GUEE – CH127

Bloody Carnival
Chapter 127: Shooting Oneself in the Foot

When in a dangerous situation, weapons would always be something that is very desirable.

Even if you only wanted to hide out somewhere in the wilderness, you would still want to have a crossbow in your arms while you’re hiding out. With this, you could have a chance to save yourself if a Mirror Human came your way.

Using a crossbow as bait was indeed a brilliant idea.

Everyone who was shocked by this revelation quickly recovered and rushed downstairs.

The five tied up were left behind stunned.

“Why do I feel that they are particularly excited? Trying to gather ten people together, they must be fucking mad!” The buzzcut man as usual burst out with profanities and then reflexively shrank back when he was done.

“What are you trembling for? They’re all downstairs. No one’s here to block your mouth.”

“Conditional reflex.” The buzzcut man muttered, “You don’t know. Those two are really difficult to deal with.”

“How would I not know? Can’t you see my bruised face?”

The buzzcut man continued to mutter, “Let alone those two madmen, even that pregnant woman joined in! With that big stomach of hers she could both fight and run. Mad, they’re all mad.”

His companion spoke as he tried to break free, “Stop with all that mad nonsense. Are you afraid of pain? If you’re not, listen to me. Twist your left wrist and force it out from the rope. Once that’s done, it’ll be easier for us to break free. Let’s hurry while they’re busy with that stupid bait.”

“Yeah, I would rather break my hands than be surrounded by Mirror Humans.” The buzzcut man shuddered, “The siege earlier was a fluke. But the crossbow is now with them……”

“Don’t worry about the crossbow. Leave this place for them and run away first.”

As they struggled upstairs, the people downstairs were discussing where to place the crossbow.

There was an open space in the middle of the lobby on the first floor which faced the door and a large glass window. Without anything covering it, if they placed the crossbow there anyone passing by should see it immediately.

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Yu Wen felt that this kind of place was an excellent location.

Yang Shu immediately rejected it, “Too fake. If it was me, I definitely wouldn’t fall for it. What kind of joke is that? If it was in such a conspicuous place, it would’ve already been picked up by someone. For a crossbow to be in a place that that, it would either be broken or be a trap.”

Wu Li said, “Those who are more careful won’t fall for it.”

“That makes sense. Then let’s hide it.” The naive classmate Yu then suggested, “How about behind the counter? The place my brother found the corpse. That was a very concealed spot.”

You Huo glanced at him, “Very concealed. So, concealed they might not even find it next year.”

Qin Jiu finally placed it in a proper location.

He placed it next to a collapsed stone statue. If one looked through the window, most of the crossbow would be obscured by the ticket machine. It was a location that could easily be overlooked but with the light casting in from the window, it easily directed people’s attention there.

“Done, leave it like this for now.” Chu Yue found a blind spot and pulled everyone over. They laid in wait for their cute future teammates.

Very soon, footsteps could be heard outside the window.

You Huo’s gaze moved and he raised two fingers to Qin Jiu.

There were two sets of footsteps. One dragged a little, perhaps because they were tired. The frequency of the other footstep was low, so it likely belonged to someone who was rather tall. He suspected that it may be a man and a woman.

You Huo’s guess was right. The ones passing by was indeed a young man and a young woman.

The man had short silver-grey hair while the women was a typical Latino. From their figures, their physiques should be quite good but because they seemed to be injured, they looked quite haggard.

In fact, with the exam already reaching the fourth subject all the young and old examinees are already gone and the majority of the examinees here range from 16/17 to 35/36 years of age. Even the physiques are surprisingly similar. Afterall, those with poor physical qualities wouldn’t be able to survive until now.

And so, You Huo’s team of eight was a very strange sight.

That pair of examinees carefully assessed the situation as they quietly walked past the movie theatre.

As they went past the door, the woman straightened up her body and habitually glanced in.

They spoke very quickly, and the man’s voice still carried an Italian accent, but it didn’t hinder You Huo and the others from understanding.

“Don’t look, let’s go. Let’s go to that building there with the grey roof. That place looks good. We would be lucky if we could find a crossbow.” The man said.

“Wait.” The woman took a few steps and then walked back. She once again looked through the window.

“What is it?”

“I think I saw a crossbow.” The woman waved her hand, “Look.”

