Chapter 23: Abandoned Hospital (7)

Everything had happened in an instant. It was only when Da Gao’s headless body collapsed next to the squat toilet and the blood from his body had reached their feet did they manage to return to their senses. Faced with such a nightmarish and horrific scene, the Meng sisters covered their mouths to suppress their cries and began to tremble like a leaf.

“Da Gao!”

Ji Yun Xiao’s face was deathly pale, and his eyes were red. He looked like he was ready to rush over but Cheng Zhi Chu was able to react in time and hold him back: “Don’t go over!”


The hand that reached out from the black hole was covered in blood. It pressed against the tile on the floor, leaving a bloody hand print.

Then, another long and slender dried up black limb stretched out from the hole. Just the forearm itself was about half a metre long yet it was only about two fingers thick. The skin was so dark that it looked like it was scorched. It exuded a horrid stench as blood contaminated filthy water dripped from it onto the floor.


Loud breathing sounds could be heard coming from inside the hole. The two long arms pressed onto the floor tile and it looked like something was trying to squeeze out from that small hole. At the same time there was the sound of metal hitting something hard. It was so faint that several of them couldn’t make it out very clearly.

“Clang! Clang clang!”

Meng Xi pulled out the gun from her chest pocket and fired a few shots at the black limb. That things movements stopped for a few seconds and then it let out an ear shattering screech. After being provoked by her, it became even more violent and it increased its speed of crawling out from the hole.


After hearing a sound that sounded like something stepping onto mud, that thing stretched out more arms and finally managed to climb out.

Its entire body was pitch black. It had ten arms and its body resembled that of a thin spider. It had a human head and neck but it was obscured by thick hair. Only a mouth filled with fangs that were still dripping with blood could be faintly seen behind it.

It stepped over Da Gao’s body on the ground and its sharp limbs instantly punctured through the bleeding corpses’ abdomen. It let out a screech and lowered its body closer to the ground before gathering up all its power to rush over to Cheng Zhi Chu and the others.

At this moment, Meng Xin activated the protective shield card and a transparent cover emitting pale blue light enveloped everyone.


The monster rushed over like a bullet and crashed directly into the protective shield, making a loud noise. The shield shook and the light that it emitted dimmed a little as fresh blood stains were left onto it following the collision.

It wasn’t successful in its first attack, so it let out a cry and once again crouched down onto the ground.

Although you couldn’t see its eyes, Cheng Zhi Chu could still feel its bloodthirsty gaze looking at them. He couldn’t help but feel terrified and fearfully take a small step back.

This is the man-eating monster………….The man-eating monster the nurses mentioned!

Cheng Zhi Chu realised that the ghost stories circulating the hospital had turned into reality at this very moment. His expression contorted several times as he desperately tried to recall whether the stories that he had heard mentioned anything about how they could deal with the man-eating monster.

But the system no longer gave him any memories or tips. Apart from knowing that it was the man-eating monster, the rest of his mind was blank.

What made Cheng Zhi Chu even more fearful was the fact that Da Gao’s earlier departure from the group was very strange. It was as if he had seen something that didn’t exist. The man-eating monster probably has the ability to generate hallucinations and what he and Meng Ke saw before was probably also because of it.

If the man-eating monster could generate hallucinations, it would be several times more difficult to deal with .…….

“Guys, look at that arm………….”

Meng Ke turned on her flashlight and pointed it at one of its limbs. A silver light reflected back, and it appeared and disappeared behind the dark hair as it let out a metallic sound. It was the key that they were looking for.

Cheng Zhi Chu’s face turned even more pale. So to say, in order to get the key, they cannot just run away, they would need to kill this man-eating monster first!


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The man-eating monster once again rammed into the protective shield. This time the impact was greater, and it used its teeth to fiercely bite onto the shield.

The blue light above them flashed and it produced an electric current. It let out a loud screech of pain before retreating back again and crouching low against the ground. At this moment, a small crack had already formed on the protective shield and it could probably only support two more attacks at most.

Meng Xin gripped tightly onto the card with a forehead covered in cold sweat. She didn’t dare to act rashly.

Earlier she had fired a few shots at the man-eating monster, but the monsters outer shell seems to be very hard and the bullets had no effect at all. She was worried that if she made any further ineffective attacks it would instead anger it and the shield would break faster.

How should they kill it……..

