Chapter 17: Abandoned Hospital (1)

Is that Ji Yun Xiao? Looks so alike……..That definitely is Ji Yun Xiao himself!!

Although it was quite dark, Cheng Zhi Chu had often seen Ji Yun Xiao through the screens so he could recognise him in one glance. The handsome young man standing in front of him is indeed Ji Yun Xiao himself.

Cheng Zhi Chu was shocked. He couldn’t believe that a super popular idol like him would also be involved with Infinite Escape. His first reaction to this was to think that his sister and the fans would be extremely upset if he was to die.

He then noticed that Ji Yun Xiao’s gaze was fixated at his clothes and he even looked a little embarrassed. Only then did Cheng Zhi Chu react and realise that he was still wearing the T-shirt printed with Ji Yun Xiao’s face and he was even holding his doll in his arms. In an instant his face went red and he hurriedly hid the doll behind him.

Fuck. This is really too embarrassing. How can he meet Ji Yun Xiao in such a situation……..He was actually wearing the other partys’ fan club shirt and holding onto his doll while tackling this escape game…………What is he going to be treated like now?!

His expression couldn’t help but become very stiff.

Ji Yun Xiao’s fanbase is extremely large. It wasn’t surprising that most of it would be made up by young girls or young women. Along with his kind temperament which greatly contrasts with his onstage persona, and his appearance as a top student in one of the most popular tv series, he also naturally became popular amongst the elders.

But there was one type of fan that is very rarely found in his fanbase and that is: young male fans.

For some reason, Ji Yun Xiao didn’t have many young male fans. The occasional ones that would appear would immediately be interrogated by the female fans and even have their sexuality questioned.

——– That’s right. Of the extremely rare young man fans of Ji Yun Xiao’s, quite a few of them are gay. Someone straight like him was extremely rare……….Wait. He’s actually not a fan of Ji Yun Xiao’s. If he was mistaken to be his fan, then he would be troubled.

Cheng Zhi Chu cautiously glanced at Bai Yi and was surprised to see that Bai Yi’s originally kind and gentle look had once again changed. His eyes were several degrees colder as he glanced through the corner of his eyes at Ji Yun Xiao

Oh no. It looks like a steel straight man like Bai Yi really doesn’t like Ji Yun Xiao at all. And because of his clothes, Bai Yi would have definitely misunderstood him for being Ji Yun Xiao’s fan and possibly even mistakenly thought that he is a gay.

Cheng Zhi Chu started to sweat. He already has a pretty bad record so if he is misunderstood again……When a lie is repeated many times, it will eventually become the truth. This would be the same for misunderstandings. By that time, it would be too late for any explanations!

He opened his mouth and was about to explain when he was suddenly interrupted with high pitched screams. In an instant he was surprised, and he looked towards the source of the sound with wide eyes.

The leaves in the forest swayed and two beautiful and sweet looking girls rushed out. They ran and stumbled over before Ji Yun Xiao with their faces flushed with excitement. As if they would immediately faint on the spot, their eyes were wet with tears and they asked in a trembling voice.

“Xiao Xiao? Are you Xiao Xiao? Are you really Xiao Xiao himself?!”

Ji Yun Xiao appeared to be a little intimidated by them. After taking a small step back, he slowly nodded his head and said gently: “Yes…..I’m Ji Yun Xiao. Hello.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! My god! We really saw Ji Yun Xiao in person! It really is him!!”

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The twin girls covered their faces and once again screamed. They had completely forgotten about where they are now and just jumped around excitedly and chattered while circling around Ji Yun Xiao.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Cheng Zhi Chu quickly stored the doll into his bag’s storage space. If it wasn’t because he didn’t have a change of clothes, he would have also taken the shirt off too.

“Are you also his fan?”

Bai Yi asked as he walked over to him and his eyes swept over the shirt.

“No. I’m really not Ji Yun Xiao’s fan. This is all a misunderstanding.”

Cheng Zhi Chu quickly shook his head. He quickly explained that his sister had forced him to wear this to take photos just before he was sent into the instance. But to avoid being overheard by Ji Yun Xiao and that pair of sisters and making things awkward, he tiptoed and quietly whispered into Bai Yi’s ears.

The warm breath blew onto Bai Yi’s ears and reached his skin. Cheng Zhi Chu’s faint body scent also travelled over, and his soft hair tickled against Bai Yi’s neck. Such an intimate act made Bai Yi stall slightly. He then looked down at his thin neck and pale clavicle, and his eyes immediately darkened.

“……..So I’m really not like that towards Ji Yun Xiao…….”

Cheng Zhi Chu was afraid that Bai Yi would misunderstand and spent a long time explaining when he noticed that the handsome man was just standing there unmoving and staring at his body with dark eyes.


For some reason, Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly felt a little cold. He couldn’t help but shrink back and call out in a small voice.

At this moment, Bai Yi seemingly came back to his senses. His beautiful dark eyes trembled slightly, before moving up. He smiled softly at Cheng Zhi Chu and asked: “What’s wrong?”

Cheng Zhi Chu opened and closed his mouth. He felt that Bai Yi is acting a little strange but he also seemed to be acting normal……….Anyway, there was just a strange feeling that he couldn’t put his finger on.

“No………..” He scratched his head, “What I just said earlier, did you hear it?”

“I heard. I know you’re not his fan.”

Bai Yi smiled and reached out to ruffle Cheng Zhi Chu’s hair. Pretending to be nonchalant, his fingers gently brushed against his earlobe and cheek before quickly moving away.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t misunderstand anything. Also, it’s your own choice which celebrities you like. Even if you really like him, it’s………..” He paused for a moment before smiling again, “It’s okay.”

