Chapter 59: Clinging to You

During this time, Qin Xu was acting a little strange.

Jiang Yang couldn’t place a finger on it as the other party didn’t really do anything, but he just had this inexplicable feeling. Jiang Yang supported his chin and thought carefully until he found out what was different. Recently, his urge to beat him up whenever he sees him had reduced significantly and he even surprisingly found the other person a little pleasing to the eye. Even the words spoken by Qin Xu could now be taken in without disgust….. But he soon returned to his senses and felt that something……..wasn’t right? What is this feeling of being in the dark?

To be more specific, it was just the usual small things.

Jiang Yang was working on the physics paper and when he reached the last problem. He calculated it several times and consistently got the wrong answer and was a little irritated because of that. At this moment, Qin Xu came over to bother him saying that he managed to get MVP in the game and asking for them to play together.

Jiang Yang answered with impatience: “Go play yourself. Don’t bother me.” His tone was very bad, and it was evident that he wasn’t in a good mood. He had always been quite incompatible with physics and, after being tutored by Qin Xu for a while before, he hated it even more.

Qin Xu’s actions stalled for a moment. He no longer played his game and didn’t stick onto him the way he usually did. He pulled his chair over and leaned forward so that he is closer to Jiang Yang and asked warmly: “What’s wrong? Can’t solve it?”

Seeing the other party asking with a good attitude, Jiang Yang was too embarrassed to get angry. He hesitated for a moment before looking down and answering stiffly: “Yeah.”

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Qin Xu’s lips curved up unto a thoughtful and gentle smile. He pointed at the question, “I’ll teach you how to do it and then you can teach me how to do the chemistry homework okay?”

Jiang Yang thought about it and felt that it was a fair deal. He calmly looked at him for a few seconds before nodding his head in agreement. When they finished teaching each other the questions that they couldn’t do, they were free and had nothing else to do. As for revision, that wasn’t something that they would go out of their way to do.

And so……..

Qin Xu proposed, “Voice chat?” (KKnotes: 开黑. Was mentioned in ch17 but it refers to playing online games with voice chat on)

Jiang Yang raised his eyebrows. He was in a good mood, so he didn’t hesitate to agree, “Okay.”

At night, they returned to the dormitory. Everyone took turns to wash up and then climbed onto their own beds to play on their phone. They planned to play for a while before going to sleep.

Qin Xu stopped in the middle of climbing up the ladder and, with half his body exposed, greeted Jiang Yang who was on the upper bunk with a radiant smile. Jiang Yang asked warily, “What?”

Qin Xu acted harmless, “Going to yours to play. Am I welcome?”

“Not welcome.”

“Don’t be so cold.” Qin Xu continued to chuckle. He moved up another step and was about to get onto Jiang Yang’s bed. Jiang Yang frowned and was a little anxious like a small beast whose territory was just invaded desperately baring its teeth to threaten the invader. He threw down his phone and pressed down on Qin Xu’s shoulder to prevent him from getting up.

“Get back to your bed. It’s about time for the lights to turn off.”

Qin Xu pouted, “So what. You’re not going to go straight to sleep anyway. I won’t be bothering you even if I go up there. I feel like you just don’t like me and don’t see me as a friend.”

Jiang Yang just responded perfunctorily: “That’s right. I just find you not pleasing to the eye. Go on now.”

Qin Xu deliberately acted upset and let out a long sigh. His act of sadness looked particularly realistic making Jiang Yang guiltily wonder if he had gone too far. The hands blocking Qin Xu loosened its grip and this gave Qin Xu a chance to break through.

When Jiang Yang saw the other person opportunistically try and climb up again and managing to even get half his body into his nest, he once again felt a little anxious and tried to push him away. Qin Xu pushed in and, with his tall and big stature, he looked very imposing.

“Hey, I’m about to fall off.” Qin Xu suddenly cried out and deliberately sounded terrified.

The upper bunk was a fair distance away from the ground and it looked quite high if you look down from above. Jiang Yang heard this and no longer pushed the other person out. Instead, he even pulled the other person in. What he didn’t know was that this action of his was a clear act of bringing the wolf into his lair.

