Don’t Close Your Eyes At Me
Chapter 73: Violation Record

One could tell that a bug had arisen because they had played a little too hard.

While the people and scenery turned still, there was one exception———

It was the blazing fire.

You Huo looked at the fire thoughtfully.

Thick smoke billowed out, obstructing their visibility.

Those clear and vivid teachers and students gradually became blurred, eventually disappearing amongst the dark grey smoke.

It can easily make people feel a little down.

Because there were a few moments where they seemed very real.

As if there really was a school like this; as if there really was a stern director who liked to wear one piece dresses; as if there really were young teachers who always couldn’t sleep well; as if there was a short and round little fatty and as if there were girls who even dared to hit the ghosts.

You Huo wondered if any of them may have been an examinee once.

Just like Zhao Wentu, because of giving the wrong answer or something, they were turned into NPC and left here.

“Distracted again?” Qin Jiu leaned over and asked.


You Huo’s footsteps stopped.

He pulled up his collar to cover his nose and mouth, blocking the smoke around him. While Qin Jiu wasn’t paying attention, he frowned and touched his earlobe and the side of his neck.

It was all thanks to Qin Jiu’s hand.

Now, as long as he speaks a little closer to him, You Huo’s ears would begin to ring alarm bells.

It was like someone getting ready to tickle you. Despite being five centimetres away, you would already start to sweat and feel ticklish.

The only difference however, was that that is an instinctive reflex. You Huo’s on the other hand was an acquired reflex——–

Number of times required to acquire: 1

Incubation time: 1 second.

The results were immediate, the final outcome outstanding.

Perhaps it might be because it is a rather sensitive place.

The great master thought self-depreciatingly.

The two walked within the smoke for a while. Except for the blurred vision, they didn’t find it too suffocating.

You Huo suddenly said: “Let me ask you a question.”

“Mhn?” Qin Jiu glanced at him without surprise: “What is the question?”

“Having invigilated for so long, how many people have you seen pass successfully?”

“Pass successfully?”

Qin Jiu was silent for a moment. He then smirked: “There are two situations. Which one are you referring two?”

“Two situations?”

Qin Jiu pointed at himself: “The first kind is in front of you; those that successfully pass the examination and later become an invigilator. I have seen many of this. Practically everyone in the invigilators district are like this.”

You Huo: “…………”

He originally wanted to say that he was obviously not asking this but for some reason he suddenly remembered Qin Jiu’s words from when they were on Captain Barentz’s ship.

“You said that…….” You Huo asked: “You can’t receive letters?”

Qin Jiu: “Mhn”

“Have you gone outside before?”

“No.” Qin Jiu said: “Of course, there is a period I no longer remember but as far as I remember, I haven’t. I can also answer your question earlier——–”

“The other type of people who successfully pass the exam would have average grades and standard performance. According to the regulations, they do not become invigilators and are able to leave this place.” Qin Jiu paused and said: “I have indeed seen them. There aren’t many and they’re getting fewer and fewer. As for whether they really returned home after leaving and whether they still remember what happened in here, I don’t know………”

Afterall, he had never gone out.

At this moment, You Huo wanted to ask what the purpose of this exam was.

But he thought about it again. There was no point using normal logic to try and understand something that had gone out of control.

He remembered 021 once mentioning that this system was developed through joint efforts of various parties and was originally used for military screening.

Technically speaking, things that were developed by the military shouldn’t normally lose control…..

But since it was joint efforts, it made it hard to say. Perhaps someone had secretly planted a small seed during the research and development process.

If that was the case……….Do the people who leave this place still remember what happened in here?

Have the people outside realised that the system had gone out of control?

With so many people dragged into here to take part in the exam, no one noticed that it’s strange?

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Perhaps the time in the system is different to the time in reality.

If they stayed here for several months, perhaps only a day or two had passed in reality? Or maybe a few hours?

It is hard to say…….

Compared to what the system which had gone out of control had in mind, he was more concerned as to whether anyone had left and whether they could leave.

Was it possible……… set free everyone trapped in here?

He looked around.

From what he could see, apart from Qin Jiu and the smoke, there was nothing else.

But Qin Jiu had said that in an examination centre, the system is everywhere.

It wouldn’t be a good idea discussing here how to get rid of the system or how to find some loopholes.

And so, You Huo didn’t ask any further questions.

Qin Jiu also realised this.

He specifically went and changed the topic: “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

“Would you answer if I asked you on the first day?” You Huo glanced at him.

“First day?” Qin Jiu casually walked ahead and recalled for a moment: “……….That time I brought you back to the invigilator’s quarter with a note?”

It clearly wasn’t that long ago, but it felt like it happened in their last lifetime.

But when recalled, it was still clear and vivid.

You Huo corrected: “Abused your authority and brought me back.”

“Abused my authority?” Qin Jiu looked at him doubtfully. You couldn’t tell whether he had really forgotten or was just pretending to have forgotten.

Under You Huo’s stare, he let out an “oh” and said: “You mean how I wrote you down as a young girl?”

You Huo: “…….”

