Arc 7: Taking My Surname
Chapter 147: Birthday

Su Min sat up and took off his helmet.

There seemed to be no one else in the room. He had thought that Chen Su would be there waiting for him – for example lying next to him.

Su Min internally wondered if Chen Su still wanted to wait.

He took an orange from the table and ate it while circling around the room. He couldn’t find any hidden mechanisms.

Su Min also wondered if he had watched too many dramas.

He sighed and internally scolded Chen Su before packing up the broadcasting machine and getting ready to go out.

But as soon as he opened the door, a shadow fell in from outside.

Su Min found himself embraced tightly. With the warm breath and touch, he could distinctly tell that the person before him was real.

The two were quite tall. Chen Su’s head was buried in his neck.

Su Min finally reacted. “It’s really you?”

Chen Su said: “I wanted you to see me as soon as you opened the door.”

When he spoke, warm and humid breath could be felt near Su Min’s earlobe. It gave him goosebumps.

Su Min suddenly felt as if he was still in a movie.

He poked Chen Su’s face and asked: “Does it hurt?”

Chen Su said: “Doesn’t hurt.”

Su Min: “……….”

Although he felt that he was no longer in a movie, Chen Su’s answer and expression was something that sounded like something from a dream.

Unexpectedly, this time Chen Su let out a low laugh: “Did you think that I would wait for you in bed?”

Su Min said: “No.”

He won’t admit it.

Chen Su didn’t poke a hole through his lie. He moved closer to him and dropped a light kiss on his lips before mumbling vaguely: “I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

He had waited many years for this day.

Ever since Su Min left, he had been waiting.

Su Min’s heart softened.

He still remembered the events in the first movie. At that time, he couldn’t comprehend Chen Su’s enthusiasm and just thought that he was probably crazy.

In fact, that was a normal response.

If you saw things from his point of view, Su Min couldn’t imagine what it would be like if he met someone he had waited for after many years only to find out that they no longer remembered him.

Su Min asked: “Why didn’t you say your name was Xiao Su?”

Chen Su said: “I forgot.”

He had only taken his surname later. After finding his biological parents, he added Su and it became his own name.

Xiao Su then became his nickname. Unfortunately, no one called him by this name for many years. This continued until Su Min appeared once again.

He finally found him.

Su Min smiled, “What if I didn’t watch movies?”

Chen Su said: “Then I would go find you directly.”

In fact, he had visited Su Min’s university before and even met him at that time. Unfortunately, Su Min didn’t know him so he passed by without recognising him.

That was why he chose a different method.

Chen Su himself was selected to be an experimental subject mainly because of his excellent body. His mental strength and abilities were very strong, so he was studied as an experimental subject for a long time.

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This went on until he returned to his own body.

He disguised himself and acted obedient before then destroying the laboratory. Though, it couldn’t be considered destroying the laboratory. To be more precise, he took control of it instead.

The holographic viewing technology was something they were researching. With his mind as the basis, they had invented something like this.

This piece of technology required a regulator. In the event of an accident, the regulator would need to forcefully withdraw the audience from their movie experience. It could be said that the regulator would be aware of any changes in the movies

As the producer, Chen Su was naturally the best regulator.

No matter which movie Su Min watched, he could accurately find out his location and insert himself in.

It’s just that he cannot interfere with the plot too much.

Chen Su didn’t say any of this.

Although Su Min could tell that things weren’t so simple, he couldn’t think of any possibilities because of his own shallow understanding of the holographic viewing technology.

He whispered: “What if I can’t remember?”

Chen Su said: “If you can’t remember, then you can’t remember. It’s fine as long as one of us remembers. I can remember it.”

He had remembered it until now. He didn’t mind remembering it for the rest of his life.

He grabbed Su Min’s wrist with one hand, and held Su Min tightly in his arms.

Su Min didn’t struggle and let him do as he pleased.

He will try to remember.


When the cleaner brought things upstairs, Xiao He just happened to see it. He asked: “What are you doing here?”

The cleaner said: “There seems to be someone talking over there.”

As a staff of the cinema, Xiao He immediately knew where she was pointing. He quickly stopped her and said: “You haven’t gone there yet, right?”

The cleaner said: “Not yet.”

Xiao He breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good. Don’t clean there today……No, no, no. Just don’t bother with this entire floor.”

The cleaner didn’t understand but she was naturally happy to have her workload reduced. She happily entered the elevator and went back downstairs.

Xiao He carefully looked over and saw two men standing intimately together. He quickly closed his eyes and hurried downstairs.

Hear no evil, see no evil.


When Su Min returned home, it just happened to be in the evening.

Mother Su had probably returned early and was busying about in the kitchen. Seeing that he had returned, she greeted him with a smile: “Dinner will be ready soon.”

Su Min’s mood was a little complicated, “Okay.”

He answered and went upstairs.

Although Su Min didn’t have any memories of it, he remembered the things he saw from Chen Su’s end. Piecing them together, he could basically guess the contents of his memory.

Ever since he returned from his hometown to attend school in the city by his parents, he had constantly been with them.

Su Min searched through his room and managed to find a small diary from his elementary school days. He had written in it.

But there wasn’t a single mention about Chen Su.

