Chapter 37: Horror Variety (2)

Seeing Zhou Luo Chen’s photo on the big screen, Cheng Zhi Chu for some reason found it a little familiar. He subconsciously wanted to search for his name using his phone but when he touched his pocket, he remembered that his phone had been taken by the staff so he could only give up.

He didn’t find it strange that he felt this. After all, Zhou Luo Chen was a rather famous painter ten years ago and he had killed himself at the peak of his life. Perhaps he had heard about Zhou Luo Chen’s rumours in the past, but it just didn’t leave a big impression.

When the information about the villa and Zhou Luo Chen finished playing on the big screen, the female actress on stage showed a relieved expression. Fortunately, she didn’t get this task. Otherwise, she was certain that she wouldn’t be able to do it. The other guests also nodded in agreement and they looked at Ji Yun Xiao sympathetically.

“Yun Xiao, how are you feeling right now? Feeling a little scared?”

The host smiled and asked Ji Yun Xiao. Ji Yun Xiao thought for a moment before answering: “I’m okay.”

He really did look calm and there wasn’t any hint of fear in his eyes. The host praised him for being brave and Cheng Zhi Chu felt that it was natural. Afterall, there was nothing to be afraid of in reality. What they should really be afraid of are the game instances……..

Ji Yun Xiao who had finished drawing his lot sat back down and the other guests also went up to draw they own lots. Although most of them were a little difficult, it at least wasn’t as scary as Ji Yun Xiao’s. In general, his task was probably the most difficult.

After recording this part, the director called for them to stop. The staff then busied themselves preparing for the outdoor filming.

The host, Ji Yun Xiao and the guests returned to the waiting rooms at the back while the staff moved over to the audiences to count the number of fans who wished to follow their celebrities to the filming site.

Fans were certainly keen to watch their idol film outdoors so almost no one said that they didn’t want to go. Only on Ji Yun Xiao’s side, the situation was a little different.

“Because Ji Yun Xiao’s task is at a villa, he can only explore it by himself. If you want to go to the filming side, you can only wait outside the villa and can’t see what he does inside.”

The staff explained to Ji Yun Xiao’s fans causing many of them to feel disappointed. But they were also understanding. After all, it was something that Ji Yun Xiao had selected himself so nothing could be done about it.

But despite this, most of them still wanted to go. Even if they couldn’t see what was happening inside, waiting for their idol outside was another form of happiness.

Also, they might even be able to see Xiao Xiao come out with a pale face………….A couple of fans that had almost anti-fan tendencies thought this as they rubbed their hands in anticipation.

Cheng Zhi Chu was no exception and he chose to go along to the villa. He had promised his sister to have a good experience so he naturally cannot skip this.

The staff led them over to the bus and they made their way to the “Rose Manor” in the outskirts of the city.

The villa district was very large, and it included the large lake next to it. When the bus passed by, Cheng Zhi Chu saw that there was someone standing on the bank fishing. There were also several small boats floating on the lake. Perhaps they were residents nearby.

“Look at that flower! Is it a rose?”

The girls pointed out the window and shouted excitedly. Cheng Zhi Chu’s line of sight also moved over, and he couldn’t help but be surprised.

It wasn’t called the Rose Manor for no reason. Just by looking at it from the distance, you could see that it was surrounded by a sea of roses. Perhaps it was a modified version; it had few green leaves and it was almost pure red. The colour was strong, like a burning flame and it was incomparably beautiful.

The girls all started to lament that, because they still have not had their phones returned back, they couldn’t take photos of such a beautiful scene. This type of regret was not much worst than the fact that they can’t enter the villa.

“You don’t have to feel disappointed.”

The accompanying staff Xiao Liu appeased them: “Although this place is also part of the villa, it is not restricted to outsiders. Only access to the inner residential area must be approved by the owner. As long as you make a reservation in advance, you can come here again to take photos.”

“Ah, so those people are not the owners here?”

A girl pointed at a person taking photos in the sea of flower.

