Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 122: Complaints

Su Min wanted to see if the ceiling could be opened.

Qin Mu Yin nodded and said: “Okay.”

The bed wasn’t soft, so the chair was rather steady when placed onto it.

As soon as Su Min got onto the chair, he could easily reach the ceiling. The ceiling was a little different to the ordinary ceilings at home.

He used his hand to touch it. It was pretty hard.

Qin Mu Yin asked: “Can you see anything? Is there anything inside?”

Xia He Yin looked up and said: “It doesn’t look like it can hold anything, and I also don’t see any gaps. Now I’m suspecting I might’ve been mistaken last night.”

As the two spoke, Su Min didn’t answer.

He continued to pat the surrounding areas. The sound coming from it was different. Like the scene you see on TV, there was a difference.

Su Min said: “There’s space behind here.”

Hearing him say that, Qin Mu Yin’s back went cold, “Then should we open it up and look inside? Could someone be hidden in there?”

Because they had disappeared without a trace, he even suspected that Tang Yishu or Song Nan Nan may be hidden in there.

Su Min said: “I can’t open it.”

It didn’t look like it was something that could be opened. The entrance probably wasn’t here. Like some vents, perhaps only the pipes passed through here.

He got off the chair and hopped off the bed, “For now we don’t know where the entrance is so it can’t be opened.”

Qin Mu Yin also got up and gave it a try.

“It really can’t be opened. Then where did the water come from?” He scratched his head, “There are no gaps here?”

Xia He Yin herself was also confused: “Just take it as me making a mistake. I don’t even know anymore. Could Nan Nan have been taken away by the person who was hitting her?”

She still wanted to hold onto some hope.

After all that crying and panic, all that was left was to hope and pray.

Su Ying said: “Don’t think too much into it. We’re currently on a ship so things like water is very normal.”

Though she actually wanted to say that it was very abnormal.

But the other party needed consolation the most right now. If she was startled or frightened and ended up getting hurt, the one who would suffer would be herself.

Su Ying wasn’t really a nine-year-old. As someone who is almost about to graduate junior high school, she knew what she should and should not say.

Not to mention, her brother was also here.

Su Ying felt that there was nothing to worry about!

Su Min who didn’t know that his sister is thinking this patted his hands and placed the chair onto the ground, “We won’t be able to reach a conclusion standing around like this. Let’s go upstairs. I still haven’t had breakfast yet.”

Regardless of what happened, they still needed to go on.

Xia He Yin wasn’t in the mood to eat but since he had already said that, she didn’t refuse.

Qin Mu Yin: “We still have time if we come back after breakfast. We can take our time searching later. It’ll also save us from getting found out.”

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Su Ying also said: “Yeah, yeah. Let’s go have breakfast.”

There were already quite a few people upstairs. When they saw them, they smiled and asked about their wellbeing.

Su Ming politely answered their questions one by one.

The man in the buzzcut was very concerned about Qin Mu Yin and he even hooked his arm around his shoulder, “How did you sleep last night?”

Qin Mu Yin stammered: “I slept well…..slept well.”

He didn’t dare speak the truth.

The man with the buzzcut nodded, “That’s good but it’s important to sleep better. Don’t be too polite. Treat this place as your own home.”

Qin Mu Yin nodded and didn’t say anything.

How could they treat this place as their home? Two of their friends had disappeared. What kind of home would have something like this happening?

How could this ship be their home?

The man with the buzzcut didn’t think much of it. He turned and left after giving his greetings and re-joined the others.

The captain was still busy inside the kitchen.

The remaining four of them stood there in daze.

This continued until the captain came out with the congee.

Today’s congee was exactly the same as the one from yesterday; plain congee. Su Min however felt that it smelt more delicious compared to yesterdays, and he even saw a ghost appear.

The other party only flashed by and didn’t say anything. It just pointed to the pot of congee before disappearing.

Although he didn’t know the meaning behind it, it was probably a warning.

With Su Min’s ghost attracting tendencies, he felt that this guess of his was correct.

He thought about it seriously before bowing his head and saying to Su Ying: “Let’s also eat some this morning.”

Those on the deck also returned.

Seeing them joining in for breakfast, they were very pleased: “Don’t be too polite. The captain’s skill is very good. He used to be a chef.”

Su Min smiled, “Is that so?”

“If you don’t eat you will be hungry.” The short-haired woman looked at Su Ying, “You’re growing right now so you can’t go hungry.”

Su Ying timidly hid behind Su Min.

Because there were a lot of people, Qin Mu Yin and the others waited until later to get their share before leaving together.

Afterall, they still had some things they wanted to discuss.

