Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 28: Skinning

In fact, Su Min could faintly guess what that man was eating. It was most likely a dead body.

Although he didn’t know where they came from, this island seemed to have no shortage of dead bodies.

Chen Xingzhou said: “Would we dig up a body?”

Su Min answered honestly: “It’s very likely.”

While he dug up the soil, Chen Xingzhou speculated: “I think the people on this island are a little strange. Do they kill outsiders that come here and then eat them?”

Or if they don’t like to eat it, they would feed it to the fish.

This thought process seemed plausible, but also felt a little too simple.

Su Min mentioned something he thought of earlier, “That story about the well that Uncle He spoke about isn’t necessarily true. The bride should be staying in the place we’re staying at and shouldn’t have drowned herself in Uncle He’s well.”

Unless Uncle He and the bride had something going on between them.

Chen Xingzhou was stunned for a moment. He suddenly spoke with shock: “Then could the real bride be inside the walls?!”

Su Min nodded slightly, “It’s possible.”

He had never thought of that. If the person Uncle He mentioned really existed and what he said really happened, the person in the wall was probably the bride.

The reason why Uncle He’s well was sealed was still open to questioning.

If those words were only half truthful, you couldn’t tell what was true and what was false. They could only rely on guessing.

Chen Xingzhou whispered: “We should go back first to talk about it. I feel unsafe talking about it here.”

If they were overhead, they would probably be killed.

Originally, the two thought that it would be buried very deeply but in less than two minutes, the thing hidden below was revealed.

With the sea nearby, although the reflection of the moonlight wasn’t very bright, they could still see it vaguely.

Some sort of skin was buried in the soil whilst mixed with blood. There were also limbs of some unknown animals that appeared from the soil.

With them exposed like this, a bloody odour emanated out.

Chen Xingzhou almost vomited, “What is this thing?”

He was originally preparing himself for a dead body only to end up digging up something unknown that was particularly disgusting looking.

Su Min pinched his nose, squatted down and poked at it with a branch, “It looks like a frog or something.”

He had seen pictures of frogs and bullfrogs online and it looked just like this. The only difference was that this one was chewed on.

Chen Xingzhou covered his nose and squatted down, “Eating frogs raw?”

He felt that something wasn’t right. Also, for them to eat it raw, that was just too amazing. And too disgusting.

Su Min shook his head and said: “No, it should be a toad.”

He picked up the skin and dangled it in the air. Borrowing the light from the moon, he could see that the colour matched with the colour of the toads they saw during the day.

Chen Xingzhou again has the urge to vomit.

Toads are known to be poisonous. How could the man dare to eat it raw? Is he not afraid of being poisoned?

Su Min also couldn’t stand it anymore: “Stop digging. Let’s go back.”

Chen Xingzhou couldn’t agree more.

The two buried them again. As they recalled the scene of the man crouching there eating it raw, they felt bouts of nausea.

As soon as it was completely buried, Chen Xingzhou gasped: “I can’t stand this. I can’t. Su Min, lets hurry back…….”

Su Min: “Okay.”

They once again climbed up the way they had originally come from. Fortunately, there were many vines there that they could use, and they didn’t need to find another way back.

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After getting onto the proper roads, the two felt relieved.

Su Min recalled the things that had happened tonight and suspected that these toads probably have had contact with dead bodies at some point in time.

That man probably has an allotriophagy disorder. (KKnotes: unnatural desire for abnormal foods)

As for why he didn’t die from the poison, it was probably because he developed resistance after eating so much of it or because he ate the non-poisonous parts.

There exist people who can eat poisonous snakes without a problem, so it isn’t surprising to see this in a horror movie.

It was just that Su Min felt that the director and screenwriter of “Murder Island” are very terrifying. How could they come up with such a plot?

The two of them were coated in sweat and were very anxious.

They weren’t far from where the islanders lived. Earlier they were worried about being discovered but now there were afraid of an islander suddenly appearing behind them.

Both of them couldn’t help but quicken their pace.

After about a minute, Su Min felt that something wasn’t right.

The feeling of being followed was too strong. Instead of looking back, he asked Chen Xingzhou: “Do you feel like someone is following us?”

Chen Xingzhou considered it. “I don’t know.”

He didn’t have that type of instinct, but he felt that Su Min was probably right. After all, this place is very scary.

Su Min didn’t want to look back, but he would only know what is going on by looking back.

Chen XIngzhou reminded him: “We should act like nothing happened.”

Su Min weakly shook his head, “I want to know what’s following us in the middle of the night.”

Chen Xingzhou couldn’t convince him. He wasn’t very courageous so he decided that if anything happened, he would grab Su Min and run.

Su Min prepared himself and quickly looked back.

Contrary to his expectations, a human figure suddenly ran down from the slope. It’s body was completely red and he couldn’t see it very clearly in the darkness.

The other party was running, not walking.

And the other party was running towards them. When it got closer, they could see clearly that it was completely red.

Su Min said: “It looks like muscle.”

Like those muscle diagrams in the textbooks, that “person”’s entire body was of the same red colour. It was like its skin was peeled off.

Chen Xingzhou was startled by his words, “What did you say?”

At this moment, that “person” had already rushed over. Su Min reacted quickly and pulled Chen Xingzhou aside.

The strong gust of wind flew by.

When that “person” passed, although it was night-time, Su Min could see it’s skin – though it cannot be called skin.

It was what he had guessed earlier.

Su Min’s heart pounded. He seemed to have discovered a terrifying secret but that secret was just too shocking.

That “person” had disappeared from their line of sight.

Chen Xingzhou saw the unpleasant expression on Su Min’s face and asked: “Su Min, are you okay? Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere?”