“Yes, that should be a tourist.” Xiao Liu said, “This place can be considered a relatively famous attraction in C City but it is private land after all so, taking into consideration the local residents, the number of tourists are strictly limited. A maximum of 300-400 would be allowed in each day and there’s also a time restriction of three hours.

“It must be hard to reserve?”

“Indeed. I heard that it has been booked until next year……..”

“Ah? I have to wait until next year…….?”

The girls were even more dejected. Xiao Liu was also somewhat helpless. He originally wanted to comfort them, but it looked like the reverse had happened.

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But even if he gave them their phones, they could only take photos from inside the car. Firstly, it was because they didn’t have time to let them do that and, secondly, they didn’t make a reservation. If news of this is passed out, it could give the show a bad reputation.

The bus travelled over to the inner residential area and stopped at the gate. According to the rules, the security guard checked their details while referring to the information the owner of the villa had given him.

“This haunted villa also has an owner. Did someone buy this haunted house?”

The fans in the front row heard the conversation between the security guard and the driver. They asked Xiao Liu curiously: “Also, when the security guard called, he said something like ‘Fifth Young Master Bai’?”

“Yes, the owner of this villa is surnamed Bai, from the Bai family. It’s because he is the fifth oldest in the younger generation, so he’s called that. His real name is Bai Xi Xing.”

“Fifth Young Master? Bai Family? Sounds so exaggerated, like something from a TV series.” The girls giggled.

“It’s more exaggerated than what you see on TV. When you go back, you should check how amazing the Bai family is. There are quite a lot of information about them on the internet and most of them are true.”

Xiao Liu lowered his voice and said mysteriously.

“It was also because our boss has a good relationship with the Bai family that we were allowed to borrow their villa for the filming.”

“Rather than talking about the other things, half of the investments to this villa district came from the Bai family. Several of the best villas here are owned by them and one of it is the villa that Yun Xiao will be going to today.”

“They keep these villas not for long term residency. It’s just there so that they could stay there when they come to look at the flowers during flower season or when they wanted to take their children here for summer vacation. The children of the Bai family would sometimes come and learn painting from Zhou Luo Chen during their holidays.”

The girls were very surprised when they heard this. They didn’t take it very seriously before but now they had a very serious expression. Although Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t speak, he also listened in. He couldn’t help but feel that the name “Bai Xi Xing” sounded somewhat familiar.

“Zhou Luo Chen and the Bai family had a pretty good relationship. He lived in the villa at the Rose Manor for a long time because he said that he gets the best inspiration here.”

“In order to thank the Bai family, and also because he liked children very much, he would teach the younger generations of the Bai family how to paint. Those who wanted to learn from him were welcome to come at any time. Fifth Young Master Bai also used to be his student and had learnt from him for several years.”

As he said this, Xiao Liu’s expression was filled with emotion.

“That year, when they saw that Zhou Luo Chen really liked this place, the Bai family had originally planned on giving him the villa but what they didn’t expect was that he had killed himself before they could do that. Later, the villa became deserted. Apart from the Fifth Young Master Bai, no one has lived in it………”

As they talked, the bus reached the front of the villa and slowly came to a stop.

“We’re here. It’s here.”

Xiao Liu stood up and gestured for the fans to get off. The door opened, and Cheng Zhi Chu and the others all got off. As they got out of the enclosed space inside the bus, they could smell the faint rose aroma.

“Smells nice.”

The girls liked this fresh and natural aroma. Cheng Zhi Chu however couldn’t help but frown. He almost raised his hand to cover his nose.

He didn’t know why but he didn’t like the smell of flowers. It made him feel irritated. This was especially the case for roses, and he couldn’t stand its smell. With one sniff, he would feel uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the smell was very faint. After getting used to it, he pretty much couldn’t smell it anymore.

Like everyone else, Cheng Zhi Chu began to look at the villa with great interest. Behind the white walls, a beautiful and intricate western styled building stood quietly in the courtyard. It was surrounded by many colourful flowers and trees. With one look, you could tell that they had specifically hired someone to take care of it so that it could maintain such a gorgeous appearance.