Seeing that his footsteps has stopped, Qin Jiu carelessly raised a hand and said: “Don’t glare at me so quickly. I have the right to plead my case.”


Qin Jiu: “I am very wronged Mr. Invigilator.”

Wronged your ass.

This was written on You Huo’s cold face. He was unmoved.

Qin Jiu said: “You should know———”

You Huo: “I don’t know.”

“Okay then, you don’t know——-” Qin Jiu changed his words: “Did you notice that 154 and 922’s notes were handwritten?”

“What about it?”

“If you paid more attention afterwards, you would’ve noticed that the system wouldn’t handwrite anything and would just send the information over directly.” Qin Jiu explained slowly: “The initial report I received from the system said that it was you. Later, it changed into a young girl and then it changed back to you. Like this, it changed back and forth three times.”

You Huo coldly cursed the system “retard”.

Qin Jiu: “Yeah, you’re right.”

“It is rare to see the system being so indecisive. Like it had crashed, it jumped from one end to the other. That expressionless 154——-”

You Huo glanced at him.

Qin Jiu placed an index finger on his lips: “——Don’t tell him I said that. 154 urged us to hurry and leave so I just scribbled down young girl and tossed it to him. In any case, I was going over there too, so I’ll be able to tell who violated the rules once I’m there.”

“After that, I probably don’t need to explain myself.” Qin Jiu said: “The young girl didn’t exist, so I naturally thought that it was you.”

With him saying this, You Huo finally understood.

The one who had violated the rules at that time was Shu Xue but Shu Xue was a special case ——- She was a system bug. In most cases, she wasn’t even considered an examinee or a living person. And with the black widow attaching her daughter to her, the young girl the system referred to was probably the daughter.

Qin Jiu, 154 and 922 would naturally be unable to find this young girl.

And so, the only person who could’ve violated the rules was him.

“Is an explanation like this acceptable?” Qin Jiu stopped.

A gleam of light flickered across the sky. Soon following that was the roar of thunder.

The smoke in the air was cut through by the lightning before gradually becoming fainter and disappearing.

In a blink of an eye, the scenery around them had changed.

The ruined school was gone and the ground below their feet had turned into a wet surface. They were surrounded by cliffs and a familiar high-rise building stood before them. Against the night, its large windows reflected faint cold light.

It was one of the twin towers, the one they had jumped down from.

Looking up at it from below, the tower looked extremely tall.

There were no doors before them let alone elevators. There was only a steel ladder nailed into the wall leading up the building.

A ladder that was……..several dozens of floors high.

Apart from that, there were no other paths.

A familiar voice once again urged them:

【All examinees please leave this place immediately and return to the punishment centre.】


Why don’t you try it yourself???

Qin Jiu looked up and estimated the distance “Looks like the system is pissed.”

You Huo snorted.

Qin Jiu looked on for a while before suddenly calling out to him: “Big Invigilator.”

You Huo turned to look at him.

“Have I told you that when I first saw you that day, I was in a bad mood?” Qin Jiu also looked at him.

You Huo’s brow wrinkled slightly.

“Don’t frown, I haven’t finished speaking yet.” Qin Jiu then said: “That was actually what 154 and 922 said. I don’t think it’s accurate.”

“What do you think then?”

“Me?” Qin Jiu paused. He then said: “I can’t remember now. I have said some rude things in front of you at that time too. As for whether I meant it or not, I couldn’t tell. Since I didn’t get the feeling of meeting an old friend when I first saw you, I think most of it was true. I guess…….our relationship in the past wasn’t very good.”

At that moment, You Huo’s heart missed a beat.

He couldn’t describe what he was feeling.

He also noticed Qin Jiu pursing his lips and narrowing his eyes.

A moment later, Qin Jiu pointed at the tower with his chin: “But no matter how bad it was, I have already forgotten. Let’s come to an agreement Big Invigilator. No matter what we remember later, let’s not hold a grudge?”

You Huo leaned to the side and listened to this proposal. He didn’t speak.

After thinking for a moment, he kicked Qin Jiu and said: “Hurry and go up.”


This damned ladder wasn’t something that deterred You Huo.

He wasn’t afraid of heights and his physical ability was good enough. At most, he would just be a little sweaty when he reached the top.

Qin Jiu was just a little ahead of him. The two have similar speed and endurance so the distance between them remained unchanged.

After who knows how long, You Huo heard rustling above him.

Qin Jiu had already hopped onto the platform. His voice travelled over: “We’re here.”

You Huo made a sound of acknowledgement and climbed up another two rungs.

Now that he was closer to the platform, he got ready to jump onto the platform, but Qin Jiu instead squatted down on the edge.

Not far away, the silver edge of the crescent moon that was partially obscured by the night clouds sprinkled faint light past his shoulders.

With his back against the light, Qin Jiu’s handsome features were even more defined.

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He raised his little finger at You Huo and there was a hint of a smile in his low voice: “Have you considered my proposal? Would you like to lock it in?”

You Huo: “……….”

He wasn’t in a hurry getting up anyway.

He could just stay on the ladder and catch his breath.

