Chapter 39: Horror Variety (4)

The bloody words “I love you” constantly appeared on the glass. Its colour changed from faint to thick and it densely covered the windows, extended over to the walls around it and eventually spread across the entire wall. It emitted a strong stench of blood which made those smelling it have the urge to vomit.


A few drops of fresh blood fell from the ceiling, landing onto the people in the room. The cameraman on the floor had already fainted and Ji Yun Xiao had pulled out a cross pendant from inside his shirt. There was white flash of light that caused the bloody words to fade a little but, in the blink of an eye, it re-emerged, and the colour was even more vivid than before.

When he saw the blood, Cheng Zhi Chu’s body stiffened. He then quickly recovered, pulled out a card that he had purchased earlier and immediately activated it.

This card is called “Purification Fire”. In just half a minute, it could burn away the grudge and evil spirits. It was one of the more powerful attack cards.

After “Purification Fire” came into effect, the warm ball of white flame flew out from his palm and began to burn away the bloody words in the room.

The effect of the card was remarkable. With minimal effort, the bloody words had been cleared away and there were even a few wails coming from several small figures as they distorted and dissipated in the fire.

Cheng Zhi Chu hurriedly tried to push open the window, but the window still didn’t move and remained firmly closed. Clearly, the ghost that had trapped them inside was not destroyed and the ones that were dealt with earlier were just very weak ones.

How many ghosts are there in this villa? Why are there so many of them……Also, what kind of relationship will he have with the ghost this time?

Recalling those crazed and obsessed bloody writing, Cheng Zhi Chu felt his scalp go numb. He couldn’t help but internally curse at the blood-stained ring.

It was obvious that, because of the existence of that cursed item, he was once again forced to have some sort of relationship with the ghost and now the ghost has its eyes on him. He was also certain that he won’t be so lucky this time to meet another ghost like Xie Yuan Huai that is easy to talk to.

But who is this ghost? Is it Zhou Luo Chen or is it something that killed Zhou Luo Chen?

“This is……..?”

Bai Xi Xing witnessed all of this. Compared to the cameraman who had passed out, his reaction was much calmer. His eyes moved over to Cheng Zhi Chu and he asked: “Junior Cheng, you know how to exorcise ghosts?”

“I know a little.” Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t want to expose things about the game and could only fumble out an explanation, “But I’m not sure how to deal with the ghost here. It’s very powerful.”

Bai Xi Xing nodded his head and looked over at the human head by the doorway. He said solemnly: “Now that we’re trapped here, it looks like we need to find a way to kill the ghost to get out…….”

Halfway through his words, his phone suddenly vibrated. It seemed to be a message.

“You can contact the outside world?” Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned at first before instantly rejoicing.

Before, they couldn’t use their phones in the instances. Furthermore, his phone was also taken away so he didn’t expect to see that Bai Xi Xing’s phone could still be used.

Although it is estimated that no one could save them, if they could contact the outside world it gave them a bit of hope.

“…….Not a normal message.”

Bai Xi Xing took out his phone to check the message and the light in his eyes instantly dimmed: “It’s something from the ghost. It wants me to show it to junior Cheng.” He paused for a moment and he looked a little gloomy, “It even used my cousins phone number.”

As he said this, he handed the phone to Cheng Zhi Chu to see. He continued to analyse the situation.

“From what I can see, this ghost can alter the communication signals. Not just mobile phones, Xiao Liu also said that the director couldn’t receive a signal from here, but the people inside could hear everything normally. It was probably forged by the ghost.”

“So, we can’t contact the outside world and we can’t call for help. Even if the phone could connect, we don’t know what would be on the other end of it.”

Cheng Zhi Chu received the phone with a heavy mood. Even if he originally didn’t expect to be able to get help from the outside world, he still couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

However, he quickly recovered from this and began to check the message on the phone.

The sender of the message was just as Bai Xi Xing had said. On the display, the words “Cousin Bai Yi” was written.

The message read: [Do you still remember the things here? In fact, you have been here before ———– It was 12 years ago.]

