Chapter 77: Ghost’s Bride (End)

The world in the mirror replicated the setting outside of the mirror. The only difference was that the left and right was reversed, the positioning of several items had changed and the faint glowing light. Even if Cheng Zhi Chu had dropped his flashlight outside, he could still see with some difficulty and didn’t bump into the walls.

What’s more, the groom was holding his hand and guiding him through the winding passages so he wouldn’t get lost. The bear and the coin led the way in front of them. Their speed was getting faster and faster as they competed with each other. It was only after the groom scolded them that they unwillingly slowed down.

With the groom’s cold fingers wrapped around his wrist, Cheng Zhi Chu felt somewhat restless. His mind was a mess as he constantly thought back to “Winter Branch”’s words.

Whether it’s him or the other Bai Yi’s……….

In fact, he used to think that Bai Yi was somewhat mysterious and thought that he may be hiding something. For example, the reason behind his decision to select the Death Mode and whether he encountered something bad in reality.

But now he knew. Six years ago, Bai Yi likely had his head cut off by Mr. Mu and the Bai Yi that is trapped in the game didn’t have a real body. It was likely that he was just his soul, or he had managed to acquire a new body through some unknown means.

Bai Yi and he had entered the game at the same time and had appeared to be a novice player just like him. If this was the case, where was Bai Yi’s soul during that six-year time gap?

Could he have only woken up recently? Then does he know what happened to his body in reality?……….And what does it mean by other Bai Yi’s?

The more he thought about it, the more confused and distressed Cheng Zhi Chu became. He intuitively thought that the situation isn’t so simple. Bai Yi was probably hiding a lot of things from him, but he didn’t intend to put the blame on Bai Yi. He just wanted to do his best to help Bai Yi and hope that one day he would be able to return to reality safely.

Because Bai Yi is the person that he likes.

As for the chief culprit responsible for Bai Yi’s death, it is this place’s owner Mr. Mu……..

Cheng Zhi Chu clenched his hands and anger arose inside him. He returned from his thoughts and looked straight ahead down the dark tunnel.

The bear had keenly smelt a rancid and bloody smell earlier and this time even Cheng Zhi Chu could smell it too. It became stronger and stronger to the point that it was disgusting. This also indicated that they were getting closer to where the heads are.

This smell……….How many people did Mr. Mu kill and how many bodies are there for the smell to be so strong?

Cheng Zhi Chu covered his mouth and nose. In addition to his anger, he also felt fear and horror inside that he couldn’t suppress. He didn’t dare imagine what the end of the tunnel would look like and whether or not there would be a mountain of bodies.

[Mr. Mu’s power and presence in this place is very weak.]

The coin rolled forward and quietly said to Cheng Zhi Chu.

[Looks like he had indeed not returned here for a long time. Based on my estimation, it is at least more than a year.]

[The traps that he left here are practically ineffective because they don’t have his power as supplement. If this wasn’t the case, even if you got good fortune using me, you wouldn’t have been able to enter so easily.]

[Something must have happened to him or he may have died. Otherwise he wouldn’t leave this place unattended for so long.]

[This place is his everything. It is just as important as his life. If it isn’t because he is trapped somewhere or dead, I can’t think of another reason for him to abandon all the good fortune that he had accumulated.]

It would be good if that bastard really is dead. I hope he died really miserably, so miserable that his body is incomplete and completely mutilated…….

Cheng Zhi Chu harshly cursed at Mr. Mu. He used all the swear words that he knew to curse at Mr. Mu. At this moment, they had reached the end of the tunnel.

We’re here.

The coin reminding him. The bear also let out a small cry of acknowledgement.

Cheng Zhi Chu looked up and assessed the space in front of him. Before him was a black stone door carved with complex patterns. It was tightly shut. But even if this was the case, the thick rancid smell coming from behind the door couldn’t be concealed.

Doing his best to ignore the bear’s saliva, Cheng Zhi Chu picked up the coin and threw it again to get good fortune.

The groom allowed Cheng Zhi Chu to take a few steps back before putting his hand against the black door. Very slowly, he pushed the heavy stone door open.


The scene reflected in Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes was both gloomy and strange. He couldn’t help but widen his eyes in surprise.

They were clearly underground but what appeared before him was as a dark and gloomy sky. Below that was boundless earth that joined together with the sky in the far distance to form the horizon.

The ground was dark soil from which many strange looking and twisted trees grew from. The trees were tangled, and the branches were bare with not a single leaf on it. The bark of the trees was pure black and seemed to have a distorted face on it. It was as if it was morphed together with a dead body. With the face covered in black, it was extremely terrifying.

A group of crows flew over. They landed on the branches and let out unpleasant caws.

