Chapter 61: Want to cry!

Eat your ass.

Director Wang didn’t have a good expression. His mouth moved a little as he tried to restrain his outburst. In the end he could only say solemnly: “Every one of you write a 1000-word reflection essay and hand it in to me tomorrow. No exceptions.”

“Huh? Why?” Everyone had thought that they had managed escape the crisis and complained with dissatisfaction.

Director Wang coughed a few times seriously, “You should all know the reason yourself. Make sure you write the reflection essay seriously. Okay, everyone go back to your own rooms. It’s time for lights to turn off!”

Those who weren’t from the room could only leave sullenly. However, it was actually a pretty good outcome considering the fact that they didn’t get it marked next to their name. They even managed to see the usually stiff director Wang be at loss for words.

Something like a reflection essay was something that they had written many times. How hard can it be to write it again?

I fully understand my mistake. I shouldn’t have been so reckless to celebrate my classmate’s birthday and disrupt the peaceful learning environment at the dormitory. Next time, I should discuss with the teacher in advance before I do anything like this. I should also remember to invite the teacher over to have some cake.


All they had to do was to expand on the above content, particularly the part where they admitted to their mistakes to fully express their sincerity and demonstrate to their teacher their desire to correct their attitude.

Director Wang also saw their sincerity and so he asked their respective class teachers to also punish the boys to one week of cleaning duties.

Because this incident was caused by Huang Shao, he felt that the others were punished because they were trying to help him, so he happily took up most of the cleaning duties. But Jiang Yang and the others didn’t give him any face. They called him crazy and directly picked up the mops and brooms and proceeded to start cleaning.

Cleaning duties may be troublesome, but it wasn’t something that they wouldn’t want to do. If everyone worked together, they would be able to finish it up quickly. Compared to cleaning duties, writing reflection essays were more troublesome. This was particularly the case for Xiao Yuxin. As a completely innocent bystander, he didn’t know what was going on and then it suddenly ended. As a good student, he had never written a reflection essay, so he didn’t even know where to start.

Huang Shao came over and glanced at what he wrote. He grinned and said: “You can’t write like that. Let me teach you. I have lots of experience.”

The other students looked at him and were at loss for words. Was this something that he should feel proud about?

Since it was a week of cleaning duties, they were also naturally responsible for it on Friday. The others could pack up and head home, but they were required to stay behind to clean up. They felt very miserable.

However, Qin Xu was definitely not one of them.

He didn’t mind being able stay at school a little longer. After all, it was more difficult for him to invite Jiang Yang out during the weekends when he’s at home. He had always used the system as an excuse to invite him out and if he used it too often, Jiang Yang would get suspicious. Qin Xu also didn’t want Jiang Yang to get close to him only because of the system.

Qin Xu took the initiative to take up the same job as Jiang Yang. He picked up the mop and happily followed him to the bathroom to wash it.

When you’re with someone you like, even something as boring and troublesome as cleaning would seem interesting and you would even hope that time would pass a little more slowly.

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There were only several of them left in the classroom. With the classroom now empty, they were free to do what they wanted. Huang Shao even sprawled over the podium and secretly turned on music from the computer to play while they worked. The exciting and up-beat tempo excited the boys and they became even more energised.

Suddenly, Huang Shao thought of something. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something but, seeing that Jiang Yang was there, he secretly glanced at him a few times and waited until Jiang Yang left the room to wash the mop. Only then did he sneakily speak up with a smile: “Speaking of which, Xu brother only randomly made the lie up to save me but now that I think about it, Xiao Yang Yang’s birthday is actually coming up.”

Qin Xu who was prepared to also leave the room to follow Jiang Yang stopped his steps and looked back at Huang Shao.

Huang Shao realised: “That’s right. Xu brother probably didn’t know about it. Jiang Yang’s birthday is……….”

Qin Xu however interrupted him, “I know. It’s next Tuesday. I’ve already prepared his gift.”

Huang Shao was surprised: “What? What gift?” He no longer cleaned the blackboard and looked at Qin Xu with great curiosity.

Qin Xu however maintained the mystery. He knocked onto the table with his knuckles and just smiled, “You’ll find out on the day.”

Was it a secret surprise?

Huang Shao was even more curious, but he looked at Qin Xu’s smiling face and couldn’t help but think that there was some hidden intent behind it. What on earth did he prepare?

However, Qin Xu continued to keep his mouth closed. This only made Huang Shao’s heart tickle with curiosity all the more. Huang Shao had always been this kind of stupid and straightforward kind of person and it was very hard for him to hide things. When Jiang Yang returned back with the mop, his expression was very obviously stiff despite his attempt to act like nothing had happened. He was afraid that Jiang Yang would suspect him and even ran over to Qin Xu’s side to act as if he was chatting with him very cheerfully. Unfortunately, the scene looked even more awkward like that.

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Jiang Yang was too lazy to comment and just silently rolled his eyes. He continued to mop the floor and leave a wet path behind him. With several boys working together, they managed to get everything done quickly.