Cheng Zhi Chu gripped onto the emerald necklace hanging from his neck. The necklace could be used command a ghost or monster to do one task but on the condition that the strength of the ghost of monster does not exceed those of the users.

The man-eating monster looks like it’s far stronger than him and the necklace probably wouldn’t work………..but he should still give it a try!

Cheng Zhi Chu felt cold sweat forming on his forehead. In order to increase the chance of success, he had already drunk the luck potion that he had bought in advance. He then lifted the necklace up and pointed it in the man-eating monsters’ direction. He took a deep breath and said.

“Before we get out of this hospital, you are not allowed to hurt us in any way.”

The moment his words fell, a green glimmer of light was emitted from the jewel on the necklace. At the same time a painful groan came from within the man-eating monsters throat. However, after just struggling for a few seconds, it continued to act as fiercely as ever and once again it slammed against the protective shield.


【Invalid Operation.】

Fuck, this really isn’t working!!

Although he had expected this, when he saw the result Cheng Zhi Chu was still angry to the point that he almost spat out blood. For a moment he had forgotten about his fear and just felt that he was completely humiliated by this necklace.

With the third impact from the man-eating monster, the protective shield trembled, and it was covered in cracks. If just a small force was applied externally, it would immediately break down.

After colliding with the shield several times, the man-eating monster also didn’t look like it was in a good state. The energy consumption from attacking the protective shield wasn’t little. It gasped for air as the eyes hidden under the hair glared at them fiercely. It then suddenly turned around and began to feed on Da Gao’s body seemingly trying to recover some of its energy.

This scene occurred before Ji Yun Xiao’s eyes allowing him to wake up from his daze. Trembling fiercely and with red eyes filled with ferocity, he pulled out a weapon in the shape of a crossbow and fired out an arrow at the man-eating monsters head.

The arrow landed right in the centre of the man-heading monsters head but, before the sisters could celebrate, that arrow fell to the ground with a clatter. It didn’t even pierce inside and only left a small, white scratch on the outside.


The man-eating monster roared at them and then continued to bury its head and eat the body. When it tore open the abdomen, the internal organs flew everywhere.

“What on earth is its weakness?”

Meng Ke was terrified to the point that her body trembled. She stuttered: “If even the head is not its weakness then how can we kill it?!”

“……….Maybe we can use poison.”

Bai Yi’s tone was very calm, almost to the point of indifference. He took out a bottle from his backpack and handed it over to Ji Yun Xiao.

“It’s a living thing. You just need to coat the arrow with the poison, shoot it into the corpse and let the toxins spread. When it eats the body, it would also be poisoned.”

Hearing him say that, Cheng Zhi Chu looked up at him in shock. His attention was then quickly drawn over to the clear plastic bottle in Bai Yi’s hands.

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Why is it a mineral water bottle again? Does Bai Yi really like to use mineral water bottles to store things? How does he tell if a bottle is filled with holy water or with poison………?


Ji Yun Xiao’s hands that held onto the crossbow tightened. His handsome face went pale and his voice trembled as he spoke brokenly: “I……”

“It’s too cruel, how can I…………”

The two sisters saw Ji Yun Xiao’s anguished expression and felt very uncomfortable inside.

Although reason tells them that this is the only way but, as someone who likes Ji Yun Xiao, they also know that although Da Gao may just be Ji Yun Xiao’s bodyguard by name, but they are also good friends. If you asked him to use his friends’ body as bait, it really is……….

They couldn’t help but glance at the remnants of Da Gao’s body. They clenched their teeth and just as they wanted to speak up and push the responsibility over to themselves, Bai Yi surprisingly spoke up and didn’t give them the chance to speak: “I also think that it is very cruel.”

His eyes were dark and there was an undetectable hook at the edge of his lips. With a low voice he said:

“If that’s the case then we would need one of us to be bait. While the others try to restrain the monster, they would need to look for opportunities to pour the poison into the monsters mouth. We…..”

“Let me do it.”

Ji Yun Xiao had a resolute expression as he pursed his lips and said without hesitation: “Let me be bait.”

“No, Xiao Xiao. How can you be the bait?!”

The two sisters were shocked. They quickly wanted to stop Ji Yun Xiao: “No, you can’t. Let us——“

“Thank you but I was the one who vetoed against the safer option so it must be me.”

Ji Yun Xiao shook his head gently. His eyes were still red and a little sad but he revealed a faint smile: “And I also don’t want to see you take risks for me.”

