GUEE – CH138

Bloody Carnival
Chapter 138: Lying in Wait

“Do you think this is a wholesale item and there’s going to be a simple instruction manual on the back?” Chu Yue watched Qin Jiu curiously as he turned the mirror over.

There really was one!

Qin Jiu raised his chin when he saw the piece of paper, “See that? If there aren’t any manuals, where would the first person who knows about the mirror get that information from?”

“Found it?” You Huo came over and bent down to read the note——

【This is a very unusual mirror. You can make a deal with it. People who are injured or on the verge of death can gain new life with it as long as they are led and guided by the experienced.】

Clearly, this sentence was about transforming the townsmen into Mirror Humans.

“Injured or on the verge of dying?” Di Li used his phone to illuminate the note and paused for a moment when he reached this part.

Everyone looked over at Jonny and the other unfortunate students and suddenly realised that half of Lee’s words just now were just nonsense.

He was no longer that researcher he once was, and he had long lost the so-called ‘humanity’ in him. The reason why he only sucked some blood from them all wasn’t out of pity, but because he needed to meet the conditions.

At the cinema entrance, he had lost a large number of his ‘children’ so he wanted to fill the vacancies.

If he directly sucked Jonny and the others dry, his plan to convert them would have been unachievable.

“Gaining new life refers to becoming a Mirror Human?” Yu Wen muttered, “This is my first time seeing something so shameless. Guided by the experienced?”

Di Li pointed at Lee who was tied to a nearby gravestone, “It probably refers to Mirror Humans like him.”

Yu Wen very bluntly ‘vomited’.

This brother vomited so realistically, You Huo even stepped aside

Yu Wen covered his mouth and said sullenly, “I was just expressing my disgust.”

【You may find it a little strange and a little incompatible at first after gaining new life but don’t worry, what deal doesn’t require you to pay a small price?】

【Alright, alright. If you are someone who regrets easily, it’s okay. You have a one-time opportunity to regret because this mirror is a magnificent mirror that is accepting of everything. You won’t be able to find a mirror as accepting as this one, there’s only one in this town of Brandon.】

【Regret and change of mind also requires a price. You will need to do this:】

The “instruction manual” stopped at this point. You Huo leaned closer and saw that the edge of the note was unusually straight, like it was cut off with a knife by someone.

Everyone there almost vomited out old blood.

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Chu Yue cursed, “Which bastard stole the key information?”

Qin Jiu dragged his tone, “Wait a minute, I’ll go ask.”

He and You Huo turned to looked for Lee.

Less than a few minutes later, Lee had been ‘asked’ until he was in tears.

“It wasn’t me!” Lee broke down, “I didn’t even know there was something like that behind it!”

“Prove it.” You Hu’s cold voice came from behind the gravestone.

Lee broke down even more, “Where to get the evidence?”

Jonny and the others carefully looked out and then shrank away again like a terrified bird. They stood obediently in a row next to the coffin and silently drew a cross: Thank god these two are our teammates.

“It really wasn’t me. I actually only know that this mirror can convert Mirror Humans back to ordinary townsmen, but it was only hearsay.” He was quite an asshole, “I only needed to know that. It was enough to lure the guests over. As for how it worked, it didn’t concern me at all since I have no intention to change back.”

He paused and his tone changed into a sneer, “Who would want to change back? Isn’t it very good right now? The more children I raise, the more comfortable I am. Why go back to live a life filled with fear? Can you believe this? None of the old friends here regretted changing into a Mirror Human. Only guests. Only guests like you can never be satisfied. You not only want to become stronger, you also want to leave a way out for yourselves.”

After a while, You Huo and Qin Jiu appeared from behind the gravestone.

The others heard everything and asked, “What should we do now? He knows nothing.”

You Huo however said, “There is one line that’s useful.”


“Only guests like you can never be satisfied.”

Qin Jiu again bent down next to the mirror and touched the bottom edge of the note before turning to You Huo, “This place feels a little sharp. This half was indeed cut off very recently.”

“Oh yeah.” Di Li suddenly had a realisation.

Yu Wen: “What yeah???”

“This is a hint from the NPC. Only guests can never be satisfied. That is to say, only guests would use the identity of a Mirror Human as a cheat to protect their lives or accumulate points before changing back into an ordinary human just before the exam is over.” Di Li explained, “Guests are examinees after all. This means that only examinees would pay attention to the conditions for changing from one to the other. Do you understand? It means it was done by an examinee.”

“But…I can understand examinees searching for the conditions. If they found it, great, but why would they cut it off?”

You Huo was also wondering this.

Why would an examinee cut off the conditions after finding it? The only explanation was that it would reduce their competition? Or to avoid trouble? Or was it something else?

Everyone fell into discussion.

Chu Yue said, “They are all possible, but we can only speculate right now. It’s better to find them and ask directly.”

“Find who?”

“Did you forget? The system had announced not long again that examinee so and so encountered an extremely hungry Yves. This extremely hungry Yves is the person we should look for.”

Yu Wen suddenly understood, “Yeah! Since that person knows about the conditions for converting, they definitely tried it out and is now a Mirror Human! We can just ask them directly.”

Di Li however said, “Not necessarily.”

Yu Wen: “?”

