Don’t Close Your Eyes At Me
Chapter 76: Room Assignment

Zhao Jiatong had a gentle personality. Although she had some differences with Qin Jiu, she wouldn’t show it.

Gao Qi was different.

When Qin Jiu walked over, he acted like he had met his greatest enemy.

If not for Zhao Jiatong holding him back, he would have already rolled his sleeves up.

“What are you doing?” Zhao Jiatong glared at him.

Gao Qi: “Conditional reflex.”

Zhao Jiatong said with frustration: “I don’t see you do that in the invigilator’s district!”

“Alcohol calms people down.” Gao Qi lied to her face.


“Besides, I rarely run into him. He’s 001, I’m 1006. Although we both have two zeros…….” Gao Qi said self-deprecatingly: “The difference is too big. Even if I want to fight, I can’t.”

Zhao Jiatong: “Restrain yourself. They all say that 001’s memory was affected, and he no longer remembers that incident.”

“I know but who can guarantee that it’s true?” Gao Qi questioned.

“You really are………. What’s the point of lying?”

“There are lots of benefits.” Gao Qi started counting, “Saves the need to explain what happened that day, won’t having people look for him for trouble, avoids suspicion….. I fell from E to a four-digit number while he, the involved person, is still able to do whatever he likes after recovering. Aren’t those benefits enough?”


Zhao Jiatong had nothing to say.

In fact, most of the early invigilators also thought this.

The system bug accidentally injuring him – That was just an excuse.

The earlier invigilators including those who were involved and those who were in the dark knew what went on……..

It was likely a case of someone secretly working on it, quietly making preparations with the intent to destroy the system in one go but for various reasons——–Was it someone leaking the information out? Infighting? Or someone deliberately going against that person? —— In any case, the operation failed, and the system won in the end.

Of the invigilators who were involved, the ones who needed to be punished were punished and the ones who needed to be monitored were monitored.

Before the incident, the others didn’t know about the specific details.

But after that accident, they could tell just by looking at the result.

Invigilator A was removed by the system whereas the one who was not affected and could continue on as Invigilator 001 was Qin Jiu.

You see? It’s obvious.

They were surprised to see that the Invigilator A who had appeared to be a perfect representative of the system would actually do something someone in the forceful faction would do. They were also surprised to see the outwardly forceful faction advocate Qin Jiu in the end turn around and protect the system.

After that incident, the system did some self-maintenance and self-upgrading.

For almost a month, all the invigilators stayed in the invigilator’s district while all the examinees stayed at the rest stops.

Gao Qi was at first very angry. He had always regarded Invigilator A as a friend, but the other party had secretly done something like this without his knowledge. During that month he finally learnt that this was his cold-faced friends’ way of protecting them, so that the system wouldn’t do anything to them.

If he was successful, everyone was free.

If he was unsuccessful, only he would be affected.

After that month, the system had changed significantly.

On one hand, the monitoring of invigilators became more rigorous. A lot of rules were also added. On the other hand, it had become stranger.

As for how it was strange, he couldn’t pinpoint it.

In any case…….It was a little crazy.

After that, the early invigilators gradually moved away from the systems core. They later became the subordinates of invigilators who had joined later, and their numbers were now near the end.

As for the invigilators who had joined later, they didn’t know if the system had used some tricks to convince them, or if it had brainwashed them.

But those who entered the system would unknowingly start to forget about their life in the real world.

It wasn’t anything noticeable. Instead it was…….You would suddenly realise that they never mentioned “I did this before”, “This happened to me when I was a child” etc unless you asked. It was as if their life started when they entered the system.

Since then, there were no more stubborn ones who would go against the system.


Regardless of the other matters, just based on this alone how could Gao Qi reconcile with Qin Jiu?

His nostrils flared and he pointed at Qin Jiu: “You saw it. He approached me first.”

Zhao Jiatong: “……..”

Zhao Jiatong wondered whether drinking too much affected his intelligence. His words were very immature.

But she didn’t have enough energy to argue back. It was because Qin Jiu had already approached them.

She was also a little tense.

“What do you want?” Gao Qi threw this sentence out.

Qin Jiu’s footsteps stopped. His eyes moved and, as if he had only just noticed him, his expression revealed slight surprise.

He raised his hand and said: “Good afternoon. Why are you here?”

Gao Qi: “Go ahead, keep pretending! If you didn’t see us here, why did you come over?”

Qin Jiu raised his eyebrow.

In Gao Qi’s eyes, he took it as taunting.