The two sisters trembled with faint tears in their eyes. Cheng Zhi Chu took this scene in and felt a fierce struggle inside him. Although he is very scared, he had just drunk the luck potion so even if he had used the cursed item and had failed, he would probably be more likely to succeed in things like this.

When he was about to discuss it with Bai Yi, he suddenly heard a strange sound and immediately raised his head.

The man-eating monster who was still eating from the body also heard this sound and its movements suddenly stopped. It then suddenly let out a terrified cry and quickly threw away the limb in its hands.

It didn’t even look at Cheng Zhi Chu and the others. Waving its many limbs around fervently, it desperately rushed over to the squat toilet and drilled its head inside.

But because it had eaten a large majority of the corpse, its abdomen was bulging, and it got stuck in the hole. No matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t squeeze through. Like a very pitiful bug, its lower body was exposed outside the squat toilet and it could only struggle around pathetically.

Cheng Zhi Chu was surprised by this sudden change. He looked over towards the source of the noise.

“Clack, clackclack……

The sound of metal dragging across the ground could be heard from the depths of the darkness. It was very harsh sounding. A moment later, a large hacksaw appeared in the part of the room that is illuminated by light. Its sharp sawtooth shimmered brightly as it is slowly being dragged forward.


The man-eating monster with half its body inside the hole let out a cry of anguish, as if it was extremely afraid.

Cheng Zhi Chu stared at the hacksaw that was being dragged forward. At first he had thought that it was moving on its own but after looking more carefully, he realised that there was something dragging it.


The small shadow stopped, and its pair of black shiny eyes looked over in their direction.

————It was a teddy bear.

It was only the size of a palm and its whole body was covered in brown fur. The limbs were plump and round, and a small bow was tied at its neck making it looked both cute and harmless. But with its arrival, the man-eating monster clearly is terrified of it.

This little bear immediately made Cheng Zhi Chu think back to the three bears that they had seen before, especially the third one which was almost exactly the same as this bear. There clearly was some kind of connection.

Maybe it has been following them the whole time…….

Cheng Zhi Chu’s face paled. He suddenly realised that the ring on his hand had heated up for a minute when the man-eating monster turned up but it didn’t heat up with the bears appearance.

———–This isn’t because the ring is broken but because the bear is probably……….a living cursed item.

The little bear tilted its head and its eyes swept across them. When its eyes reached those of Bai Yi’s who smiled at it, its soft body suddenly stiffened and it immediately turned its small head away, no longer looking at them. It then continued to drag the hacksaw and moved over to the man-eating monster.

“Screech, screech, screech………….”

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The trapped man-eating monster let out horrified cries but couldn’t move forward and it couldn’t retreat. It was unable to see the bear, but it could hear the dragged hacksaw getting closer and closer.

The bear raised the hacksaw that is several times larger than its own body and a cold light flashed through its black, beady eyes. The hacksaw then fell and pierced into the man-eating monsters’ ass in one smooth motion.


The sound of flesh being cut into was clearly audible in the bathroom. Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes gradually widened as he watched the hacksaw cut off the man-eating monsters’ ass so easily. He then thought back to the hard shell that was impenetrable even with bullets and almost wanted to blurt out ————Who could’ve actually imagined that this things weakness was actually its butt?!

The man-eating monster squealed frantically as black fluid and faeces poured out through the opening. The bear took a few step backs and poked out its tongue making an expression as if it wanted to vomit.

After a while, the man-eating monster stopped struggling and no longer screamed. Seeing that it wasn’t moving anymore, the bear again picked up the hacksaw and skilfully cut off the entirety of its ass and threw it to one side. It then climbed up onto it, peeled off the man-eating monsters outer shell, revealed a row of white canines and proceeded to chomp onto it and tear off a big chunk of meat.

It-it’s actually eating the man-eating monster……

 Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned speechless. It wasn’t just him, Meng Ke and the others were also dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe that the man-eating monster could actually be defeated so easily by such a small teddy bear and even with a method like that.


At this moment, the protective shield had reached its maximum usage time. It flashed faintly and then disappeared along with the blue glow.

“Let’s hurry and leave!”

Meng Xin glanced at the bear. Recovering her senses, she said in a panic: “Before it hasn’t targeted us yet………Hurry and get out of this place!”

“But the key……”

Meng Ke looked dejectedly at the key hanging from one of its limbs. They had originally come here to get the key and, with Da Gao sacrificing his life, are they just going to walk away emptyhanded? If so, how would they be able to clear this instance?

