You Seem Delicious
Chapter 50: System Origin

Reassignment was definitely not possible.

078’s finger tapped on the notice sitting on the table: “You two know more about No. 001 and you have also dealt with this examinee before. I just want to ask…..over the span of a 15 day exam, how many times can they violate the rules?”

154: “…..I don’t know. Also, for your information they have moved the melting period ahead so it’s not 15 days, it’s 2 days.”

“Oh yeah! How could I forget this? Two days!” 078’s eyes lit up for a few seconds before dimming down again: “Two days is also a very long time………”

“Coming twice over the span of just half a day. Two days would be four half days so they could come back eight times………” 078 calculated this and fell into despair: “I really don’t understand what the hell they’re thinking.”

922 was also in despair: “They’ve probably digested their dinner and is coming back for supper.”

154: “………”

078 sat paralysed in his chair: “…….I used to think that being an invigilator was easy and that it should be the examinees who should be afraid of violating to the rules. If anyone accidentally violated the rules, the other examinees would tread around carefully to avoid another case.”

922 missed those times: “Yeah……..”

Before encountering You Huo, their days as an invigilator were also like this.

“I have also worked with other teams often. A four-member team should logically be easier…….” 078 said.

“Yeah.” 922 echoed.

“Which blind guy made me join your team?” 078 then said.

“Yeah.” 922 again echoed.

021 slammed the cup in her hand onto the table.

078: “………”

Ah, he almost forgot. The blind person who picked this team was 021. Was this young lady someone he could anger?

Of course not.

078 said without hesitation: “I’m sorry.”

Outside the porthole, the night was deep.

Looking into the distance, the sea was frozen for thousands of miles. There was only turbulent water around the small white ship.

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Once it set sail, the ship again began to sway. 154 felt faintly nauseous. He leaned back against the chair to recover slightly.

922 went upstairs to find him some seasickness patches. 078 on the other hand went downstairs to prepare the confinement rooms.

021 picked up her sunglasses from the table and proceeded to clean them.

The lying corpse 154 suddenly spoke up: “Are you sure you want to wear sunglasses in the middle of the night Miss? Be careful or you might fall into the sea.”

021’s movements stopped. She glanced across the table at him.

154 was still leaning back. His eyes were not open, and his face was furrowed with discomfort.

021 said with annoyance: “Am I stupid?”

If she wore it during dusk, she could say that it was used to block the sea breeze. In any case, she had always been acting coquettish, so no one would suspect anything she did.

If she wore it at night, even if the other party’s IQ was like those of 078’s, they would notice that something wasn’t right.

She was originally just planning on cleaning the lenses before putting it away.

But this 154……seems to be quite sensitive?

Without turning her beautiful eyes, she carefully assessed the seemingly proper looking colleague of hers. 154 then stood up.

He glanced at Miss Decisive. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly retched, covered his mouth and rushed to the bathroom.

021: “…………”

Do I look so vomit inducing?


Before long, the small white ship was moored on the coast.

Four invigilators stood in a row at the bow, the rough sea breeze slapping them in their faces.

078 was a very pompous person. He dug out two notes and officially read out the notice of violation: “Not long ago, we received a notice that the two of you roasted the rabbit used for broadcasting announcements……”

He paused. He couldn’t help but ask: “Were you really that hungry?”

“Didn’t eat. Just roasted it for fun.” Qin Jiu stood below the ship and laughed very contemptibly: “You don’t need to read the notice, just throw the rope ladder down. You’ll also be able to go back to the cabin earlier. Does it feel nice standing out here in the wind?”


You actually have the nerve to say that?

078 internally complained: If it wasn’t for you who violated the rules, would we have to come out here to enjoy this damned wind?

But those words of complaint were only uttered in his heart. Afterall, the other party was 001.

To some extent, this person was someone who existed in “rumours” and “legends”. In any case, he shouldn’t mess with him.

021 stood by the side of the ship. She used the tip of her shoe to pick up the rope ladder and throw it down.

You Hu and Qin Jiu climbed up the rope ladder one after another.

She wasn’t wearing her sunglasses at this moment, so she did her best maintaining her expression.

But the moment You Huo crossed the ship’s rail, her eyes lit up.

Unfortunately,……the other party didn’t appear to have noticed this change and just walked past her. He then headed straight into the ships cabin without any hesitation.

021 internally thought: Sure enough, he probably didn’t hear a single thing she said last time.

Although she had expected this, she was still a little disappointed.

Whenever this young lady was in a good mood, it wouldn’t be shown on her face but if she was in a bad mood, it was very obvious.

It made her other three colleagues fearful.

As they brought the two gods of misfortune down to the bottom floor, 078 quietly asked 021: “Why don’t we……swap? Last time I was responsible for 001 and to be honest it was really awkward. This time, can……….”

As soon as he raised his eyes, he was met with 021’s cold gaze.

“…….” 078 shut his mouth and thought for a moment. He then whispered: “Okay, okay. Take it as if I didn’t ask. I know you’re not a fan of that person. Here, you first.”

As he said that, he moved aside and made way for the door to the first confinement room.


You Huo walked into the confinement room.

Before the door was closed, the room was the same as usual. It didn’t turn black.

Inside the room was a table, chair and a large mirror hanging on the wall.

Instead of pulling out the chair to sleep this time, he walked around a few times before stopping before the mirror.

Please read this from kk translates

The mirror reflected the scene by the door.

