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Chapter 50

They left the breakfast shop and walked down the street to an intersection where it was easier for them to grab a taxi.

Jiang Yang looked down at his phone as he was about to call for a car and wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings.

Suddenly, he felt his waist being held onto and he was pulled back away from the curb into a warm embrace. From above his head, Qin Xu’s low voice was heard: “Careful.”

A motorbike whizzed past him and a free-spirited youth with blond hair deliberately let out a whistle before laughing and calling out: “Hi beautiful~”

Jiang Yang instantly reacted to this and, in Qin Xu’s arms, he clenched his fists and said through gnashed teeth: “Fuck! I want to break those dog legs of his!”

Jiang Yang felt the firm chest behind him tremble and thought that Qin Xu was laughing at him. Just as he wanted to lash out at him for laughing, unexpectedly, Qin Xu had a scowl on his face. As if he was unhappy seeing his girlfriend getting catcalled, he muttered darkly: “More than breaking his legs, I would be happy to smash that dog head of his too.”

Qin Xu sensed that youth’s eyes move over to Jiang Yang’s exposed pair of legs. Seeing that wretched look of his, he had the urge to blind those dog eyes. How dare he be this disgusting?!

Jiang Yang was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Qin Xu to be angrier than he is. Why is he angry though?

After the motorbike drove past, Jiang Yang naturally tried to move out of Qin Xu’s embrace. Although Qin Xu had kind-heartedly protected him, he couldn’t help but feel strange being held in his enemy’s embrace. Recalling the earlier scene, he felt extremely uncomfortable and eagerly jumped away from him.

He felt so uncomfortable that he subconsciously felt itchy through his whole body and was a little embarrassed. He didn’t think that the situation would get any worse than this but the moment he looked up he saw Wu Tong and He Shuo standing not far away looking at them. Qin Xu’s arm was also still around his waist!


The moment Jiang Yang saw Wu Tong, this word repeated like crazy in his mind.

While he was in a state of panic and confusion, on Wu Tong and He Shuo’s end what they saw was —– Jiang Yang dressed in a boyfriend style long and loose T-shirt that consequently made him appear even smaller and slender than usual and him being held in Qin Xu’s embrace. In one glance, that scene looked particularly couple-like. Not to mention, Jiang Yang had not reacted to the embrace with anger. Instead, his face was flushed as if he was just hugged by his crush. The delicate features on his pale face was dyed with a slight blush making him look even more stunning and lovable.

He Shuo still remembered them from before. With some doubts he asked: “Aren’t they from our school? I remember senior Qin Xu and next to him…..looks very similar to senior Jiang Yang?”

Wu Tong blinked a few times and unknown thoughts ran through his mind. He unconsciously held onto He Shuo’s hand and gentle kneaded it causing the other party to blush until even his ears went red. Wu Tong thought for a moment and a light flashed through his eyes momentarily. He softly smiled and said: “Yeah…….”

Jiang Yang remembered his current appearance and panicked inside. He directly ignored them and wanted to act like he didn’t see the other party. He grabbed onto Qin Xu and turned around to run. Unfortunately, only after a few steps Wu Tong similarly pulled He Shuo along to chase them. Their legs were long and very quickly they managed to catch up.

Wu Tong even waved his hand and shouted: “Qin Xu, Jiang Yang, what a coincidence!”

Coincidence my ass! I don’t want to see you at all!

Jiang Yang ran as fast as he could but when he subconsciously looked back check how far they were he was surprised to see that they were getting closer at an alarming rate. It was as if they were in an apocalyptic world and were being chased by zombies. Wu Tongs sparkling, bright eyes looked as if he was longing for the taste of fresh meat.

Fuck! So scary!

That guy Wu Tong, isn’t he supposed the be the typical gently school flower persona? Shouldn’t he get all tired after running like that? Did he just throw away that image of his just for the sake of getting to the end of this gossip?!

He then glanced at He Shuo next to him. He didn’t find it any strange and instead……felt that Wu Tong doing her best to run after them was cute and was even worried that he would get tired?