“Let’s get away first. When it’s gone, we can come back again to get it.” Meng Xin said in a small voice, “Do you think we can still fight against it?”

Meng Ke pursed her lips and nodded. The two sisters quietly whispered to the other three and looked worriedly at Ji Yun Xiao fearing that he would not be willing to leave.

Ji Yun Xiao silently glanced at Da Gao’s incomplete remains. His shoulders trembled slightly but when he saw that the bear didn’t seem interested in the body, he pursed his lips tightly and resolutely walked out the bathroom.

What the two sisters was most worried about was Ji Yun Xiao refusing to leave. Seeing that he was willing, they were able to breath a sigh of relief and follow quickly behind him.

Cheng Zhi Chu glanced at the bear and also wanted to leave but he noticed that Bai Yi was standing there unmoving while looking at the bear. He urgently tugged at his shirt and said in a quiet voice: “Let’s go.”


Bai Yi held Cheng Zhi Chu’s hand and, in an angle outside of Cheng Zhi Chu’s line of sight, he raised his lips and smiled at the bear.

His smile seemed very gentle and soft but that action of his made the bear that was feasting on the man-eating monsters’ blood and flesh suddenly freeze. Its body trembled and the tip of its tail stood up.

<Kill that other man.>

He mouthed wordlessly.

The bear stayed stunned for a few seconds before subconsciously moving its line of sight over to Cheng Zhi Chu but when he saw Bai Yi’s cold gaze, it immediately understood that he was not referring to this person but the one that had walked out the door. Realising this, it quickly threw down the flesh in its hands and shot up. With a patter it rushed over to Ji Yun Xiao.

“It’s coming!”

Cheng Zhi Chu cried out. Ji Yun Xiao and the two sisters turned back and saw the bear baring its mouth filled with fangs and rushing straight for Ji Yun Xiao.

The two sisters panicked, and Meng Xin proceeded to fire a few shots at the bear. Unfortunately, the bear was very fast and its body was both small and flexible so it wasn’t hit a single time. They could only helplessly watch it get closer and closer.

Cheng Zhi Chu was also extremely anxious. He once again gripped onto Joshua’s necklace intending to try to control the bear but, at this moment, he again heard the systems notice.

【Initiating out of control behaviour.】

Cheng Zhi Chu: “??!!” Why at a time like this???

He watched the bear get closer and closer to Ji Yun Xiao and he could no longer have complete control of his body. He rushed forward and clung tightly onto Ji Yun Xiao’s waist. With his face plastered against his shoulder, he instantly burst into tears and turned to look at the bear with a resolute and defiant expression.

“Don’t touch my husband. If you want to kill someone, kill me first!”

———Your mum……..What is this mouth of mine saying………

Cheng Zhi Chu was about to collapse. What made him even more devastated was that this was not the end. He again turned his head around and reached out to caress Ji Yun Xiao’s handsome face with tears in his eyes. As if he was looking at his beloved lover, he said emotionally:

“Dear, I’ll go ahead first. Please take care of our children in the future……….”


Seeing Cheng Zhi Chu shielding Ji Yun Xiao, the bear was confused and didn’t know what to do. It quietly glanced at Bai Yi but it was alarmed by the cold and dark air emanating from him. Seeing this, the bear fell back onto its butt and trembled.


The fragments of the flashlight fell from the gap between Bai Yi’s fingers onto the ground.

This time, Bai Yi had completely crushed the flashlight.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 23)

The monster in the bathroom is almost irrational and it only had the instinct to consume. Deliberately hiding my presence, it failed to notice me and began to attack us violently.

This is very good. I will use it to kill that Ji Yun Xiao. He cannot live.


This time, Ji Yun Xiao didn’t die. That teddy bear shaped cursed item had once again appeared and disrupted my plan.

It’s particularly sensitive to my presence and is very afraid of me. Looks like it is quite afraid of the other ‘me’.

Anyway, although it had disrupted my plans, it doesn’t mean that I won’t allow it to redeem itself. I will use it instead to kill Ji Yun Xiao.



I am a complete and utter fool.

Why didn’t I order that cursed item to attack me? Like this, the person that Zhi Chu would be calling “husband” would be me and not———

(The pen has also been crushed)

The author has something to say:
Cheng Zhi Chu: What is my mouth doing?!
Bear: What should I do?
Bai Yi: What have I done………

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LOL Bai Yi’s breaking everything 😂


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