He remembered a scene from Chen Su’s memory where the two of them were drawing. He had given Chen Su the name Xiao Su and had searched it up in a dictionary. (KKnotes: The Su here is the Su in Chen Su’s name)

Because he naturally couldn’t use the name Xiao Su. (KKnotes: Xiao Su was Su Min’s nickname. The Su here is the same Su in Su Min.)

Chen Su at that time didn’t remember anything. He was the one who taught him stroke by stroke how to write it. Next to his name, he had written the name “Xiao Su”. (KKnotes: Chen Su’s Su.)

Su Min and Xiao Su. (KKnotes: As above)

When they were young, Chen Su had misheard Xiao Su as Xiao Su. (KKnotes: Basically, he misheard Su Min’s name. They’re both Su but the pronounciation is slightly different.)

And so, it became Xiao Su. (KKnotes: Chen Su’s Su)

Su Min guessed that as a child he had probably never thought much of the “crowning you with my surname” action and just solely wanted to give him a name.

Young Chen Su really liked that name.

Su Min could still remember young Chen Su’s expression in that memory fragment. He was very happy.

He took a deep breath.

But he couldn’t find anything in the notebook. He didn’t know if it was thrown out or torn off. He guessed his parents may have done something to it.

Su Min didn’t know if he should find it strange.

From his parents’ perspective, it would indeed be rather scary hearing their child mention seeing something they themselves couldn’t.

In the past, it would often appear on the news.

Su Min could understand their actions, but he couldn’t accept it. He has his right to decide whether or not he wanted those memories to exist.

But he didn’t know if those memories could be returned.

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Their shared memory was only remembered by Chen Su. No matter how he thought about it, he felt bad for Chen Su but there was nothing he could do for the time being.

Su Min had kept all his books since he was young. Dragging out the boxes from his cabinet, he looked through them one by one.

During dinner, he acted like nothing was wrong.

When he got back upstairs, he sorted everything out. He had not written Chen Su’s name a single time.

It had disappeared too cleanly.

Su Min’s earlier expectations had almost completely calmed down. Since his parents had done things so thoroughly, he was certain that they would not have left him with a way to regain his memories.

He stuffed everything back into the cabinet wordlessly.

After sitting by his bed for almost half an hour, Su Min calmed back down and went downstairs.

Unexpectedly, the lights downstairs were off.

Su Min was confused. He called out downstairs as he stood at the top of the stairs. No one responded. He then turned on his phone and got ready to use his flashlight.

Before he could act, music sounded.

It was a birthday song.

Soon afterwards, a cake with candles appeared along with Mother Su’s face glowing behind it.

This continued until the music stopped.

Mother Su smiled: “Today is your birthday, did you forget? Come down and make a wish.”

Su Min finally returned to his senses.

He had really forgotten about his birthday. He clearly saw it marked on the calendar when he checked it just a few days ago but he had actually forgotten about it when the day came.

Because university break was earlier this year, his birthday happened to be during winter vacation. He used to celebrate it at school, and it would usually just involve him eating out with his roommates.

The candle was still burning.

Su Min didn’t have any intentions to disappoint mother Su. In fact, as a mother she did a lot for him and she also did a very good job. It was just that he couldn’t accept that decision of hers.

He closed his eyes, made three wishes and then blew out the candle.

Mother Su then turned on the lights and said: “Your father isn’t here because he is on a business trip so it’s only me at home.”

Su Min said: “At my age, it’s okay even if we don’t celebrate it.”

“Birthdays should be celebrated no matter what age.” Mother Su corrected him, “Here, cut the cake. We won’t be able to finish this cake ourselves so we can give some to our neighbours.”

Although they are not very familiar, they could use this to get closer. If anything happened in the future, they could also have someone help out.

Su Min cut off a small portion and mother Su went to give them out to the neighbours.

After returning, she saw the neatly distributed cake on the plates. She smiled, “Why aren’t you eating?”

Su Min said: “Waiting for you to eat.”

Mother Su was most proud of her son. She had always been hearing praises about her son and he had never let her down.

She picked up a plate. It was something she had chosen herself so the taste wouldn’t be a problem. What was important was that her son had waited for her. She was very happy.

After taking a few bites, mother Su casually asked: “What did you wish for?”

But soon after asking, she added: “Wishes won’t come true if you say it. It’s better not to say it.”

Su Min said: “It’s nothing much.”

He watched mother Su take a bite and spoke up: “Because it would only come true if you did something from your end.”

Mother Su wondered: “What wish?”

Su Min hesitated for a moment before saying: “Mum, I want to know what happened when I was a child. It’s related to Xiao Su. You know about it.”

The room fell silent.

Mother Su held her fork in the air for a long time and didn’t move. She took a deep breath and quietly asked: “How did you know?”

Su Min said: “I found out myself but that’s not the main issue. The main issue is that I’ve lost my memories, haven’t I?”

He looked directly into mother Su’s eyes.

Mother Su placed down her fork. She looked back at her son and sighed: “Yes, what you have said is true.”

She didn’t want to say it but she already knew that it would be useless trying to hide it. It would be better just acknowledging it.

Su Min’s heart fell, “Will I be able to remember it?”

Mother Su didn’t answer his question. Instead, she asked: “Xiao Min, do you blame me for this?”

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