Isn’t that also the year of Zhou Luo Chen’s death?

Cheng Zhi Chu tried to recall but he didn’t have any memories of himself coming here. He had also just happened to talk to his family about C City last night and his mother clearly said that they had not been here.

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This was probably another setting that the instance had created. Like the previous instance, it isn’t real and does not have anything to do with him.

Thinking this, Cheng Zhi Chu typed a message in reply: [I don’t remember coming here.]

[Is that so?]

Another message appeared on the screen. After a while, there was a new message.

[Let’s play a game.]

[If you win, I will let all of you leave. If you lose, I will still let them go but you must stay behind and stay with me forever.]

[While the game is going, I won’t hurt them. But if you don’t agree, I will kill everyone present. You know that I have the ability to do this.]

Seeing those messages, Cheng Zhi Chu frowned. He didn’t know if there was any conspiracy behind it.

[What game do you want to play? What’s the rule?] He typed back.

[A very simple game. Hide and seek.]

[The rules are not complicated. After the game starts, you can freely move and hide, and I will look for you. I will appear as a “human” and I will not use any means that a human cannot use. As long as you are able to last for two hours and avoid being found by me, you win.]

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t believe its words: [I can’t see you so how would I know if you’re not cheating? Moreover, these rules are made by you so you can change them whenever you feel like it.]

[My powers will be also limited in the game because the venue of the game is not here but at another place.]

[It is normal to be concerned. It is true that I can’t prove that what I have said just now is true.]

[So, this is not a proposal, but a threat. If you don’t agree, I will kill them all right now, leaving you alone. It would be the same whether or not we play the game before or after I kill them.]


At the same time, the cameraman that had fainted on the ground suddenly cried out. A shallow bloody mark appeared on his neck and he seemed to have been hurt by something.

[See?] The message read. [I know you have some means, but it is not enough to destroy me. You want to protect them, but how long can you last? The final result will not change.]

[Only by agreeing to this, you can have a chance to escape from here.]

Cheng Zhi Chu’s brows furrowed deeply. In fact, when it mentioned it, he had already decided to agree with the ghosts demands. After all, this is his own instance and it had nothing to do with Ji Yun Xiao and Bai Xi Xing. Someone had already died here earlier, and he wasn’t certain about whether or not he would be able to protect the others. At the very least, he didn’t want to drag the others in.

Also, there was another thing. He still has the task of kissing the boss. From the looks of it, the ghost that he is talking to right now should be the boss. He would need to see the boss in order to kiss it, otherwise he would be trapped in here forever.

[What is your purpose of playing a game with me?] He finally asked. [If you just wanted me to stay, you could do that directly.]


Cheng Zhi Chu seemed to hear a faint laughter.

[Yes, why?]

[………..Perhaps it’s because I love you.]


[If you agree to my proposal, go up to the second floor, turn right and enter the bedroom. There is something I want to show you.]

Cheng Zhi Chu took a deep breath in. Holding the phone, he said to Bai Xi Xing: “Sorry senior. I will need to borrow your phone for a little longer so that I can talk to it later.”

“It’s okay. But are you sure you want to agree to it?”

Bai Xi Xing who had watched them converse the entire time shook his head in strong disagreement: “This is too dangerous. You can’t listen to it. It is the rule maker so once you fall into its traps, you would be manipulated by it.”


Ji Yun Xiao grabbed Cheng Zhi Chu’s wrist. With a look of anxiousness, he said: “We can go together. Can’t let you take risks alone.”

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“I probably can only go alone.”

Cheng Zhi Chu smiled and moved closer. He whispered into Ji Yun Xiao’s ears.

“I got dragged into a reality instance. The number of players is just me alone. I was the one that originally dragged you all in……Also, with you here you can protect the others. Who knows what the ghosts may do to you? We can’t completely trust its words.”


“Believe me. I’m okay.” Cheng Zhi Chu patted his chest and smiled. “I’m good at games, especially hide and seek. I have never lost in it since I was young.”

