GUEE – CH106

Bloody Carnival
Chapter 106: Double-sided World

When they really wanted to make Shirley cry, she wouldn’t cooperate.

This was something they had expected.

Why would a system’s NPC be so obedient?


The pair of siblings sat on the sofa holding their stomachs while dangling their short legs in the air.

Two identical pairs of blue eyes stared at You Huo without blinking.

According to the question, Sali is a greedy child. His belly indeed looked a little larger than his sisters.

He seemed to be uncomfortable and he looked a little pale. As he swung his legs, he couldn’t help but rub his stomach.

“Shirley, I’m so full.” Sali whispered to his sister with a frown.

His younger sister answered, “I’m also a little full.”

After saying that she looked at You Huo and giggled, “Mum said that I’m a sensible child. Sensible children won’t argue with guests. I don’t want to cry anymore today. It’s useless even if you hit me.”

Sali secretly let out a sigh of relief.

Those words of his sister’s made him feel more reassured.

Chu Yue who stood nearby took this in.

Sali’s reaction showed that ‘death’, ‘Shirley crying’ and their ‘bellies’ seemed to be closely related.

It seems that………..As long as someone ‘dies’, Sali will be fuller.

Chu Yue frowned.

Yu Wen’s face turned pale again.

Shirley’s thick eyelashes looked like small fans. She looked at them innocently and then revealed a large grin.

She seemed to be mocking them and also gloating at them.

It was okay when this child was expressionless but as soon as she smiled, it gave them a strange feeling….

It was as if the soul and the outer skin didn’t match up.

Like she was just wearing an empty shell.

“She couldn’t actually be a real child, right…..?”

Chu Yue mumbled this.

“Child?” Yu Wen froze for a moment. He suddenly panicked, “That can’t be?”

You Huo frowned.

He recalled the hunter in the first exam who was replaced by an examinee, Zhao Wentu who became a villager and Jiang Yuan whose body was taken over by the Duke……

Yu Wen carefully tried to get some information out from her: “Who are you?”

The doll-liked girl blinked a few times and didn’t answer immediately.

Yu Wen suddenly straightened himself up and pointed at her: “Was it just me? Her eyes looked a little confused for a moment.”

The little girl just stared at him and said with a hollow voice: “I am Shirley.”

“I am Shirley. I have cried too many times today. Mum and dad will be upset if they know so even if you hit me, I won’t cry anymore.”

The little girl repeated.

Since she said it was be useless, then it really was useless.

The words spoken by the subject of the question represented the rules. There was no need to lie.

Moreover, Chu Yue understood You Huo very well———

Invigilator A may seem cold and distant,but he actually cares a lot.

If these two children are really ordinary people who were converted into an NPC, he definitely wouldn’t do anything to them.

So how could he make them cry?

Chu Yue was worried.

You Huo suddenly reached out and pulled Shirley off the sofa.

The little girl was startled. She struggled to break free: “Don’t pull me. I won’t cry.”

You Huo decided to just pick her up. He strode straight over towards the stairs.

Held up in the air, Shirley struggled frantically but with her small stature she looked like just a small naughty animal in You Huo’s arms.

Yu Wen and Chu Yue exchanged a look.

“Brother?” Yu Wen called out.

Shirley wanted to kick You Huo but her legs weren’t long enough to kick back.

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Even so, Yu Wen saw that the little girl still had a smile on her face.

Her expression and her actions were completely different.

Below the neck, she struggled but above the neck, she was smiling.

There was a tall mirror next to the stairs.

When You Huo walked past, his tall, slender reflection flashed across the mirror.

The mirror suddenly shook slightly. It was as if someone had knocked on to a corner of the mirror causing it to tremble a little.

But the movement was too small. No one noticed.

No one except for Shirley.

She stared at the mirror and suddenly started to struggle like crazy.

You Huo held her tightly and stopped not far from the mirror. Before him was a fridge. You Huo placed Shirley down and picked up something from there.

The little girl wanted to escape but just after taking her first step, she slowly retracted it back.

Her expression carried a trace of hopelessness.

“Yu Wen.” You Huo called out.

Yu Wen walked around the sofa and came over. Chu Yue similarly followed.

“Brother, what are you doing now?” Yu Wen asked.

You Huo passed the object in his hand to him. He placed both hands onto Shirley’s shoulder and held her down: “Peel it in front of her.”

Yu Wen looked down. He had been given a huge onion.

Chu Yue was surprised. She turned her head and laughed loudly.

“You even thought of this. I didn’t realise you were someone who can come up with so many ridiculous ideas.”

Shirley was still struggling. As a young lady, she was extremely strong.

If it was another person, they probably wouldn’t be able to hold her down.

Yu Wen knelt down before Shirley and bitterly started to peel that thing.

Half a minute later, all of them were crying.

You Huo was tall and his head was turned away so his eyes were just a little wet and Chu Yue ran away soon after she felt some stinging.

Yu Wen was the most unfortunate one. He shed tears while facing Shirley.

The little girl’s eyes were red. Large beads of tears flowed out.

You Huo freed one hand and grabbed another onion from the fridge, “Not dead yet. Continue.”

Before Yu Wen could receive the onion, Shirley had completely broken down mentally and physically.

