay. Sigh, thinking this, they couldn’t help but want to cry.

The class teacher however smiled in anger: “Weren’t you playing very happily earlier? Now you’re all so dull. How old are you? Bring your youthful passion out! We’re giving you the opportunity to go outside and exercise after keeping you in the classroom all the time and yet you’re hiding in here to play games. Do you guys want to go to heaven?!”

Huang Shao replied seriously: “Of course I don’t want to go to heaven.”

The class teacher raised an eyebrow: “Huh?”

Huang Shao embarrassingly cupped his face with his hands: “We are fairies that have descended from the heavens~”

Class teacher: “………”

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A group of boys kicked him, “Get lost!”

With Huang Shao’s sudden attack, the class teacher could only support his head in helplessness and wave his hand: “Leave it. Go out and cheer the other students on.”

The other boys proceeded to scatter and run off to the field. Laughing and chattering along, they didn’t look like boys who were just reprimanded.

In the afternoon, it was the nearing the end of the sports festival and the relay race was scheduled at the end.

The four students participating in the relay from their class were Jiang Yang, Qin Xu, Tang Ling Ling and the female student who has a crush on Qin Xu. Before, Jiang Yang and Qin Xu had various system tasks, so they didn’t practice often. During that period of time, it looked like the girls’ feelings for Qin Xu had faded and she no longer tried to find opportunities to talk to him. Although he was a little confused, he didn’t give it much attention.

When the relay started, everyone passionately raced forward and the next person in line got ready to receive the baton. The moment they received the baton, they would similarly accept the energy from the previous runner and energetically raced forward.

Students surrounded the tracks and cheered excitedly for their class representatives.

Jiang Yang was the first runner to allow them to take the lead and place some pressure on the other runners. He then handed the baton over to the female student and soon it was handed over to Tang Ling Ling who was third. She once again sprinted against the wind and, with her long legs, she did her best to not let the distance between the runners widen.

Under the cheers from her classmates, she ran forward and unexpectedly twisted her ankle and fell to the ground. The students around her cried out in surprise and the teachers also assessed the situation with a frown as they checked to see if there was a need to send her off for treatment.

But very quickly, Tang Ling Ling stubbornly stood back up. Despite the cuts on her knees and the fact that the other students have already passed her, she continued to run and managed to pass the baton on to Qin Xu.

Qin Xu received the baton and quickly said, “Don’t worry.”

That calm and firm voice sounded confident and was very comforting.

In the next second, his agile figure rushed forward and chased after the opponent in front of him



He easily surpassed the other runners. His feet appeared to never touch the ground, and everything was a blur. The other competitors watched in horror as he caught up to them from behind. Unwilling to give up, they started speeding up as well. The last runner is always the most competitive and exciting. If a reversal were to happen, it is usually at this point in time.

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Although Qin Xu’s team had an accident, he wasn’t anxious at all. He continued to race forward as per usual with a look of confidence. As if he was a dazzling dark horse, he came out and killed everyone ruthlessly. From third place, he ran to the front and managed to grab first place.

Their class cheered enthusiastically, and they happily ran up to surround Qin Xu.

Tang Ling Ling who was helped over to the medical station by Huang Shao also finally managed to reveal a smile, “That’s great. If we lost this race because of me, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Huang Shao rolled his eyes at her and said with a tone of frustration: “What do you meant you don’t know what to do? Big sister, the blood is almost reaching your shoes and yet you still ran. You don’t care if you’re legs are ruined? If it was actually a broken bone, with you running like that it would only make it worse.”

Tang Ling Ling snorted and glared at him in response: “Don’t you have any ambition or passion?!”

Another female classmate watching on from the side could only say weakly: “Ling Ling, he’s just being concerned about you……..”

Tang Ling Ling snorted and looked away without a word.

Huang Shao’s expression didn’t look too great. Seeing that the school nurse had finished sticking the gauze, he deliberately reached out and pressed slightly onto the wound. Tang Ling Ling immediately cried out and yelled: “Are you crazy?!”

Huang Shao quickly dodged her slap and pouted: “You deserve it.”

Tang Ling Ling looked over at the female classmate, “This is called concern? He wants to kill me!”

Female student: “…………”

School nurse: “………” Students these days.

After the student’s relay race, it was time for the teachers relay race. With loud cheers, the students took this opportunity to take photos of their teacher’s struggling expressions to show them later.

Very quickly, the sports festival had come to an end.