The air was filled with a suffocating stench. Scattered across the ground were numerous bodies. Some had already rotted into pale white bones while others appeared to have died not to long ago revealing red flesh and fluids. Maggots drilled in and out of their flesh.

In addition to these unburied corpses, there were also an ocean of tombstones. Each of them was a small hill with a simple wooden sign displayed before it. A few were so flat, it could barely be called a grave.

From far away, several deformed figures slowly moved and disappeared in the horizon as if they were swallowed by the sky.

It took a long time for Cheng Zhi Chu to return to his senses after being shocked by this hellish scene before him. He immediately shuddered. He couldn’t imagine how many people had died here and whether they were all killed by Mr. Mu.

【This is a mass grave.】

The system reminded him: 【As long as you are able to find the groom’s head, you can kiss him here.】

Because the stench was too strong, Cheng Zhi Chu felt extremely nauseous. Every time he breathed, he felt extremely uncomfortable. After being forced to buy medicine from the market, he was barely able to calm back down again.

The systems words made him extremely shocked —— If he didn’t have the coin and he was to search through this place for the groom’s head just using his eyes, he didn’t know how long it would take.

There’s also Bai Yi’s body and head……..

Cheng Zhi Chu closed his eyes. He suppressed his mood. The only thing that he was thankful for was that the groom’s head is somewhere in this mass grave. He could directly kiss the groom, complete the wedding kiss to end this instance and completely deal with the issue of “Winter Branch” as well as the rings curse.

After that, he might be able to find Bai Yi’s body and then he could figure out a way to bring him back to life.


The blood red coin was once again thrown by Cheng Zhi Chu making a crisp sound. He quietly made a wish.

Please let me find the groom’s and Bai Yi’s body successfully.

The coin fell in his hand and once again it was the clown’s face. At the same time, the groom seemed to have recalled or noticed something. He began to head in a particular direction.

The groom’s steps were very large. Pulling Cheng Zhi Chu along by his wrist, Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but jog to catch up. The snow-white wedding dress fluttered in the wind behind him forming a stark contrast to the horrifying scene around them. In this grey environment, it was the only bright colour.

They passed through stone monuments and graves one after and another. The crows perched on the branches rolled their eyes around and stared at them. Their figures were reflected in their black, beady eyes.

“…………Found it.”

Suddenly, the groom’s footsteps stopped. He stopped in front of a stone monument.

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“It’s here.”

“I can feel it. My head is buried here.”

The groom’s head is here?

Cheng Zhi Chu’s breathing stopped. Hearing the groom’s words, he quickly pulled his wrist out of his grasp and moved over to look at the tombstone.

At this moment, he noticed the blood red text engraved onto the tombstone.

It was the name of the person buried there.


Cheng Zhi Chu’s instantly constricted. He revealed a look of surprise and disbelief.

The groom bent down onto one knee. With his fingers touching the two blood red words, he read it with a low voice.

“………….Bai Yi.”

What’s going on……..?

Was the groom and Bai Yi’s head buried together……?


Cheng Zhi Chu was so horrified everything before him began to swim. His body swayed and he almost collapsed onto the ground. Furious storms roared in his heart.

He suddenly recalled the words the groom had said to him before.

In the groom’s memory, the groom had seen the “Rose Manor” and the children of the Bai Family. He had also recalled seeing the young Bai Xi Xing.

But when he showed him Bai Yi’s photo and asked if Bai Yi was also amongst that group of children, the groom had denied it despite saying that Bai Yi looked very familiar.

At that time, Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t pay too much attention to those words but now, watching the groom sink his hands into the dark soul and slowly pick up a pale head, a terrible conjecture formed inside him. His teeth couldn’t help but start chattering.

……………If the groom is Bai Yi, he naturally would be familiar with the “Rose Manor” and also find Bai Yi familiar. It would also make sense for him not to see Bai Yi amongst the group of children from the Bai family.

Because that is what Bai Yi saw with his own eyes……

The groom took out his head and brushed away the dirt to gradually reveal its features.

The young man’s eyes were closed tightly. He had beautiful features, dark loose hair, thin lips, tall nose and a tear mole at the corner of his eye that made him look rather seductive.

This was a face that Cheng Zhi Chu is very familiar with, and also a face that he liked very much.

The groom brushed the dirt from the head, aligned it with his neck and connected them together.

The jagged wound on the neck connected together with the head without any problems. It gradually healed, forming smooth skin which fused with each other. Soon, it looked as if it was never separated.

The groom with Bai Yi’s face gently smiled at Cheng Zhi Chu. The stiff features gradually softened and became livelier. The throat moved, and the originally strange voice had changed into one that Cheng Zhi Chu was most familiar with.

“Zhi Chu.”