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Qin Jiu then suddenly started laughing: “I don’t get this strange hostility of yours……”

Gao Qi turned towards Zhao Jiatong and mouthed: See, the benefits of memory loss.

Zhao Jiatong: “……..”

Qin Jiu stood in front of the carriage: “But I’m not here for a fight. I’m here for a person.”

“Listen to him. I told you he’s here for——-” Gao Qi complained to Zhao Jiatong and suddenly stopped: “For what???”

Qin Jiu placed both his hands behind his back and casually rotated his shoulders: “I’m here to find someone. No need to glare, it has nothing to do with you.”

“You came to our carriage to find someone, yet it has nothing to do with me? What the hell are you saying……..” After Gao Qi finished his sarcastic talk, he turned vigilant: “Who are you looking for?”

After he asked, he heard a voice speak up behind him. It sounded from above his head.

“For me.”



Gao Qi looked back so fast, his neck looked like it was going to snap.

He saw You Huo lower his head to get out the carriage. In his hand he carried his coat. He glanced at him and repeated: “Me.”

Gao Qi: “…………….”

He pointed at Qin Jiu and asked You Huo: “Do you know who he is?”

You Huo: “Qin Jiu.”

Gao Qi: “………..”

This great master was afraid that Gao Qi may not know Qin Jiu’s name, so he even considerately added: “Invigilator 001.”

Gao Qi: “……………”

This middle-aged man couldn’t believe his ears.

He turned his head again and pointed at You Huo as he asked Qin Jiu: “Do you know who he is???”

Qin Jiu looked up at You Huo.

His posture with his hands behind his back was clearly a gentlemanly posture, but there was also a hint of arrogance.

He laughed and said: “There’s quite a lot of hurdles to get through to get to our Big Invigilator. Are these newly hired gatekeepers?”

The faces of the gatekeepers turned green.

“Who’s yours?”

“How is he your Big Invigilator?”

“What our?”

“There’s no our, take that back.”

Gao Qi was like a rooster chasing after someone. He threw out those statements in succession.

It even made Qin Jiu lean back a little.

He was confused for a moment, but he soon recalled something from the depths of his memory.

It seems that someone had told him a long time ago that this Invigilator 1006 not only knew Invigilator A, he was also Invigilator A’s friend.

When he heard about this at that time, to him Invigilator A was just a meaningless name – a predecessor who had already been deleted, someone who was younger than him by two years, someone who was very powerful and someone that he didn’t get along with.

That was it.

So to him, those statements about his friends and family were just insignificant nonsense. He didn’t pay it much attention.

Unexpectedly, it actually became useful a couple of years later.

He miraculously understood this unfamiliar invigilator before him and swallowed back the words “You drank too much”.

He didn’t mind the other party’s unfriendly attitude.

You Huo supported himself and hopped off the carriage. He said to Gao Qi: “I didn’t mention it earlier. I know 001.”

Hearing the word “didn’t mention”, Qin Jiu once again raised his eyebrow.

You Huo continued to say to Gao Qi: “The first exam I did, he was the invigilator.”

Gao Qi was confused: “Generally speaking, the invigilators wouldn’t appear if you clear the exam normally.”

You Huo: “Appeared because I violated the rules.”

Gao Qi again said with confusion: “But that would just involve putting you in the confinement room?”

“Violated it several times.”

Gao Qi: “………..”

“He’s here as a personal invigilator????” Gao Qi was vigilant again.

“No.” You Huo said: “When he did, he helped burn an exam centre down and is now demoted into an examinee.”

“So, what are you two now???” Gao Qi rubbed his face. His head hurt.


You Huo paused for a moment. He then glanced at Qin Jiu before looking back: “are friends.”


This time it was Qin Jiu’s turn to feel hurt.

He poked his cheek with his tongue. His expression was indecipherable.

Gao Qi looked at Qin Jiu with slight surprise. His expression was a little complicated.

Zhao Jiatong poked him lightly and mouthed: Memory loss.

Gao Qi came to a realisation.

He internally thought: That’s right. He now believes that Qin Jiu really did lose his memory. If he didn’t, he would rather die than mingle with Invigilator A. To even be friends…….How big of a face slap would that be?!

Invigilator A had lost his memories, 001 also lost his memories.

So now they can peacefully know each other, peacefully get along, peacefully become friends……He could understand……

As if!

Gao Qi internally cursed.

But taking into consideration Invigilator A’s presence, he restrained himself.

Reconciliation was impossible.

Taking advantage of the moment Qin Jiu was distracted, he whispered to Zhao Jiatong: “Things like friends are all nonsense. They can be like this because both their brains are damaged. Let’s see what happens when they recover their memories.”