She lifted her head and started wailing. Tears fell from both corners of her eyes, but her eyes were still wide open as she glared at them.

She stared at the ‘bully’ holding her down and chuckled softly, “I don’t want to see you. I want to hide you.”

The little girl suddenly had a burst of strength.

With that strength, she aggressively pushed You Huo.

Everything happened in an instant.

Chu Yue who was rubbing her eyes not far away and Yu Wen whose face was covered in tears didn’t have the chance to react

You Huo did but he had no intention to retaliate.

He received Shirley’s attack and staggered back.

Behind him was the tall mirror. The impact and subsequent shattering of the mirror didn’t happen.

The moment he came into contact with it, it felt like he had fallen into a calm lake ——He bumped into the mirror and fell inside.

“Where did he go?” Chu Yue looked around and saw that he was gone.

You Huo had disappeared. Before his disappearance, she had heard nothing else apart from staggered footsteps and a soft rustle of clothing.

Yu Wen immediately shot up and rushed to the mirror.

The surface of the mirror was cold and hard. His hand slapped painfully against the glass.

He stared at the mirror for a while and looked up blankly: “My brother……..fell into the mirror.”

“What?” Chu Yu was stunned.

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“It’s true.” Yu Wen pointed at the mirror, “As soon as I looked up, I saw his hand disappear in there. Like this……it sank in.”

With his back facing the mirror he made a ‘falling backwards’ gesture.


Chu Yu strode over and knocked on the mirror like a door.

The mirror shook slightly but there was no response.

“You Huo?”

Chu Yue knocked again.

Still no response.

Suddenly, someone quietly burped.

Chu Yue and Yu Wen turned to look —— Shirley was looking at them innocently with one hand covering her mouth.

And on the sofa not far away, Sali’s belly had become rounder.

He collapsed miserably on the sofa, “Shirley, what should I do? I want to vomit.”

Shirley: “………”

At the same time, the system sounded in more than two thousand exam centres across the world:

【Examinee You Huo of the 197th exam centre has made Shirley cry……Again declared dead.】

In the invigilator’s restaurant, the large screen refreshed along with a ‘ding dong’ sound.

Someone had appeared on the screen for the sixth time.


Yu Wen stood in place. His hands and feet had lost its warmth.

He had lost two loved ones in one go and his heart couldn’t take it.

“Big sister…….” He asked Chu Yue anxiously, “Can they really come back? Why do I feel so panicked?”

“They can.” Chu Yue had no doubts.

Yu Wen: “Why are you so certain?”

Chu Yue said: “Who’s your brother? Invigilator A. Who entered before him? 001. Do you know what happens when these two are together?”

Yu Wen: “What?”

“They can get out of any situation no matter how ridiculous it is.”

Yu Wen wanted to say something, but he felt that that indeed seemed to be the case.

“And aren’t we still here?” Chu Yue pointed at herself and then at Yu Wen, “As long as we’re still outside, they won’t die completely.”

Yu Wen calmed back down slightly.

“Still frowning?” Chu Yue continued, “Then let me remind you again. Look at the bellies of those two brats. Do you remember what they were like when we came?”

Yu Wen recalled, “It wasn’t bulging out this much and their teeth were stained with blood.”

“That’s right.” Chu Yue picked up the paper on the coffee table and tapped it, “It’s written here that they will often be hungry. This means that anything that enters their stomach will be digested by them. As long as the bellies of those two brats haven’t shrunk, your bother and the others will be fine.”

That reasoning was very convincing.

Yu Wen sat down next to Sali and rolled his shirt up. He stared at the brat’s stomach like he was someone guarding a national treasure.


Sali flattened his lips. He wanted to vomit on his face.


You Huo found himself surrounded by darkness.

There seemed to be a thick layer of dark fog covering him. He couldn’t see his hands, nor could he tell which direction he was facing.

He didn’t like this type of pure darkness. The humidity around him also stung his eyes. It was on par to the onion.

And so, he didn’t stay around for too long. He chose a random direction and started to walk.

Just after taking a few steps, he saw a spot of light.

The moment the scenery ahead became clearer, You Huo was stunned.

Before him was a living room with wooden floors. To one side was a sofa and coffee table and the other side was the bathroom, kitchen…….as well as the basement.

There was a window in the living room.

To the east side was a large French window from were you can see the dark night sky outside as well as the old streetlamps.

The living room was brightly lit.

All in all, it was almost exactly the same as Shirley’s house.

There were only two differences.

The entire living room was slanted, like there was a gentle slope on the floor. You Huo stood at the highest point of the gentle slope.

And the layout of the living room was the complete opposite to the one in reality.

You Huo walked a few steps forward. When he turned around, he saw that he was standing by the stairs like earlier and there was also a large mirror behind him.

Inside the mirror was the real living room of this house.

He could clearly see the two brats Shirley and Sali bound like a pair of pupae with a skipping rope. They laid on the bed with their bellies exposed.

Chu Yue was sitting together with Yu Wen. Holding the red marker, they were both trying to solve the problem.

While he was lost in thought, You Huo suddenly felt someone approach him from behind.

One hand covered his eyes and he was dragged away from the mirror.

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