“…………..” After a brief silence, Ji Yun Xiao finally released his hold of his hand. He nodded and made a resolute expression, “I believe in you. I’ll protect them so you must come back safely.”


Cheng Zhi Chu smiled and said goodbye to the two of them. He turned and walked towards the stairs while telling himself that its okay even if he lost. Anyway, as long as he saw the boss, he could just give it a kiss………….

[My master.] The silver coin suddenly whispered to him, [If you are not certain, you can use me as much as you want. I can bring to you good——-]



Cheng Zhi Chu ruthlessly refused the silver coins temptations and stepped onto the stairs leading to the second floor.

The stairs were completely enclosed and both sides were walls, making it look long and narrow. There were also many pictures hanging from the walls. Most of them were of children and, when he walked along it, the children’s eyes would turn and follow him across. Their expressions were also constantly changing.


There was a soft sound of a child crying and several milky white shadows appeared at different locations. They were all children. Some hid behind the pot plants only revealing their small heads while others emerged from the ceiling and only revealed the upper half of their body.

They didn’t approach Cheng Zhi Chu and they also weren’t fierce. Most of them had a sad expression and were sobbing quietly as they watched Cheng Zhi Chu walk past.

Why are all these ghosts children………?

Cheng Zhi Chu wasn’t afraid, but he was surprised. He wondered if this was related to Zhou Luo Chen’s love of children during his lifetime and whether it had a connection to his death.

Speaking of which, he had forgotten something earlier. He had forgotten to ask that ghost what form it would appear in front of him as. Would it appear before him as a child?

He walked up to the second floor and turned to the right like what the message had instructed him to do. At this moment, a ghost child stuck his head out and walked over. He was different to the other children and was very curious about Cheng Zhi Chu. With his small hands, he seemed to want to grab onto his clothes.

[Don’t touch him.]

A line of bloody words appeared on the ground, scaring the little ghost stiff. He immediately retreated back into a dark corner.

The bloody words then slowly disappeared, and it changed into something else. It said to Cheng Zhi Chu: [The third room on the right.]

It communicates to the other ghosts through writing instead of talking?

Seeing the bloody words on the ground, Cheng Zhi Chu had some doubts. He had originally thought that the ghost was using the phone and the bloody words to deliberately scare them but now it seems like it probably another reason for it.

“Clatter, creeaaaakkkk…………”

Cheng Zhi Chu pushed open the door to the third room and immediately smelled something bloody. At this moment, the sky outside was gradually darkening. He turned on the light and immediately found himself faced with a headless body lying in a pool of blood. The body was also missing an arm.

This should be one of the staffs.

He recalled the hand that waved into the room and the detached head. He suddenly felt a chill run through him.

It was the ghost who had removed the arm and head from the body and had used it to talk and lure them out. At that time, although he had already noticed that something was wrong, he didn’t immediately realise that it really was a ghosts’ doing and so he wasn’t able to stop Xiao Liu in time.

Xiao Liu had disappeared past the door and later spewed a lot of blood, so he wasn’t certain if he’s dead or alive. There was also another staff member and cameraman left and they’re probably still in this villa.

Cheng Zhi Chu sent a text message asking the ghost: [Apart from the other three that was with me, where are the others? Were they killed by you?]

[No. They are locked in another room.]

[The only one who was killed was this person. I only hurt the one who disappeared before you and took him elsewhere. I didn’t kill him. It’s meaningless for me to kill these people.]

[If killing is meaningless to you then why did you kill this person?]

Seeing the contents of the message, Cheng Zhu Chu frowned. He originally thought that ghosts killed without needing a reason for it. If it wanted to kill, it would kill but it seems like this isn’t the case for this ghost.

[Because he wanted to peek at the painting on the wall.]

Cheng Zhi Chu read those words and looked up. This bedroom is very spacious. In addition to a large bed, there were several bookcases filled with trophies and photos, as well as some personal items.

Unlike other places where it was filled with paintings, there was only one painting here. It was covered by a white cloth so the contents inside were not visible.