His gaze fell onto Qin Jiu’s thin and well-defined little finger before raising his eyes and looking at Qin Jiu: “What does it mean after locking it in?”

“After locking it in we will from now on be friends.”

This was actually a sentence Qin Jiu had thought of in advance but when he said the word “friend”, he felt that it wasn’t right, as if it was still lacking something.

But he only paused lightly before finishing off the sentence.

You Huo’s expression didn’t change.

He was always like that. Whether he was happy or unhappy, he would always appear cold and indifferent.

He didn’t make a sound. After a long time, he finally reached out and slapped Qin Jiu’s palm.

As his finger swept past Qin Jiu’s palm, his little finger lightly hooked around Qin Jiu’s finger.


The old man had never expected that there would people who would become sworn brothers while standing on the platform outside a high-rise building.

Next to the elevator, the invigilators who had received the systems explosive notifications had already arrived.

021, 078, 154 and 922. Not a single one of them was missing.

They looked like they were about to face a powerful enemy. Seeing the two clapping hands out on the platform, the four invigilators were instantly dumbfounded.

The orange in 922’s hand fell to the ground.

021 opened her mouth in shock for a moment and then turned around to curse.

After the window was removed, You Huo and Qin Jiu walked in one after the other.

The old man pointed at the metal panel and said: “Touch it! You should touch it! It’s so hot it can fry an egg. The whole database is in shambles.”

You Huo didn’t expect the control pad up here to also be affected.

He walked over and touched it. It was indeed very hot.

The screen was stuck on the loading interface for who knows how long.

Qin Jiu flicked it with his finger a few times but received no response. He asked the old man: “Were you looking at this?”

“Bored so I was going through old records to reminisces.” The old man thought some more and added: “But…….I no longer remember who’s who. It has been stuck on this page for more than twenty minutes. I haven’t been able to change to the next page and it’s all thanks to you two!”

Qin Jiu leaned against the metal panel and beckoned over 154 and the others: “What information did you receive? Has this cleaning task been suspended or is it over?”

154 is an honest man: “It’s over. The exam crashed, and the system isn’t masochistic enough to send you to another one………”

Qin Jiu nodded in understanding: “Makes sense.”

“Now that the cleaning task is over, you two also have a chance to draw a card left. Once you’ve drawn the card, you can go and wait at the examinee waiting sector.” 154 said: “We have the cards here. 922———-922?”


922 returned to his senses.

He pulled out a stack of cards from his pocket and shoved it into 154’s hands: “You shuffle. My hands are weak.”

154 looked at him like he was looking at someone crazy.


154 shuffled the cards twice. Seeing that the other three didn’t have any intention to move, he sighed and walked over to his boss and You Huo: “Here, once for each of you.”

In light of previous experience, You Huo who saw those cards had the urge to gnash his teeth.

He pushed Qin Jiu over and said: “You first.”

Qin Jiu who heard this laughed.

He knew about You Huo’s luck and didn’t refuse. He randomly drew one from 154’s deck.

When he turned it over, he pouted.

> Last-Minute Cramming

As a not very diligent examinee, all these years of exams has helped you develop a wonderful ability that is scientifically known as “Comprehensive accumulation of knowledge just before an exam” and commonly known as “last-minute cramming”.  Not everyone can do this, only those with skills can. Those who can often have excellent short-term memory, strong mental aptitude and suffer from a severe case of procrastination. Habit is something difficult to correct. Examinees who use the last-minute cramming card will have a certain probability of quickly learning an ability in an examination centre when they use this card.

Remember, you can only learn one thing.

No wonder Qin Jiu pouted.

This wasn’t exactly a good card.

It could only be used in an examination centre, you could only learn one thing, and it wasn’t guaranteed that this ability could help you clear the hurdle.

For great masters like You Huo and Qin Jiu, this was really……..a useless card.

Qin Jiu’s horrible luck gave You Huo some comfort.

He walked over to 154 and pulled out a card.

He shouldn’t be unlucky to the point that he would always draw a good student card, right?

As soon as he finished thinking this, he flipped the card around.


Another damned Top Student card.

Even the old man couldn’t hold back. He pfft’ed and said: “Nice card.”

You Huo’s face once again turned green.

The old man realised that he may have said something wrong and quickly backed away.

For some reason when he first saw this examinee, he inexplicably wanted to get close to him. Taunting him probably wasn’t the best way to get close to someone.


After the card drawing session was over, 154 indicated to You Huo and Qin Jiu that they could go.

You Huo bid goodbye to the old man and walked towards the elevator.

The other invigilators had already entered the elevator one after another.

Qin Jiu however stopped for a moment by the metal panel…..

Because the screen that was said to have been “stalled for more than 20 minutes” had finally come to life. After the screen loaded for two seconds, it revealed a new page.

Qin Jiu casually glanced at the screen as he moved to leave.

But before he could take more than a step, his eyes slowly moved back.

The old man was looking at records from many years ago.

The records were arranged according to time. Generally, ten records would fill one page.

But the new page that had appeared was different. There was only one solitary record listed in the centre. It read:

Rule Violator: Invigilator A

Violation: Overly intimate relationship with *.

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