Chapter 8: Midnight Mansion (6)

In the diary, Mrs. Mei Jie’s writing was messy and frantic. It was clear that she was extremely infuriated. The entire page recorded her anger and resentment after being betrayed.

【Yes, I killed her. I was the one who killed Mary that fake bitch. I also confined Charlie in the basement, and I will kill him as well!

How dare they betray me! Using the chance when I’m away at a banquet, these despicable low lives actually betrayed me. That Charlie even used my money to buy her an emerald necklace. He never got me anything!

This is ridiculous. Who do they think they are? They’re just a couple of lowly peasants. But I was equally stupid to have pushed for this marriage. No romantic feelings between childhood friends? How could I have believed such a ridiculous lie and even agree to recruit Mary as a maid? In the end, I had personally sent her to my husband’s bed.

Only by killing them will I be able to dispel my hatred. I originally wanted to smash that necklace but then I saw a small line of words on it. It looked like it was written in their home language and I can’t understand it.

I asked Charlie but he refused to say anything. Hah. Did you think that I don’t have any other tricks up my sleeve? I will hire someone to translate it for me. I must know what this bastard has engraved onto that necklace.】

“………..So the necklace is also engraved.”

Cheng Zhi Chu frowned. He made Wang Jianming take the necklace out again and examined it carefully. He found that there really were a couple of small characters engraved on the silver chain, but he couldn’t understand it. He had initially thought that it was just a pattern.

“Looks like there currently isn’t a way to read it. We probably might need to find a special clue first.”

He explained and then allowed Wang Jianming to store the necklace away again. He then opened Mrs. Mei Jie’s diary to another page and started to interpret it. He couldn’t help but feel a chill through his body.

【Mary is pregnant. She’s actually pregnant with Charlie’s child! They not only betrayed me, they even created a bastard!

This was something I discovered when I cut open her stomach with my own hands. When I saw it, I was so furious that I went mad. By the time I had returned to my senses, I was covered in blood and her stomach had been mutilated and destroyed.

But I wasn’t at all scared. Instead, I felt very refreshed. I locked Charlie in the basement where there was no light, no water and no food. All that is there is a dim light.

But he isn’t alone. I have allowed the family of three to be reunited in the basement – I threw in Mary’s head, hands, feet, ribs and minced meat (the bastard is also mixed along with it). In a metal bucket, I filled it with blood that I had drawn from her body. If Charlie didn’t want to die of thirst, he would have to drink her blood. If he didn’t want to starve to death, then he would have to eat her flesh.

I told him that that is his beloved Mary and his child. I want to see whether or not he would choose to eat them. Of course, even if he eats them, I will not let him go. This is the price of betraying me, Mei Jie Sorcha!】

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【Before I had moved to this mansion, my father once told me that there are several secret passages. It was made to be used in case of an emergency so only a small handful of people knew about them. It was also because I was going to move into the mansion that he told me about it. He even specially told me not to tell Charlie because, even if he is the closest person to me, it doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t betray me.

I’m glad that I had listened to my father’s words and have never told Charlie about it so he didn’t know that there is actually a hidden door in the basement that can lead him to the corridor on the second floor. I use this passage to check up on him.

Charlie didn’t know that I would stand behind the hidden door and observe him secretly. I watched him sitting amongst the pieces of flesh trembling and retching while continuously crying and mourning. He confessed to his sins of cheating on me and begged to be released but I had ordered that no one should get close to the basement so naturally there was no response.

I watched him become weak and confused. Soon, his mind had gone crazy.  He started to hit his head against the wall and leave bloody scratches all over the floor and the walls.

Day by day, Mary’s head rotted. Eventually, it reached a point that her eyeballs fell out of that pretty face of hers revealing dark, rotten flesh and white bones. You could even see small maggots crawling around within her empty eye sockets.

Her meat had also become especially rancid. Sometimes Charlie would become mad due to hunger and laugh deliriously while picking up a piece and taking a bite. When he swallowed it and it reached his stomach, he would come to his senses and vomit it back out before continuing to slam his head against the wall.

I stood behind the hidden door watching this entire scene desperately covering my mouth with my hands.