Zhao Jiatong: “………You sure they can be recovered?”

Gao Qi: “Who knows? I have heard of some things…….I’ll get A to try it later.”

Zhao Jiatong frowned: “Is it reliable? Don’t mess around. Do you think the system is dead?”

Gao Qi pouted: “I’m an examinee now.”


Not far away, horse carriages formed a circle and the coachmen adjusted their whips.

You Huo said to Qin Jiu: “I thought you were sent by the system to another exam.”

“I thought so too, but I still tried looking around after getting off.” Qin Jiu rearranged the coat he had removed and looked up at him with a chuckle: “Seems my luck is pretty good.”

The midsummer air was suddenly a little dry.

You Huo licked his lips. He tucked his hands in his pockets and looked at the castle not far from them with narrowed eyes: “Did you hear the exam question? This time in groups of two, I——-”

As he said this, Zhou Qi also got off.

The coachman couldn’t read the situation. He led the horse over to bid farewell: “The two couples have been dropped off. I will go back to town first. If you need anything, you can find me in town.”

He turned to Zhou Qi and said: “Madam, I’ll just be a little nosy. When you’re here, it’s best not to stray too far from your husband.”

After saying that, he pushed Zhou Qi over and then ran off after saying goodbye.

Zhou Qi was completely dumbfounded.

Qin Jiu didn’t speak. You Huo also didn’t speak.

After several seconds of silence, just as You Huo was about to speak, Qin Jiu turned his head and looked into the distance. A tall woman walked over and said: “You found you friend?”

“Yeah.” Qin Jiu replied. He turned and said to You Huo: “The system forced us into groups of two. I now also have a wife.”

You Huo: “……….”

After a while, he let out a grunt.

Zhou Qi: “……………”

She still can’t figure out why she is standing here.

All the coachmen soon left, leaving only pairs of “married” examinees outside in the stone square. They didn’t know what the system was thinking.

Overhead, thunder rumbled again.

The castle gate opened, letting out a loud creak.

A tall, thin old man wearing a suit walked out. His grey hair was meticulously combed into a small ponytail.

He bowed to everyone and said: “Good afternoon sir’s and madam’s. I am the head butler here, Douglas.”

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“The Duke is feeling unwell and is currently resting after having afternoon tea. I will have your rooms arranged for you to take a short break. Dinner will be held as scheduled.”

As he said that, he scanned his eyes across the large group of guests and then made a strange request: “Come a pair at a time.”

Although the question mentioned that the plague was affecting them, the servants in the castle still worked very diligently. It was hard to tell that they were also suffering from this calamity. Douglas pulled out a piece of parchment paper and would make a note every time a pair of guests entered.

Although it was unknown whether he was recording their number of guests or making a note next to their names, since he was an NPC he could surely distinguish between everyone after a once over.

Unsurprisingly, the servants had arranged a room for each couple.

Most of the examinees didn’t dare say anything.

In the exam, it was already good enough if they had a place to sleep. If there was a companion, it was even better. They weren’t so particular about the gender factor.

When he reached You Huo’s end, Zhou Qi spoke up first: “Excuse me…….Can you give us two rooms?”

You Huo looked at her with surprise.

He naturally had considered it too, but it wasn’t good saying it in front of the young lady with so many people around. He had planned to talk to Zhou Qi later and change rooms so that Zhou Qi could stay together with another woman.

In a place like this, having two people was definitely safer than being alone.

Unexpectedly, when the head butler Douglas heard this, he walked over and stared at Zhou Qi unblinkingly with his grey eyes: “My apologies, married couples must stay in the same room.”

Zhou Qi: “…..Can’t divorce?”

You Huo frowned. He gently pushed Zhou Qi over to the side.

And so, Douglas’s eyes met with his.

The old head butler said: “The Duke only accepts loving couples as guests. Singles are not accepted, separated couples are not accepted and divorced are naturally not accepted.”

You Huo: “…………..”

How did this madman live until now?

The question had specified that they had to meet the Duke’s requests, or the group would be punished.

He didn’t mind, but what about Zhou Qi in his group?

And so, You Huo could only hold himself back and say to the head butler with a bad expression: “Go on then.”


After a while, all the rooms were allocated.

You Huo’s room was located on the third floor near the east tower while Qin Jiu and that lady called Yang Shu was to his left, and Gao Qi and Zhao Jiatong was to his right.

The room was quite large and was divided into inside and outside spaces. There were white curtains decorating the windows, dining table and chairs, a dressing table, a long leather bench, animal skin carpet and a bedroom and bathtub.