Jiang Yang really wanted to grab onto his shoulders and shake him hard —- Brother, your girlfriend is a man!

Finally, after running across five streets, the four were exhausted and leaned against the wall gasping for air. They no longer cared about their handsome or beautiful image and were tired like dogs.

Wu Tong struggled to catch his breath as he approached them with He Shuo. With a kind and gentle smile he asked, “Why are you running? That’s right is this Jiang Yang? I seemed to have mistaken you for someone else.”

Because he had just ran like crazy earlier, the hair bun on Jiang Yang’s head had already fallen apart and the hair band had disappeared somewhere. His semi-wet hair clung to the sides of his face and his cheeks flushed slightly from the earlier exercise he was subjected to. Jiang Yang however didn’t notice this and just supported his hands on his knees catching his breath. Seeing Wu Tong coming over he immediately answered: “You mean Jiang Yang? I’m his cousin. Who are you?”

Qin Xu froze for a moment and very quickly understood Jiang Yang’s intentions. He also cooperated, “Why are you here Wu Tong? We were chasing a thief earlier.”

Both their words helped explain why they didn’t hear them call out earlier and why they suddenly ran off.

Wu Tong smiled and said: “Is that so? Jiang Yang and his cousin looks too alike. I almost thought he was cross dressing.”

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“Haha….is that so? I’ve often been told that I look a lot like my cousin.” Jiang Yang laughed drily and very reluctantly joked back.

Wu Tong naturally isn’t someone who would be easily tricked. He was still a little suspicious, but Jiang Yang’s body definitely had some changes and didn’t look like something that could be achieved just through cross dressing. For example, his skin colour and his hair. Earlier, Wu Tong didn’t see it clearly because he was too far away but now that he was closer, he could see the changes clearly. Based on his own experiences, the Jiang Yang in front of him is 100% barefaced and had not used anything to whiten his skin. Even his hair was smooth and silky and didn’t look like a wig. Although there was evidence in front of him indicating that he isn’t Jiang Yang, that gaze and those movements of his couldn’t help but rouse Wu Tong’s suspicions. Wu Tong couldn’t guess the presence of a system and could only feel suspicious based on intuition alone.

As for Jiang Yang, he had not thought that far. He didn’t care if Wu Tong was still suspicious, he just wanted to ensure that his identity was not revealed. At the very least, they still had Wu Tong’s secret with them and, if worse comes to worse, they would use it to their advantage. And so, Jiang yang decided to continue playing the role of his cousin.

After all that running, Jiang Yang’s loose hair stuck to the side of his face and he found it uncomfortable. With some frustration, he brushed it aside, but the strands of hair still stubbornly clung to his face. Qin Xu saw those actions of his and laughed at his impatience. He subconsciously raised his hand and helped brush his hair behind his ear.

Jiang Yang was a little surprised and looked over at him. Feeling a little uncomfortable, he uttered out a word of thanks.

Wu Tong watched them interact like this and formed an ambiguous smile on his face, “You two are….?”

Without even needing to think Jiang Yang refuted: “No!”

Wu Tong smiled: “I haven’t even finished asking. That’s right, you must be finding it uncomfortable with your hair out. I have a hair band here; do you want it?”

Jiang Yang had not tried growing out his hair before and he couldn’t help but find the shoulder-length hair very troublesome and heavy. The moment Wu Tong offered this, he quickly nodded his head.

When he received the black hair band, Jiang Yang couldn’t help but feel a little awkward. The girl (?) he once had a crush on is lending him a hair band? No matter how you think about it, it is a very strange scenario.

Jiang Yang shook off the strange thoughts in his mind and reached behind his head to try and tie his hair up. But since he wasn’t a girl, his movements were very awkward, and a few strands still fell through. Eventually, he managed to tie it up but very messily with several strands still sticking out.

Wu Tong watched him tie his hair awkwardly and found it very amusing. He spoke up and asked hesitantly: “Do you need….help?”

Before he could finish asking Qin Xu had already stopped Jiang Yang’s act of self-torture and had taken the hair band away. With some frustration he said: “Let me.”

