GUEE – CH129

Bloody Carnival
Chapter 129: Witnessing a Miracle

The fight went so smoothly, the student felt comfortable watching and even forgot about his fear.

He even thought that the Mirror Humans were funny and a little dumb.

It was very strange.

But very soon, he could no longer laugh—-

There were only four Mirror Humans left outside the movie theatre. They just needed to send them in a few more times and let them be shot dead by three arrows like their earlier comrades.

But at this moment, one of the young female looking Mirror Human bent down towards the right and made an attempt to run. It was just like the struggles the earlier Mirror Humans attempted.


A leather rope snapped across the ground by her feet, leaving behind a white mark across the ground.

Whether it was speed, strength or threat, it was impeccable, but it didn’t manage to hit the target.

 It was because after that woman did that action, she quickly stopped and turned to the opposite direction.

A feint?

These Mirror Humans have actually learned to pull off feints?

The hiding student was stunned for a moment and suddenly felt fearful again.

As an onlooker he could take in the overall situation more quickly, but he didn’t know if those two gentlemen noticed it. In any case, he saw it clearly with his own eyes.

That woman pulled a feint and managed to earn herself time to attack and then disappear the next instant.

The student was stunned. He quickly looked around in search for her.

Suddenly, a few finely crushed stones fell onto the student’s head.

He cried out ‘ouch’ and looked up only to see that escaped Mirror Human crouching on the eaves above him, looking down with her long neck outstretched.

Soon afterwards, she turned to look at him without moving her neck like an owl and bared her fine, sharp teeth.

The student was scared silly.

He opened his mouth but couldn’t make a sound and slowly crumbled to the ground in fear.

“Whoosh” A switchblade flew by.

The Mirror Human quickly shrank back her neck and twisted it into a strange angle to allow her to be able to avoid the blade.

She no longer coveted the food and climbed on her hands and feet over to the other side. She crawled like a four-legged animal, but her face was that of a young woman’s face. In a few blinks, she had already reached the other end of the street into the fog.

That figure inside the fog very quickly disappeared.

You Huo led one of the remaining Mirror Humans into the building for Chu Yue and the others to deal with before grabbing the other who was closer to him and forcefully dragging him to the window.

This Mirror Human was quite big and powerful, strong enough to crush bones.

You Huo dodged while smashing off the remaining glass on the broken window with his elbow and then proceeded to jump into the lobby with the Mirror Human.

The whole floor was covered in glass fragments, but he seemed to not have noticed.

He tumbled across the ground and then used his knees to suppress the Mirror Human’s body and clamped his hands around his neck.

“A, move aside a little!” Chu Yue called out.

The angle they were in was a little awkward. Chu Yue’s crossbow could only aim at him, not at the person suppressed under him.

But as long as he moved, that Mirror Human would fight back.

You Huo didn’t move and just turned his head and called out: “Gi!”

Qin Jiu jumped in.

He threw the Mirror Human he had tied up over to Chu Yue, grabbed an arrow on the ground and stabbed it into the other party’s chest.

The Mirror Human’s face twisted in pain and he ferociously bared his set of sharp teeth at You Huo.

You Huo frowned with disgust.

Just as the opponent was about to bite down, Qin Jiu had grabbed another two arrows.

He grabbed the opponent’s hair and pulled it back to reveal his face.

“Did I give you permission to bite him?” When he was done asking, those two arrows were also stabbed into him.

The big muscle man immediately froze, his grey-blue eyes quickly turned hazy.

Qin Jiu threw away his head, allowing it to fall heavily onto the ground with a ‘thud’.

He stood up and gently touched You Huo’s face a few times with his finger.

You Huo took a few breaths before borrowing Qin Jiu’s hand to stand up. He loosened his arms and shoulders a little.

He kicked away that burly man’s hand away and looked outside the door, “One still escaped.”

“Can’t escape. Catch her next time.” Qin Jiu squeezed his shoulder and neck muscles to help him relax.

You Huo noticed some blood on the side of his palm.

“How did you get it?” He grabbed Qin Jiu’s hand while avoiding the wound.

Qin Jiu wiped it carelessly, “May have scratched it against some glass when I grabbed the arrows.”

“There’s also the neck here.” You Huo said.

Qin Jiu touched it. Sure enough, his hand returned red.

He indicated at the bound Mirror Human with his lips, “This guy wouldn’t let go of the while, so I tied him up. Must’ve scratched it when he was struggling.”

“Don’t use your hands! I’ll get the medicine.” Yang Shu said.

“I also have some disinfectants.” Wu Li followed behind her.

The last of three Mirror Humans quickly deflated, turning into thin sheets stuck on the ground.

Looking at it now, the building was now a complete mess.

The fluorescent couple were crouching fearfully in the corner, the buzzcut man was hiding behind a counter and the south east Asian younger brother’s eyes had glazed over as he collapsed lifelessly behind the stairs.

Once those Mirror Humans had flattened, they laid across the ground like carpets made out of human skin. They had killed at least several dozens of them so with them all stacked across the ground, it was quite a shocking sight.

The arrows that had stabbed them rolled on the side. Di Li tip toed through the human skins picking up the arrows while doing his best not to vomit.

Yu Wen who was still holding onto a crossbow panted for a while before realising that his hands were sore and shaky.

Please read this from kk translates

“The one who was running around the whole time earlier was you?” He said to Di Li.