Cheng Zhi Chu had a blank look. No longer able to support himself, he collapsed to the ground.

【You have found the groom’s head.】

【You can now complete the wedding kiss.】

【Completed side task: Search for an item.】

【Completion reward: ?】

【After clearing the entire instance, the reward will be issued.】

The bear standing next to him witnessed the whole scene and let out a small cry of terror. It was so scared, its tail began to tremble.

Why does he have the same face as daddy? Also, that man that was kissing mummy earlier too. Why do they all look the same? Also, their scent is the same as daddy’s…….

Do they have a close relationship with daddy………..?

Its small head couldn’t process this difficult question. Its’ glass-beaded black eyes revealed a look of confusion.

“Zhi Chu, don’t be afraid.”

The young and handsome man extended his hand over to Cheng Zhi Chu. Wearing a black suit, he looked all the more elegant and graceful. When he smiled gently, no one could fight against his charm.

“Bai Yi.” He said, “This is my name.”

“I have finally remembered everything.”

He held onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s trembling hands. His fingers moved across the ring as he began to speak slowly:

“I have always secretly liked you. This is a ring that I have made specifically for you from a long time ago. Your name is engraved on it.”

“It had always been worn by me. I wanted to wait until the day that I am able to personally give it to you ——— The day when I finally can gather the courage to meet you again.”

“But before the day came, I was killed and left to sleep under the ground for a long time.”

“It was only until you picked up my ring and reawakened me that I was able to find you again.”

He held onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s hand and gently kissed the knuckle of the finger wearing the ring. He looked up with a devoted gaze. Only Cheng Zhi Chu’s figure reflected in his eyes.

Classical music sounded abruptly out of nowhere. It was melodious and cheerful, a complete contrast to the surrounding environment. Suddenly, a pair of bony hands appeared from within the grave. A skeleton slowly climbed out. The rotten flesh on the ground also started to move and stack together to form a human figure.

They slowly gathered around while clapping using their oddly-shaped hands. It was as if they were in a celebrating mood.

Several corpses trudged over to the tree, ripped off a branch and threw the crows onto the ground. They surrounded it, plucked off their feathers, weaved them together and then tied it into a shape of a bouquet. One by one, they passed it over to the groom.

“We are a fated pair…….”

The man gently pried open Cheng Zhi Chu’s fingers and passed over the strange bouquet. With a smile in his eyes he said:

“I can’t wait to propose to you.”

“Zhi Chu, will you marry me?”

With his fingers injured by the rough branches, Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly felt shocked and recovered from his previously horrified state. However, facing the man before him his mind had become extremely chaotic. All that he could think of were “Winter Branch”’s words.

The other Bai Yi’s…….

Was this what “Winter Branch” had meant? ————- Bai Yi’s body had come alive and had become another Bai Yi?

Then what is “Winter Branch”? Is he another form of Bai Yi’s existence? And, it wasn’t just those two. There may even be many more “Bai Yi”’s around———


Cheng Zhi Chu fell to the ground while being supported by the groom. The “bouquet” in his hands had flown away. The feathers and the tree branches had also scattered across the ground.

The man gently caressed his eyebrows and eyes with a look of affection. His eyes were tender and sweet, but his nails had become both sharp and long. It looked like it could easily pierce through his soft skin and cause fresh blood to spill out.

“The next step might be a little painful. Don’t be scared Zhi Chu. It’s only going to be for a moment. I will take out your soul.”

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“I still cannot completely be resurrected. After leaving this place, my body will slowly rot away. You can’t leave here either.”

“You will become a ghost. This way, we can be together forever, and you can be my wife.’

Hearing those affectionate but cruel words coming from the groom, Cheng Zhi Chu’s heart stopped for a moment. The groom’s sharp nails had already pierced through the skin on his neck. It was as if he wanted to directly cut off his head.

The wedding kiss……….He must hurry!!

Cheng Zhi Chu very quickly returned to his senses. Having experienced it many times already, when the groom actually tried to kill him, he wasn’t panicked. It wasn’t as shocking to him as the thought of the groom possibly having Bai Yi’s body.

He raised his hand and hooked his hand around the back of the groom’s neck. He then took the initiative to bring his face closer. When his lips were almost about to touch the groom’s lips, he hesitated.

——- If he collected the groom and sealed him inside the photobook, Bai Yi would lose his body. Would this mean Bai Yi will not be able to be resurrected anymore?

The groom saw Cheng Zhi Chu move closer and was stunned for a moment. His fingers trembled causing his nails to sink even deeper. A thicker stream of blood poured out from the wound.

The bear was dumbfounded for a moment. It then let out a sharp cry and rushed over to bite onto the groom’s arm. Hanging from it, it let out a cry to get Cheng Zhi Chu to hurry and break free from the groom’s grasp.

