GUEE – CH109

Bloody Carnival
Chapter 109: Mental Pollution

The handprints were slapped onto the mirror forcefully, causing the mirror to shake every time.

As more and more blood appeared, it eventually began to move.

Trails of blood ran across Yu Wen and Chu Yue’s faces that were reflected in the mirror making it look like it was cut into many pieces.

For a moment, the people reflected in the mirror didn’t look like themselves anymore.

Despite their faces and actions being exactly the same, there was a strange sense of disharmony. It was as if they would suddenly do something completely different from reality.

Yu Wen was shocked speechless.

But the Yu Wen in the mirror who had a cut across his lip had his mouth slightly curved, like he was smiling.

“Sister….” Yu Wen murmured with a small voice.

Chu Yu had also stopped moving. She looked like she was trapped by the scene in the mirror.

“Sister, my face hurts.” Yu Wen said.

Perhaps it was just a psychological effect, after looking at the mirror for such a long time he actually started to feel as if he really was being cut.

His nose, cheeks and the corner of his lips stung, like it had just been whipped.

Yu Wen widened his eyes and blankly touched his face.


He hissed in pain. When he looked down, his fingers were covered in blood.

It’s bleeding?

Was his face going to be cut into pieces???

Yu Wen’s legs went soft. He cried out in panic to Chu Yue.

But when he turned around, he saw that a red mark had similarly appeared on Chu Yue’s face. As if a newly cut piece of paper was sliced across, it was so thin that it could hardly be seen but soon bead of blood started to roll down.

He was terrified but his feet were nailed on the spot and he couldn’t walk away from the mirror.

He could only watch himself in the mirror slowly be cut.

His body also started to hurt…….

Spots of blood started to appear on his shirt.

At this moment, it was as if he and the Yu Wen in the mirror had changed places.

The other party was the real one while he was just a reflection.

All the injuries the other party sustained would be reflected onto him and, with a layer of glass between them, he couldn’t stop it.

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This was the punishment.

Yu Wen immediately swore that he would not change an answer for the rest of his life!

He won’t change it even if he dies!

From the corner of his eyes, Chu Yue started struggling.

She was tougher than Yu Wen and was almost about to break free from the bound state several times.

As a result, more bloody lines appeared, trapping the Chu Yue in the mirror.

One of them, like a sharp knife, even drew across their throats!!!

Yu Wen’s pupils constricted in an instant.

At this critical moment, the mirror suddenly let out a ‘Bang——‘

It was both heavy and loud.


In the mirror.

Qin Jiu casually shook his fist.

You Huo soon followed and threw out a kick


There was another loud noise.

If it was a normal mirror, it would have already shattered but the one before them was still unaffected – not a single crack could be seen.

But the blood that was on the mirror had been thrown away with their attack, splashing onto the edges.

“It stopped! It stopped!” Old Yu shouted with excitement.

The red marks on Yu Wen and Chu Yue’s faces no longer increased in number and the line on their necks had stopped at a place less than half a centimetre from a fatal spot.

Even since Yu Wen began his act of changing the answer, the situation on You Huo and the other’s end was completely chaotic.

The black fog had suddenly started to move.

It no longer slowly moved to the centre and had changed into thrashing around.

As if there were countless people twisted together amongst that mass, arms stretched out from all directions and were then pulled back by others.

As they avoided the fog, You Huo and the others noticed that the black fog was filled with contradictions.

On one hand, they wanted to reach out to them while on the other hand, it wanted to retreat.

As it struggled, they started to fight with themselves.

But the result of this ‘infighting’ soon appeared——

A bloodstained mass of black fog broke free from the struggle and forcefully threw itself at the mirror.

The bloody handprints Yu Wen and Chu Yue saw was left by that thing.

They would sometimes cry, sometimes laugh. Eventually the crying and laughing mixed together, becoming both shrill and harsh.

That mass was clearly something that had come from the black fog, but the black fog seemed to be afraid of it.

Once the mirror was completely covered with blood, the black fog around it retreated, letting the blood on the mirror do its job

The scene was both crazy and bloody.

Shu Xue and the others didn’t hesitate to keep away from those crazy things.

But the two great masters didn’t.

You Huo and Qin Jiu were the two craziest players on the field. They didn’t retreat and had instead advanced. In a situation like this, they even reached out to touch the mirror.

This time, the black fog didn’t move to devour them.

The blood left behind from its crazy act earlier had brought along both a good and bad outcome.

The good outcome was, they can now touch the mirror without hesitation.

The bad outcome was, the mirror was as solid as the Great Wall and they still can’t get out.

The two great master’s attack allowed Chu Yue to break free.

She immediately slapped herself awake and then turned around to cleanly give Yu Wen a hard slap.

Old Yu watched on stunned.

Yu Wen was also stunned.

He covered his face and cried out in pain. The first thing he said was an aggrieved “sister” and then his expression turned into a look of surprise: “I can move?! Awesome——-”

But before he could finish speaking, he was ‘thrown’ away by Chu Yue.

The two moved away from the six mirrors to avoid their reflections from appearing on them.


They soon realised that it wasn’t just the mirrors that could have this effect.

The French window, the black dressing table, the silver fridge and so on…..No matter where they went, there was something that reflected their image. It was inescapable.

And as long as there was a reflection, there would always be blood flowing over it.

At this moment, everyone present suddenly remembered the original statement the exam gave:

【One of Shirley’s favourite activities is to look in the mirror. Whenever there is something that can reflect her appearance, she would always stop to look at it for a while.】

As for what Shirley was thinking when she looked at it, they didn’t know.

But the reflection wasn’t beautiful at all.

Yu Wen and Chu Yue wandered around relying on their fast reflexes to protect their faces.