When the bus arrived, the car with the filming equipment had also arrived. Two staff and one cameraman got off the car and they also unloaded a big box that they prepared to carry in.

But the courtyard gates were still not opened. They placed the items next to the door and appeared to be waiting for someone to come.

After only a few minutes, the villa door suddenly opened, and a handsome young man walked out. He was tall and straight, and he wore casual clothes with one hand holding onto a bunch of keys. He had curved, smiling eyes and his temperament seemed to be rather carefree and refreshing. It was easy for others to have a good impression of him.

“Fifth Young Master!”

“Hello, Fifth Young Master.”

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Several of the staff took the initiative to give their greetings. The young man gave them a smile and greeted them back. He handed over the keys and said politely: “Please be careful when you arrange your equipment. Afterall, this is the former residence of Teacher Zhou and I don’t want anything to be damaged.”

“You can rest assured!”

They quickly gave their promise and used the key to open the door. They then carefully moved the box in, leaving only Xiao Liu and the young man to speak.

Is this that so-called “Fifth Young Master”, Bai Xi Xing?

Like the girls, Cheng Zhi Chu was very curious about this rich young master. He secretly looked at him but when he did, he was a little surprised. Bai Xi Xing looked about 50-60% similar to Bai Yi.

Both of them are also surnamed Bai……Could there be a relationship between Bai Yi and the Bai family?

And Bai Xi Xing’s name sounds really familiar……..

Wait. Could he be that famous “Senior Bai” from back in middle school?

Cheng Zhi Chu finally remembered where he had heard the name Bai Xi Xing ————–It was from when he was in his first year of middle school. About half a month after school started, the high school department suddenly had a transfer student called Bai Xi Xing.

This “Senior Bai” came like a wind, and he stayed at the school for less than a week before leaving again. He didn’t know why he would suddenly transfer over, but his arrival caused chaos throughout the whole school and he quickly became famous. Even Cheng Zhi Chu from the junior high school department had heard of his name.

The main reason Bai Xi Xing caused chaos was because he amazingly good-looking. In a group of ordinary high school boys, he looked just like a fairy.

The other reason was, because he was very good looking, the schools’ basketball team captain’s girlfriend fell for him at first sight. She immediately dumped her boyfriend and chased after him like crazy. This resulted in the captains’ hatred towards Bai Xi Xing. He suggested a 1v1 basketball match only to be beaten ruthlessly by Bai Xi Xing.

Later, the captain of the basketball team couldn’t accept his loss and he gathered a group of people to ambush Bai Xi Xing. Again, they were defeated, and this resulted in that group of people dropping out of school. Bai Xi Xing on the other had had nothing happen to him.

The result of the fight spread through the entire school and all the students were shocked when they heard it. They all remembered the name Bai Xi Xing and eventually there was a story like this circulating his school —– Everyone should worship Senior Bai before an exam if they wanted to pass.

The last reason why Bai Xi Xing was famous was because the time he stayed at the school was too short. As if he really was a god, it was like he only dropped by to take a look.

Some people also joked that he had come so that he could experience what a sports carnival was like because he had transferred before the sports carnival and then transferred out after it was over. It was said that he transferred back to his original school.

Cheng Zhi Chu had never seen Bai Xi Xing in person before but, as he recalled old memories, he once again looked at Bai Xi Xing’s handsome appearance. He really did suit the nickname “Senior Bai”.

He continued to make wild guesses until the car Ji Yun Xiao and his cameraman was in arrived.

Xiao Liu saw that the main character was finally here and quickly rushed over to control the situation. He asked the fans to stand on one side as the cameraman filmed the dialogue between Ji Yun Xiao and Bai Xi Xing.

As the owner of the villa, Bai Xi Xing introduced the villa and the history behind it.

“…….That year, Teacher Zhou taught us children how to draw. My cousin and I studied under him for the longest time.”

“Teacher Zhou likes children very much and is very good to us. He would teach us how to draw in this villa. I was very happy when I learnt how to draw, it was one of my happiest moments in my life.”

“But unfortunately Teacher Zhou was gone……..I missed him very much so I took over the villa hoping that I can retain the memories from that year.”

