GUEE – CH128

Bloody Carnival
Chapter 128: Ball Serving Machine

“Quick, quick, quick! Open up the door!”

“Don’t rush me! The more you rush, the more my hands shake.”

“I’ll go check the other entrances.”

When the door was smashed, You Huo was counting the arrows and dividing it up into three piles. Qin Jiu on the other hand was sitting at a counter reassembling the crossbow. The metal spring moved about between his flexible fingers.

You Huo looked up when he heard the noise and saw the door rattling as someone tried to pry the lock open.

“Don’t bother! Climb through the window!” Another person shouted.

“The new teammates are finally here?” Qin Jiu snapped the last part in place and unhurriedly looked up.

You Huo threw the last arrow into the backpack and turned to see a head sticking in through the window. The sharp spiky buzzcut was very familiar.

Before his face could be seen, Yu Wen’s voice was heard first, “Brother——I have good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first?”

“Slow down. I’m holding something.” Di Li’s voice followed soon afterwards. He even added a complaint, “Brother You, Brother Qin, those bandits upstairs escaped but they ran off in too much of a hurry and left behind their secret stash of arrows.”

Yu Wen: “………”

The two boys ran over one after another, “Brother, the bandits upstairs——Huh?”

Their voices stopped abruptly. It was because they saw the buzzcut man coming in through the window.

He had entered too hastily and tumbled across the ground a few times before glaring up at the people in the room whilst covered in dust.

“Top student, am I blind?” Yu Wen nudged Di Li, “Why does this person look like that thief?”

“Not blind, it’s him.”

Di Li gripped tightly on the arrows and asked the buzzcut man, “You didn’t escape? If you’re not escaping, why waste the effort climbing out?”

The buzzcut man almost vomited blood.

You Huo taunted, “Probably getting familiarised with the building.”

The buzzcut man soundlessly cursed.

“I fucking wanted to escape!” He no longer held back, “But the moment I left I ran into Mirror Humans. What else can I do?!”

“And so, you came back to surrender?” Yu Wen gave him a thumbs up, “Nice.”


These damned brats are more infuriating than the other.

The buzzcut man even considered climbing out the window again but the situation didn’t allow for that.

He didn’t want to waste anymore time talking to these people, “Where’s the crossbow?! Give it to me, I’ll go out and kill them myself! If those Mirror Humans come in, none of you will be able to escape! Hurry, don’t waste my fucking time!”

This man couldn’t speak without including profanities in his words. You Huo became irate hearing it, “Do you think I’ll give it to you?”

After he said that, he gave Qin Jiu a pack of arrows and he picked up a crossbow and a pack of arrows himself.

“Where’s Chu Yue?” Qin Jiu received the arrows and looked around, “She can come out and loosen up a little.”

Yu Wen, “They went to the bathroom. Chu Yue went with them.”

You Huo wordlessly proceeded to give Yu Wen the third set of crossbow and arrow, “You take a set.”

Yu Wen was stunned, “Me?”

“Aren’t you pretty good with it?”

You Huo remembered Old Yu saying that Yu Wen was very active when he was young, and he was worried that he would become too brash when he gets older, so he often taught him things that required focus and stability. This kid may not be good at anything else, but he was always very good at aiming. Things like throwing rope, darts, slingshots and shooting arrows; he was very good at them.

“Know how to use it?” You Huo wanted to give him a quick lesson but Yu Wen was already holding the crossbow properly. He held the crossbow up and said, “I know. I have been watching when you were using it.”

Seeing that the crossbows were now distributed, the buzzcut man felt extremely anxious.

That brat looked easy. Just as he was about to rush over to Yu Wen with a nasty expression, he heard three swishes past his ear.

Qin Jiu and You Huo prepared their crossbow at the same time.

One flew past his stomach stopping him from advancing any further, another hit the hand that was reaching out towards Yu Wen…..

And the third one few past his ear hitting the window frame with a loud thud.

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That one came from Yu Wen.

The others who were entering where startled by that arrow.

They raised their hands in surrender, “Don’t worry, don’t worry! We hold no bad intentions. We just followed him over.”

They pointed at the buzzcut man.

The buzzcut man stood just a few steps away from Yu Wen and was completely covered in cold sweat.