Qin Xu used his fingers to brush through his hair and very quickly tied it up into a small bun. Although it wasn’t great, it was much better than Jiang Yang’s attempt.

Jiang Yang was a little unhappy and he muttered: “Not used to it.”

He wanted to explain why he wasn’t good at tying up his hair, but he immediately reacted after those words left his mouth. Why is he trying to compete with Qin Xu over how well they tie up hair?!

Wu Tong watched Jiang Yang’s constantly changing expression and then looked over in the distance to a crowd that gradually formed. With a grin he said: “Looks like there’s an event going on? Do you want to go and check it out together?”

Jiang Yang shook his head. He felt that the longer he stayed with Wu Tong, the more danger he would be in. He immediately refused: “No thanks. I should go home now.”

Wu Tong had a look of pity on his face. He tried to persuade: “Why are you in such a hurry? Since it’s the weekend, you should have some fun.”

Jiang Yang laughed drily and took on a good student attitude, “No need. I still have some homework to complete. The teacher will check it tomorrow.”

Wu Tong pulled out his phone and sighed: “Is that so? That’s fine then. I’ll call Jiang Yang and see if he has time to join us.”

Jiang Yang: “……!!!” His phone is in his pocket! It’ll ring!

Qin Xu managed to grab Wu Tong’s hand in time and reminded him: “Don’t call him. That guy’s definitely playing games right now. If you interrupt him, he would get angry.”

Jiang Yang also nodded quickly. At the same time, he reached into his pocket and wanted to change it to silent mode. As he fumbled around, his phone suddenly started ringing and he could only hang up very quickly.

Wu Tong tilted his head, “Huh, he really hung up on me. But did you hear someone’s phone ringing just then?”

His eyes followed the source of the sound and looked towards Jiang Yang. Qin Xu quickly tried to draw his attention away. He grabbed onto his arm and turned him around to the people gathering in the distance, “Weren’t you curious about what event is being held? Let’s go and check it out.”

He Shuo saw Qin Xu grab onto Wu Tong’s arm and momentarily felt jealous. With an unhappy expression, he pushed his arms away. Wu Tong saw him do these actions in silence and couldn’t help but find him extremely cute.

Wu Tong was in a good mood as he held onto He Shuo’s hand with a grin: “Then let’s go and check it out.”

When they got closer, they saw that it was a newly opened chocolate shop having a promotional event. The host explained the event and the prizes enthusiastically. His voice loudly rang out: “First place will receive a platinum membership card to this shop, a 50% discount and also one of our exclusive six-inch black forest cake. Second and third place will receive a three-inch cheesecake. Also, all participants will receive small gifts, so I encourage everyone to participate.”

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Wu Tong looked on with interest but what he was interested in wasn’t the prize but the activity itself.

Speaking of chocolate, it is something that is easily associated with romance, love, couples and other related words. This new store is run by young university students and their idea is naturally quite bold. They wanted to try and get couples to complete and they had arranged several different competitions for them to complete at and earn points in the process. At the end, the points will the added up and ranked, and the prizes would then be distributed.

Jiang Yang glanced at it and couldn’t help but frown. He admired other people’s ability to turn almost everything into valentine’s day related activities but, no matter how excited the others may be, it had nothing to do with him. He was still a chic and single man and would prefer to gnaw on melon seeds rather than being fed dog food.

Unfortunately, there was someone who wanted to destroy his peace.

Wu Tong waved at him and smiled radiantly, “I helped you sign up. Come here.”

Jiang Yang: “…..” He wanted to turn and leave.

However, the next second, he was intercepted by someone. Looking up, he met Qin Xu meaningful gaze. His dark eyes were shining bright and it looked like he was almost as excited as Wu Tong?

What is wrong with this guy?

Qin Xu grinned as he taunted: “Don’t dare to play? Are you afraid of losing?”

Jiang Yang sneered back coldly: “You want to taunt me into playing? What good does this pose for you?

Qin Xu shrugged: “Nothing. I’m just a little curious to see if you’re brave enough to give it a try. Wu Tong is challenging you, but I saw you turning to leave. Are you trying to run away?”

