Chapter 55: Putting on Sunscreen

Qin Xu squinted his eyes and read from his phone monotonously, “Sunburns are a phototoxic reaction caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet light within a short time frame. It can range from mild cases of skin redness to more severe cases of skin blistering. The more times you’re are sunburnt, the more serious the damage is. Under normal circumstances, the human body will repair itself after cell damage. If it loses the ability to repair itself, it is likely for the cells to become mutated and there is a high possibility of getting skin cancer.”

“So………” Qin Xu looked up and gave him a fleeting glance, “You’re also not afraid of cancer?”

The corners of Jiang Yang’s lips twitched, “……How can it be that serious?”

As they waited for the hotel elevator, a young couple just happened to stop next to them. The girl was reminding her boyfriend to put on sunscreen and the boyfriend refused to as he thought that it was something only sissies did. Just as they thought they would start arguing, their voice suddenly quietened down into a whisper. Qin Xu stood closest to them and was able to vaguely make out the words ——– “You’ll help me put it on? Okay then.”

What a stubborn and unyielding boy.

Jiang Yang didn’t hear those words, but he was later nudged by Qin Xu who said: “Look, that guy over there is also putting it on. It’s already 2018. You should keep up with the times.”

Jiang Yang: “……..” Are you a devil? It’s just putting on sunscreen! I’ve never even see you be this serious when you’re doing your homework! Also, isn’t that example strange? That guy caved in because of his girlfriend. Are you my girlfriend? Why are you doing your best to convince me?!

Jiang Yang felt very tired. Before he came he thought that travelling with Qin Xu wasn’t bad. At the very least it was better that going with Huang Shao. But now he felt that it was a mistake and he wanted to take back those words.

However, the reason why Qin Xu is being so enthusiastic and proactive about it was naturally because he had impure intentions. It was just that Jiang Yang didn’t realise it.

The two returned to their room to get ready. They changed into their swimming trunks and took along with them their swimming goggles, towels, sandals etc.

Of course, there was something that Qin Xu had waited in anticipation for —– putting on sunscreen.

The two of them shared a room with two single beds. Jiang Yang naturally sat on the edge of his bed wearing only swimming trunks. His bare upper body revealed smooth and firm muscles, wide shoulders, narrow waist and slender arms. Currently, he was casually rubbing sunscreen onto his exposed skin. Lacking experience, he just rubbed it in as if he was rubbing in ointment and barely managed to spread it out evenly.

His arms, legs and chest were done and all that was left was his back.

“Do you want me to help you?” Qin Xu was waiting for this moment. He grabbed onto this opportunity and asked with a grin while subconsciously swallowing his saliva. Fortunately, it was day-time, so their surroundings weren’t so quiet and this perverted act of his was easily overlooked.

Jiang Yang refused indifferently without even raising his head, “Thanks but I can handle it myself.”

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After he said this, he reached back and roughly rubbed his back a few times. After doing this several times with both hands, he managed to cover most of his back. Although he didn’t put it on very well, Jiang Yang wasn’t too fussed and felt it was acceptable.

And so, as he bowed his head while putting on the sunscreen, he didn’t notice the obvious look of disappointment on Qin Xu’s face.

With his plan to touch that beautiful back of his as much as he wanted to under the pretext of putting on sunscreen ruined, Qin (scheming boy) Xu expresses extreme sadness and regret.

However, he wouldn’t give up that easily and still persevered. He waddled over in front of Jiang Yang and urged him to sit down. In a slightly appealing tone he said, “It’s hard doing the back. Can you help me?”

Jiang Yang: “…….”

Subconsciously, he was rather reluctant, but he had used Qin Xu’s sunscreen and felt like he couldn’t refuse. Qin Xu was also looking at him with a pair of bright, sparkling eyes……

In the end, Jiang Yang could only support his forehead with his hand and say defeatedly: “Turn around.”

“Okay!” Qin Xu didn’t expect him to agree so easily. He was in such a good mood he even accidentally acted a little cute.

Jiang Yang’s lip twitched in disdain, but he didn’t say anything. He squeezed some sunscreen onto his palm and awkwardly rubbed his back a few times. Qin Xu laid on the bed with a pleased expression and even let out a few strange moans.

As Jiang Yang rubbed it in, he felt more and more strange. His attention was unconsciously draw to the heat under his palm and for a moment he even thought that it felt pretty good? The smooth and powerful muscle lines, because of his lying posture, was even more prominent and the faintly lustrous and healthy wheat-coloured skin looked a little sexy…… The moment this thought appeared in his mind, Jiang Yang was surprised. His hand stiffened and he quickly retracted his hand. When Qin Xu raised his head and looked up at him with a questioning look he rubbed his back a few times and quickly said: “Ok done. We should go now.”

Isn’t it kind of gay when two boys help each other put on sunscreen? Also, what was with that amorous atmosphere just then? Was it just his imagination? (What Jiang Yang didn’t know was that it actually wasn’t just his imagination. Qin Xu that bastard even got hard!)

Jiang Yang thought this internally and then tried to find various excuses to try and convince himself that it was just his imagination; it’s just two boys playing around, it’s nothing to that extent, it’s normal touching each other a few times, he just envied Qin Xu’s good figure. Yes, that’s it! There’s no other reason!

Jiang Yang hurriedly made his way to the bathroom to wash his hands. While he was there, he splashed cold water onto his face to try and cool it down a little and to also clear his mind. After he felt that his face had returned to normal, he deliberately pushed the flush button and then opened the door to leave the bathroom.