The only problem was that there were not many washrooms in this castle, and they had to go to the first floor.

Heavy curtains hanging above the bed covered the bed.

Zhou Qi entered the room awkwardly and checked the bedroom first. She mumbled: “Do you smell something?”


You Huo was thinking about finding someone to change rooms with and was a little distracted.

Zhou Qi lifted the curtain and sniffed it, but she shook her head. She then crouched next to the bed and sniffed it but again shook her head.

“I don’t know……….There’s some kind of bad smell.”

She thought about it and said: “Smells a little funky.”

You Huo: “………..”

The young lady sniffed left and right and didn’t even overlook the fan and chairs. She then rubbed her nose and said: “Can’t find the source. Maybe it’s just my nose that’s strange….But I am a little overly sensitive. It’s probably a psychological thing.”

You Huo asked for her opinion: “The two ladies on the right and left. Who would you choose?”

Zhou Qi: “Huh?”

She froze for a moment before finally realising: “Ohhh, it’s okay. Any is fine. Why not……why not the right one then. We’ve already chatted in the carriage today.”

You Huo pursed his lips.

Zhou Qi: “…………”

Uh….Left…….is also okay.

Though the lady Yang Shu looks a little domineering…….

Just as she wanted to speak, You Huo turned and walked to the door.

The door was made of wood. As it opened, it let out a weak creak.

It was okay during the day but if one heard it at night……It could cause people’s hairs to stand.

As soon as the door was opened, You Huo moved to walk out.

He then saw two male servants come over from both sides and say: “You can’t change rooms.”

There were not only one on each side of the door, all the households along the street……Ahem, all the rooms along the corridor had a servant standing outside.

Zhou Qi was afraid of something happening to this handsome guy, so she quickly pulled him back: “Forget it, it’s okay. At most we can take turns using the bed. Let’s use scissors, paper, rock. Tonight, you can sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep outside, and tomorrow I’ll sleep on the bed and you can sleep outside. Anyway, there are doors and screens.”

“No need, you can sleep on the bed.” You Huo said: “Doesn’t matter to me. Just a chair is enough.”

As soon as he said that, there was a soft sound coming from the balcony.

The two turned and saw Gao Qi creep in. He covered his face and said to You Huo: “A, help me out. I don’t dare stay in the same room as Zhao Jiatong. If I get drunk, it might affect her. Can I stay here with you? The NPCs are all guarding outside. I thought about it and I don’t think it’s good doing something to the other party on the first day.”

You Huo: “……………”

Gao Qi then looked at Zhou Qi and said: “Oh right. Young lady, I’ve spoken to Zhao Jiatong. In a moment, she will pick you up from the balcony. Don’t worry, we’re very skilled. If you fall, I’ll take responsibility.”

Zhou Qi was flattered. She quickly nodded and said: “I’ll trouble you then.”

Gao Qi bought the young lady over to his side first and then turned back to You Huo like a big dog: “Okay?”

You Huo: “……….Okay.”

Zhao Jiatong was a very agile woman, but they didn’t expect Zhou Qi to also be very skilled.

The young lady stepped onto the balcony and stepped across to the other side with her legs almost in a split before very flexibly flipping over.

With the girls sorted, Gao Qi instantly relaxed.

He hadn’t seen his old friend in a very, very long time. Even if this old friend no longer remembers him, it was okay. Nothing can stop the power of friendship!

Everything can be nurtured!  In a life and death exam, we can have a chance to have a proper heart to heart talk……..

Oh right, Invigilator A doesn’t like talking.

He could just talk onesidedly. That was fine too.

Gao Qi entered the bedroom and hung his coat on the hanger.

He then walked out, found a rustic silver cup on the table and poured himself some water. Just as he took a sip, he heard a soft sound coming from the balcony.

You Huo was in the middle of moving a screen across and was kicking it in place.

Hearing the sound, he looked over at the balcony.

“Why are you here?” You Huo asked.

Qin Jiu squatted on the stone railing of the balcony with his arms hanging loosely. He looked a little frivolous.

This man had a liking for dangerous spots and wasn’t afraid of falling.

“Checking the situation out.” He then dragged his voice and asked You Huo: “Is the lady in?”

You Huo: “……..No.”

Qin Jiu raised his lips and smiled.

Using one hand to support himself, he jumped off the stone railing and joked: “That’s good. I’m here to have an affair with you.”


Behind the screen, Gao Qi spat out his water.

Qin Jiu narrowed his eyes: “You’re even hiding someone?”

You Huo: “………..”

Are you possessed by something?

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