Bai Yi many be forever trapped in the game……..

Cheng Zhi Chu’s body trembled. Holding onto the groom’s wrist, his face that was stained with blood revealed a look of agony. Although he was afraid, when he thought of Bai Yi, he couldn’t bring himself to kiss the groom.

Everything had happened in a blink of an eye. The coin also jumped up to reveal the clown face and help improve Cheng Zhi Chu’s luck.

【Idiot. What are you feeling conflicted about? Did you want to sacrifice yourself for Bai Yi? Bai Yi doesn’t want that!】

【If you died then everything is over! There will be another way to solve that problem so hurry and kiss him!!】

The system roared loudly in his mind, returning Cheng Zhi Chu to his senses. He suddenly realised how stupid he was being.

Even if he died here, he wouldn’t be able to help Bai Yi escape from the game and return to his body. Also, if he died, there won’t be anyone else who can help Bai Yi so he must not die. He should follow the systems words and save Bai Yi through another means!

These thoughts flashed through Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind like lightning. No longer caring about the fresh blood flowing from his neck, he held the groom’s handsome face and plastered his bloodstained lips onto the groom’s lips.

Faced with Cheng Zhi Chu’s active act of intimacy, even if he was wanting to kill him a second ago, the groom couldn’t refuse it at all. A hint of joy lit up in his eyes and he started to respond to his bride enthusiastically.

Wet sounds emitted from between the two men’s interlocked lips. The groom threw off the bear hanging from his arms and held onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s lower back to restrain him in his arms and not give him a chance to break free.

Cheng Zhi Chu’s lips and tongue were sucked by him until it was slightly numb, and his breathing was uneven. He had no intention to break free. Instead, he even felt his heart racing and his body go soft. After all, the person who is kissing him is another Bai Yi………

For a moment, the two were immersed in the kiss. No one noticed the groom’s body beginning to emit a soft glow.

The bear was thrown onto the ground and then found itself seeing the groom glowing. It was even more confused ——- It couldn’t understand. Why was the groom who was trying to kill Cheng Zhi Chu earlier suddenly kissing him…….

Cheng Zhi Chu was kissed until he was lightheaded. He then suddenly felt a weight on his body. The other man’s body had suddenly fallen onto him. Without any sign of life in it, it was quiet and motionless.

The skeleton and corpses around them suddenly started to make a commotion. Soon, they were surrounded by an impenetrable wall of them. They reached out with clearly bad intentions.

The bear saw this and immediately climbed up from the ground. It snarled at them and started to chew through one of them. The other skeletons and corpses scattered in fear. After taking a few steps, they collapsed, and their body parts scattered onto the ground.

【The groom has been successfully collected into the Photobook.】

【Boss photo has been collected. Congratulations, you have cleared the instance “Ghost’s Bride”.】

【Clearance Rewards: Expereience x20000, Survival Points x20000.】

【Congratulations, you have reached level 55.】

【All main tasks have been completed. You can leave the instance after leaving Xin Hua street.】

The groom has already been collected?

Then in his arms……..

Holding the man’s body, Cheng Zhi Chu blinked a few times dumbfoundedly. For a few seconds, he was stunned. Suddenly, joy rose from the bottom of his heart. His eyes instantly turned red and he was almost at the point of tears.

Was this what the system meant by “another way”? The photobook only took away the groom’s existence and it had left Bai Yi’s body behind. He managed to find Bai Yi’s body!

【Hehe. Are you happy? Feeling grateful? Why don’t you hurry and thank me?】 The system spoke in a very proud tone.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. I……thank you……..”

Cheng Zhi Chu held onto Bai Yi’s body tightly. He had even forgotten to talk to the system in his mind and instead gave his thanks out loud. His voice was choked up and even his words of thanks were slightly incoherent.


As if it didn’t expect him to actually thank him, the system couldn’t get used to it. It dryly coughed and its tone calmed back down. Like it was comforting him, it said: 【You can now open the reward from the side task. I believe you will definitely like it.】

【Do you want to open the reward?】


Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly felt very nervous. His eyes were red, and his body trembled. Instinctively, he guessed that the reward likely had something to do with Bai Yi.


【The reward has been issued.】

Cheng Zhi Chu involuntarily held his breath. It felt like time had stopped.

It seemed like it was only a short moment, but it also felt like a long time had passed. He suddenly felt the body in his arms move slightly. His heart trembled as he looked down only to be met with a pair of black eyes slowly opening.

“………..Zhi Chu?”

The handsome man lying in his arms revealed a rare look of confusion. His lips were slightly open as he gently called out his name.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 77)

(Just resurrected. Not sure what’s going on. Still confused. No diary.)

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