As expected, Bai Yi is still as gentle and considerate as ever. This made Cheng Zhi Chu feel extremely moved. Just as he wanted to say a few more serious words to emphasise how straight he is, he suddenly saw something happening on Ji Yun Xiao’s end through the corner of his eyes.

A strong man dressed in a black suit walked over and separated Ji Yun Xiao from the two sisters. With a serious look he said something to the sisters, and they started to argue back. Ji Yun Xiao stood behind the man with a helpless expression. He looked like he wanted to stop them arguing but he couldn’t find the chance to interject.

“Our boss doesn’t have the heart to reject fan’s requests but please restrain yourselves. If you touch him excessively, it can be considered sexual harassment. Also, don’t forget where you are right now. It is very dangerous here so please get rid of that playful attitude.”


Being stared at by those oppressive eyes, the two girls pouted unhappily and snorted quietly. They then looked at Ji Yun Xiao behind him with eyes filled with expectations: “Xiao Xiao, can we become your friend through the forum? Or you can give us your contact……”

“No.” The big man said coldly.

The two sisters immediately exploded: “Xiao Xiao didn’t even say anything. Who do you think you are?!”

“……….” Ji Yun Xiao revealed a troubled expression. He then shook his head, “Sorry……..”

“Okay then……….”

The twin girls were a little disappointed. Cheng Zhi Chu saw this and he felt that Ji Yun Xiao really was as his sister had described. Contrary to the cold and overbearing image onstage, offstage he is actually a very good tempered, polite and well-mannered baby. If it wasn’t for his bodyguard protecting him like a mother hen, he would have already been eaten up by his crazy fan girls.

That person was probably his bodyguard. From what his sister has said, he seems to be called Da Gao………?

While Cheng Zhi Chu was mulling over it, the bodyguard suddenly turned over and looked at Cheng Zhi Chu. When he saw his T-shirt, his eyes suddenly narrowed, and he asked: “Are you also boss’s fan?”

Cheng Zhi Chu: “…………”

How should he answer? In front of Ji Yun Xiao, it would be very awkward if he said that he’s not his fan but if he admitted to it it would also be awkward and his sexual orientation would be questioned…….

Fortunately, the belated instance introduction had finally made its appearance and the people present began to listen carefully. Even the expressions of the two sisters turned serious.

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【The six of you come from different places. Five of you are camping enthusiasts who are on their way to go camping but before reaching the camping grounds, your car suddenly broke down.

The five of you decided to get off and ask for help from the locals but another accident happened, and you lost your way in the woods. After wandering around, you arrived at the entrance to a hospital that had been abandoned for many years and ran into a mentally ill patient who was previously a patient treated at the hospital called Cheng Zhi Chu.】

Cheng Zhi Chu: “………” What is this?

【Cheng Zhi Chu used to be a mental patient and was discharged from this hospital five years ago, but it had recently relapsed and he was drawn back here by an unknown force. It was also because of this that he ran into the group of camping enthusiasts.

He claimed that there was something in the hospital that had drawn him here and he wanted to go inside to investigate. In addition to their curiosity, the others thought that his mental state wasn’t normal and was worried that he would get into an accident, so they decided to accompany Cheng Zhi Chu into the hospital.】

【Main task 1: Investigate the truth.】

【Main task 2: Leave the hospital alive.】

【Your special mission: Collect the photo and kiss the boss. If you don’t complete the special task, you will not be able to leave the instance even if you complete the main tasks.】

【The moment you enter the hospital, the game starts.】

【I wish you a happy game.】

Happy your ass! Who can be happy when they are mentally ill!

Cheng Zhi Chu almost vomited out old blood. He suddenly remembered the cursed ring that he had obtained earlier. The side effect of this ring was that it could generate a mysterious connection between him and the monster in the instance. Could it be that it was because of that ring that he was suddenly made into a mental patient?!

“This instance…..Which of you is called Cheng Zhi Chu?”

After listening to the instance introduction, the twin sisters turned around and looked over at Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu. Seeing Bai Yi’s appearance, they were stunned for a moment before letting out a small scream. When they saw Cheng Zhi Chu they again were stunned. Their eyes fell onto the shirt that he wore, and their eyes immediately lit up. They asked excitedly:

“Are you also ‘Yuan Lan’?” Yuan Lan is Li Yun Xiao’s fanbase name.

Cheng Zhi Chu: “………” Why is he asked this again? Can’t you just forget about it? However, even just answering that he is Cheng Zhi Chu is embarrassing. They would definitely treat him like he’s mentally ill…….

【Initiating out of control behaviour.】

At this moment, the system prompt suddenly was heard. Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes widened, and his body suddenly began to move on its own. He started to head straight towards them.

Why is it out of control!! Clearly the instance hasn’t officially started yet?!

Cheng Zhi Chu was surprised and didn’t know what he was about to do. He couldn’t even control his own expression and voice. He appeared to look normal the whole time until he stood before Ji Yun Xiao. Suddenly tears burst out of his eyes and with a thud he knelt down and hugged tightly onto Ji Yun Xiao’s thigh.


Ji Yun Xiao was slightly surprised. He wanted to break away from Cheng Zhi Chu’s grip, but Cheng Zhi Chu held onto him so tightly that no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t break free. Even with Da Gao pulling at him, he didn’t budge an inch.

With a face covered in tears, Cheng Zhi Chu cried extremely tragically and pitifully. He held onto Ji Yun Xia’s pant leg and choked out clear and affectionate words towards Ji Yun Xiao.

“I’ve liked you for so long. Ever since the first time I saw you, I have fallen deeply in love with you. I want to be married to you. Please marry me. If you don’t marry me, I’ll kill myself right here, right now so that you will be dyed by my blood for your whole life!!”



The flashlight in Bai Yi’s hand suddenly made a soft breaking sound.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 17)

There is no diary, the pen was crushed.

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