Qin Xu stood by the door and pretended to ask with concern: “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just a dump.” Jiang Yang responded with an unconcerned and seemingly calm expression. However, Qin Xu who was watching him closely noticed his slightly pink earlobe and found it particularly cute.

………Is he shy?

Qin Xu didn’t expect this. Clearly his plan to touch Jiang Yang had failed but instead he had an unexpected gain from that. It was something that very worthy and he was delighted. He squinted his eyes and pretended to act ignorant as he asked: “Is your stomach uncomfortable? Do you need medicine? I brought some over.”

“No thanks.” Jiang Yang’s lips twitched as he did his best to maintain a calm expression.

Qin Xu again asked with ‘surprise’: “Why did you wash your face? You washed off the sunscreen. Now you’ll need to reapply it.”

And so, Qin Xu very caringly handed over the sunscreen.

Jiang Yang: “……..” This guy is so annoying.

Although he complained internally he complied and reapplied it over his face. He was certain that if he didn’t Qin Xu would be happy to help him out. Thinking of that scenario, Jiang Yang found it extremely gay and a strange sense of crisis formed within him.

For an entire afternoon, Jiang Yang and Qin Xu spent it on the beach. The swam a few laps in the ocean, rested on the beach chairs when they’re tired, sun bathed leisurely in the sun and even went to a nearby store to buy things to eat. With durian ice cream in their right hand and a round coconut in their left hand, they would occasionally lean down to take a sip of the cool and refreshing coconut water and then take a bite of the durian ice cream.

Like this, they spent a day leisurely.

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When the sun set, and the sky gradually turned to dusk, a magnificent scene appeared. The sky was of a flaming orange colour and even the surface of the water was slightly tinged by the warm colour.  With the sky and the sea meeting in the horizon, it was a stunning picturesque view.

In the evening, the sun also became quite gentle. Jiang Yang opened his eyes and lazily yawned. He was slightly hungry. Although they have had something to eat, it wasn’t a proper meal, so he was naturally quite hungry. He supported himself up from his chair, picked up the sandals next to him that was covered in sand and shook it a few times before putting it on.

“Let’s go.” As Qin Xu watched him do those actions while half asleep and in a sleepy and confused manner, his eyes unconsciously softened while his lips morphed into a smile. Qin Xu picked up both their belongings and could help but rub Jiang Yang’s head a few times.

Jiang Yang was slow to respond to this. He didn’t smack away his hand and instead he obediently stood up while yawning and slowly followed behind him.

Really, the more I see it, the more I like it.

Qin Xu grinned widely, and he was in an extremely good mood. He was tempted to pull the other person into his arms and hug him fiercely. Unfortunately, he could only think about it. From the moment he wakes up to the moment he is sober, it would only take a couple of minutes so if he did that while Jiang Yang is completely awake, he would definitely get beaten. However, it seems like quite a good deal being able to hug him in exchange for getting beaten?

Thinking this, Qin Xu sneakily reached his wicked hand out.

Jiang Yang noticed it and asked coldly: “What do you want?”

Qin Xu laughed cheekily before quietly retracting back the hand that was about to touch his waist. As he retracted it, he even used his finger to brush against it briefly.

Jiang Yang felt this and, while yawning, he immediately threw his elbow out. It was just a warning, so it wasn’t a very strong blow.

Qin Xu didn’t care. Instead, he felt that Jiang Yang was getting more and more accustomed to his intimacy.

They returned to their room to shower and change and then went to eat at a restaurant. Very quickly, it was time for bed. After playing for a whole day, they were both tired, so they only played two games before their eyelids started to droop. They quickly gave up the thought of staying up and went to bed.

At night, Jiang Yang laid in bed with his eyes closed. Although he was tired, perhaps it was because he had taken a nap earlier today, he didn’t immediately fall asleep. Instead, it took him a while to become sleepy. He thought that Qin Xu must’ve already fallen asleep, so he resisted the urge to turn over and just laid there quietly.

After an unknown amount time, Jiang Yang suddenly heard some movements. It was the sound of Qin Xu getting up from the bed next to his. He thought that he was just going to the bathroom and didn’t spare it any thought but a second later a dark shadow shrouded over him. Just from the sound, Jiang Yang was certain that Qin Xu was standing by his bed.

The breathing was gentle and cautious, seemingly as if the other party was deliberately controlling it to avoid waking him up. He slowly bent down and gradually leaned closer and closer…..

Jiang Yang’s mind went blank. He was shocked and didn’t know what was going on. He was so nervous that his heart pounded in his chest like crazy and, despite debating over whether or not he should open his eyes, in the end he didn’t move.

A few seconds passed but to him it felt like a century.

Jiang Yang felt the blanket on his body move and it was then pulled up over his shoulder. The other person even very considerately tucked in the edges.

Jiang Yang: “………”

He almost thought that Qin Xu had wanted to kiss him!

Realising that he had misunderstood, Jiang Yang released a sigh of relief while also feeling a little embarrassed from being so overly self-conscious. With a bright red face, he was glad that the room was dark, and no one would see.

As for Qin Xu, he watched the other person for a while before ruffling his hair in frustration and then climbing back onto his bed. That appearance of his made him look like a large dog who was just robbed of its favourite bone. With his imaginary ears drooping down, he looked extremely pitiful.

What the point of secretly stealing a kiss? If he wanted to kiss him, he would rather find a chance to do it openly.

Qin Xu thought this but couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed inside. The only thing that made him happy was that it looked like Jiang Yang wasn’t completely indifferent to him.

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KK has something to say:
Okay that confirms it. Qin Xu definitely should have realised his feelings for Jiang Yang. Look at him using applying suncreen as an excuse to touch Jiang Yang. You sneaky~~

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