“Not everyone would have the courage to immediately become a Mirror Human. What if it was a trick? If it was then wouldn’t they have suffered a great loss? Wouldn’t they want to test the authenticity of it first?” Di Li said.

“How to test?”

“If I need to make a guess, they would naturally trick someone else into giving it a try. If that person succeeded, the person who knows the conditions would then try themselves.”

“Then does this mean that Yves who appeared first was tricked?”

“It’s a possibility that cannot be ruled out.”

Everyone started to worry again.

If they couldn’t identify a target, they were practically searching for a needle in a haystack. Although Brandon Town is a small town, it isn’t only a couple of buildings. With thousands of people constantly moving about, when would they be able to find the one they’re looking for?

Qin Jiu however broke the silence, “Why all the dark expressions? There’s no need to waste all that energy.”

If Yves was the one who knows about the conditions, he will definitely return here.

If he was tricked by someone, the person who did the tricking would definitely watch him return here to see if he is successful.

“In the end, we can just lie in wait here.”

Behind the gravestone, Lee who is completely bound couldn’t help but let out a low chuckle. He muttered mockingly, “Lie in wait…”

“You shut up.” Di Li who was closest to the gravestone shot Lee a glare.

But Lee’s reaction reminded him of a concern of his, “Brother Qin, wouldn’t lying in wait here take too long? If you think about it another way, If I became a Mirror Human to stay alive, I definitely wouldn’t turn into a Mirror Human in the morning and then come back at night to turn into an ordinary human. I’m worried that if we stay here waiting, we may end up waiting until the very end of the exam.”

It really was too slow, too passive.

He didn’t feel good saying this since Qin Jiu and You Huo are both his objects of worship.

“It’s okay.” Qin Jiu raised his hand and pinched his thumb and index finger together to a small gap, “We can just make the prey come a little sooner.”


Di Li was puzzled: What do you mean just make the prey come a little sooner?

Ten minutes later, this top student felt a little regretful.

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You Huo and Qin Jiu had started to patrol the streets playing the role of demons.

And between this group of demons were four crisp and tender students. To Mirror Humans, it was basically taking a roasted chicken out on a walk with the large signs: Hungry? Why don’t you try catching me?

This kind of temptation was really hard to resist so wherever they went, there would be Mirror Humans chasing them.

From the beginning to the end——

None of the Mirror Humans who tried to chase them down managed to return.

Come one, catch one. Come a group, catch a group. None were allowed to escape.

Jonny and the others were completely stunned.

In one night, in just one night, You Huo and the others had achieved the “infamy” achievement.

Everyone in the entire town of Brandon now knew about the existence of this group of gangsters who would wander around targeting Mirror Humans.

At first, the extremely hungry Yves could still be heard through the announcements. It could be seen that the other party iwas also having fun, messing around without a worry.

By the next morning, everyone noticed that Yves had suddenly settled down. There was no movement from his end over the past six hours.

At two in the afternoon, they stuffed the thirteen newly caught Mirror Humans into a cellar.

As they climbed up the wooden stairs, You Huo suddenly stopped.

Qin Jiu: “What is it?”

He listened for a few seconds and said, “Almost time.”

He could faintly here that there was someone quietly following them. That person had likely heard of their infamous reputation and had come to investigate, and their actions also seemed to be a little different, like it wasn’t purely because this person was curious.

This friend seemed a little flustered.

Right now, most Mirror Humans were no longer like humans and probably don’t even know how to write the word ‘flustered’. For one to be able to be ‘flustered’, it probably could only be the extremely hungry Yves.

When one begins to worry, they would definitely pay attention to their source of worry.

To Yves, he only needed to worry about two things; those who can kill him, and those who can save him.

The former was You Huo and the others and the latter was that mirror.

After taking a look at this demonic team, his next point of destination was obvious.

The patrolling team finally stopped and returned to the cemetery in the forest. This time, they didn’t stand in a row oppressively and were instead scattered in groups of twos or threes, peeking out from a hidden spot.

Not long afterwards, a man with a short brown jacket carefully entered the forest with his eyes darting around filled with vigilance.

His chin however was raised, making him seem three parts arrogant.

It was as if he was originally an extremely proud person who had suddenly been stabbed in the foot.

The moment they saw him, everyone knew ——– The prey was here.

You Huo gestured to everyone to see if anyone else was nearby secretly observing Yves.

Very soon, Chu Yue raised an index finger and then changed it to a thumb. This meant that she had found someone secretly watching Yves.

The next second, everyone rushed out, capturing Yves and that sneaky person in one go.

Di Li silently took out his phone to check the time.

Since making the decision at night, it had taken them less than twelve hours to get their hands on the torn off note.

This was the fastest he had ever seen in his life.

No, this wasn’t a damned lying in wait technique. This was clearly fish baiting!

But it’s so cool!

Di Li grinned widely and smiled very happily. The reactions of the others were similar to his.

But this good mood didn’t last long.

Chu Yue unrolled the thin roll of paper and her expression immediately changed when she saw the content.

【Those who regret it can also make a deal with the mirror. It is very simple; one hundred in exchange for one. If you can find one hundred ordinary townsmen and get them to replace you, you are free.】

【It’s a good deal, isn’t it?】

This meant that if they wanted to change back, they would have to bring other examinees over in exchange.

To turn other examinees into Mirror Humans so that they can return to normal.

What the hell is this?

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