Bai Xi Xing finished talking and smiled at the camera. He then exchanged a few more words with Ji Yun Xiao before the two shook hands. Ji Yun Xiao and his personal cameraman then made their way into the villa.

Xiao Liu waited outside. With headphones in, he could contact the director and sorted out the schedule. The staff and cameramen that had entered earlier and still not come back out.

Cheng Zhi Chu felt that something wasn’t right. Why didn’t the staff come back out? But seeing that Xiao Liu was still looking quite calm, he made a small guess inside. Perhaps the staff was supposed to stay inside and scare Ji Yun Xiao…….

After the filming, Bai Xi Xing didn’t immediately leave. Instead, he waited outside with the fans. When his eyes swept past Cheng Zhi Chu, he froze for a moment before quickly looking away and chatting amicably with the girls.

Facing such a tall, rich and handsome man, many of the girls were nervous and shy and they didn’t dare talk to him. But Bai Xi Xing is very friendly, and he is also funny and talkative, so he quickly managed to make them laugh and soon they were chatting happily.

Cheng Zhi Chu watched this from the sidelines. Seeing that Bai Xi Xing didn’t seem to have any intention to leave, he couldn’t help but want to join in. He was curious about whether he was the Senior Bai from back then. More importantly, he wanted to ask Bai Xi Xing if he knew Bai Yi. 

“Excuse me Mr Bai. I just wanted to ask, have ever studied at a middle school in B City?”

However, despite this, the first thing Cheng Zhi Chu asked was this question. He felt that, like this, it would be more natural and less awkward.

“I did study at a middle school there for a few days. You are…..?” Bai Xi Xing answered and looked over at him with a questioning look.

He really is that Bai Xi Xing? Why did he go to a school in B City?

Cheng Zhi Chu was also a little surprised. He quickly said: “Hello senior. Actually, I also attended that school. At that time, I was in first year of middle school and I heard about senior. Senior is rather famous at school.”

“So you’re my junior brother. What a coincidence to meet again here.”

Bai Xi Xing revealed a hint of surprise. He immediately said with a smile: “Hello junior brother. Can I ask how I should call you?”

“My surname is Cheng, name is Cheng Zhi Chu.”

Cheng Zhi Chu managed to successfully chat with Bai Xi Xing. It had to be said that Bai Xi Xing’s personality is really good. He’s very easy-going, sociable and, after only chatting for a short time, they managed to exchange their contact details. Although it was just out of politeness, it made Cheng Zhi Chu quite surprised.

“………In fact, when I saw senior I was reminded of a person.”

After a moment, Cheng Zhi Chu brought the topic up: “I don’t know if senior knows a person called Bai Yi?”

A small flash of light flitted through Bai Xi Xing’s eyes, but he continued to maintain a natural expression. He didn’t answer immediately and asked instead: “How did junior brother come to know him?”

“Just by coincidence.” Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t know what Bai Yi’s situation in reality was like so he didn’t dare reveal too much, “Since senior asked this, it seems like you know Bai Yi?”

“Of course, I know him.” Bai Xi Xing said. “Bai Yi is my cousin. Back then we had a good relationship.”

No wonder they look so alike. So, does this mean that he had found out Bai Yi’s identity in reality?

Cheng Zhi Chu was a little surprised. With him being stuck in Death Mode, he wanted to know what Bai Yi’s state was like in reality. He immediately asked: “How is he now?”


Bai Xi Xing fell silent. The smile on his face also faded.

Seeing this reaction of his, Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly felt nervous. He then heard him say quietly:

“………..My cousin went missing. It was six years ago.”

“We still haven’t found him or his body yet, and we don’t even know if he is still alive.”

“At the place where he disappeared, we saw a lot of blood.”

“It was all his blood.”


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 37)

Although I can’t see Zhi Chu now, but since I have already decided to write a diary, I should write it well. Zhi Chu definitely wouldn’t like a guy who can’t even keep a diary without giving up halfway.


So, I’ll start writing it tomorrow.

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