“Impossible.” The man muttered as he walked back and didn’t forget to cautiously look back a few times, “A big place like this must have already been targeted by others. It should’ve already been searched.”

“I really saw it. There.” The woman’s arm crossed through the broken window as she pointed at a corner, “Isn’t that a crossbow?”

The man was surprised, “Yes, it really is!”

“Come one, let’s go and get it.” The woman supported herself using the windowsill with the intention to go in but was stopped.

“Wait a minute. It doesn’t feel right.” The man was a little hesitant.

“Honestly, that place is pretty hard to spot. I almost missed it the first time I looked.” The woman said, “Don’t think too much. Having a weapon is better than being emptyhanded. We’re not going anywhere anyway, just the first floor.”

The man thought about it and felt that it seemed reasonable. If anyone was hidden inside, they would choose to hide in the uppermost floor to gain an advantage of having a wider field of view. If worst comes to worst, they could jump out the window again.

The two made their decision and went in one after another.

But when they had just reached the place where the crossbow was placed, they were met with a line of gazes.

Yes, it was a line of them.

The man’s head almost exploded, and the woman almost cried out.

“Afternoon.” Qin Jiu raised his hand in greeting and explained in a way that they could understand, “Don’t panic. We want to form a team of ten. Are you interested?”

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The pair shouted a bunch of ‘WTF’ and ‘holy shit’ and quickly turned to run without even moving to take the crossbow.

The awkwardness from earlier was no longer there and they were soon out of sight.

“Such a big reaction?” Qin Jiu raised a brow.

You Huo leaned against a wall, “Probably thought that all the Mirror Humans within 1km radius from here would come over any second.”

Chu Yue, “Let’s wait. Should we hide away first and leave the less threatening looking ones here?”

Di Li and Yu Wen bravely volunteered, and Shu Xue also bent her back pretending to be a real pregnant woman.

Living up to their expectations, five minutes later a black brother quietly ventured in.

This time it was even more exaggerated. He who was almost blended in with the shadows stared at Shu Xue with shock with his pair of white eyes. He was probably wondering how someone with a pregnant belly managed to survive until the fourth subject.

The brother was in shock for about a second before realising that this was a trap. Before Di Li could even speak up, he had already turned and ran.

After that there was a third wave, and a fourth wave…

They waited for an hour, but no fish was willing to join them in their crazy endeavours.

“Forget it, there’s no point waiting around. Let’s just carry the crossbows around and patrol the streets.” Chu Yue suggested, “Three crossbows, take one each. Those people will hide out here for a while as we clean this place up first and then we’ll change locations.”

Yu Wen and the others were dumbfounded.

Luring them over was already risky enough but what is with this crazy idea of patrolling the streets?

But this terrifying proposal didn’t go ahead in the end. It was because an unexpected but pleasant surprise came to them—-

During the time they were trying to trick people into joining their team, the buzzcut man and the others had managed to break free from the ropes. Taking advantage of their small figures, they escaped out through a side window.

But their luck was very bad and not long after escaping, they saw a familiar sight.

A figure knelt on the ground in the middle of a thick patch of fog seemingly burying their head inside something. From time to time sucking sounds could be heard.

When they were met with this scene, the sucking sounds immediately stopped. That person raised their head and their blue eyes shone from within the fog. From far away, that person looked like they only had a pair of eyes on their face. A large patch of fresh blood stained their mouth.

Oh no!

Mirror Human!

And not just one.

The next second, several long and thin figures appeared in the dense fog. As they quickly approached them, the fog began to clear up.

Their speed was unusually fast. It was as if they would abruptly advance forward every time they blinked.

The buzzcut man suppressed the scream that was about to come out of his throat and turned around to run.

Before they could take more than a few steps, they ran into several other examinees.

These people had already developed a conditional reflex. As soon as they saw that the first group of people were running, they similarly started to run with them.

“Fuck! Why are you following us?!” The buzzcut man roared out angrily as he ran.

“Aren’t there Mirror Humans chasing you?!!” The examinees responded.

They panicked as they ran and when they finally returned to their senses, the buzzcut man and the others saw that they had once again returned to the entrance to the movie theatre.

What now? It looked like they had somehow gathered up ten people…..

Perhaps it was just his imagination, he heard the sound of a large group of Mirror Humans running over.

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