Qin Xu looked down and, at an angle that could not be seen by Jiang Yang, smiled gleefully. He took advantage of the situation to rush forward and act like it was because he was pulled in by Jiang Yang and even pretended to act scared. Despite being ‘scared’ he managed to press Jiang Yang down with great precision. With both hands supporting him next to Jiang Yang’s face, it had become a perfect bed-don.

(KKnotes: Kabedon = wall slam. Bed-don = bed slam)

Then he even pretended to look relieved and say: “So close.”

His soft breath could be felt on Jiang Yang’s face. It was a little warm and had a cool minty smell. At such a close distance, Jiang Yang felt extremely uncomfortable. Not to mention, with Qin Xu pushing him down so suddenly, Qin Xu’s knees just happened to be between his two legs rendering him unable to move and feeling awkward.

Jiang Yang inexplicably felt all the blood in his body rush up to his head and his brain on the verge of exploding within. He reacted very strongly and immediately tried to push Qin Xu away while he subconsciously lowered his voice down into a whisper. As if he was afraid of others hearing, the words he said had no sound and just consisted of soft, breathy whispers.

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Qin Xu however didn’t take a mile in return for an inch and obediently moved aside. He turned over to lie down next to Jiang Yang. At the end, he looked over at Jiang Yang quickly with a faint smile in his expression.

At this moment, it was time for the lights to turn off and the room instantly fell into darkness. Their eyes failed to adapt to the sudden change so for a moment nothing could be seen. It was as if everything had suddenly disappeared.

Jiang Yang stalled for a moment and then squinted his eyes. From outside the balcony, faint moonlight scattered into the room. Along with the dim streetlights, their dormitory room was faintly lit, and you could make out the faint outlines in the darkness.

A large and warm hand held onto him. He could feel the heat transferred from the palm of the hand directly onto his skin.

Jiang Yang’s eyes met with Qin Xu’s eyes and he inexplicably felt a little more at ease. The words that he said however had a slight tone of scorn and disgust. He stretched his leg out and kicked him, “Go back and sleep.”

“Mmm but your bed is so comfortable. I’m too lazy to move.” Qin Xu laid down comfortably and sprawled out lazily. He clearly revealed his lack of intent to move.

Jiang Yang’s hands struggled around as he wanted to pull it out of Qin Xu’s grip, but Qin Xu held onto him tightly refusing to release his hold.

After struggling for a while, he was unsuccessful. He was also worried about struggling too much and making too much noise that would wake the others up, so he could only indignantly give up.

At this moment, Qin Xu’s attitude suddenly softened. He blinked a few times with those pair of deceptively innocent eyes and, like some kind of small animal, he whispered pitifully: “I just wanted to chat with you and play games with you. Didn’t we already share a bed before? Why are you still so resistant? If you have any problems, just tell me or I won’t know. Being scorned by you so much, I will also be upset.”

In the quiet darkness, the human heart seemingly became softer. All the vigilance that he had during the day was lowered and he was now even more vulnerable to attacks.

Jiang Yang heard his seemingly down and depressed voice and couldn’t help but reflect on his usual attitudes towards him. It seems like he was a little too rude? It’s pretty normal for someone to be sad and upset after being treated like this?

Jiang Yang couldn’t help but mull over it. The look of repentance on his face was clearly seen by Qin Xu who was secretly watching him.

“Let me stay for one night okay?” Qin Xu’s tone was softer and slightly hoarse. It made it difficult for people to refuse.

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Jiang Yang hesitated for a moment before nodding, “Just tonight.”

However, Jiang Yang had actually forgotten something important. With the door now opened, how could this person who likes to take more than he is allowed to just settle with this? He naturally would seize the opportunity to grab firmly onto the doorframe and forcefully push the door open.

Humans, they’re naturally greedy animals.

Qin Xu was now satisfied. He smiled until his eye squinted and curved and he happily played games while sitting shoulder to shoulder with Jiang Yang. What was going on in his mind however was; ‘Another step forward. Next time, he should continue to move forward a few steps.’

Of course, if there is one, there is two. Next time, his request will also be even more outrageous.