Jiang Yang scoffed, “Stop it. It’s pointless trying to taunt me.”

He then turned to leave but after only a step, he changed his direction. He even looked back at Qin Xu, “You’re not coming?”

Qin Xu laughed and was in a very good mood. He slowly dragged his response out: “Coming~”

And you said that it was pointless.

Jiang Yang had always been rather impulsive and straightforward. Although he didn’t want to admit it, he was provoked by Qin Xu’s words and he ended up joining the competition to compete against Wu Tong. That momentary state of stubbornness may have felt very refreshing, but he soon regretted his decision. As Jiang Yang read through the contents of the competition, he had the urge to run off again.

But before he could take the first step his “boyfriend” had already picked up their number plate and pulled him over to the centre. There were already several couples there getting ready and waiting for the competition to start.

The clerk allocated them their seats and placed several small cakes in front of them. He then said: “One party should feed the other. The person eating should not use their hands or they’re disqualified.”

Jiang Yang: “…………” Ah, so cheesy.

The other participants started whispering. They discussed with each other who will be responsible for eating and who will be feeding the other person. Winning or losing the competition was one thing and most of the couple participated as a chance to show off their love. Some girls, because they were afraid that they would gain weight, chose to let their boyfriends eat. There was also a sense of fulfilment watching their boyfriends eat what they give them. There were also some girls who were foodies and chose to eat the cake themselves. After swallowing each bite, they would reveal a sweet and satisfying smile. In any case, both sides enjoyed themselves in the game and dog food was constantly spilled out to the audience.

The atmosphere on Jiang Yang and Qin Xu’s side however was different. They discussed passionately over who will be eating and just looking at their expressions it looked like they were saying —- The enemy is there! Hurry and kill him!

Jiang Yang watched the girls feeding their boyfriends in such a cheesy manner and couldn’t imagine himself picking up a spoonful of the cake and caringly sending it into Qin Xu’s mouth, so he chose to be the one eating.

Qin Xu picked up the small fork and grinned as he looked at him. Seeing that look of his, Jiang Yang had a bad feeling and felt his scalp go numb.

At this moment, the host called out ‘Start’ and the participants started to move. Only Jiang Yang and Qin Xu had not moved an inch.

Jiang Yang looked at Qin Xu with some confusion and kicked him under the table: “Hey they’ve started. What are you daydreaming about?”

As if he wasn’t in the middle of a competition, Qin Xu casually asked: “What do you want to eat first?”

Jiang Yang looked down at the small cake in front of him. In a charming square shape, a thin layer of cream covered the top of it and there was even chocolate powder sprinkled on top. Several pieces of white chocolate stood in the centre and a piece of mango sat in front. The cake looked both sweet and soft as it if was comparable to clouds.

But Jiang Yang appeared to have the ability to dissociate himself from that ambiguous atmosphere. Forming a thick impenetrable barrier around him he responded without any hesitation: “Doesn’t matter. Hurry.”

Qin Xu picked up a piece with his fork and sent it over to Jiang Yang’s mouth. Just as Jiang Yang opened his mouth to take a bite, he quickly retracted his hands and then moved it up, down, left and right.

Missing the cake several times, Jiang Yang became irritated. He grabbed onto his hand, “You think this is funny?”

“I do.” Qin Xu grinned and nodded. Without any hint of guilt, he also ‘kind-heartedly’ reminded him, “You’re not allowed to use your hand.”

Sure enough, the host looked over and gave them a warning.

Jiang Yang could only reluctantly loosen his grip around Qin Xu’s hand. Because he wasn’t in a good mood, his mouth slightly formed a pout which he himself didn’t notice. Qin Xu saw this childish expression of his and couldn’t help but laugh.

Jiang Yang watched him play around with him happily and angrily kicked him under the table again, “You’re still playing around? We’re about to lose.”

Qin Xu responded very calmly: “Don’t worry. I won’t let you lose.”

Jiang Yang wanted to say something back in retaliation but before he could say it, Qin Xu had already shoved a large mouthful of cake into Jiang Yang’s mouth.

