GUEE – CH135

Bloody Carnival
Chapter 135: Unknown Reason

You Huo’s eyes fell onto the photo and for a long time he didn’t speak.

Old Yu felt a little guilty because the last few lines were something he made up. He was afraid that You Huo would question the truthfulness of his words and if he had to cover up one lie, he may need to create ten more lies. The more explanations there are, the more likely flaws in his story will appear.

This nephew of his was too smart. Old Yu was worried that he would poke a hole in his lies.

Rather than the matter of awkwardness, he was more afraid of You Huo being upset.

But as it turned out, You Huo didn’t question him.

He just looked away from the photo and nodded.

After a long time, he looked up and asked Old Yu: “You just said that she realised that there was a problem with the project? If a problem was noticed even back then, why did it continue?”

Old Yu was completely stunned, “You…’re asking this?”

You Huo made a small sound of acknowledgement and continued calmly, “Did she mention the reason to you?”

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Old Yu blinked a few times and was completely speechless.

Yu Wen who couldn’t stand seeing him like this lightly nudged him. Only then did Old Yu return to his senses and quickly shake his head, “No, she didn’t say. After she passed away, I no longer had any contact with the project. Afterall, something of that level of confidentiality wasn’t something I could easily gain access to. Back then I heard her say this and thought the project would stop. I only realised that it was still continuing when you were later dragged in.”

“There shouldn’t be many people who found out about the problem back then.” You Huo said.


You Huo answered calmly, “With more people, there would at least be a few who are in their right minds.”

Old Yu opened his mouth and found that he couldn’t refute it.

“Perhaps…….Perhaps only she found out.” Old Yu could only push the conversation along.

“Not only her. There should be two.” You Huo then said.

Old Yu felt that his brain wasn’t functioning well, “Who else?”

You Huo pointed at the burnt patch in the photo, “This one.”

If even the people below found out about the problem with the project, the leader should also be aware of it.

And for this project to continue despite that, he must have done something behind the scenes. If not, the problem wouldn’t have been concealed for so many years.

Lee had said that this man had brought harm to them.

That was probably what he meant.

But for what reason were they so unwilling to terminate this project?

Wu Li interjected, “For some involved with research, it is because they have put too much time and effort into it. You can take it as having invested too much and wanting to get something in return. This was a problem I encountered when I was doing PhD thesis. Something went wrong in an experiment and my mood wasn’t great. I wanted to just give everything up instead of continuing on aimlessly but of course that was only a temporary thought. In the end I still redid what needed to be redone…..”

Miss Wu continued frankly, “It may not be polite saying this but those who choose to continue even after a problem has occurred are not worthy of being called researchers.”

Having finished what needed to be said, both Old Yu and Wu Li could no longer provide anymore information for the time being.

The minute hand on the wall had turned more than a whole cycle and the time to leave was soon approaching.

You Huo picked up the photo from the coffee table and returned it to Lee’s wallet without much attachment.

Qin Jiu got up, straightened up his clothes and stretched his hand out to him.

You Huo borrowed his hand to get up and didn’t let go even after that.

If it was the past, Old Yu would definitely find this scene uncomfortable but today it was different.

He watched the two go out one after another and felt that it was quite good. He was very happy.

As Old Yu was deep in daze, You Huo’s foot that he had stepped out the door with suddenly stopped.

He supported himself using the door frame and turned to Old Yu, “Thank you.”

Old Yu was stunned.

The moment his eyes met with You Huo’s, his mind went completely blank.

He knew!

Old Yu thought this.

He knew that I didn’t tell the complete truth and knew that I made up some of it to comfort him. He knew everything……

The next second, You Huo was no longer at the door.

Through the open door, Old Yu could hear their faint footsteps and soft whispers. He heard the two venture deep down the corridor, open a door and close it behind them, leaving behind a room of silence.

Old Yu suddenly wanted to say to that person who had passed away many years ago:

Sister, did you see that? Back then you didn’t care for this child and now he won’t feel sad because of you.

The world is a very fair place.


There was no fog in the town of Brandon late at night and the outlines of the buildings were much more distinct.

The group quietly walked along the street amongst the shadows.

“This is the best time to come out.” Di Li’s voice was suppressed into a whisper, “Visibility is higher compared to during the day and there are streetlights——-”

Before he could finish, the streetlight in the corner flickered and buzzed.

“Although they seem to be haunted.” Di Li paused for a moment before continuing, “At least we can see ten to twenty metres ahead and won’t be caught by surprise by a group of Mirror Humans.”

Yu Wen: “My friend. You are currently surrounded by a group of Mirror Humans.”

Di Li: “…….”

Ah, I forgot.

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They had organised themselves such that You Huo, Qin Jiu and Lee was at the front, Chu Yue and Old Yu was at the back with crossbows and Yang Shu, Wu Li and the three injured students were in the centre. Yu Wen who also carried a crossbow guarded those in the centre together with Di Li.

In other words, Di Li was truly surrounded by mirror humans. Just the thought of it was exciting.

Qin Jiu checked the time on his phone and said to Lee, “We have been walking around this area for half an hour. Are you sure there is a mirror nearby?”

Lee nodded, “I’m certain.”

“Then is your radar accurate?”

“It’s accurate.”

Before setting off, Lee had managed to get rid of his status as a ‘prisoner of war’ and was able to join forces with them because he could sense the mirrors.

Lee had said that the Mirror Humans in this town are very sensitive to the existence of a mirror. As if they had radars installed to their minds, Mirror Humans are able to quickly locate the mirrors if one was nearby.

It probably had something to do with the power of ‘blood-relations’. Afterall, they were basically ‘born’ from the mirrors.

But You Huo and the others couldn’t do this.

Perhaps it was because their ‘birth’ wasn’t normal and are a little different from the original Mirror Humans.

“You can’t find that special mirror with your radar?” You Huo asked.

Lee said, “Didn’t I explain it already? The mirror will always change locations and it is very random. For example, I may have seen it on this side of the wall today but if I go there again the next day, it’ll probably be gone, or a mirror may still be there, but it’ll be a different one.”

“Anyway, there are too many uncertain factors. With the radar, all you can do is to be prepared for a long battle. There will also always be many of your kind near the mirror. Some may have gone mad from hunger and can no longer tell who’s who so accidental injuries are common. It’s better to be more alert.”

As soon as he finished speaking, You Huo noticed something flash by on the right side using the corner of his eyes. It looked like someone’s eyes.

He quickly turned around but was only met with a pile of garbage bags in the corner from which hung a withered stray cat. With its hair standing up in all directions, it stared quietly at him with its dark eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Everyone was a little nervous.

“It’s nothing. Just something following us.” You Huo said.

Everyone: “???”

That’s called nothing?

“We’re all Mirror Humans so what’s there to be afraid of?” You Huo wondered.

Everyone ‘oh’ed’ and mumbled, “Conditional reflex.”

It didn’t take long for You Huo to catch a glimpse of its shadow.

From the corner of his eyes, that shadow had a strange shape with several sharp corners.

It was as if there were several examinees hunched there, each holding a crossbow and quietly pointing it their way.

Just as You Huo wanted to take a look, Lee suddenly called out, “Oh, I found it. I’m certain. There should be a mirror in here.”

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