But as long as they are human, they would always reach a point of exhaustion.

“When is! The punishment! Going to end!” Yu Wen was about to collapse.

You Huo and the others were also very concerned.

The two outside were in the middle of escaping death and absolutely had no chance to take the time to read the diary and figure out how to get them out of the mirror.

But when they mentioned the diary, Yang Shu and the others reacted.

“We found something in the master bedroom” Wu Li pulled out a few sheets of paper from her white coat.

The edges of the paper were rough. It was clear that it was torn off in a rush.

“You tore it?” Qin Jiu asked.

“No.” Wu Li shook her head, “Our guess is that it was probably torn off by the original owner, that is, Shirley’s parents.”

As time was tight, You Huo gave half to Qin Jiu and the two stood side by side skimming through their half and quickly exchanging information.


Judging from the format, they should be a part of a diary.

Unlike Shirley’s one, this diary mainly recorded daily expenses and only mentioned the daily happenings in a few sentences.

November 23rd.
When I went to get a towel while Shirley was brushing her teeth in the bathroom, she was constantly staring at me through the mirror. To be honest, she would often do strange things like this. It is a little scary being stared at like that.
Matthew thought it was funny. She’s our own daughter so there’s nothing to be afraid of.
But……forget it. Maybe I’m just too timid.

November 24th.
A lot of people in town have been ill recently. Mrs Mill and Mrs Walkey have been acting strange. They would usually be very friendly, but they didn’t talk greet me when I saw them today.
That’s right, there’s also Shirley. Today, no matter what I was doing, she has been staring at me from afar.
I saw it through the mirror.

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November 30th.
It’s so strange. Every time I stand in front of the mirror and look at myself, I always feel that……the me in the mirror is about to come out.

December 1st.
The mirrors at home are strange.

December 3rd.
Matthew finally thought the same. He bought a hammer and hid it in the back seat of the car.
He explained that since the wind is strong at night, I should put Shirley to sleep and he can say that the mirrors were broken because of the wind.
Although it sounds a little unrealistic, those mirrors should be destroyed.


There was no date on the last page.

It only had one sentence ——

Shirley heard it.

The writing abruptly stopped there.

“The couple probably wanted to destroy the mirrors, but they were found out by Shirley, so these pages were torn out and hidden in a hurry.” Wu Li paused for a moment. Her expression was solemn, “A couple who’s afraid of their young daughter. I think they probably didn’t have a good outcome.”

You Huo’s conjecture was the same.

In addition to that, there was a sentence that caught his eye.

He folded the paper twice, leaving only that line and showed it to Qin Jiu.

“Every time I stand in front of the mirror and look at myself, I always feel that……”

Qin Jiu quietly read it.

“…the me in the mirror is about to come out.” He looked at You Huo, “You think this is the way to get out?”

“Since it was specially written here, it should be useful.”

Until now, everything that had appeared in the exam centre was a clue. This was particularly the case for information that was written on paper.

This was something the system must provide in an exam centre and is the most standard of its rules.

Of course, whether or not the examinee could find it and use it was another matter.

“Every time I stand in front of the mirror?” Wu Li was still able to keep calm, “So this means….that I have to stand outside and look at the me in the mirror to be able to go out?”

You Huo nodded: “Something like that.”

Something like that my ass!

Old Yu and the others were about to collapse on the spot.

“Where am I going to go to find another me to rescue me?!”

No wonder they were “declared dead” the moment they were swallowed up by the mirror.

How the fuck can they not die?

Old Yu fell onto his knees.

He looked at the winding traces of blood on the glass and felt that if Yu Wen could see the blood outside, the other party should be able to see the words if he wrote a will on it with that blood.

And so, he clenched his teeth and strode over with the intention to sort things out before his death.

More importantly…….What should he say to Yu Wen? Anything was good. There wasn’t much to say anyway.

But unexpectedly, another person was one step ahead. That person immediately started to mess around with the blood.

Old Yu internally cried: Who is it?! Who’s in such a hurry to write up their will?!

After looking more closely, it was his nephew.


Outside the mirror, Yu Wen and Chu Yu had ran up and down the stairs several times.

During this time, Chu Yue had destroyed several of the objects that could reflect. Apart from the mirrors which they didn’t dare destroy fearing that it could affect You Huo and the others, anything that could be smashed were smashed and anything that could be broken were broken. Her actions alone was on par to a band of bandits raiding the house.

Yu Wen at first was a little reserved but he later followed her and started smashing and breaking things.

But it wasn’t a long-term solution.

If they continued breaking things, they could risk getting a rule violation notice.

But before they could receive a rule violation notice, they had instead received a bloody will.

When they passed downstairs, they saw on the tall mirror two lines of bloody words. It was a rather shocking sight:

We want to get out.

Face a mirror at me.


Yu Wen shuddered on the spot. He internally muttered that he wasn’t stupid enough to let a ghost out.

He turned and ran off as a conditioned reflex before soon stopping and turning back around.

That tone……

The one acting like a ghost was probably his brother.

Three minutes later.

Six notices suddenly appeared on the screen in the invigilator’s place.

> 20:31:10. Examinee You Huo of the 197th exam centre resurrected.

> 20:31:13. Examinee You Huo of the 197th exam centre resurrected.

> 20:31:17. Examinee You Huo of the 197th exam centre resurrected.

> 20:31:22. Examinee You Huo of the 197th exam centre resurrected.

> 20:31:27. Examinee You Huo of the 197th exam centre resurrected.

> 20:31:30. Examinee You Huo of the 197th exam centre resurrected.

That night, all the examinees and invigilators across the world remembered this name.

It could be considered a kind of mental torture and pollution.

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