After tasting some, Su Min felt that it wasn’t anything special.

He didn’t know why movies would always describe food made from humans amazingly delicious. He felt that human flesh shouldn’t taste that great.

But after tasting the congee, Su Min didn’t notice anything.

After falling silent for a while, Su Min said: “Despite acting all concerned about us, none of them mentioned anything about our missing friends.”

With him saying that, Xia He Yin also came to a realisation.

That’s right. Ever since they were rescued, almost all of them were kind and caring. They were always worried about them getting sick or scared.

But when two of them went missing, no one reacted. It had been like that since yesterday. It was as if the two of them were never there in the first place.

They didn’t seem to care about the fact that someone had gone missing.

Qin Mi Yun frowned and said: “Why is that?”

Su Min finished the last of his congee, “You will have to ask them that. Why would they care so much about us yet act nonchalant when one of us disappears? They were probably very happy about it inside.”

The meaning behind his words was evident.

Take Tang Yishu’s disappearance as an example. After the captain denied it, he didn’t ask about his whereabouts and was just focused on the fact that he was wrongly accused.

Shouldn’t people normally ask about his whereabouts?

Su Min felt that everyone on this ship was not normal.

Taking into consideration everything that had happened before, they have a total of six people and there were originally more than a dozen people on board.

Even if they were split and paired off, it wasn’t enough for everyone.

But if they split them up and shared them, it would be enough.

The ship had been at sea for a long time. In a situation where there isn’t any fresh food left, the sudden appearance of several live humans would probably trigger their crazy instincts for survival.

But the contradiction to this was that there was still food in the kitchen.

So that meant that there was nothing wrong with the food.

Then there would be no need for them to be treated as food. This group of people here probably have some unusual habits. Like the people on Murder Island, these people enjoyed eating human flesh.

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Su Min felt that this was unlikely.

Firstly, it was the method of death.

All that was left of Tang Yishu was a sheet of human skin. If they really ate him, why didn’t they take all of him?

The second reason was the fact that they were doing so much. Wouldn’t it be easier just tying them up and fattening them? They were after all trapped on the ship so they couldn’t run.

And that bespectacled middle-aged man was constantly fixated on fishing meaning that he still yearned for fish.

Whether that fish is human or not is still a question.

After breakfast, Su Min went to send the bowls back.

It just happened that the short-haired woman and the bespectacled middle-aged man had just walked in from outside. They had their backs towards him, so they didn’t see him as they chatted.

“Today’s congee doesn’t taste as good as it did yesterday.”

Su Min frowned. He wondered if this sentence was of any importance.

When he looked over, the short-haired woman and bespectacled middle-aged man had already walked a short distance away.

“…….Don’t talk about that. You didn’t manage to catch anything yesterday. Do you still want to go fishing today?”

The bespectacled middle-aged man replied: “Of course I will. I have a feeling that I will be really lucky today. Just you wait and see.”

When he said this, Su Min looked over at him.

That sentence of his sounded normal but he said that with certainty. It was as if he knew it in advance.

Afterall, the ships secrets have still not yet been fully revealed so anything was possible.

Su Min didn’t follow them and just turned back.

After he told the others what he heard, they all went silent.

The frequency of fishing was too high. Even now, he still persisted with fishing every single day.

More importantly, with a cruise ship so luxurious, why would you come here with only fishing in mind?

That would be too boring.

Su Ying moved closer and whispered: “We should go and see how he fishes later. We might be able to see something.”

Su Min said: “Okay.”

Su Ying now played the role of a little mute girl. In any case, no one suspected her because of her young age and the only one who stared at her was the short-haired woman.

She didn’t know why the short-haired woman favoured her so much.

Su Ying thought for a moment and then touched herself. She felt that this body of hers was useful. If that woman was a cannibal, she was probably eyeing her youthful and tender flesh.

Something like this was quite possible in horror movies.

Su Min looked around and said: “I’ll go over to that bespectacled middle-aged man. Don’t leave my side.”

He was still worried about his sister running into trouble.

He had always felt that this ship probably had a rather bloody secret. If a child like her ended up getting traumatised by this, it would really be his fault.

Afterall, this was his birthday gift for her.

Qin Mu Yin couldn’t help but say: “Anyway, if it was me, I wouldn’t navigate such a large cruise ship just to let a group of people go fishing.”

Xia He Yin also followed: “I think they’re probably not trying to catch fish. They’re probably trying to catch mermaids.”

Su Min: “………..”

That was rather specific.

As for whether they’re trying to catch mermaids or sharks or something else, if what the middle-aged man said was true, they would soon find out.

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