GUEE – CH130

Bloody Carnival
Chapter 130: Elimination

That question was something that was better not asked. Once asked, all eight of them began to feel it.

Di Li panicked, “Why are you all silent?”

Everyone hesitated.

Di Li: “Really hungry?”

“Wait. For now don’t mention that word.” Yu Wen swallowed.

Seeing that action of his, Di Li panicked even more.

But he soon noticed that the look on these eight people’s faces were much better than his.

You Huo was in a bad mood, Qin Jiu was conflicted over whether he should laugh and as for Yang Shu and the others…..They were still in shock.

The most obvious was Yu Wen. He looked even more panicked than Di Li.

That’s true. Who could bear it after fighting for a whole day and only realising now that they’re actually the enemy?

Calm down, calm down.

Di Li took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

His sense of reason told him that these eight people in front of him are all dangerous, even more dangerous than the Mirror Humans arranged by the exam.

But emotionally, he didn’t want to go against this group of people.

Some sounds were suddenly heard from a place a little further away.

Di Li turned to look and saw the buzzcut man stand up from behind the counter trying to catch a glimpse at their score while enduring his numb legs.

Di Li didn’t stop to think and immediately exclaimed a “Wow!” and continued with an excited voice, “I knew it! 81 points! It’s so high!”

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Yu Wen: “???”

This student used up all his acting skills, “If you continue like this, you might finish with more than 200 points. Does that mean that you are done with the exam?”

Yu Wen grabbed his hand and mouthed, “Wait a little. No need to exaggerate.”

Di Li gave him a look and said to You Huo and the others, “Brother, the glass on the floor is unsafe. Can we move somewhere else? I’m worried that more Mirror Humans would rush in again.”

Even a fool could tell that he was trying to cover up the truth from the outsiders nearby.

“Go upstairs.” You Huo said.

The group of people went upstairs. Di Li hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth and following behind them.

“That……” Someone asked hesitantly, “Can we stay here?”

You Huo looked back. The one who spoke was the fluorescent man. The other three students who were saved but wounded looked pitifully at them as well.

The words “staying here” actually had a hidden meaning of: Can we join you guys?

If it was half an hour ago, You Huo would be happy to but now it was different. They had turned into Mirror Humans. To let examinees join…..Are they crazy?

“No.” You Huo said.

The people downstairs were stunned. They probably didn’t expect the other party to refuse them so directly.

“Can you discuss it again?” The fluorescent man’s face was pale and a faint blush formed on his cheeks, but he endured through the shame.

You Huo remained indifferent, “No room for discussion.”

Qin Jiu glanced at him and suddenly felt that he could imagine Invigilator A as the system’s ‘spokesperson’.

“Our physiques are quite good—–” The fluorescent man turned to the other three students, as if seeking their support.

The students quietly whispered a “please” and looked extremely pitiful.

“You see, we all really want to stay. Although we may not be amazingly strong teammates, but we make up for it with manpower.” The fluorescent man continued, “I promise that we won’t use any of your food, medicine…….or any of your resources.”

After was he done emphasising, he softened his tone, “We just want to find a teammate.”

He spoke like someone who had lived abroad for a long time, so he had no problem communicating with the three foreign students. After making this guarantee, he turned and quietly explained it to the students.

The students immediately patted their chest looking as if they will definitely abide that promise.

You Huo frowned.

Qin Jiu pointed his finger a few times, “Why bother? You, us, plus that guy over there with the ugly expression, there’s too many. You’re not afraid of attracting more of them over?”

The fluorescent man froze.

The white student who heard the interpretation quickly shook his head.

Nearly all thirty Mirror Humans who came over to attack were demolished. This goes to show how powerful this group of people are. Following them would definitely be better than fighting alone. Moreover, there shouldn’t be another wave so soon after the first one.

The fluorescent man said, “We’re not afraid.”

Qin Jiu let out an ‘oh’, “We’re afraid.”

Fluorescent man: “……..”

After being refused several times in a row, he couldn’t hold on.

The fluorescent man hung his head dejectedly, “Th—-then that’s fine.”

The buzzcut man maintained a sneer and cursed quietly, “So what? Do I look like I fucking care?”

As he said this, he dragged his numb legs and hobbled away. After a few turns, he disappeared in the distance.

The fluorescent man sighed and left while supporting his wife.

Only the three students were still frozen in place.

Two of them were injured on the neck but they were fortunately saved in time and it wasn’t life threatening.

They hesitantly took a few steps before turning back and saying to You Huo in English, “Thank you. Although we can’t stay, we’re really grateful for your help.”

Yang Shu hurried downstairs, “Wait. Here are some haemostatic patches and these are anti-inflammatory medicine. Use it to treat your wounds. We also don’t have much so it’s just these.”

The student’s eyes brightened.

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The one leading them was the one who was almost taken away by a Mirror Human, so he held greater affect towards You Huo’s group compared to the others. He pointed next door and said, “Can we stay in that building?”