Jiang Yang and Qin Xu stood on the steps next to the podium. In this location, they could clearly see more than half of the field. Jiang Yang took a sip of water and took a step forward wanting to see things a little more clearly when he suddenly felt a strange pulling force from behind him. This force made him fall back uncontrollably and lose his balance. As he lost his balance, he couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of déjà vu. Just as he was about to fall down the steps, he found himself falling into a pair of warm and strong arms. The iced water that didn’t have a lid spilled out and made a large wet patch on Jiang Yang’s chest.

Qin Xu held onto him and laughed at him: “Practicing your tripping skills?”

Jiang Yang’s clothes were drenched, and they felt very uncomfortable sticking to his body. He glared at him with a look of dissatisfaction and subconsciously thought that this must have something to do with the system.

Sure enough, almost at the same time, the system’s mechanical sound was heard: “Initiating punishment: Both parties cannot be too far from each other otherwise you will be forcefully pulled together. Time duration is one day.”

Jiang Yang & Qin Xu: “………..??!” Why the sudden punishment?!

The system answered very seriously: “You ignored the task so it is automatically deemed as failing the task.”

“When was it?”

“It was during the teacher’s relay race.”

So to say, earlier it was too rowdy and they were too immersed in cheering for their teachers that they didn’t hear the task so now its their fault? Can’t you just send more reminders?!

The system calmly said: “I announced it three times. I won’t do it more than three times.”

Jiang Yang & Qin Xu: “…………..*%#@”

After unsuccessfully quarrelling with the system for a long time, they two also no longer cared about what the original task was. Suddenly getting punished like this, they just felt very wronged. Compared to the other students who were happy and excited, the two felt extremely complicated. This was particularly the case for Qin Xu. Hidden under the helpless expression on his face was a slight guilty conscience. Earlier he had pushed the blame over to the system for the running companion incident and this time it had actually spoken out.

Qin Xu secretly asked inside with a hint of nervousness, “Did you tell him?”

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The system was somewhat puzzled: “No. But….why did you do that? Although it had a positive effect for your friendship, why are you afraid of him finding out?”

Qin Xu frowned as he scratched his head. Even he himself didn’t know. He had only done it on a whim and yet after realising what he had just done, he didn’t seem to feel any regret?

Qin Xu seemed to vaguely understand the reason for it, but he couldn’t seem to completely grasp onto the reason. With some irritation he retorted, “What are you asking so much. Be careful or I’ll…..” since he wouldn’t be able to hit it, he unhappily changed his words, “Be careful or I’ll annoy you to death!”

He didn’t expect the system to really fall silent. It probably recalled its experience with Qin Xu in the past.

At this moment, the class leader who had been looking for him ran over with his eyes bright and pulled him over: “It’s time for us to receive the reward for the relay race. Everyone wants you to be the representative.”

Qin Xu was out of his senses and, unprepared, he was dragged on for a few steps increasing the distance between him and Jiang Yang. Qin Xu immediately felt a strong pull. The force got stronger and stronger and he found it difficult to move even more further ahead. Very suddenly, he felt an invisible force pushing him back to Jiang Yang’s position and, like this, he flew straight back to Jiang Yang.

Jiang Yang saw a dark figure fly towards him and subconsciously reached out to catch him. Grabbing onto Qin Xu’s arm, he managed to stop and help support him.

Xiao Yuxin, who had ran over to get Qin Xu, suddenly found his hands empty quickly turned around and saw the two standing side by side. With the blue sky as the background and the gorgeous sun illuminating their faces, they looked unexpectedly well matched.

Based on what he saw, he assumed that Qin Xu was pulled back by Jiang Yang.

Xiao Yuxin couldn’t help but think: Such strong possessiveness? I don’t have any intention to be the third wheel!

He thought he had only silently complained about this internally, but he didn’t realise that his expression had exposed his thoughts and the other two could easily tell what he was thinking.

Jiang Yang had long wanted to ask, what kind of misunderstanding did Xiao Yuxin have about them?

And so, the next second, Xiao Yuxin watched them lean their heads close and whisper to each other. Suddenly, he was forcefully fed dog food.

Jiang Yang leaned in and whispered in Qin Xu’s ear: “Do you think Xiao Yuxin has a strange misunderstanding about us?”

Qin Xu felt the warm breath on his ears and unconsciously moved his ears. His lips curled up and he laughed: “He thinks that you like and that we’re a pair.”

Jiang Yang: “………!!!”

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