The headless body had fallen in front of the painting, so it seemed to be just like what the ghost had said; it had killed him because he had wanted to take a look at the painting.

Cheng Zhi Chu activated his clue prompt skill only to find that he couldn’t use it.

This time, he had mainly used his survival points to purchase cards, so he didn’t have any extra points to level up his clue prompt skill to level three. Therefore, his skill could only be used for instances that are of hard difficulty or lower. The difficulty of this instance was unknown so perhaps it is higher than hard difficulty and so he could not use his skill.

Seeing this, Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t give up looking for clues. He went to the bookcase and examined it in detail.

The phone no longer received any new messages. It was as if the ghost had accepted his actions by default. Cheng Zhi Chu opened the bookcase and looked at the trophies and photos one by one. These were the awards that Zhou Luo Chen had won, and the photos were mostly photos of him and children.

There were also a few photos of him and Bai Yi.

Cheng Zhi Chu saw the beautiful young teenaged boy in the photo and his attention was immediately drawn over.

What was quite interesting was that the Bai Yi in these photos almost constantly had an indifferent expression. Even next to his teacher, there was no smile on his face.

Only in one photo, the young Bai Yi sat front of an easel and Zhou Luo Cheng stood behind him guiding him how to paint. There was a faint smile at the young boy’s lips and his eyes were extraordinarily soft.

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What was Bai Yi painting?

Cheng Zhi Chu was curious but, unfortunately, the photo was taken specifically with the two people as focus so the painting on the easel was very vague. He could only tell that it was a painting of a person and the lower part of it was a large red patch.

He thought about it for a while and returned the photo back. When the instance is over, he planned to ask Bai Xi Xing if he could take this photo. He wanted to bring this photo to Bai Yi. Perhaps this would make Bai Yi happy.

After checking the photos and trophies, he didn’t find anything special apart from coming to an understanding that this is probably Zhou Luo Chen’s bedroom.

If this really is Zhou Luo Chen’s bedroom, then is that painting on the wall something that Bai Yi drew?

His gaze fell onto the painting that was covered by a white cloth. Bai Xi Xing had mentioned before that Zhou Luo Chen was very pleased with Bai Yi’s painting and had even deliberately hung it up in his bedroom. Apart from this one, there were no other paintings in the room.

[You can take off that piece of cloth and look at the painting.]

[They can’t look at it, but you can.]

[We can start the game after that.]

Cheng Zhi Chu saw the words and walked over. He reached out and carefully removed the white cloth.

It was a portrait. Reflected in his eyes was a painting of a young boy.

The boy in the painting was very cute. His skin was white and tender, and his hair was also light coloured. With big jewel-like eyes and a smile that looked like a blooming sunflower, he stood in an ocean of bright red roses. The colour scheme was dreamy, and it made the scene look like it was something that came out from a dream.

This was the painting that the young Bai Yi was working on in the photo.

And the boy in the painting……

Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly stiffened.

[That’s right, it’s you.]

[The child in the painting is you.]

[How is it? Do you like it?]

The bloody words appeared on the wall around the portrait. The boy in the painting then blinked and Cheng Zhi Chu could suddenly smell the fragrance of roses.

It was a sultry, strong and intoxicating smell.

The boy in the painting reached out and gently pulled at Cheng Zhi Chu’s hand, pulling him into the painting.

The scene in the portrait began to change. A small breeze blew causing bright red flower petals to flutter in the air and gradually sounds could be heard.

The boy came out from the sea of flowers and threw himself into his father’s arms. The mother took hold of another little girl’s hand. Their faces were filled with smiles and they looked like a very happy family of four.

[The game is about to begin.]

The screen of the phone that had fallen to the ground lit up to display this line of text. It then gradually dimmed back down and no longer responded.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 39)

Today’s Bai Yi did not even open his diary and had instead purchased three sketchbooks.

(The search history in his phone had changed from “How to pursue a straight man”, “What to do if the person you like doesn’t like you back”, “My crush is too dense, what do I do” etc. into “Sailor uniform”, “sexy bunny suit”, “XXX underwear” etc.)

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