Yang Shu couldn’t hold back, “It’s not like we control this street. You can stay wherever you like.”

The student smiled. His blue eyes were like a Husky’s, “That building may have weapons too. If you run into Mirror Humans again, you just have to shout to that building ‘Jonny!’ and I’ll rush over to help!”


After finally sending the group of enthusiastic students away, You Huo and the others returned to the top floor.

This floor didn’t have a theatre and consisted of primarily projection rooms and offices. The transparent windows around them allowed them to check on the situation outside the building.

You Huo sat on a windowsill and saw the fluorescent couple carefully circle around seemingly unsure of where to go.

Finally, it was Jonny who opened the window and called out to these two unfortunate lost souls.

The door to the projection room clicked shut. The last person to enter was Di Li who was following at the end of the group.

You Huo retracted his gaze and looked over at him.

Just as he was about to speak, Di Li spoke up first, “I’m not leaving. I have nowhere to go. The likelihood of finding a suitable teammate in a place like this is very small and finding a teammate who is strong enough is even harder.”

Qin Jiu raised a brow, “So you’re going to follow along with a group of suitable enemies?”

Di Li: “…….”

He asked: “Then will you suck me dry when you get hungry?”

You Huo: “It’s hard to say.”

Di Li stood against the door and looked a little pitiful.

“I think those three students were pretty good.” Chu Yue said, “You go find them.”

Di Li complained aggrievedly, “They are good, but they already have three. A three legged stool is most stable. It won’t be so stable with me included.”

You Huo said, “It’s already unstable.”


“That couple just now also went next door.”

“The two dressed like fireflies?” Chu Yue said, “Five people is still okay. Little Li going there is a good idea. They lack a leader.”

It took Di Li a while to realise that Little Li was referring to him.

He shook his head, “I’m not going. I keep thinking that that couple looked a little familiar.”

“Isn’t that good?” Yu Wen said, “Meeting old friends.”

Di Li looked at him with an ‘are you an idiot’ expression: “Of the people I have met in exams, I will remember those who are more active. Only those who have no sense of presence would be forgotten. Now think about what kind of people would have no sense of presence.”

Yu Wen: “Weak ones?”

Di Li said, “Weak ones are actually okay. Although they may not be strong enough, they are still willing to help. My memory isn’t bad. As long as someone is willing to do something, I will definitely remember them. It’s those who don’t do anything that I don’t remember.”

Yu Wen thought about it, “That does seem to be the case. I indeed didn’t see them do anything.”

Di Li snorted, “I’ll just say it straight. There was an arrow by their feet before and they didn’t even know to pick it up.”

Yu Wen sighed, “Alright, you’re pretty keen when judging people.”

“Anyway, I’m not afraid of you guys and I don’t want to leave. How about this? If you feel hungry, just let me know and I’ll immediately hide and protect myself.” Di Li said.

Since he had already said this, You Huo and the others didn’t insist on kicking him out.

Compared to kicking him out, they needed to better understand their current situation.

Wu Li said, “I just sorted it out in my head. Firstly, we have all gone into the mirror in the last stage and then we came out again. According to the exam background, we are considered Mirror Humans.”


Wi Li lifted a finger, “Then there is one problem.  A proper Mirror Human is not the true self. They’re replacements from inside the mirror but we are our true selves. In this way, we should be slightly different from a proper Mirror Human but what is the difference?”

“We don’t know for now.” You Huo said, “Must use a living Mirror Human as reference.”

Wu Li nodded, “Yes, so we need to catch a living one.”

This sister suggested the act of kidnapping very casually.

She paused and said again, “And also, the question mentioned that examinees are usually defaulted as townsmen. Actions that meet their identity would earn them points while actions that defy it would have points reduced. That’s why an examinee will earn 3 points if they kill a Mirror Human but lose 3 points if they kill a normal human. The system was very sly. It only gave this example but from the looks of it, it looks like the reverse is also true.”

She lifted a second finger, “Us killing Mirror Humans in on par to killing our own kind and will result in deducted points. So if we want to earn points…….”

She didn’t finish her words, but everyone understood.

The room was silent for a while.

For a moment, Di Li’s scalp went numb.

In the end, You Huo said, “We don’t even want a Guaranteed Pass so what’s the point of worrying about getting points?”

Everyone burst out laughing.

Yu Wen laughed particularly cheerfully. He had never thought that he would have a day where he would be so open minded over his exam points.

Chu Yue however reminded, “Don’t forget that there is a rule in place. At the end of each exam, examinees with a score of D would be directly eliminated.”


Everyone could no longer laugh.

Yu Wen asked tentatively, “What does it mean by eliminate?”

Qin Jiu answered in a low voice, “To erase your existence. In other words, make you disappear so that… will not be found again.”

When he was done saying this, he glanced at You Huo.

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