He himself didn’t see anything. That “person” ran by too fast.

Su Min supported himself by putting his hands on his knees. After resting for a while, the strange bloody smell in the air slowly dispersed into fresh air. This allowed him to feel a little better.

He stood up and waved his hand, “Let’s go back first.”

The discovery tonight had shocked him too much and he couldn’t accept it. His world views had suffered serious damage and that was scarier than seeing ghosts.

Chen Xingzhou said: “Okay.”

They had already reached the slope. After walking a little more, they would see where they stayed. Although there was something in the wall, it was still safer than being outside.

Zhao Mingya also sent them a message and he responded to reassure her that they would return safely.

After experiencing something so incredible, the two no longer wanted to speak. They quickly headed back and even wished that they could instantly teleport back.

But at this moment, something once again came from behind them.

Su Min is very sensitive to the cold air that comes along with a ghost’s appearance.

He nudged Chen Xingzhou and warned him: “There’s something coming from behind. Be careful.”

Chen Xingzhou was startled: “Okay, understood.”

This time both of them turned back and immediately saw that that the thing behind them was something that they had seen before.

Chen Xingzhou widened his eyes.

He returned to his senses and lowered his voice: “That……Isn’t that the lantern dress that we saw?”

The girl in the lantern dress from this earlier this evening left a huge impression on him, so he recalled her instantly.

It was particularly because none of them could see the other party’s appearance properly.

Su Min also saw it. The cold air that rushed over for an instant felt like he was in the middle of a snowfield. He only had the time to see the lantern dress fly over.

Chen Xingzhou pushed him away.

Su Min was frozen in place. He was like this until Chen Su suddenly appeared next to him. That lantern dress was driven back.

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Lantern dress appeared to be frightened. She ran back up the slope.

Su Min still couldn’t make out the other persons appearance and only saw the billowing lantern dress.

Chen Su said: “Don’t run around at night.”

He touched the tip of Su Min’s nose. Su Min smelt a cold fragrance.

When Su Min wanted to speak, he had already left. While he was recovering from his state of shock he wondered if Chen Su had a special ability.

Chen Xingzhou next to him was dumbfounded.

When the lantern dress rushed over earlier, he wanted to push Su Min away but he couldn’t move it at all.

Chen Xingzhou muttered: “When that lantern dress rushed over why do I feel that there’s no girl in the dress?”

From the beginning to the end, they didn’t see the girl.

Su Min only had the time to see the small corner of the lantern dress before it disappeared. It fluttered about in the wind like a balloon.

Do they become so cold after turning into ghosts?

Zhao Mingya had touched it a little earlier this evening, so it took a long time to recover. He had originally thought that it was possibly a ghost, but he also almost touched it tonight. That feeling was too strange.

That lantern dress seemed to be coming for him.

Did it want to possess him? Then what will it do?

Su Min thought of a lot of possibilities. Every one of it seemed plausible but it also felt a little strange.

He breathed out and didn’t want to think about it anymore.

The rest of their way back was uneventful. When Chen Xingzhou entered the room, he slammed the door shut.

Jiang Yunhuo asked: “What happened?”

Chen Xingzhou sat on the bed: “Did you encounter anything strange on the way back?”

“No.” Jiang Yunhuo scratched his head and spoke embarrassedly: “We ran back. We were afraid of running into ghosts.”

After all, he was the only male out of the three of them.

Chen Xingzhou was a little jealous. Why didn’t they run into anything on their way back yet he and Su Min ran into things a total of two times.

He spoke about the incidents occurring on his way back and said: “……..I feel that there’s no one in the lantern dress.”

Having this kind of instinct for the first time, Chen Xingzhou must persist.

Jiang Yunhuo said subconsciously: “If there’s no one inside then did the dress run on its own?”

When he finished saying that, he felt that he was just speaking nonsense. There was a dead body that can knock on walls so it wouldn’t be strange if a dress could run on its own.

Chen Xingzhou said: “It is possible.”

Su Min had already returned after washing his face. He had sobered up a lot and he sat onto the bed after drying his face.

Jiang Yunhuo: “I’ll let Mingya and Yixin sleep first.”

Chen Xingzhou thought of Zhao Mingya’s message to him and giggled stupidly. He felt that the cold war going on between them would soon be over.

He then spoke of the incident regarding the toads in a small voice.

Jiang Yunhuo turned off the lights.

Chen Xingzhou and Jiang Yunhuo slept on the same bed so even if they spoke in a small voice, they could hear each other.

Hearing what he said, Jiang Yunhuo retched.

It took a long time for him to recover, “How can they just eat anything? Can they even swallow something as ugly as a toad?”

And to even eat it raw. They should at least bake it.

The people on this island really do have problems. Uncle He is acting sneaky all day long and now there are people with strange quirks.

Chen Xingzhou said: “How would I know if that guy is sick or not? Remember the toads we saw when we first came here? It’s probably his food……”

Jiang Yunhuo interrupted him: “Don’t say it. I’ll vomit.”

They lived in the city and basically haven’t seen toads before. They were already plenty disgusted the day they arrived and saw them.

Although Chen Xingzhou said that, he still felt troubled inside.

The lights have already been turned off and the room is dark. When nothing could be seen, the knocking on the walls started again.

Jiang Yunhuo couldn’t help but complain: “Those sounds sound just like a woodpecker trying to catch a worm. How can a corpse be so dedicated?”

Like last night, the knocking stopped and started.

Chen Xingzhou asked: “Su Min, are you feeling better?”

Su Min was clearly feeling uncomfortable on their way back, but he later seemed to have recovered.

When Su Min was about to say something, he suddenly felt a ghost lying next to him.

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