The next day, Qin Xu was looking at his phone with pure concentration in the classroom. Xie Zhe curiously moved over and asked: “Xu brother. What are you looking at?”

Qin Xu didn’t even look up, “Studying.”

Xie Zhe leaned down and glanced at the screen briefly. After seeing the contents, all he wanted to say was, what the hell?

This was because what Qin Xu was looking at was a website about parenting. It discussed things such as what parents should do if their child is unwilling to share their toys, what to do if the child refuses to sleep unless they watch cartoon beforehand and the likes.

Xie Zhe was speechless: “Xu brother. Why are you look at that? Are you going to be a father?”

This was obviously impossible.

Qin Xu was also too lazy to explain. He only threw out a sentence, “I think it’s very useful.”

Xie Zhe was even more confused. Useful? How is it useful? Who is it useful for?

During language class, the teacher eloquently analysed and explained the theories behind classical Chinese texts. Jiang Yang however could hear strange noises coming from next to him. It sounded like someone was desperately trying to conceal it, but small noises leaked out every now and then.

Jiang Yang followed the noise and saw that it came from Qin Xu. He had his whole body sprawled over the table while he used his hand to cover his mouth and his eyes were looking at a book that was standing up in front of him. Of course, it was not a textbook. Instead, it was the comic book that he had borrowed. Every now and then he would start laughing like some lunatic and his body trembled uncontrollably.

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That idiotic appearance of his actually made Jiang Yang miss the Qin Xu from the past. The one who liked to act cold and expressionless and would always have an icy look that would make people too afraid to approach him.

Jiang Yang used his pen to poke him and said, “Let me read next.”

Qin Xu looked over at him and nodded. He even wanted to share with Jiang Yang the hilarious plot that he had just read but he could only give up first as he didn’t want to be caught by the teacher.

But sometimes, people easily jinx themselves.

The teacher standing at the podium, with a stern expression and godly eyes that were on par with x-rays, scanned across the room before stopping in their direction: “Qin Xu. Answer the next question.”

The smile on Qin Xu’s face gradually disappeared……..

With the smile on his face gone, he transitioned from extreme happiness to depressing sorrow in less than two seconds.

Qin Xu with his sullen face stood up slowly. He was completely confused and had no idea which question the teacher was referring to.

Qin Xu was very sad, but this made Jiang Yang who sat next to him almost lose his breath from laughing too hard. If not for the teacher being present, Jiang Yang would’ve laughed out loud while hitting the table as he watched his desk partner’s misfortunes.

Qin Xu pouted and sneakily glanced over to Jiang Yang, “Which question?”

Jiang Yang did his best not to laugh and leaned over the table with his hand next to his mouth, “Seventh, seventh question…..”

Qin Xu was standing so there was some distance between them and he couldn’t hear him clearly. He also didn’t know how to read lips, so he could only anxiously bend down and whisper again: “Which question?”

When Jiang Yang was getting ready to repeat his answer, the teacher interrupted him. He deliberately covered his mouth and coughed a few times while saying stoically: “Jiang Yang if you try to help him out I’ll make both of you to copy the text out ten times.

Jiang Yang could only shrug his shoulders and spread his hands as silent demonstration of —– Can’t help you now.

Qin Xu looked up to the sky and sighed. He could only say honestly: “I don’t know.”

The teacher smiled: “Then why aren’t you paying attention to class? Are you still going to laugh? Are you still going to play around?”

Qin Xu could only silently exclaim, teacher everything you say is right. Everything is as you have said.

After this, the teacher nodded his head reluctantly and allowed him to sit back down. Of course, he still gave Qin Xu the punishment of copying the text five times to strengthen his memory and practice his handwriting.

After sitting back down, Qin Xu’s eyes had become sorrowful and sad. He even took the opportunity when Jiang Yang was not paying attention to firmly grasp onto his hand.

Jiang Yang struggled for a while but to no avail. The moment he saw Qin Xu’s face, he couldn’t help but remember the earlier incident and snorted. He couldn’t supress his laughter and could only look down with his mouth covered as his shoulders shuddered uncontrollably.

Qin Xu glared at him resentfully.

Jiang Yang: “………Pfft.”

It could be said that he didn’t give Qin Xu any face.

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