The domineering aura around him suddenly dissipated and emperor Jiang Yang was surprised by that sudden move. With his mouth filled with cake, he could only swallow it down along with the words that he had wanted to say. With bulging round cheeks, Jiang Yang reluctantly moved his mouth a few times and for a moment he looked like a hamster chewing on melon seeds. Just as he wanted to get angry again, he suddenly paused, and his eyes lit up. He exclaimed with some surprise: “It’s surprisingly good?”

Seeing that reaction, Qin Xu could no longer hold back, and he quickly turned his head away while snorting in laughter. The hand holding the fork trembled as he chuckled. Jiang Yang saw that he was being laughed at and his face turned unnaturally red. With a harsh tone he threatened: “Don’t laugh! Shut your mouth!”

Qin Xu couldn’t control himself. He constantly recalled Jiang Yang’s earlier look of surprise as he said that it tasted pretty good — Really is too fucking cute.

Jiang Yang was angry……He didn’t want to continue this competition anymore! Wants to beat him up!

But he knew that he shouldn’t do this, so he resisted the urge and tried to defend himself, “Laugh your ass. You should give it a try yourself.”

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Qin Xu laughed to the point that his face had gone red: “If I eat then we’ll lose.”

Jiang Yang snorted in disdain, “Then don’t eat. Buy one later”

He kicked Qin Xu, “Hurry up and continue.”

Qin Xu looked at the other participants through the corner of his eyes. The others weren’t eating very quickly, and that large mouthful earlier was equivalent to several of their mouthfuls. He wasn’t in a hurry and just asked with interest: “Is it sweet?”

Jiang Yang didn’t want to pay him any attention. He only wanted to eat the cake. His attention was all on the delicious cake sitting in front of him and his competitive nature.

“I’ll continue if you answer me.”

Jiang Yang reluctantly spat out one word: “Sweet.”

Qin Xu smiled with satisfaction and he continued: “But not as sweet as you.”

Jiang Yang: “……..” His fist was itching to move.

“Stop speaking nonsense.” Jiang Yang rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to eat the cake that was passed over.

Without even needing to think, Qin Xu spoke: “What nonsense? Every word I say is filled with my love for you.”

Then, before Jiang Yang could retort angrily, another big mouthful of cake was stuffed into his mouth and Jiang Yang could only glare at him with his cheeks bulging out.

Qin Xu was in a good mood and he watched him while supporting his chin. Internally he thought; Xiao Yang Yang seems to have gotten used to my cheesy lines.

The host walked over to check how they were doing and just as he got closer he saw them interacting with each other lovingly and even heard the cheesy lines that were spoken. Even if they were spilling out dog food, theirs were way too cute and sweet. The host maintained a smile externally as he tearfully ate up the dog food inside.

The cake eating competition had ended and, despite Qin Xu sabotaging their attempt, with Jiang Yang’s competitiveness and the fact that the cake managed to suit his tastebuds, they managed to finish eating and take first place.

Soon after this was the chocolate biscuit competition.

The host explained: “These chocolate biscuits were specially made by our store for this event. Both ends of this biscuit is coated with chocolate and there are none in the centre. The participants only need to eat from both ends of the stick until they reach the part without the chocolate before breaking it off at the same time. It doesn’t matter how long you take, what we’re looking at this time is how accurate you are.”

Taking into consideration the fact that some of the participants may be too embarrassed, the chocolate biscuits were made such that there is adequate space in the centre that was not coated in chocolate. It was about three centimetres and they wouldn’t actually end up kissing. However, with at such an ambiguous distance, it would make most peoples heart beat faster.

After listening to the host’s explanations, Jiang Yang pondered for a moment and pulled at Qin Xu’s arm. He leaned over and whispered: “Since they’re not taking time into consideration then we don’t need to eat it at the same time. We will take turns to eat and warn each other as soon as we get close to the part without chocolate.”

Qin Xu heard this and nodded, “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Jiang Yang was a little surprised. He had not expected him to agree so easily.

Qin Xu naturally noticed his surprised expression and a smile formed on his lips: “Since you’re the person I like, I obviously should listen to you.”