If any of those three arrows earlier was a just slightly off, he would probably be kneeling here right now. He stared reluctantly at the crossbow in Yu Wen’s hands.

Yu Wen straightened his neck and said to him, “You thought I was easy, didn’t you? When I have something like this in my hand, it’s best not to treat me as a weakling.”

The newcomers could tell that the buzzcut man’s situation was a little awkward, so they quickly added, “We’re also not together. We were just all being chased by the Mirror Humans so we……”

Qin Jiu raised a brow, “Really?”

The others stood there awkwardly.

You Huo watched the buzzcut man through the corner of his eyes as he assessed the newcomers.

There was a total of six people who had just arrived. From the way they stood, they were clearly divided into three groups.

The one who spoke as soon as he entered was a thin man in his early thirties. He wore a fluorescent green jacket and white-washed jeans.

Next to him stood a woman with shoulder-length hair. She looked about the same age and was wearing a fluorescent top.

From the looks of it, they should be a couple.

Fortunately their skins were pale enough for their clothes to avoid it becoming a fashion disaster.

Behind them stood a dark-skinned middle-aged man whose torn sleeves revealed strong muscles underneath.

On the other side were three men who appeared to be students. Two were white while another appeared to be southeast Asian.

The middle-aged man was obviously a solo player. Seeing that there were so many people in here, he turned and left through the window.

He ran for a while and disappeared in a shop opposite the theatre.

The students hesitated. They seemingly also wanted to leave but when they saw the fog outside they shrank back.

They whispered quietly to each other.

You Huo could finally hear some of their discussions—–

“Too many people.”

“Then leave this place?”

“What if there are no weapons in the other places?”

“Yeah, they at least have crossbows here.”

Qin Jiu hopped off the counter and looked out the window, “You mentioned the Mirror Humans but where are they? Weren’t they chasing after you?”

“Don’t get too close to the window.” The fluorescent man looked at him and hesitantly walked over.

The town was still covered with fog. Nearby was okay but the buildings that were a little further away were completely obscured.

Everything appeared to be very quiet. It was as if it was just a foggy morning.

Suddenly, the ‘tap, tap, tap’ of footsteps could be heard in the distance. It sounded like a child running around the empty street.

You Huo carried the crossbow and keenly looked in that direction.

There was no shadow within the fog.

The next second, that ‘tap, tap, tap’ sounded again. This time it came from a completely different location.

You Huo furrowed his brows.

The two locations were separated by three smaller alleys. Even if they ran, it would take some time to go from one end to the other.

Di Li shuddered and inched closer to You Huo, “It was like this before.”

The surroundings were too quiet. He subconsciously lowered his voice.

“Those Mirror Humans are very scary. When they walk slowly, they look no different from ordinary people but the moment they accelerate, they can move from one place to another instantaneously.”

Di Li continued: “Brother You, have you played this game before? Red light, green light. One person would be standing facing the wall while a row of buddies would stand at the starting line. After chanting red light, green light and looking back, they would move forward from their original position. That was what I felt when I saw the Mirror Humans.”

“It feels like there is no one around but the moment you blink——”

Halfway through his words, a thin and tall figure suddenly appeared in the fog in the distance.

One after another, it densely formed a circle. The sight was particularly hair rising.

You Huo snorted and raised the crossbow.

Just as Di Li had described, with just a blink of an eye those thin figures had moved closer and was now standing at the edge of the fog.

Without the fog covering them, they looked just like normal humans. They were no different from You Huo and the others in the building.

Another blink.

That group of people had already reached the entrance to the movie theatre. They silently stared at the people in the building.

Their wooden gazes contained some concealed excitement.

That wasn’t the look one would have when looking at another person. That was the look when one was looking at a table filled with delicious, piping hot food.

Please read this from kk translates

Another blink, the window glass shattered.

The Mirror Humans were already standing right by the door.

The moment they tried to climb in, You Huo’s arrow had already been fired out.

The reaction time took two seconds, but the act was instantaneous.

You Huo pointed the crossbow at the entrance quickly loading it, firing it, loading it and then firing it again.

But even like this, it didn’t take care of all of them.

The inside of the building was chaotic. Human figures flew about.