The job Xie Zhe was responsible for was done quickly and, seeing that they others were almost done, he didn’t help out and just sat down to play on his phone for a while.

A phone vibrated as it received a message notification.

Huang Shao picked up his phone and started laughing explosively the moment he saw the message, “You’re amazing class leader! A genius! Starting from today you are my male god!”

Xiao Yuxin who was diligently putting the tables back in place looked up in confusion.

Huang Shao was still immersed in the news that he had just received and didn’t notice the fact that Xiao Yuxin didn’t have a phone with him

In the class group chat.

The math teacher sent a message in the group chat saying that he had forgotten to assign an assignment today during class and he would send it out now.

Before he could send his next message, a notification appeared —- The math teacher was blocked by the administrator for one day.


Huang Shao read this out and almost died from laughing. He could imagine the math teacher’s expression as he steamed in anger.

As for Xiao Yuxin who had just found out what had happened, he felt wronged and wanted to cry. He turned around to look at his own seat and saw Xie Zhe sitting there secretly slipping his phone back into his seat pocket.

Xiao Yuxin: …. Excuse me, I have already seen it.

He strode over to him angrily and grabbed his own phone before trying his best to fix the situation. But the moment he turned on his phone, his screen lit up and he received a message from the math teacher.

The teacher said: “Class leader. Do you want to help the whole class do the homework instead?”

Xiao Yuxin: “…….” I want to cry! Teacher, please let me explain!

The usually serious and sincere top student was now rendered into a pitiful state. He bit his lips anxiously and his eyes flitted around in panic. As someone who had never opposed the teacher, he felt helpless and at loss.

On the side, Xie Zhe saw the little class leader panic to the point of almost crying and felt a little guilty. He rubbed his nose and pressed down on his shoulder: “I saw the teacher’s message and reacted instinctively. Don’t worry, I’ll help you explain to the teacher.”

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Xiao Yuxin didn’t care about his supposedly good intentions. He ruthlessly pushed him off his shoulder and didn’t let him touch his phone.

With a slap, the sound of his palm hitting Xie Zhe’s hand was heard clearly in the silent classroom.

Xie Zhe may always appear cheery and mischevious but his temperament is actually quite similar to Qin Xu’s; a little cold. He wasn’t someone that people can easily get along with. If someone were to step onto his bottom line, he would not hold himself back. Before, he had been in a fight with a boy from another class and it had become a famous legend. Everyone knew that he was someone that they shouldn’t anger.

But now, the bad-tempered Xie Zhe not only didn’t get angry after getting hit, he even bent down so that he’s closer to Xie Yuxin and tried to placate him with a soft voice: “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

He apologised very seriously without a hint of jokiness.

Xiao Yuxin suddenly heard the serious apology spoken next to his ear and for a moment didn’t know how to react. In fact, it wasn’t that serious, and he was just a little angry, but it wasn’t to the point that would lose his mind with anger. Seeing Xie Zhe lowering his voice and apologising sincerely, he was both surprised and a little panicked. He subconsciously stepped back to create some space between the two of them.

He felt a little stuffy and found breathing slightly difficult.

Xiao Yuxin’s brain short-circuited. He quickly waved his hand, “It’s nothing. I’ll explain to the teacher myself.”

He then turned around and faced his back to Xie Zhe. After taking a few deep breathes, he gripped tightly onto his phone and tapped on the screen a few times. While he very seriously replied to the teacher, he managed throw the strange feeling that had arisen inside him a moment ago to the back of his mind.

Xie Zhe looked at his back and felt somewhat frustrated. He felt like he had over done things and regretted it to death. Based on Xiao Yuxin’s good student personality, he probably hated getting on the wrong side of the teacher. This time he was innocently involved in the fight, was forced to write his first reflection essay and was even punished with one week of cleaning duties. With that happened just now, although it might not seem like anything to the other boys, but for a class leader like him it must’ve been a pretty heavy blow.

But in fact, Xie Zhe was overthinking things. He had misunderstood Xiao Yuxin.

Although he may be a good student in the eyes of the teacher, but he also wasn’t someone who would rather die than defy the teachers. It was just that he had not done it before so was a little at loss initially. The teachers are also ordinary people and they won’t eat them up if they didn’t listen to their words. Xiao Yuxin understood this.

Compared to this, what Xie Zhe was worried about was his studies. That’s right, studies.

For a top student like him, studying is the most important thing. I love learning. Learning makes me happy. Xiao Yuxin passionately absorbed all the new knowledge into his mind and felt extremely satisfied when he manages to learn something that he didn’t know of before.

You probably couldn’t tell but studying had turned out the be the biggest obstacle sitting between Xie Zhe and Xiao Yuxin. Metaphorically, it was like a tall mountain that was difficult to cross.

As for Xie Zhe himself, he didn’t like studying. The reason was mainly because every time he looked at a textbook, he would feel annoyed and get a headache.

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