Jiang Yang: “……” Again, those cheesy lines.

After hearing all those cheesy lines, Jiang Yang was surprised to find that he had gotten used to it and was no longer disgusted by it.

Very soon, the second round started.

Jiang Yang picked up the chocolate stick and placed it in his mouth while Qin Xu moved closer and bit onto the other end. They did as they had agreed earlier, and Qin Xu started first. Little by little, Qin Xu slowly approached him and as the stick got shorter, the distance between them also shortened.

Seeing that Jiang Yang was not moving an inch as he slowly approached, Qin Xu suddenly felt a strange feeling surge from inside him. It was like a bubbling hot spring that constantly rippled through and very quickly the bubbling got strong and stronger until it formed a big wave.

Finally, Jiang Yang indicated to him with his eyes to stop but seeing that he continued and made no indication to stop, he felt a little anxious. He proceeded to tug at his clothes and mumble out a vague, “Stop”.

Next, it was Jiang Yang’s turn.

Qin Xu held onto the other end of the stick and silently watched Jiang Yang come closer to him. His eyes remained fixed at his lips. It was rosy and soft and every time he bit down onto the biscuit, his lips would slightly smear against it. Occasionally his white teeth would appear, and he would also sometimes catch a glimpse of his red tongue.

Suddenly, Qin Xu felt his mouth go dry and he unconsciously swallowed his saliva while almost biting off the biscuit that was held in his mouth.

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Qin Xu felt a little hot and wanted to turn his head away, but he couldn’t do it in this situation. In the end he could only stare at Jiang Yang’s slips eagerly and hope that he could hurry up and finish. Unfortunately, the more he stared at it, the fiercer the fire inside him burned. In his eyes, it looked as if Jiang Yang’s lips were moving in slow motion. The moment he saw that he had reached the finishing point, Qin Xu indicated with his eyes and they quickly proceeded to break it off.

A small piece of biscuit without any chocolate coating fell onto the plate between them.

Until the very last bite, the distance between them was very short and they could even feel each other’s breaths on their faces. It caused a ticklish sensation and they couldn’t help but have the urge to scratch but this itching sensation had seemingly travelled all the way to their chest.

They stood there, and both looked away from one another not wanting the other person to notice that something was wrong. Like this, they also happened to miss the faint blush on each other’s faces.

The host compared all the sticks and reported out the results. Jiang Yang and Qin Xu was not first this time but they were amongst the upper ranks.

The last round was couple push ups.

When it came to couple push-ups, Jiang Yang couldn’t help but feel a little strange. This was in fact not his first time doing this with Qin Xu. During physical education class in first year, they had already tried it before. The teacher decided to use this method to encourage the students into doing their push-ups properly.

At that time, the teacher assigned the students into pairs based on their student numbers and Jiang Yang and Qin Xi became a pair. At that time, because they were competing over who would be on top, they ended up getting into an argument. The teacher was very helpless and yelled at them, “What are you fighting about? Both of you will be doing it anyway so who care’s who goes first. Jiang Yang go lie down and switch after one minute. “

The teacher had only called out one of them randomly without bias and the two young boys could only get down reluctantly. Jiang Yang laid down on the ground and Qin Xu supported himself over him with his two hands next to Jiang Yang’s head. The moment the teacher blew the whistle, he bent his arms and began doing his first push-up.

With a bend of his arm, his handsome face gradually moved closer as if it was about to touch. Jiang Yang laid flat on the ground below him and, seeing that annoying face of his come closer, he had the urge the throw a fist out. He clenched his fist tightly and constantly reminded himself to keep calm so that he wouldn’t end up making such a mistake.

When his arms straightened, his body was once again propped up and then he would again bend down slowly. Like this, the distance between them would repeatedly increase and decrease while the expressions on their faces darkened every second. They glared at each other with such intensity that it was almost as if sparks would fly between them.

The teacher watched them and blew the whistle after a minute. He called out for them to stop and exchange positions.