It was as if those Mirror Humans didn’t feel any pain. Even with an arrow lodged into their heads, they just continued to numbly get back up and climb through the window.

It was like a nest of locusts entering the country. It couldn’t be prevented.

Fortunately, You Huo and Qin Jiu cooperated very well.

Whoever he attacked, Qin Jiu’s arrow would always follow soon afterwards, lodging into their bodies.

Yu Wen at first couldn’t keep up with their pace but he reacted very quickly.

After a couple of goes, he managed to start keeping pace.

In an instant, the three of them seem to almost reach a highly synchronised state.

The first Mirror Human who was shot three times quickly turned pale and deflated like a doll that had lost its air. Their body flattened and then gently fluttered onto the ground.

Following that was the second, and the third…..

Before long, seven or eight of them were spread out on the ground.

This change was a little disgusting and the people in the room could hardly find a place to stand.

Suddenly, someone screamed. This was followed by a grunt of pain.

You Huo turned back.

Another door had opened somewhere and there was now another entrance into the building.

Two Mirror Humans rushed in, grabbing the two white students. They pressed them onto the ground and greedily started to bite their necks.

The students struggled for a moment, their eyes suddenly widening.

You Huo immediately moved the crossbow over.

Swish, swish, swish—-

Three arrows plunged into one of them. That Mirror Human suddenly froze before collapsing onto the ground and deflating.

“Hurry and get up!” Yu Wen shouted.

That student was in daze for a moment before covering his neck and sitting up. He quickly scrambled behind You Huo and the others.

The other Mirror Human seemed to have suddenly learnt from their comrade. The moment You Huo aimed the crossbow at her, she picked up the student and rushed outside like a beast who wanted to take their prey back to eat.

With just this incident, the rhythm between the three of them was disrupted.

Mirror Humans crawled in from both sides and it was too much even if they had eight hands.

At this moment, a voice shouted from upstairs: “Anymore arrows?”

You Huo looked back. Chu Yue immediately jumped down from the steps.

Without even thinking, he threw the crossbow and bag of arrows to her, “You do it! I’ll block them.”

The next moment Qin Jiu also appeared by his side empty-handed.

You Huo looked up and saw that his set was now in Old Yu’s hands.

The two of them grabbed some scrap wires and a switchblade before rushing out.

As soon as You Huo landed and looked up, he narrowed his eyes and estimated the location the mirror human would appear next before throwing a loop made out of wire in that direction without any hesitation.

In a blink of an eye, a Mirror Human appeared there and was tangled up in the wire. The student she carried fell to the ground.

Footsteps sounded from the roof. Qin Jiu had already rushed over to grab that unlucky student.

The Mirror Human angrily turned around to chase after him.

You Huo accurately pinpointed a location, directing all attacks just behind Qin Jiu to stop the Mirror Human in place.

That student who was placed behind a pillar by Qin Jiu finally returned to his senses

He let out a hiss of pain and turned to look only to see that everything was a flurry before him.

At first, he didn’t understand what was happening because all he could see was the two people throwing out wires into open space.

But after a few more rounds, he was dumbfounded.

Because he realised that those two great masters weren’t actually fighting empty space.

It was just that the Mirror Humans was too fast, and their reactions were even faster. Every time, they would keenly predict the next location the Mirror Humans would appear in.

Five minutes later, those Mirror Humans were unable to even take half a step outside this street.

It was like they were whipping a spinning top. You Huo and Qin Jiu didn’t even need to move closer to suppress the range where the Mirror Humans could go. Very soon, they were all suppressed in the open space just outside the theatre, unable to enter or leave.

The student thought this was the limit of being so OP.

But turns out, he was wrong.

Once the Mirror Humans inside the building were cleaned up, Chu Yue looked out and waved at them.

The two great masters changed tactics.

One was responsible for herding the group while the other one was responsible for picking out the Mirror Humans. The ones who were picked out were forced into the building and immediately shot to death by three sets of arrows.

Once one was dead, that great master picked out a second one

And so on.

The student’s mouth was wide open. He was rendered speechless.

The actions of these two great masters reminded him of something —– The ball serving machine one used when playing tennis.

These two were practically human versions of a ball serving machine!

Others fed the machine balls; they fed the machine humans.

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