078 sent over his greetings before walking across to the second confinement room. Qin Jiu followed behind him. As he walked past, he raised his eyes and it met with You Huo’s through the mirror.

He gently winked, before brushing past 021’s shoulder and walking on.

021 then entered the confinement room and closed the door behind her.


The room was silent.

In the mirror, the cold Miss Decisive leaned against the door panel and brushed her hair behind her ear.

She took a deep breath and was about to speak.

You Huo said: “What you said last time, I heard it.”


The breath Miss Decisive took was stuck in her throat. She had forgotten to exhale.

You Huo turned around and quietly looked at her

This something completely unexpected.

Along the way here, 021 had been thinking about how she should start speaking and what she should do to clarify everything in a short amount of time. Even if it wasn’t everything, at the very least she should pass on the important information.

She had planned it all out but with You Huo’s sudden words, she suddenly…….didn’t know what to say.

“Sit down and speak?”

You Huo pulled out the chair. He then turned it around and placed it in front of her.

021 was shocked by this act of his. She finally returned to her senses.

She quickly waved her hand and said: “No need, we don’t have much time. The confinement room would take effect about one or two minutes after the examinee enters. If I stay here until then, I would be the one crying.”

After she said that, she finally remembered her planned speech. She spilled it out like a machine gun: “You once said that if you were ejected, the first thing the system would do is to clear your memories of those years. Looks like it really happened. I know you have a lot of questions, but please don’t ask anything yet. Listen to me first.”

“I know you’re curious about this examination system, but I can only make a long story short.”

“This system was created many years ago. The original plan was to apply it in the military and the like. Its role is for screening special recruits. Each exam is highly comprehensive and difficult because it aims to test all skills and aptitudes of the candidate. Those who are selected are regarded as highly dangerous individuals. Like a double-edged knife, if not handled properly, it could potentially harm yourself.”

“At first, for the sake of fairness and safety, a group of trainers were selected to monitor the test subjects. Of course, to ensure that they can suppress those examinees, the trainers are all elites and mostly from domestic and foreign military forces. In order to accommodate the situation, these trainers were later renamed invigilators.”

“You entered the system before me and was earlier than any other invigilators on board this ship. You were one of the first batch of invigilators and was the leader of an entire invigilator team. Your rank was A.”

“Later, there were some problems with the system……..You can tell without me pointing it out. The examinees being pulled into the system got more and more strange. The elderly, the pregnant, all kinds of people were dragged in. Even now, I still haven’t figured out what basis the system used for this. In any case, it’s a bit out of control.”

“I participated in the examination very early. At that time, the system had not yet become like this. We were from the same school so you can be considered my senior. Of course, you don’t know me, and you probably have no memory of my code number in your remaining memory. Anyway, you were the invigilator for several of my exams and over time with my one-sided efforts, we got a little more familiar.”

“When I became an invigilator, the system had already started to act strange, but I couldn’t get away. The systems control and monitoring of its invigilators was even more strict than those of examinees because we have become a part of it.”

“The invigilator teams had already been decided early on. After a reserve period, I should have originally entered your team but before I could enter, you encountered an accident.”

“Everything related to that accident was completely wiped out by the system. It was difficult finding any relevant clues. At that time, I had only just transitioned from a reserve invigilator to an official invigilator, so I wasn’t directly involved but I knew that you wanted to destroy it.”

“You tried to destroy it, but the chance of success was slim, so you left me with a message. You said that the system would likely eject you out and if the system still existed and you were gone, I was to pull you back in and reawaken you.”

“Actually, I was quite surprised you chose to leave me with that message. My abilities were limited so it took some time.”

“But……..fortunately, I came.”

As the lights in the confinement room began to dim, 021 spoke faster and faster.

Except for the last sentence.

After that, the confinement room once again fell into silence.

You Huo sat on the edge of the table. His eyes looked in the distance at an empty spot and he appeared to be lost in thought.

He had always been like this. Whenever he was silent, he would appear cold and aloof. Anger and sorrow could never be seen from his expression alone. It made it difficult for others to tell what he was thinking.

After a moment, he looked up at 021 and said: “Thank you.”

In that moment, 021 felt a little emotional.

She took a deep breath and finally smiled for the first time.

“Then…….after saying so much earlier, did you feel a bit of familiarity? Or did you remember anything?”

“Nothing for now.”

021 was disappointed, but she immediately livened up again: “That’s okay. You’ll remember eventually.”

You Huo nodded.

The confinement room got darker and darker. 021 said: “I have to leave now. I know you still have a lot of questions; I’ll try to create opportunities to find you in the future. Please cooperate.”

After saying this, she then remembered how this great master usually operated and hastily added: “Just cooperate a little. You don’t need to do much.”

When she grabbed the doorknob, You Huo suddenly said: “That’s right, I have a question. And also I need your help.”

021 turned: “What question?”

You Huo said: “When I was an invigilator, what was my relationship like with that person next door?”

021: “Mm……”

You Huo: “Mm what?”

021: “Don’t even mention the person next door. Just mentioning it ruins my mood. Your relationship was very bad. It is said that the accident that happened was mainly because of him.”

After she said that, she then asked You Huo: “Let’s skip this topic, lest you remember something bad instead. You said you needed help with something, what is it?”

You Huo: “Can examinees be confined together? Help me be confined next door.”

021: “………..”

Fuck this.

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KK has something to say:
And we finally learn a little more about this examination system. Looks like it has gone out of control hence the strange questions…..
ALSO it looks like they’re going to be locked together!!! 😯

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