This time, it was Qin Xu’s turn to lie on the ground and Jiang Yang pressed down on top of him. Jiang Yang supported himself with his arms with a frustrated expression while Qin Xu laid below him expressionlessly. The slightly cynical teacher saw this and couldn’t help but think back to the classic scene in Sleeping Beauty. If it was acted out by these two, the story would probably end with Sleeping Beauty sending a flying punch at the prince and the prince, to get revenge, would fight back. Like this, they would scuffle around messily on the floor.

The physical education teacher blew his whistle and shook his head at his own nonsensical thoughts. However, in the next second, perhaps because God wanted to answer the teachers’ brainless imaginations, Qin Xu who laid on the ground started to play small tricks. Jiang Yang saw him move and naturally wouldn’t be able to take it without fighting back. He bent his head down and slammed it against Qin Xu’s forehead. Eventually the two started wrestling with each other on the ground as the other students cheered on. The physical education teacher expresses that he is very tired.

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Back to the present, when Jiang Yang heard the host mention couple push-ups, his competitive nature surged once again. As a man, he certainly shouldn’t be in the submissive position. Thinking back to the time in first year when he laid below Qin Xu and watched his face come and go, he couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable and his scalp go numb.

And so, Jiang Yang listened to the explanations of the last round and grabbed onto Qin Xu: “I’ll do the push-up. You lie down.”

Qin Xu was a little surprised, but he didn’t object.

When each of the couples got ready, the host saw that one of the couples stood out from the rest. It turned out that the girlfriend was doing the push-ups and the boyfriend was lying down on the floor. He couldn’t help but be surprised and he walked over to ask.

Jiang Yang who supported himself with two hands next to Qin Xu’s head answered calmly: “The rules didn’t specify who needs to do the push up right?”

That may be true but normally the girls would let their boyfriends do the push-ups. Also, with the boyfriend above them, they could demonstrate their charms and create a scene that looks like they were about to kiss. Isn’t that very good? Isn’t that the standard practice?

After the host asked them about their decision and seeing that the participant still insisted to do it, the host had no choice but to return to his position with amazement and announce the start of the competition.

At the next moment, the onlookers couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise — This sister is amazing!

Jiang Yang supported himself above Qin Xu and performed push-ups with ease. Even his posture was correct and there was no hint of cheating. His arms firmly supported him and, up and down, he moved according to a steady rhythm that was comparable to the other male participants and at times even faster.

“Fifty-seven, fifty-eight…” 

The girl who helped keep count was shocked. Time wasn’t up yet, and this young lady had already hit sixty! The people watching on initially thought that Jiang Yang was only exerting all her(his) energy to do the push-ups at the beginning and would eventually lose her(his) strength but they didn’t expect to see her(him) speed up instead!

The other participants around them heard the small comments from the audience and couldn’t help but look over. Seeing Jiang Yang doing the push-ups at ease, their mentality immediately collapsed. They saw that, as a man, they weren’t even on par to a weak girl like her and couldn’t help but feel frustrated at themselves. Seeing their girlfriends below them look over at Jiang Yang in admiration they felt a little angry at their ability to shift their attention so quickly.

“Wow, that sister is too handsome. How can she be so good? Is she a sports major?”

“But that sister’s arms are so thin. It doesn’t look muscular at all.”

“So cool. I’m starting to doubt her gender. Could she actually be a cross-dressing man?”

“That’s too much. She’s clearly female okay?”

“I was just saying it randomly. Don’t take it seriously. But she really is handsome. I think I’m about to be bent…..”

“Throw that brother away and come to me!”

“Hahahahaha! Go ahead and give it a try!”

“I was just saying it. Can’t you let someone dream?”

The female onlookers had their full attention on Jiang Yang and they discussed excitedly with each other about him. They were so fascinated by this cool sister that they were almost bent.

Qin Xu naturally heard the others talking. He laid on the ground and had nothing to do while the other person above him moved up and down at a rhythmic pace. The face above his was a face that he saw almost every day. Even if he didn’t see it, he would unconsciously see it in his dreams and he would be constantly pestered by it. Unfortunately, in reality, that guy always asked for a beating. He would constantly switch between being not cute at all to really fucking cute and this made Qin Xu feel like he was about to form split personalities.