If I didn’t do that I wouldn’t be able to hold back my laughter.】

“How can she be so perverted……”

After reading the two entries, Cheng Zhi Chu’s scalp went numb and he rubbed the back of his hands. He felt like his stomach was doing somersaults inside him and fortunately it had been a while since he last ate, or he would have already vomited it out.

“This entry mentioned that there’s a secret passage that joins the basement to the corridor on the second floor.”

“The door to the basement has already been sealed by the second owner so if we wanted to enter to basement, we would need to do through the secret passage…….Well, since the basement is mentioned twice now, it looks like we will have to go there through the secret passage eventually.”

He resisted the urge to vomit and just said those words to the others before turning over to the last entry in the diary.

【Charlie is finally dead. He fell to the ground and never got up again. I don’t know what the cause of his death was. Who knows? Perhaps it was dehydration, or infection, or hunger. I don’t really care how he died.

I give him my congratulations. He can finally be reunited with Mary and his child forever —- I wonder if they ever thought that they would reach this kind of ending every time they betrayed me?

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Go to hell together and rot there you bunch of imbeciles.

Coincidentally, today the person from their hometown that I had hired to come over finally arrived. He took a look at the engravings on the emerald necklace and told me what it said. So ridiculous. The words written on it was———-】

“Our future child will be called Joshua.”

【Our future child will be called Joshua.】

Just as this line of words reached Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes, he faintly heard Ren Xue’s voice.

“You understand it?”

Cheng Zhi Chu looked up with a look of surprise only to suddenly freeze up.

Not far in front of him, Ren Xue revealed an extremely strange smile and she gently rubbed her stomach as if there was an unborn life inside her.

On her neck hung the emerald necklace that emitted a strange green glow. Wang Jianming who was holding onto the necklace not long ago looked down at his empty hands with a pale face. The necklace was now on Ren Xue’s neck!

“Xiao Xue!”

Wang Jianming was anxious. He reached out wanting to take off the necklace, but Ren Xue reacted first and grabbed onto his shoulders. Her nails had become long and sharp and it easily penetrated through his clothes and flesh. In pain, he grimaced while crying out: “Xiao Xue!”

“Dear, answer me quickly. Do you think Joshua is a good name?”

Ren Xue’s mouth opened into a smile. Her mouth opened wider and wider until it made up almost half her face. Large amounts of blood and flesh poured out from her throat and her tongue waved about wildly as she let out a harsh scream.

“Answer me! Is it a good name?! Is it?!”

“Xiao-Xiao Xue…..”

Her nails had pierced deeply into Wang Jianming’s shoulder and, in a blink of an eye, he was covered in blood. With an anguished expression, he twisted around in pain, but he continued to persevere and reach out to her wanting to remove the necklace from her neck. In the end, his arms could only fall weakly by his sides.

Cheng Zhi Chu was in shock for a few seconds. He was scared to the point that his face was ghostly pale. He quickly looked back at Bai Yi and anxiously asked for help: “Bai Yi, do you have anymore holy water? Hurry and save those two!”

Bai Yi frowned slightly. He shook his head and said: “It looks like the necklace has some kind of power. Ren Xue has already been possessed so she can no longer be saved.”

Why? Is that necklace not just an ordinary instance prop?

Cheng Zhi Chu opened and closed his mouth speechlessly as blood splattered onto his face. In shock he looked over at the two people who were fine just moments ago now lying in a pool of blood. Ren Xue who had already taken a monster-like appearance pulled out her sharp claws and opened her mouth wide. She looked as if she would bite off Wang Jianming’s head any second.

His hands and feet went cold. After being scared stiff for a moment, he saw Lu Wenjing standing on the side in shock while holding onto her crowbar. He gritted his teeth and rushed over to grab her crowbar. Just as Ren Xue was about to bite Wang Jianming, he raised the crowbar and smashed it onto Ren Xue’s head.


After she converted into a monster, Ren Xue’s skull for some reason had become very fragile. With just a hit, her head split open like a watermelon. Her head and face split into several pieces and blood, brain fluid and skull fragments flowed onto the ground while emitting a strong bloody smell.