“Running around? Who’s running around?” Di Li held up his armful of arrows, “I have always been picking up the arrows. These are first-class combat materials, do you understand? How would you be able to fight without an arrow?”

“Oh.” Yu Wen was extremely exhausted. He hung his tongue out to help him breathe better before continuing, “I was just wondering why the arrows didn’t run out no matter how much was used.”

Di Li: “….That’s just you having a problem with your brain. Sister Chu even told me to be careful, and you?”

Yu Wen ‘hehehe’d’: “You’ve worked hard, be careful.”

What a dumb laugh.

Di Li thought this.

Old Yu was once in the army so his skills were good, but he was also older now and fatter. He collapsed lifelessly into a chair.

He sat there paralysed for a while before suddenly laughing like Yu Wen.

“Looks like my skills haven’t rusted.” He was a little proud.

“Yeah, I didn’t even know that I could shoot an arrow so quickly.” Yu Wen said, “If I’m this good in PUBG, I would definitely be a chicken king.” (KKnotes: PUBG in Chinese is sometimes referred to as ‘eating chicken’ hence the chicken king)

“Absolute what?” Old Yu didn’t understand.

Di Li crouched down beside them, “Can this chicken king lift your precious leg a little? I’m picking up the remaining arrows.”

They are actually a little over-excited right now. Perhaps it was because they were tense and nervous for the past twenty minutes.

The fluorescent man recovered first. He got up from the corner of the room and said, “You are too strong….That speed earlier while shooting the arrows was not human.”

Yu Wen’s imaginary tail wagged but he tried to play it down, “It’s nothing. My brother and them are the ones that are not human.”

The fluorescent man looked over at You Huo and Qin Jiu with admiration, “Really……really strong. So fast.”

You Huo glanced at him.

Out of politeness, he didn’t do much, but that tone of his made him feel very uncomfortable. He didn’t know if it was because it was too exaggerated or too nauseating.


“It is a little too fast.” You Huo muttered.

Qin Jiu lowered his head, “What did you say? I didn’t hear it just now.”

“I was saying that it felt a little fast. What do you think?”

Qin Jiu pursed his lips in thought.

As You Huo waited for him to speak, he glanced again at his neck as bright red beads of blood oozed out, rolling down along his firm neckline…..

When Qin Jiu returned to his senses, he saw You Huo licking his slightly parched lips as he casually looked elsewhere.

He was stunned for a moment. When he wanted to ask him what he was thinking, Di Li’s exclamation interrupted him.

“The score has changed!”

Di Li pulled up his sleeve and raised his wrist. From the base of his hand to the back of his hand were tattoo like writings. It included his name, his exam ticket number and his real time score.

Although it was called a real time score, it didn’t undergo any changes as they fought with the Mirror Humans and had only changed when everything was over.

Di Li had taken advantage of the chaos to give two of the Mirror Human’s their last blow, so his score had jumped up by two consecutive +3, reaching a total score that was close to 30. It was very high.

When the buzzcut man and the others heard this, their first reaction was to lift up their sleeves to check their scores.

But they soon realised that they hadn’t done anything earlier so there will not be a change.

“Brother You, Brother Qin, can I see your scores?” Di Li rubbed his hands and was even more excited about it than seeing his own, “I just calculated it. We killed 27 Mirror Humans just now. 27! What does that mean? 81 points!”

Ever since he was dragged into this damned system, he had not seen such a big score!

The buzzcut man stretched out his neck. If his neck could stretch more, he would have stretched it so that it was right on top of You Huo’s hand.

But because he wanted to preserve his dignity, he didn’t go over.

Di Li wasn’t concerned about this. As soon as he saw You Huo nod, he immediately hurried over.

The Yu father and son duo, Shu Xue and even Wu Li and Yang Shu who had just returned downstairs surrounded them. Their situation was a little special and the scores on their hands were You Huo’s exam ticket number and score.

“You’re all really considered as one person?” Di Li was amazed.

Soon after that, the numbers on the eight hands slowly changed.

Di Li started to check, “Come, let’s witness a miracle hap——-”

Before he could finish, a -3 appeared next to the total score on all eight hands.

Di Li: “?”

And then another -3





It was as if the system was deliberately trying to disgust them and just had to reduce the points one headcount at a time.

After changing for a long time, it finally finished at 27.

Please read this from kk translates

Now it was time to witness a miracle.

After killing 27 Mirror Humans, the total score was -81 points.

Out of instinct as a student, Di Li closed his eyes in denial.

After all the reductions, the scores on the eight people’s hands were unbearable to look at.

But the next second, he realised an even more terrible problem…..

Why would these people get points taken off after killing several Mirror Humans???

Yu Wen and the others were similarly confused.

“This isn’t right? Did they make a mistake?”

You Huo and Qin Jiu exchanged a look. Some strange things from earlier could now be explained——

Why they saw everything in reverse when they returned to the town in the second stage of the exam.

Why they didn’t have to exert as much effort as they thought they would need to when they were fighting the Mirror Humans earlier, and even went beyond the capabilities of ordinary people.

Why he felt thirsty when he saw Qin Jiu bleeding.

Di Li was very clever. He very quickly reached the answer.

“So you guys are actually——-”

Already Mirror Humans???

The little student looked up at the eight Mirror Humans who were silently looking down at him.

He thought about it and swallowed the rest of his words back down. He decided to change it to a different question.

“Are you guys hungry…….?”

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