And now, because of the temporary cross-dressing punishment given by the system, the other girls unrestrainedly cried out things like; wow, so handsome, please marry me, please have my child and the like and Qin Xu couldn’t help but feel a little unhappy inside. Yes, yes. I know he is handsome, but don’t you feel embarrassed? Can’t you see that he already has a boyfriend? Yet you dare to say all that. Sigh. So angry!

Qin Xu laid on the ground and his expression gradually started to darken. A young girl in the crowd saw this and covered her mouth chuckling: “Stop saying those things. Look, that brother is getting jealous. His expression is so dark. I feel a little bad for the brother, but that sister is so handsome.”

Qin Xu: “…….” If you know it then stop saying it!

The host’s bright voice sounded as he announced: “Time’s up.”

Qin Xu’s heart moved, and he raised his hand to tickle Jiang Yang’s side. Unprepared for that suddenly attack, the ticklish Jiang Yang suddenly felt his arm go soft and, unable to support himself in time, he fell…..

The onlookers saw this accident and couldn’t help but gasp.

Jiang Yang’s reaction was fast. Less than a second after falling, he supported himself up but the soft touch at his mouth had already been imprinted in his mind. With a blank mind, he felt a very strange, indescribable feeling within. In any case, he felt very uncomfortable.

As if he was suddenly stabbed by something, he violently jumped up and sent a glare in Qin Xu’s direction before immediately turning away his face.

Qin Xu guiltily rubbed his neck. He could feel himself burning up and his heart pounded to the point that it felt like it was about to burst out of his chest. He had originally just wanted to tease him a little and make him fall into his embrace but he didn’t expect that…….Anyway, his lips are really soft, like cotton candy, and it seemingly had a hint of sweetness to it?

Qin Xu unconsciously licked his lips like he was trying to recall the brief touch of their lips earlier. There was a slight look of regret on his face as he felt that it was too short. Like a juicy chunk of meat hanging near his mouth, he was not satisfied with only being able to get a quick taste of it. He wanted to open his mouth wide and take a big bite out of it and then slowly savour it as he chewed.

Wu Tong stood not far away and witnessed both their reactions. He laughed and then shook his head. These two cuties are too stubborn. If they like each other, they should just say it straight. Fumbling around like this, even he felt anxious for them. He hoped that with todays stimulation, they would make some progress in their relationship.

He thought this but none of it was revealed on his face. With a normal expression, he witnessed their accidental kiss and teasingly looked over at them. When Jiang Yang noticed his look, he continued to smile at him gently with a look of understanding. Jiang Yang who saw this felt his scalp go numb. He felt as if Wu Tong had just discovered some secret of his that even he didn’t know about.

Finally, the host announced the results of the game. Without a question, the most powerful duo; Jiang Yang and Qin Xu, managed to get first place. This was to be expected since, apart from their own strengths, the other competitors solely focused on showing off their love and feeding other people dog food instead of competing.

Throughout the whole competition, Qin Xu didn’t help much and even deliberately tried to sabotage. At the very end, he even played tricks on him, so Jiang Yang naturally didn’t see Qin Xu in a good light. They had won too easily, and Jiang Yang didn’t feel a sense of accomplishment at all. The only harvest from this endeavour of theirs was the discovery that this was a pretty good dessert shop. Jiang Yang was angry, but this didn’t stop him from picking up his black forest cake and using his platinum membership card to buy other desserts. With his female identity, he wasn’t embarrassed to show his love for sweets and Jiang Yang simply let himself go and bought everything that he wanted to eat.

And so, Jiang Yang wordlessly and expressionlessly looked at the desserts displayed in the glass cabinets. His eyes however were shining bright as if it was saying ——- “This is pretty good. That one too. That one there looks really good too!”

Qin Xu watched him from the side and had the urge to laugh but he didn’t dare to laugh out loud. He knew that if he really did laugh at Jiang Yang, for the remainder of the day Jiang Yang would probably not give him any attention.

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