The headless body collapsed softly onto the ground and no longer moved. The emerald necklace also fell along with the body onto the ground with a ‘thud’.

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【Congratulations for killing the monster. You gain 100 experience points and 50 survival points.】

【Player level has upgraded to level 3】

“Huff, huff……”

Cheng Zhi Chu held onto the crowbar while gasping for air. Hearing the systems announcement, his face went pale and he felt very uncomfortable inside. Ren Xue who was just talking to him earlier had become a monster in an instant and was just killed by him. How could he easily accept something like that……….


Suddenly, Cheng Zhi Chu was pushed down. The back of his head made a hard collision against the ground and for a moment everything went black. Wang Jianming pulled at his shirt collar while covered in blood and shouted at him: “You killed Xiao Xue! You killed her!!”

But I did it to save you…..

The still dizzy Cheng Zhi Chu opened his mouth wanting to explain but Wang Jianming angrily grabbed his neck instantly cutting off his ability to breathe. He grabbed Wang Jianming’s wrist and struggled desperately. Less than a few seconds later, he heard a dull sound and Wang Jianming had fallen to the side. Cheng Zhi Chu was then pulled up and held in an embrace.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Bai Yi held him in his embrace and gently stroked his hair. In a soft and gentle voice, he repeatedly comforted him.

Cheng Zhi Chu who had just killed Ren Xue who had become a monster and was then almost killed by Wang Jianming was originally trembling in fear but with Bai Yi’s soothing, his gradually calmed back down and a bit of colour returned to his face. Holding onto the corner of Bai Yi’s shirt, he didn’t make a sound, but the rims of his eyes were a little red.

“You did the right thing. You did it to save him.”

The handsome man patted his back and spoke in a very warm and soothing tone, but his eyes were conversely extremely cold, as if darkness emanated from within. He looked over at Wang Jianming on the ground as if he was looking at a corpse.

After a while, Bai Yi gave Cheng Zhi Chu some calming pills allowing Cheng Zhi Chu to calm back down and restore some heat to his cold hands and feet. When he finally recovered, he was embarrassed that he was held in Bai Yi’s embrace and comforted for such a long time.

“Thank you……….”

Cheng Zhi Chu coughed and moved out of Bai Yi’s embrace. He then returned Lu Wenjing the crowbar.

Bai Yu shot him a smile and said with curved eyes: “I will always welcome you whenever you need to be comforted.”

“…….” Cheng Zhi Chu’s face felt hot but he only took it as Bai Yi teasing him and didn’t take it seriously. He turned over to Wang Jianming who had fainted on the ground and pondered over what to do about him.

As for Wang Jianming’s early act of attempting to kill him, he was naturally a little upset about it since he had returned his kindness with ingratitude, but he had killed Ren Xue so it wasn’t like he couldn’t understand why Wang Jianming wanted to hill him. If you asked him to leave Wang Jianming behind to die, he was a little reluctant but if they brought him along, he would definitely try to kill him when he wakes up……….

Faced with such a dilemma, Cheng Zhi Chu toyed with the idea of whether or not he should tie Wang Jianming up first and see what his reaction was like when he wakes up. He wanted to ask Bai Yi and Lu Wenjing for their opinions but, before he was able to do so, Lu Wenjing suddenly screamed in horror as she looked in front of her with wides eyes and she stumbled backwards.


A strange sound came from behind Cheng Zhi Chu. His entire body stiffened and, holding onto the flashlight, he slowly turned around. Ren Xue’s headless body slowly got up while mutilated flesh and blood fell out from the openings. From the small remnants of a throat, a strange sound was heard.

It was clearly not the sound that a living human could make but it strangely managed to compose a sentence.

“…….Say, he……he should be called Joshua……okay?”


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 8)

That man must die. He dared to try and hurt Zhi Chu.

I’m sorry Zhi Chu. Even if you want to save him, I can’t let him live.

If I wasn’t holding onto Zhi Chu at that time, I would have already ripped that man to shreds. The only reason why I gave up that idea was because I didn’t want to scare Zhi Chu.

With him in my arms, I was able to hold onto my last sense of reason.

……..So, you should hug me more often okay? This way I will not go crazy.

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